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MASTER WEDDING CHECKLIST Finalize List of Entourage and Sponsors

and Inform Them

PHASE 1 Schedule Measurement for Clothes
Wedding Website Make the Invitations
Make Logo
Book Remaining Suppliers PHASE 5
o Invitations and Guest
Dedication Notebook Finalize Guest List
o Souvenirs Distribute Invitations
Guests PHASE 6
o Cake Topper Canonical Interview
o Accommodations Wedding Banns
o Wedding Guest Book Make Misalette
o Church: Arras, Candle First Fitting
o Crew Meals Final Suppliers
o Fireworks
o Game Tokens
o Letters
o Fairy Lights and Crystal Beads
o Dance Instructor
and Draperies
o Papal Blessing
PHASE 2 o Ribbon Wands
Collect and Communicate Pegs (Time o Monogram
o Pre-Nup PHASE 7
o Wedding Dress (incl. Veil,
Garter, Pillow, Cord) Seat Plan
o Entourage Dress RSVP
o Suit Submit Additional Church Requirements
o Stylist and Florist Compile Pictures for AVP
o Ceiling Treatment
Collect and Communicate Pegs (Not
Time Bound)
Final Fitting
o Photographer
Submit All Documentary Requirements
o Videographer for OTD
o Photo Booth Design Coordinator Meeting (Prepare Agenda)
o HMUA Emcee Meeting
o Cake Final RSVP
o Music Confirm: Lechon
o Lights and Sounds
o Led Wall PHASE 9: Pre-Week
JANUARY 2018 Palinis si Sparky
Pack-Up Hotel Stuff (See OTD Checklist
PHASE 3 and Timetable)
Prepare Church Requirements
o Birth Certificate
o Baptismal Certificate
o Confirmation Certificate
o Marriage Certificate
o Certificate of Freedom to Marry
o List of Sponsors
o Pre-Cana Seminar
o Canonical Interview
o Wedding Bans
o Picture
Save the Date Video
Pre-Nuptial Pictures and Video
Pre-Cana Seminar