Customization of Cool Trends 2.

0 to determine rational areas for resource allocation to promote energy system alternatives James Flock Energy Systems and efficiency techniques for buildings have been in the market place for many years. These products have been slow to be adopted, by the mass market, for many reasons. One of the major hurdles to adoption has been the unique application for which these products and systems need to adapt. This variation in customized installation is a challenge for meeting the end user needs. The concept of an innovation community, a COINS, to be a market incubator for an energy system alternative is to be considered. Utilizing swarm creativity within the framework of the energy system sector could allow a proliferation of not only energy system products, already on the market, but innovative applications not previously considered for these products. These custom applications, that would be output from the COINS, could result in the creation of a service organization that specializes in providing service in the area of customized applications for energy systems, either new construction or building retrofits. To achieve this goal, a measurement must be used to monitor and track the innovation community, that measurement should be Cool Trends 2.0. By utilizing the analysis power available by this tool, it is possible that market solutions, customer centric, or others, could arise. These solutions uncovered by Cool Trends 2.0 could result in new energy solution products and services based off of existing renewable energy system products. College, University, Industry Represented: The Institute for Open Economic Networks (I-Open) Download copies of COINs 2009 research and industry papers at ScienceDirect. Link: 2182758


Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences, Volume 2, Issue 4, The 1st Collaborative Innovation Networks Conference - COINs2009. Edited by Kenneth Riopelle, Peter Gloor, Christine Miller and Julia Gluesing. Connect to the COINs 2010 Conference community across these media platforms: o COINs 2010 o Facebook o Flickr o Livestream o Scribd o Slideshare o Twitter o Hashtag #COINS2010 o Vimeo o You Tube The COINs 2010 conference, Oct. 7–9, 2010, is presented by I-Open and the COINs Collaborative, an initiative of the Savannah College of Art and Design, Wayne State University College of Engineering Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Center for Collective Intelligence. The collaborative builds open knowledge networks to advance the emerging science of collaboration for research and industry competitive advantage. Hosted by SCAD. For more information about the COINs 2010 conference, visit