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Westmead International School

Gulod Labac, Batangas City

College of Arts and Sciences
Introduction to Criminology and Criminal Psychology
First Semester SY 2012-2013
July 2012
Preliminary Examination

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General Directions
1. Use the test booklet for your answer.
2. Write your answers on CAPITAL LETTERS.
4. Anyone caught cheating in any form will automatically receive a grade of 5.0

Test 1
Multiple Choice: Choose the letter of the BEST answer.
1. It is an entire body of knowledge regarding crime as a social phenomenon which includes within the scope, the
process of making laws and societys reaction towards the breaking of laws.
a. Criminal epidemiology c. Criminology
b. Psychology d. Victimology
2. The following are nature of criminology except:
a. Applied science c. Dynamic
b. Social science d. Culpable
3. He is the father of modern criminology.
a. Robert Ezra Park c. William H. Sheldon
b. Cesare Lombroso d. none of the above
4. It is the study of the relationship between criminality and population.
a. Criminal Demography c. Criminal Ecology
b. Criminal Epidemiology d. Victimology
5. It is the first written criminal code developed in Babylonia about 2000 B.C.
a. Code of Hammurabi c. Sumarian Code
c. Code of Drakon d. Romes Twelve Tables
6. CRIMINOLOGY comes from an Italian word ______________.
a. Criminologie c. Crimenologie
b. Criminologia d. Crimenologus
7. According to this theory, individuals were thought to be possessed by good or evil spirits, which caused good or
evil behavior.
a. Critical Criminology c. Demonology
b. Theology d. Astrology
8. He argued that the law must be applied to all that punishments for specific crimes should be standardized by
legislatures, thus avoiding judicial abuses of power.
a. Cesare Beccaria c. Jeremy Bentham
b. Cesare Lambroso d. none of the above
9. Criminal who kill in self- defense.
a. Criminoloid c. Criminal by passion
b. Pseudo criminals d. Insane criminals
10. Researchers who uses scientific methods to study the nature, extent, cause and control of criminal behavior.
a. Anthropologist c. Crime researcher
b. Criminologists d. Criminal investigator
11. The commission of criminal acts using the instruments of modern technology such as computers or the internet.
a. Expressive crime c. Internet crime
b. Enterprise crime d. Cyber crime
12. It is the laws of ancient Israelites, found in the Old Testaments of the Judeo Christian Bible.
a. Code of Drakon c. Code of Hammurabi
b. Mosaic code d. Da Vincis Code
13. It is the study of the role of the victim in the commission of a crime.
a. Criminal Psychology c. Criminal Psychiatry
b. Victimology d. Criminal Ecology
14. According to this school of thought, criminals should be treated, corrected and rehabilitated.
a. Classical school of thought
b. Neo- classical school of thought
c. Positivist school of thought
d. Italian school of thought
15. The following were considered as the Positivist Trio, or the three primary personalities in the positivist school of
thought, except:
a. Lombroso c. Garofalo
b. Ferri d. Bentham
Test II
Identification: Write the correct answer on your test booklet.
1. Acts or omission punishable by the Revised Penal code.
2. Acts or omission in violation of special laws.
3. The act or omission is performed with deliberate intent or malice.
4. The act or omission is not malicious or unintentional.
5. Classification of criminals those who earn their living through criminal activities.
6. The lowest form of criminal career.
7. Crime which committed only in one place.
8. Committed only during a certain period of the year.
9. Those who commit crimes due to aggressiveness.
10. A person who committed crime and has been convicted by a competent court of the violation of a criminal law.

Test III
True or False: Write TRUE if the statement is correct and FALSE if otherwise.
1. Criminology is not a science but an art.
2. Criminology is both an applied and as social science.
3. Criminology is a field that deals with the study of crimes only.
4. Those who practice crime as a profession are professional criminals.
5. White collar crime is an ordinary crime.
6. The crime may constitute an intentional act in violation of a criminal law.
7. The lowest form of criminal career is an ordinary criminal.
8. The aim of criminal psychology is to explain crime through the study of criminal behavior.
9. Homicide, murder, rape and physical injuries are crimes against persons.
10. After passing the criminologists licensure examination, one is now a commission member of the police force.

Test IV Essay (15 pts)

1. Discuss the importance of studying criminology,.(5 pts).
2. Discuss the scope/ coverage of criminology as a science.(5 pts)
3. Discuss the purpose of studying criminology.(5 pts).

"Honesty is the best policy. If I lose my honor, I lose myself."

~ William Shakespeare

Prepared by:

Hyman Jay H. Blanco, LC

Faculty, College of Arts and Sciences

Noted by:

Dr. Sharon D. Aledo

Dean, College of Arts and Sciences

Dr. Marites D. Manlongat

VP for Academic Affairs