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BACKGROUND • • A2A is a ‘sister’ company to Alternative Asset Management Limited (“A2ML) an FSA Regulated and Authorised asset management company based in London A2ML specialise in leading edge asset management techniques employing highly sophisticated automated trading systems combined with traditional hands-on management by experienced industry professionals We have over 40 years of experience in asset management and the identification and selection of only the best of breed in the industry Our philosophy is to meet the needs of our clients by offering superior performance within a carefully risk controlled environment and managed by our carefully chosen skilled managers The Company is owned by senior management that has achieved exceptional success through careers in the financial markets (See Appendix I for individual CVs)

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WHAT IS VORM VISION? • Vorm Vision is the result of over 4 decades of cumulative ‘market’ trading experience by two remarkable brothers who have produced consistent positive returns over the past 12 months. A multi-market strategy dedicated to investing in stock market volatility as an asset. The objective is to capture the uncorrelated alpha that exists in trading the major European and US stock indeces in a risk limited way Vorm Vision use volatility as an asset. Hands on trading via constant monitoring of the markets during ‘market hours’ as traders scan for high value opportunities, to create a longshort portfolio of short term futures trades that seek to target maximum risk adjusted returns to build profit via non-correlated investments A multi-market strategy investing in predominantly Equities futures and occasionally Commodities Looking to achieve high value and consistent absolute returns 12 month track record of actual results:

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A2A & Willem and Herman Van der Vorm introduce Vorm Vision; offering a select number of carefully chosen investors access to dynamic and high value returns through a bespoke Joint Investment Agreement under the stewardship of experienced senior management offered by A2A

Herman and Willem Van der Vorm Gross trading returns since January 2009

Whichever way the results are presented they are impressive!

Cumulative NET returns – after all trader commissions since January 2009

Investor Equity builds over same period

HOW IT WORKS • • Market prices for futures and options can be used to describe an implied probability of future movement in underlying markets Our traders constantly monitor, analyse and compare proprietary views with the market’s implied prospective movement to identify optimal trading strategies.

Futures and options are used to either accumulate a ‘long’ position in the markets (Where our Vorm Vision traders believe the market direction is up) or a short position (where our traders believe the market direction is down). This assessment is based on many decades on hands-on experience by a core team of some of the most experienced professional market traders in the ‘markets’ today.

Ultimately, the relationship between implied and forecast volatility drives profitability over time. Our traders carefully judge likely scenarios and build long/short positions with a view to profit over the short, medium and long term Here we can see the steady accumulation of profits over the 12 month period to February 2010. Note the steady and fairly consistent build in investor equity over the months

VORM VISION OVERVIEW A distinguishing feature of A2A’s Vorm Vision trading approach is that all trades are carefully positioned so as to provide a non-correlated portfolio of non-correlated risk.(Risk Warning: Whilst every effort is made to minimize risk wherever possible, investors should note that it is not always possible to achieve un-correlated trading positions. Human emotion has a significant baring on position size and duration which can effect returns adversely from time to time. This can therefore increase intrinsic risk within the trading portfolio.) Vorm Vision trading positions are calculated and sized so as to attempt to maximize investor returns whilst limiting, where possible, risk. It is always important to allow trading positions to ‘breath’ with the markets. Our traders know only too well that most traders are often caught between the inexorable position of ‘greed’ and fear’ – not knowing whether to sell and crystallize losses before it

is too late, or add to positions as losses are incurred so as to enjoy the benefits of a reversion to mean or clear change in trend or direction. Such experience can only come through years of hands on physical trading and this is often what makes a good trader into a great trader. Vorm Vision traders have a result profile that speaks for itself:

WHY INVEST IN VORM VISION? • • • Highly liquid investment strategy with Daily liquidity as required Vorm Vision seeks to maximize investor returns with carefully controlled risk balanced with the intention of allowing trades room to breath Vorm Vision traders have achieved a significant real return since January 2009 – against a back-drop of one of the most tumultuous financial markets in over 100 years o Base equity returns of +127.64% (Net to Investor post all commissions and charges) o Compound returns calculation (where profits are re-invested on a monthly basis) of +331.44% (Please note: This is a retrospective calculation and not an actual audited return. Investors should note that it may not always be possible to build equity via reinvestment of profits in this way.) Experienced and expert traders with decades of hands-on experience Strong A2A core focus on top-down risk management and Vorm Vision traders bottom-up trade allocation constantly monitored and mentored by Willem, Herman and other senior executives within the management team

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Best of Breed A2A and Vorm Vision management will seek to build strong relationships with investors and wherever possible look to work with of essential industry service providers widely considered to be the best of breed, including:

[Note: not all the above listed service providers may be used for Vorm Vision trading but all are currently contracted with 2 2 A A’s sister company, Alternative Asset Management Limited (“A ML”) working to help the Company within its asset management operations.]

REASONS FOR CONSIDERING INVESTING WITH A2A AND VORM VISION • • • • • • • Proven ability to out-perform in a range of market environments Non-correlated performance Strong NET profitability /returns Limited risk profile – Investors may benefit from Max draw-down risk agreement Highly differentiated trading style (even amongst recognised trading peers) Vorm Vision trading is unique and occupies a ‘non-crowded’ space Opportunity to scale the business over time

RISK MANAGEMENT A2A and Vorm Vision’s risk management philosophy is to ensure that the Vorm Vision trading portfolio cannot suffer unlimited losses. This is achieved by prohibiting the downside by applying strict stop losses on the trading portfolios In response to demand for a limited risk from potential investors, A2A and Vorm Vision intend to use active stop losses where necessary. The traders philosophy underlying the decision making process for each trade have been developed and refined for over 4 decades Investors should note that volatility in trading is a feature of high return trading strategies and thus from time to time our trading strategies will see significant draw-down before achieving profit targets. Draw-down can last for minutes, hours or even days and weeks. Investors should be aware of the risks and consult with appropriate professional and legal adviser if they are in any doubt as to the risks involved in futures and options trading.

VORM VISION TRADING STRATEGY Strategy Style Markets Holding Period Average Maturity Products Risk Equity Futures and Options Volatility Trading Probability Based Major Stock & Bond Markets Indexes and Options One Day plus One Hour to One Month Most Liquid Market Indeces and Options High Risk / High Returns Strategy

Most Liquid Stock Markets Indeces Examples include SP500 Index S&P E-minis Dax CAC FTSE Gold, VIX

INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY Joint Investment Agreement Managed Fee Performance Fee Minimum Subscription Dealing Redemptions Principle Broker Administrator Auditor Legal Advisers Regulator (Not required now) Subscriptions Open now % of AUM Turnover per annum 60% with HWM £300,000 (Subject to £1m Min Account size) Monthly liquidity None within first 12 months MF Global & Newedge Where applicable - Gradient Advisory Grant Thornton / Ernst & Young Dechert (UK) FSA

Risk Warning
There can be no assurance that Vorm Vision traders’ investment objectives will be achieved. The proposed trading portfolio can go down as well as up. This document is issued by Alternative Asset Management (UK) Limited trading as A2A which is not regulated by the FSA. Vorm Vision trading accounts are available via a sub-account trading account of A2A. Trading in Futures and Options is high risk. Consequently, this document is only made available to intermediate Customers and market Counterparties as defined by the FSA and to persons falling within the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (Promotion of Collective Investment Schemes)(Exemptions) Order 2001. Decisions regarding making an investment in a trading account to be advised by A2A or Vorm Vision traders should be made by experienced professionals only. Such investment can only be made via an agreement to allow Vorm Vision traders to act as ‘proprietary’ traders to any A2A sub-account. No person should rely on this document for accuracy and or legal content. Investors must seek their own independent legal advice before making any decision on making an investment involving High Risk Futures and Options. This is neither an offer to sell services nor a solicitation of an offer to contract to or with services with an investor, which may only be made on the basis of full consideration of appropriate legal documentation, neither is it an offer to accept investments within a ‘Managed Account’ of sub-account structure. All Rights Reserved ©AlternativeAssetManagement(UK)Ltd2010

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Appendix I

A2A Nicholas J. Edwards CEO • Over 25 years in the investment management and stock broking business • Experience with some of the largest and most renowned ‘names’ in the industry including: James Capel, BZW, Barings, S G Group and Meinl Capital Markets • 15 years of focus on investment funds, hedge funds and other sophisticated alternative asset management techniques • Involved with the launch of some of the largest offshore emerging market funds in the markets • Specialist in active trading and automated systematic trading systems • More recently Nicholas has been at the forefront of the development of a new business model employing powerful modelling using Capital Guarantee and US Life Settlement based asset structures to provide investors with the ability to preserve wealth through 100% capital guarantee and capital protection

Vorm Vision Traders Willem Van Der Vorm Herman Van der Vorm