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Figure ________

Describe and Infer Knowledge Acquisition Analyze and Discuss

1. What is happening in 1. What knowledge have 1. List 3 discussion
the figure? you gained from questions based on
2. What questions might reading the captions concepts from your
you like answered? and related figure. *** Ask one
vocabulary? question related to

Column 3 discussion questions should be based on Level 2 and Level 3 Questions:

Level 2: Analyzing, Comparing, Contrasting, Grouping, Inferring, Sequencing, or Synthesizing

Example Question Frames: What would happen if? How is _____ related to ______? Why do
you think? Can you predict the outcome if? How would you improve? What is the motive in _______?

Level 3: Applying a principle, Evaluating, Hypothesizing, Imagining, Judging, Predicting,or Speculating

Example Question Frames: Do you agree with? Can we assess the value or importance of
___? What would you recommend? What does ___ mean for the future? What would you recommend?

Discussion Circle Directions:

1. Be Respectful and Considerate
a. Keep the conversation about the Figures and related knowledge
b. Be mindful of your tone and words
c. Use academic language
2. Use Discussion Sentence Frames
a. During my analysis of figure ____, I thought ______________.
b. I agree with ______ because ______.
c. Name, I like what you said about _________________.
d. While I agree with ________________, I disagree with __________.
e. The vocab word _____ on this page is significant to the figure because
3. Stay Focused & Have Fun


From Figure ________, I learned __________________________________________


From the discussion, I learned ___________________________________________


Some places that influence my language are ___________________________,


This activity was: (Circle One)

Great Good O.K. Poor Bad