God Created Man for the reason of cultivation.

To cultivate means to raise or grow, to acquire and develop and to apply one self to improving or developing one s mind or manners. A man has to be able to separate religion from spirituality and there is a difference. Religion can be used as a tool to hold one back or to bind one to a certain order or organization, based on a set of beliefs. Spirituality takes us beyond just the laws, rules and beliefs of a confined thought process, it causes us to use our thoughts and to be open minded to information that is presented to us, where in we can turn this information in to knowledge that is for our benefit. The same information that comes to us as men rather it comes from scriptures, should not have the same effect on the mindset of us as men as it does the woman. What am I saying? The man should process information totally from a different stand point of a woman, we should not act on emotions and the information we receive should be that which helps us in improving our God given abilities to maintain and cultivate our lives and those in our lives. The information that we receive should connect us to God and to his Christ, to God knowing that once we can connect to him we will be able to operate from our higher god self, God s Christ is the perfect example to us and for us, on how we should submit our will to do the will of God, and the manifesting of our power that is within us. Why? Because we are an extension of God and his spirit is that which operates in us and through us. In the Bible in the book of Psalm chapter 82 verse 6 states: I have said, ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most high. We as men (Black) are gods living a human experience. So when we hear the word of God that is not just contain in books but all of his creation, in the universe. As a man when we go into the bible it should move us in away that we act to be stronger men, and move towards presenting ourselves as one who are thinkers, and soldiers, if scriptures are instructions for us to study, we have to ask ourselves at the end of our studying what is it that we should have learned? And how does what we studied benefit us in becoming a better man. Jesus in the bible states: that I came so that you can have life and hove it more abundantly. What type of life is Jesus talking about? Life is existence, what type of existence does Jesus wants us to have and have more abundantly? He wants us to have a vital and vigor life full of energy to move forward in our higher god self. We as men have to raise our conscious level to that of a higher god self so that we can operate from a higher form of thought. The most powerful thing that a man can face is his on mind. This is why we must be educated with a knowledge that will bring us into our role as men. A woman can not teach a boy how to be a man, nor can a man teach a woman how to be a woman, even though one can provide the information to the other he or she can not teach the other to be that which they are not themselves. A man should not seek a woman in situations that deals with his development as a man. The majority of the time the guidance that a man gets from a woman is from her perception as a female. And may cause the man to be misdirected in the direction or decision that he have to make concerning his own life. A man s perception of life especially his own, cannot be based on how a woman feels about where he should be in his life. In any school of thought, men and women should at some point be placed in a class setting that is for their own genders, this allows the man to be able to express himself to other men

A teacher teaches the student what it takes for them to be a better person. in human form. Do we really think that God wants us to study. wherein we can help them in their striving to connect with God. We should listening for instructions that we can act on.who maybe able to help him in his development. that will bring it out of us in our deeds and actions. we also must take the information and turn it into knowledge so that we can teach the next person. If we do such. they are actually seeing a god. because understanding causes us to act using wisdom. The bible states know ye not that the kingdom of heaven is within you. and if we study his life. it shows that we understand the knowledge that we were taught. and that God dwells in you. any outside forces that hinders us in our being where we want to be and who we want to be is due to our allowing them into our reality. Walking in their mist. We must look at our own personal conditions. situations and circumstances and study scriptures then apply them to our reality in which we live. so when people see us. you can only save yourself. heaven is a state of mind. No one can save you. so to educate someone is to bring the best out of them. Jesus didn t save you. but he brought a body of knowledge and he lived his life that if we study the knowledge that he brought. it is up to the student to take what he or she is being taught and use it for their own self-development. situations and circumstances we are faced with. go from day to day being tested and then die and hope that we go to heaven? That is not having life more abundantly. then we need a knowledge. Dwell means to live in. fast and pray. we can utilize the knowledge and follow his example to where it befits us in our lives. Happiness and peace are states of mind. to help us in our everyday dealing with people. sing and hope that the speaker says something that day to make us feel better when we leave than what we was feeling when we came in. Jesus said when you see me you see the father. to develop what God placed within them. The word educate in its origin means to lead out or bring out. Cultivation is what I am talking about. for I am in the father and the father is in me. . Because Jesus acting from his higher god self. we should not go in hoping to hear a feel good message. and cannot save you. In our spiritual walk we as men must have an understanding of which we are and what is required of us when it come to the reality of God. If God dwells within us and heaven is within us. where in we can reach those states if we focus on the proper knowledge that will bring out of us that which will make us the men that we should be. Education is not for the implanting of information into a person. We should not go into houses of God so that when we come out we had a good time in the lord. nor to shout.

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