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AIM: To identify the various elicitation techniques and their usage for the banking case

THEORY: Requirement elicitation is the process of seeking, discovering, acquiring and

elaborating requirement. This includes learning and understanding the needs of the users. This
activity is communication centric and iterative in the nature. The techniques used here are the
important to get stack holder consensus on the requirements.

Sr. No. Scenario Requirement Elicitation Technique

1. Interrogative conversation with Interview
Managers, Cashiers, Clerks and In this, Requirement Engineers conduct an
other Staff for arriving at the interview with the clients to understand the
requirement for automating requirements.
2. Formal and planned requirement Workshops
discussion in a Conference to room Organization may conduct workshops
conducted among managers of among various stakeholders by querying
diversified branched facilitate by about their expectation and requirements
anchor. from the upcoming system.
3. Survey form circulated among the Questionnaire
users (account holders) who visit A document with pre-defined set of
the bank, to ease their interactions objective questions and respective options
with bank is handed over to all stakeholders to
answer, which are collected and compiled.
4. Analysis for understanding mode of Task Analysis
transactions- Checks, Cash, DD, Team of engineers and developers may
MT, Gold, etc. analyse the operation for which the new
system is required. If the client already has
some software to perform certain
operation, it is studied and requirements of
proposed system are collected.
5. Ethnographers deployed for Observation
understanding the users Team of experts visit the clients
interactions with bank officials. organization or workplace. They observe
the actual working of the existing installed
6. UI design of e-banking portal, Prototyping
ATM, Computer Systems Prototyping is building user interface
without adding detail functionality for user
to interpret the features of intended
software product. It helps giving better
idea of requirements.
7. Understanding the process Scenario identification
involved in each In this, the developers identify and
transaction like withdraw, deposit, understand the complete scenario of the
fund transfer etc. system.