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26 CASTILE SIDES 36 shaken. Defenseless. Exposed. He crouches beside Bobby, checking his pulse. Bobby's breathing. gee cASTIEL Your friend is alive. eu (rising) Who are you? CASTIEL castiel. uy Yeah. I figured. T mean, what are you? CASTLEL (a beat) x'm a demon. cuy You burned out that poor woman's eyes. CASTIBL I warned her. Not to spy on my true form. It can be..- overwhelming to humans. 0 can my real voice. But you knew that. uy The gas station and motel room? That's you speaking? Buddy, next. time? Talk quieter. cASTIEL what was my mistake. certain people, special people, can perceive my true visage. T thought you'd be one of them. I was wrong. our Yeah, and what “visage” you in now? Tax Accountant? CASTIEL This? This is a vessel. \&Z our Wait. You're possessing some poor bastard? cASTIEL He wanted this. ou Ub-buh. You know, might've been easier to show up like that the first time. CASTIEL Finding a human vessel durable enough to contain me-- it’s not easy. cur See, and I have that same problen with women. (then) Look, pal. I ain't buying a thing you're selling. So who are you, really? CASTIEL I told you. cur Right. And why would someone rescue me? CASTIEL Good things do happen. cuy Not in my experience. cASTIEL, What's the matter? You don’t think you deserve to live? our (he touched @ nerve) CASTIEL Because we have work for you. estop Ze Z