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H.S. (W.B.C.H.S.E.)

Group C

1. Describes logic circuit of a 4 bit adder substractor./ How much output of a 4 bit adder?/ Defference of
decoder and encoder./ Described circuit of a full subtractor./ Draw a block diagram of 3x8 decoder./
Describes a 4 bit adder circuit./ Borrow and difference of full subtractor./ Give requirement of De-
Multiplexer./ Draw and explain Decimal to Binary Encoder./ Half sabstractor./ NOR gate./

Draw a logic circuit of F.A. using two H.A./ What is combinational logic circuit?/ Truth table of a F.S. and
full adder circuit./ Draw a 8:1 multiplexer using 2:1 and two 4:1 multiplexer.

2. Describes functions and name of Tags for making a table of HTML./ Make a HTML documents. Give a
title/ body/ heading/ insert a picture/ insert a hyperlink/ insert a table/ using list.

3. MS-excel --- function of today/ product/ count if/ min/ average/ max/ Round/ now/ date/ time/
/count/ sum/ concatenate/ sort. / Name of 4 data-type./ cell merge./ auto fill/ row delete./ change of
height and width of column and cell./ cell delete./ column hide./ error massage (#REF!)/ data shorting/
step to make a pie chart./ cell reference/ column insert/ macro/ arrange data orderly of a table/ filter/
workbook/ sheet/ cell/ Add new column and row/ Data type/ How do you use function?/

4. MS-access & DBMS --- Make a report using wizard/ Difference between select and cross tab query/
field properties and full name of OLE/ Wizard/ Create table using design view/ Super key/ Selection
operation/ Data-dictionary/ Full name of SQL/ Relational algebra/ Auto form/ Process of data delete/
Data integrity/ ER model/ Entity set/ Data type/ Function of Database administrator/ Describe different
types of Relationships/ set union/ Create a table Employee/

5. Create a table Employee using SQL command/ Create query using SQL command/ Insert record/
What is natural join/ What is primary key and foreign key?/ Traditional set operation.

6. Describe optical fiber/ What is telecommunication software/ Describe NOS (Networking Operation
System)/ FTP/ HTTP/ Telnet/ Web Search engine/ Digital and analog signal/ Function of LAN/ Twisting
pair cable/ Switching system/ Describe bus , ring and star topology/ What is repeater and router?/
Explain IP address/


1. Funtion of DNS

2. Metadata

3. Full name of FDDI/ INTELSAT.

4. Hyperlink

5. How much height of default row?

6. Write address of 25 no row and 27 no column.

For MCQ and Short Questions follow test papers and Text books chapter end pages(Anusilan).80%
common .

7. Navigation Pane

8. Extension

9. Column in MS-excel.

10. What is Tuple and Cardinality?

11. Full name of HTML.

12. Two empty tags.

13. Two parts of email id.

14. What is www.

15. Firewall/ Hub/ Bacbone cable/

16. Which is basic and universal logic gate?

17. What is OLE object/ Fill handle?

18. What is relational model?

19. Function of DBA.

20. What is URL?

21. Funtion of Analog signal.

22. Data type of Access.

23. Function of DQL.

24. Full name of ISDN.

25. Truth table of XOR gate with 2 input.

26. Cell address/ Database schema/ full name of ISP

27. Name of social network

28. Name of four combinational logic circuit.

29. Network protocol.

30. What is DDL?

31. Truth table of AND/ OR gate with 2 input.

32. What can not be of a primary key?

33. Bandwidth/ Node/ Domain/ Two lebel circuit.

34. Full name of DBMS/ WAN.

35. Name of data base programme.

36. Which is electronic spreadsheet?

37. Truth table and block diagram of AND/ OR/ NOT/ XOR/ XNOR/ NOR/ NAND gate.

38. When output is high of NOR gate?

39. When two input is high of NAND gate then output is -------