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2nd guide exam

Level 1 Adults Units 4-5

Name: Date: __

I. Put in A / AN or THE. Sometimes you dont need either word you leave it blank.
1. There was .. waiter standing at entrance of restaurant. I ordered him
.. glass of . vodka with some juice in it.
2. There was .. question I wanted to ask to .. biology teacher about . kangaroo. She
had said kangaroo carried her baby in .. kind of bag in . front part of ..
her body. I wanted to know how many baby kangaroos it could carry at .. time.
3. Is that your wife?
No, my wifes . woman in . red dress.
4. Whats in newspaper?
5. Can you show me . that book, please?
6. .. water turns into .. ice at 0 degree C.
7. I like steak, but I dont like .. eggs.
8. She lives in nice flat on . fifth floor of .. old house.

II. Complete the conversation using THERE IS and THERE ARE.

A: any seafood on the menu?
B: fried fish and some shrimps.
A: Do you have anything to drink?
B: lemonade and coke.

III. Write at least 5 foods on each category.

Fruits Vegetables Seafood

Cereals Sweets Meat

IV. Supply PRESENT CONTINUOUS TENSE in the blanks:

1. He (teach) his son to ride a bike.
2. A: Why .. Ann (wear) her new dress?
B: Because she (have) a party tonight.
3. Cindy usually does the shopping, but I (do) it today because is ill.
4. She .. (not / work), she (swim) in the river.
5. A: . Tom (clean) his shoes now?
B: No, he . He .. (tidy) his room.
A: Where is his brother?
B: He is in the garden, he (water) the flowers.

V. Write the correct name of the following electronics.

VI. Make sentences using the vocabulary from the box.

Close Turn on Flush Clogged Funny sound

A piece of junk A lemon Obsolete Up to date

1. _________________________________________________________________
2. _

NOTE: Study vocabulary Communicating with a server pg. 44, Healthy and Unhealthy
foods and focus on PRESENT CONTINOUS TENSE.