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OJS Workflow Chart

Journal Manager,
Editor and Reviewer, Copyeditor,
Author Section Editor Layout Editor, and

Author uploads file to 1. Submission Queue Journal Management
journal Web site, and enters Editor assigns submission Setup and configure journal;
metadata for OAI indexing to Section Editor to see enroll editors, reviewers,
through the editorial copyeditors, proofreaders.

Select Reviewers
2. Submission Review Editor invites reviewers from
a) Check submission database with interests, load
Submission Review
Author can track process, b) Conduct peer review
see files, reviews, revise c) Reach editorial decision
and resubmit, at editors Review Conducted
request Reviewer submits review and
recommendation (which may
be rated by editor)
Submission Editing 3. Submission Editing
Authors reviews copyedits a) Copyedit submission
and proofreads galleys b) Layout of formatted Copyediting
c) Proofread galleys
Key Layout Editor prepares galleys
Journal Manager in HTML,PDF, PS, etc.
Editor 4. Issue Management
Section Editor a) Create issues
Reviewer b) Schedule submissions
c) Organize Table of
Copyeditor Contents Proofreading
Layout Editor Organize Table of Contents
5. Publication
Author Offering immediate open Submission Archive
access or delayed open Complete records kept of
access, with subscriptions submission process for
published and declined items

Open Journal Systems is

Current Issue Journal Archive
an open source
Items appear with Reading Browsing issues, with indexing
development of the Public
Tools linking to related by OAI search engines, as well
Knowledge Project:
internal and external as Google, etc.

OJS in an Hour 12