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Lisa Lygo

Our July 2017 Featured Artist

The artist Lisa Lygo was born in London and now resides in the Devon
countryside. She has been dedicated to drawing and painting since childhood, with
the encouragement of her late parents. Lisa attended The City & Guilds of London
Art School and has since exhibited her work extensively, including The Mall
Galleries London, Walton Fine Art Knightsbridge, 2rArt Kensington and Asprey

All of her work is linked through the theme of contrasts, whether the contrast be
combining the past with the present as in the Theatre/Burlesque and London
paintings, or the contrast between the female figure and patterned textiles apparent
in the recent fashion inspired work. She is essentially a painter of oils, the basis of
which is strong drawing but she does like to experiment with other media and she
is at present interested in doing semi- abstract paintings evoking the Soho area of
London. Lygo is an artist for whom the excitement is in constantly evolving new
ideas and new ways of working within the realms of painting.
Lygo enjoys and has been inspired by the work of numerous artists, writers,
composers etc. It is a long list but here I have chosen the most constant and one
artist that is of particular interest at present.

Aside from her work Lisa has a lifelong interest in horse riding and equestrian
sport, particularly enjoying race meets which she attends regularly.

The Artist's Gallery

"The Artist's Gallery" is crucial to the creation of art. These are the
artists, poets, novels, stories, authors, and pieces that inspire their

Here are the artists/works on Lisa Lygo's Gallery that have inspired
her work here.

The Artist's Gallery:

-Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, In the Salon of the Rue Des Moulins

-Diego Velasquez, Portrait of Mariana of Austria 1652-53
-Robert Rauschenberg, Collection 1954-55
-Walter Sickert, The New Bedford 1914-15
-Oscar Wilde, Complete Works of Oscar Wilde
-Guy de Maupassant, A Parisian Affair and Other Stories
-David Bowie, The Berlin Trilogy
-Beethoven, The Nine Symphonies
-Gerhard Richter, Abstract Painting 1990
-Sir Peter Blake, Stravinsky, French Cafe Music and Italian Opera

Collection of Artwork by Lisa Lygo