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TASK 1: Business vocabulary TASK 4: Watch again and anwer the questions

Vision / track record / trade press / last quarter / pull ones weight / IT peripheral / 1.Phillip Hart is angry at Brian because______________________________________
interpersonal skills / masters / team player / degree / let someone go / performance 2.Phillip rings Marcia to ask her to__________________________________________
review / the last straw / HR 3.The new employee will need____________________________________________
4.Which skills and experience are not essential for the new employee?
1 a computer device, such as a CD-ROM drive or printer that is attached to the main ____________________________________________________________________
computer 5.Where is Marcia going to place an advertisement?___________________________
2. the final three months of the financial year
3. also known as an employee appraisal, is a method by which the job performance TASK 5: Listen 3rd time and fill the gaps
of an employee is evaluated Hi Marcia. Its Philip here. Listen, Ive had to________________. He lost us the
4. the final irritation that stretches your patience beyond the limit DollarMart account.
5. this is an informal expression to mean fire or sack somebody from their job _________________. Yes. Thats what it means Brian. __________________
6. the personnel department of an organization, dealing with the recruitment,
administration, management and training of employees; abbreviation of Human What do they mean? What other expression similar to them do you know?
7. do the work that one is obligated to 1.Youre f_________
8. an award conferred by a college, university, or other post secondary educational 2.Youre d______________
institution as official recognition for the successful completion of a program of 3.Youre d______________
studies 4.Give sb the a__________
9. An advanced degree, past your first degree, but before PhD 5._____________their cards
10. someone's past performances viewed as a whole 6._____________the boot
11. someone who works well as part of a team
12. the ability to relate well to other people
13. a term used to describe an image of the future; in business terms it is a clear,
detailed picture of what can be achieved
14. magazines and newspapers that are written for a particular sector of an industry

TASK 2: Watch the movie, and see what happens


TASK 3: Context vocabulary

1.Competitor whole
2.Improve goal
3.Excuse opponent
4.Target Things you say, cause you dont want to do sth
5.Entire Make better
6.Put sb through crucial
7.Relevant Switch (on the phone)