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Statement of Originality

Regarding the manuscript entitled The Impact Of Financial Inclusion On Poverty

Through People & Business Credit (KUR) submitted for The 1st Indonesia
International Microfinance Forum (The 1st IIMF) 2017.

The manuscript is an original work and sole property of the Author(s):

Name : Lili Wardani Harahap, SE,MSi,Ak

Address : Jl. Perhubungan Komplek Villa Indah Pendopo No 2 D
Dusun 8 Mawar Laut Dendang, Deli Serdang-Sumatera
Email :
Telephone : 081263754978

The Author(s) warrants and affirms that:

The Manuscript is an original work and sole property of the Author(s) and
that the manuscript has not been published and is not subject to
publication in another conference and journal. Also, significant parts of
the work have not been published.
Written permissions were obtained, as it is required to include any
copyrighted material in the manuscript. The author(s) understand that an
appropriate acknowledgment of the source and permission to include in
the manuscript from the copyright holder must be obtained and is the
author(s) sole responsibility. Further, all trademark usage within the
manuscript must be properly credited to its owner, or a written
permission to use the name must be granted and secured by the

The manuscript does not violate other copyright or proprietary right, and
that it is not in any way contain any libelous, defamatory or confidential
material liable to infringe any law or contractual obligation; nor contains
any plagiarized, fraudulent, improperly attributed materials, instructions,
procedures, information or ideas that might cause any harm, damage,
injury, losses or costs of any kind to person or property. The Author(s)
agrees to defend, indemnify and hold harmless the journal and the editors
for any breach of warranty under this document.

Medan, November 2017


MeteraiRp 6.000,00

(Lili Wardani Harahap, SE, MSi, Ak)

*Note : For jointly authored works, all co-authors should sign this statement or one of the authors
should sign this statement as an authorized agent for the other authors.