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It is a potential natural attraction found in Balakbak, Kapangan. This mountain, when viewed from a distance, displays
the head of a man and other features depending on how one looks at it. It also depicts the face of Santa Claus.
Baguio City to Balakbak is only 45 kilometers via the Acop- Kapangan- Kibungan road. From the municipal hall to the
site is 14 kilometers.


It is a potential natural attraction found in Beleng-Belis. These mountains offer scenic views of the lowlands and other
parts of Benguet. Visitors may also do activities like trekking, mountain climbing, nature communing, and others.
From Baguio City, this range called the Dontog is 43 kilometers away. Dakiwagan and Upper Amanayao, are nearer.
The farthest in terms of walking distance from the Barangay station is Mt. Amanayao with 12-kilometer distance, for
about 4 hours hike. Balabag is 10 kilometer away; Dakiwagan, about 4 kms; and Amkiyet, only 2.5 kilometers.
It is a potential natural attraction found in Central. The site has its historical value. It served as the campsite of the
Japanese soldiers during World War II. It is claimed that a captain of the Japanese forces was killed in the site by a
local guerilla. This mountain offers a good view of the lowlands. It is the highest mountain in Central Kapangan that is
connected with so-called Shangrila Mountain. This mountain served as food storage area during World War II.
It is about 39 kilometers from the City of Baguio and can be reached via the Tublay- Kapangan road. The mountain is
about a kilometer away from the Barangay center.


It is a potential natural attraction found in Taba-ao. Bolinsak cave is along the Bolinsak creek. It is also called
Bulalakao because it is the dwelling place of bulalakao, a bird that appears only during the night making a sort of
scary sound and noise. Dazzling and picturesque stalagmites and stalactites as intact inside the cave. From the view
deck located beside the entrance to the cave, one can look over the quaint countryside and the mountainous
It is 36 kilometers away from La Trinidad and about 100 meters walk from the main road.

It is a potential natural attraction found in Paykek. The cave has a historical value to the people of the area. It has
been an evacuation sites during WW I and II. At the mouth of the cave is an area strategically situated for camping. It
offers intriguing as well as amazing scenes of glittering stalactites and stalagmites.
The site can be reached via Acop- Kapangan road, about 32 kilometers, from La Trinidad and another 4 kilometers
hike to the entrance of the cave.


It is a potential natural attraction found in Beleng-Belis. It is located at the foot of Mt. Balabag. Tourists and visitors
with time to enjoy the hinterlands can go trekking, camping, spelunking and picnic activities. The cave has a variety of
delightful stalagmite and stalactites has feast for the eyes only.
It is about 41 kilometers away from the City of Baguio via the Tublay- Kapangan road and then another 3 hour hike
from the Barangay station.

It is a potential natural attraction found in Balakbak. The cave is located at the foot of Mt. Dakiwagan. It has a number
of entrance and an egress points. The scenic views inside the cave include a massive complex of rock columns and
pillars that make the floors and ceiling more attractive. Intact stalactites and stalagmites are captivating by them
It is about 14 kilometers away from the municipal hall at Lomon and about 45 kilometers away from the City of
Baguio. PUJs and mini-buses ply to the barangay but without definite schedule.
It is a potential natural attraction found in Kapangan and Atok. In Kapangan, it is serves as the primary water supply
to a lot agricultural sites in the area. It offers activities such as swimming, fishing and rafting. It serves as the fishing
ground of the residents in the municipalities that it traverses. Different aquatic resources could be found like eel, small
shrimps, bunog, wadingan and kampa. Along the riverbanks are favorite camping/picnic sites.
The area is 40 kilometers from La Trinidad or about 2 and a half hours ride via the Tublay- Kapangan road. The
distance from the municipal hall of Kapangan is 6 kilometers. The popular site in barangay taba-ao is only 80 meters
away from the road.
It is a potential natural attraction found in Beleng- Belis. Pul-agan is about 20 meters in height. Cotinge has a height
of about 30 meters. Ginawang has about 25 meters in height; and Dageyadey, about 15 meters. These falls offer
swimming and picnic activities.
These falls could be reached via Tublay- Kapangan road. It is 40 kilometers away from La Trinidad.

It is a potential natural attraction found in Gaswiling. It is located within the boundaries of Kapangan, Tublay, and
Sablan municipalities. It is suited for mountain climbing and viewing. At the top, it offers a panoramic view of the
Ilocos Region, Pangasinan and La Union.
The Barangay Gaswiling road after the municipal hall of Kapangan brings the traveler to the place. The travel time on
foot from the Barangay station to the site is about two and a half hours.

It is a potential natural attraction found in Boklaoan. It is more or less 100 meters in height. Its natural pool at its base
offers swimming and picnic activities.
It is 48 kilometer from the City of Baguio for a travel time of 3 hours and 30 minutes. The distance from the Barangay
station to the site is 5 kilometers that takes one and a half hour hike.


It is a potential natural attraction found in Cuba. Mount Salucasog is ideal for viewing, trekking, and mountain
climbing. Cuba, near Barangay Taba-ao, is about 44 kilometers away from Baguio City.

This is a four-hectare unique anthurium plantation privately owned and managed by Mr. Burcio. Different varieties of
anthurium are planted in between naturally grown trees and shrubs without much alteration to the natural contour and
information of the place.
The museum is built on the site where the first municipal building was erected. History has it that the Japanese
soldiers tortured their Filipino prisoners in the area. Managed by the MLGU the museum artifacts and other items of
value relating to the history, culture and traditions of the people of the place.
About 36 kms away from La Trinidad, it is accessible to vehicular transport.


This was engineered and built by the native farmers of Barangay Balakbak. It is a symbol of skill and industry of the
One can reach these terraces via Tublay-Kapangan road. Available transport vehicles are those plying the Kibungan,
Beleng-Belis and Balakbak routes.

Balacbac Rice Terraces Noso Rice Terraces

They are indigenous rice terraces where native rice varieties are propagated, adding beauty to the mountains of
About 40 kms. away from Baguio City, it can be reached via the Tublay-Kapangan road. Amlangit and Pekaw are 1.5
kms. from the Barangay vehicle station while Noso is about 500 meters away.

The former campsite of the 66th Infantry, United Air Force in the Philippines, Northern Luzon (USAFP, NL). It was
here where the group of Major Bado Dangwa and Major Dennis Molintas hide American officials from the pursuing
Japanese forces.


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