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Outdoor Cabinet - AC Air Conditioner-N Series

Product Introduction

This unit is specifically designed for cooling

electronic temperature sensitive equipment in
challenging environmental conditions and is
often used in outdoor enclosures in telecom,
automation and IT equipment.

The Huarui L and N Series Air Conditioners are

rated IP55 NEMA 4 and dont require
additional cowling or rain hood.

Product Design Features

Digital Led display and keypad controller
RS485 communication port (Modbus-
RTU) Modbus protocol
Dry contact alarm output, NO/NC
Available Configuration Software
Optional dehumidifier function
Optional heating element
Optional hydrogen sensor
Anti-theft design
Fit for harsh environment condition (T3),
using R134a refrigerant


Technical Parameters

Name Outdoor Cabinet Air Conditioner

Model HRUC A 010/N/E/A
Code 88260
Mounting Method Semi-embedded Mounting
Power Supply 230VAC15% - 50/60Hz
Cooling Capacity 1000W@L35/L35
Power Consumption 440W@L35/L35
Cooling Capacity 600W@L35/L55
Power Consumption 600W@L35/L55
Internal Airflow 440 m 3/h
Working Temperature Range -40C / +55C
Maximum Noise Level 65dB(A)
IP Grade IP55 NEMA 4
Net Weight 30kg
Refrigerant R134a
Dimensions in mm H x W x D 797 x 385 x 165
CE&RoHS Compliant YES
Surface Treatment Outdoor type powder coating, standard color:
Heater Optional (800W)


Product Dimension


Installation Instructions

1. The Huarui cooling units N & L series are designed for indoor or outdoor use with a NEMA 4 IP55 protection rating.
No additional cowling is necessary.
2. The M series could be fitted with cowling (rain hood) by the customer, please refer to figure 2 for cowling design.
3. The inlet and outlet for supply and exhaust air should be big enough to ensure enough airflow.
Care should be taken to prevent the exhaust air from mixing with the supply air.
This is critical to maintain the best cooling efficiency.

Terminal Instructions
Display panel:
Under normal operation, the display panel shows the
inside cabinet temperature. If there is a fault condition
the display will alternately show the alarm code and the
inside temperature.

Flashing during self test or

setting mode
Light on when cooling

Light on when heating

Light on when external fan

is running
Flashing when alarm is

The terminal connector is detachable.

There is a jumper between terminal 9 and 10 as this
contact is a NC to run the unit. It could be connected to a
NC door switch to stop the AC when opening the cabinet
door to avoid condensation.

Number Symbol Definition Description

1 L Live line of AC power /
2 N Neutral line of AC power /
3 PE Ground wire of AC power /
4 TR/+ Positive pole of 485 communication /
5 TR/- Negative pole of 485 communication /
6 NO Normally open port of dry contact alarm output Dry contact alarm:
7 COM Common port of dry contact alarm output Pin 6&7: Normally Open
8 NC Normally closed port of dry contact alarm output Pin 7&8: Normally Closed
9/10 I/O External run contact or auxiliary output contact Standard is NC contact to run-stop
(Hydrogen discharge) the unit. By special request it
could be used as an output relay
(Max 1A) to control other devices.

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