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FlowCon International

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FlowCon International
FlowCon Product Development

Caledonian house St Stephens Green Designer Mechanical:

FlowCon are the best PICV valves I have ever used.
Stephen Sheehan, Project Manager.
FlowCon International
The History and Background

FlowCon International ApS was founded in Very few companies within the industry can
Denmark in 1985 as a joint venture between provide an impressive track record of revo-
the two dynamic balancing valves market lutionary products as the FlowCon Interna-
leaders in Europe and the USA. The funda- tional/Griswold Controls group, which among
mental purpose of this union was to combine other includes;
these two companies knowledge for further
joint development of pressure independent
products. Likewise, FlowCon International 2010 Worlds first PICV with intelligent
was appointed the international sales orga- display actuator and direct
nization for Griswold Controls. connection to BACnet systems.

The close collaboration between FlowCon 2003 Release of the world first service-
International and Griswold Controls resulted able externally adjustable
in a merger of FlowCon International and automatic flow limiting valve.
Griswold Controls in 2014, making it the largest
specialized manufacturer of dynamic balanc- 1998 Introduction of the worlds first
ing and pressure independent control valves characterized ball valve for
for the HVAC segment globally. linear control characteristics
(done through Griswold Controls).
We hold the biggest installation base of
dynamic valves and pressure independent 1993 Introduction of the worlds first
control valves with significantly more than 10 pressure independent control
million valves installed in the market. Some valve (PICV).
of which have been operational for more than
25 years. 1960 Introduction of the automatic
flow limiting valve (done through
Furthermore, we carry inventory valued Griswold Controls).
above 10 million at all times to ensure on
time delivery of projects of all sizes. Innova-
tion, quality and availability are key values of Today FlowCon International is represented
the FlowCon International/Griswold Controls in over 60 countries on 5 continents, with
group. sales and production companies in Cali-
fornia (USA) and Denmark as well as sales
and marketing offices in Singapore and
Dubai servicing the respective continents.
FlowCon International
Reference - MSC Cruiseship Meraviglia, France

FlowCon International is the main supplier of balancing valves

and wafers to the cruise ship MSC Meraviglia.
FlowCon has supplied FlowCon E-JUST
and FlowCon Wafers for the cooling distribution
and FlowCon UniQ for each fancoil/Cabin at the ship.
FlowCon International
The Company Mission and Values

Mission Values
Our mission is to optimize hydronic HVAC FlowCon International believes in honest,
systems and thereby reduce the environmen- ethical and moral practice within a conser-
tal footprint caused by temperature control vative management approach, meaning that
of buildings. any optimization is done with respect to the
companys ecosystem consisting of custom-
By working closely with our partners and ers, employees, shareholders and vendors.
customers in the Heating Ventilation and Air
Conditioning community, FlowCon Interna- Flat organizational structure with private
tional attempts to foresee and fulfill their ownership and direct involvement of the own-
coming needs. Our goal is to create products ers in the day to day operation gives the best
that will help drive the development of dy- customer service with 24-7 service which is
namic solutions. very important for FlowCon International.

Vision Some important values at FlowCon Interna-

Our vision is to improve indoor building com- tional are highlighted below.
fort and improve energy efficiency, increase
simplicity and stability in hydronic HVAC in-
stallations from the project stage through to
the maintenance stage by developing and
promoting products, which prevents the prob-
lems generated by pressure fluctuations in
HVAC systems.

Quality Simplicity


Flexible Innovative

Technical Flow
FlowCon International
Reference - Tornado Tower, Qatar

FlowCon International is the sole supplier of balancing

valves and PICV to Tornado Tower, and has delivered
FlowCon Green, FlowCon SM valves and
FlowCon Wafers to the project.
Tornado Tower was awarded as the best tall building
in Middle East and Africa in 2009 by the Council
of Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat.
FlowCon International
The Company Values

Innovation Energy Savings and Flow

We work in a very innovative environment FlowCon International is an expert in control-
and move from idea to manufactured prod- ling the flow of water and use our expertise
uct very quickly. to help optimize the flow to all equipment in
Constantly developing products in response the building leading to energy savings. Be-
to market demands (developing 4-5 new sides controlling the water flow is the product
products each year). construction furthermore supporting a signifi-
The advantage of being a company with cantly more efficient distribution, installation
flat structure is that we work very closely and operation of the valves.
together and therefore the development
department can react quickly. 76% of the worlds energy are consumed
More than 5% of our income is invested in in buildings.
research and development. 20% of the worlds electricity is used to
pump fluids around.
Simplicity 90% of the whole life cost of a pump is
Due to the modular build of the valves it is energy related.
very easy to customize FlowCon International
products and make the solution that you re- Therefore, if a pump can work less, significant
quire, so it meet your special needs for the energy savings can be made.
project. The modular construction further- Using dynamic valves can provide pump
more allows more efficient logistics, simpli- savings of 35% by ensuring system stability.
fied site logistics and site maintenance of the
products. In addition a further 50% cost sav-
ings can be achieved through sim-
plified system design using pressure
independent control valves and op-
timal pump control.
High performance HVAC systems
accounts for more than 40% of the
energy used in commercial buildings.
It can result in considerable energy,
emissions and cost savings (10-40%).
Source U.S energy Information Administration.

Ciran J. Kellegher, Operations director UK: I have dealt with FlowCon for the past
6 or 7 years and the fantastic project support and technical advice the lads can
offer along with the quality products they offer, is why they are always top of my list
of preferred supplier NSGH Glasgow - Mercury Engineering.
FlowCon International
Reference - The Holy Mosque of Mecca, Saudi Arabia

The Holy Mosque has been using FlowCon valves

continuously for the past nine years. FlowCon International is the
sole supplier of balancing valves and PICVs. FlowCon has amongst
others delivered FlowCon SM valves for air handling units and
dynamic balancing valves to control the ZamZam water distribution.
FlowCon International
The Company Values

Product Development Some examples are:

Developing pressure independent products FlowCon offer valves ex. stock in any
has been the success criteria ever since size from 15 to 1.000 mm controlling flow
the foundation of the company. rates between 20 l/hr up to 8.240 m3/hr.
Product development is a key stone in the FlowCon Green is designed as a 3-in-1
organization, with the fact that more than 5% solution combining full stroke modula-
of our income being reinvested into research tion control valve, an automatic balancing
and product development underlines. valve and a differential pressure control
We have market driven R&D, meaning that valve.
we are continuously looking at market de- FlowCon SM the worlds most advanced
mands aiming to rapidly develop new prod- pressure independent control valve.
ucts to satisfy those needs. FlowCon Wafer the worlds largest dyna-
mic balancing valve.
All development is done in SolidWorks pro- FlowCons unique design and idea is to
viding 3D models available for production and keep things flexible meaning that we have
customers. a solution for every system.

Demo units, either 3D printed or machined By using FlowCon pressure indepen-

are hereafter tested for performance verifi- dent products, you can obtain direct
cation. Once the concepts are approved an pump energy saving of minimum 35%
actual product is produced and tested rigidly in variable flow systems compared to
in our in-house laboratory in both USA and traditional 2-way control valve systems.
Denmark to verify performance and lifetime
performance. By testing the product in 2 Further cost savings in installation can
locations simultaneously, is it possible to veri- be achieved by;
fy the results and minimize test inaccuracies.
Simplified design = fewer valves.
The focus on product development has re- Fewer valves = lower head loss.
sulted in having the worlds largest selection Valves are self-balancing = no need to
of dynamic balancing valves. external balancing.
100% authority = better energy
100% stroke = better control and indoor

FlowCon International offers valves with unique

design allowing simplified selection, installa-
tion and field serviceability.
FlowCon International
Reference - Axel Towers, Copenhagen, Denmark

Michael Dall, Project Manager, Ib Andersen VVS:

FlowCon products were technically as well as construction flow wise very suitable
for the project in question. As the project is located in the centre of the city area
the space is limited and the site difficult to enter. It therefore made perfect sense
to have FlowCon valve bodies installed in identical sizes for all locations and
later apply the suitable insert with the required flow rate. This process minimized
the piping works and reduced the logistic challenge at site. Simultaneously, the
balancing procedure is obsolete as the valves are self-balancing helping us to
achieve the tight deadline.
FlowCon International
Production, Quality Control and References

Sourcing and Production Working with HVAC Practioners

Only after confirmation of product perfor- By working closely with our partners and
mance and life time testing are the products customers in the heating ventilation and air
confirmed for production. The specially de- conditioning community, FlowCon attempts
signed subcomponents are hereafter manu- to foresee and fulfill their coming needs. Our
factured in accordance to the engineering goal is to create products that will help drive
drawings. FlowCon International utilizes a the development of dynamic solutions.
network of sub suppliers, whom all are sub-
jects to continuous vendor evaluations. References
With our long history in the HVAC industry we
Given the experience in the HVAC field, have experience providing valves in many
FlowCon International is very well aware of types of applications all over the world. We
that having the right products available at are proud to have supplied valves on some
the right time is essential for a successful of the largest projects in the world with high
project execution. Therefore FlowCon Inter- quality.
national continuously holds large stock ca-
pability. The stock capabilities are located in You can see examples from a lot of differ-
our facilities in USA and Denmark. Combined ent projects with hotels, shopping centers,
with the modular build of the products, this airports, hospitals, universities, construction
will ensure execution of significant projects projects and stadium cooling at
within a very short period of time.
All products sold by FlowCon International
hold either European or American origin,
which can be certified by the Danish Indus-
trial Federation upon request.

Quality Control
FlowCon International operates under a
stringent quality control system covering
everything from product development, sourc-
ing, incoming inspections, manufacturing
processes, outgoing inspection, continuing
product testings including lifetime tests and
documentation of each process. Each pro-
cess are done in accordance to ISO 9001:
2008 certification.


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