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Grammar Present simple and present continuous

Question tags
Vocabulary Clothes, styles, accessories and patterns
Function Shop for clothes

Get started
1 Where do you buy your clothes? Do you like shopping
for clothes?

2 1
01 Listen and read. Where does Sophie make her T-shirts?

Lisa: Come on, Ryan. The market closes in half an hour. What are
you after?
Ryan: Im looking for a shirt. Im going to a wedding on July 2nd.
Josh: Thats next Saturday.
Ryan: Thats right. So I want something plain and smart.
Lisa: Hey, that T-shirts nice. I like baggy T-shirts and
I love the design on it.
Ryan: But I need a shirt, not a T-shirt. Anyway, the design looks
a bit weird.
Sophie: Hey, Lisa! Hows it going?
Lisa: Oh, hi Sophie. What are you doing here?
Sophie: Im working. I make these clothes at home and then I sell
them here every other Saturday.
Josh: Is it your stall?
Sophie: No, its my aunts.
Lisa: You dont know Ryan or Josh, do you?
Sophie: No, I dont. Hi, guys. Nice to meet you.
Ryan: I like your clothes. Theyre really original.
Sophie: Thanks. Thats a cool T-shirt, isnt it?
Ryan: This one? Oh, er ... yes. Its great! Ill take it.
Josh: But Ryan, youre looking for a shirt not a T-shirt!

What are you after? something (plain) Anyway 2

Hows it going? every other (Saturday)

3 Answer the questions.
1 What does Ryan want to buy? a shirt
2 What does Lisa like about the T-shirt?
3 What does Ryan think of the T-shirt at first?
4 What day of the week does Sophie work on the stall?
5 What does Ryan decide to buy?

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Josh Ryan


Vocabulary: Clothes, b 1
02 Extension Use the c Describe what the
styles, accessories and words below to name people in the photo
patterns the items in the photo. are wearing.
Which items are not in the Ryans wearing
4a Recall How many photo? patterned green
words can you remember
1 bandana combat trousers.
for each of these
sections: Clothes,
Styles, Accessories and bandana bangle S ? LVE IT!
Patterns? Write lists, then combat trousers
check in the Word fleece flip-flops 5 Read the dialogue
hairband high heels again. What date
bank on page 108.
jumper leggings will Sophie next
Clothes: jacket, work at the market?
suit tie tights
Styles: baggy,
tracksuit top
tracksuit bottoms

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Grammar Grammar
Present simple and present Question tags
continuous A: Thats a cool T-shirt, isnt it?
Present simple B: Yes, it is.
1 I want something plain and smart. A: Youre in Lisas class at school, arent you?
2 I make these clothes at home. B: Yes, I am.
3 I sell them here every other Saturday. A: You dont know Ryan or Josh, do you?
4 The market closes in half an hour. B: No, I dont.
Present continuous A: Your aunts got a market stall, hasnt she?
B: Yes, she has.
5 Im looking for a shirt.
6 Im going to a wedding on 2nd July. Choose the correct options.
1 If the main verb is positive, the question tag
Match the sentences (16) to the uses of
is positive / negative.
the tenses (af).
2 If the main verb is negative, the question tag
We use the present simple for:
is positive / negative.
a) permanent situations, b) routines,
c) timetabled events in the future,
d) stative verbs (e.g. be, believe, need, etc.). Practice
We use the present continuous for: 7 Complete the statements with the correct
e) events happening now or around now, question tag.
f) future arrangements.
1 Your names Maria, isn't it?
2 You live near me, ___?
Practice 3 Youve got a brother, ___?
6 Complete the newsletter with the present 4 Your favourite band is the Chilli Peppers,
simple or continuous form of the verbs ___?
from the box. 5 You dont like Beyonc, ___?
6 Youre learning to play the piano, ___?
7 You arent enjoying this exercise, ___?
study concentrate make go 8 Youve got a new MP3 player, ___?
sell know extend 9 My questions arent annoying, ___?

Pronunciation: Intonation in
question tags
8 1
03 Go to page 110.

9 Now ask your partner the questions in
Exercise 7, changing the information
where necessary. Make sure you choose
the correct intonation.
A: Your names Maria, isnt it?
B: Yes, it is./No, it isnt.
A: You live near me, dont you?
B: Yes, I do./No, I dont. I live

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Use your English: Shop for clothes

Offer help
Can I help you?
Do you need any help?
Say what you want
Yes, please. Im looking for a shirt/some jeans.
Yes, can I try this shirt/it/them on?
Yes, have you got this shirt in a different
colour/a larger size/a smaller size/size 14?
No, thanks. Im just looking.
10 1
04 Listen and read. Does Ryan buy Its/Theyre a bit big/small/tight/baggy/
the shirt? long/short.
Man: Can I help you? I think I need a smaller/larger size.
Ryan: Yes, Im looking for a shirt. Have you got this It suits me./It doesnt suit me.
one in a larger size? This is a Small. It looks good. How much is it?
Man: One moment. Ill see. Yes, heres a Medium.
Make a decision
Ryan: Can I try it on?
Its perfect/great. Ill take it.
Man: Sure. Theres a changing room over there.
This ones fine. Ill have it, please.
Ryan: Thanks. What do you think, Josh?
No, sorry. Its not quite right. Ill leave it.
Josh: Well, its not exactly my style, but that dark
colour suits you.
Ryan: Its fine for a wedding. How much is it? 12 1
04 Listen again to the dialogue in Exercise
Josh: Lets have a look. Its 39. 10. Then make similar conversations. You
Ryan: 39! Forget it! want to buy the following:
Man: Is it any good? 1 a jumper smaller size? 25
Ryan: Er No, sorry. Its not quite right. Ill leave it, 2 some combat trousers different colour? 40
thank you. 3 some sandals larger size? 10.50
4 a tracksuit different style? 38.99
Comprehension 5 a shirt different pattern? 19.50

11 Choose the correct option.

The shirt Ryan tries on is:
a) a small size b) white
Extra practice
c) good for a wedding d) quite cheap For more practice, go to page 96.

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Grammar Present perfect simple with for and Read
Present perfect and past simple 2 1
05 Listen and read the article. Who has got
two jobs?
Vocabulary Jobs

Vocabulary: Jobs 3 Answer true (T), false (F) or doesnt say (DS).
1 Recall Work in pairs. List as many jobs 1 Angela has worked on more than one ship. T
as you can think of, then tell the class. 2 Angela loves everything about her job.
Whose list is the longest? Check the 3 Christine has got nice hands.
Word bank on page 108. 4 Christine has met some celebrities.
5 Steve first worked as an extra when he was a child.

When we think of showbiz, most of us

Christine James has a very weird job
imagine a life of bright lights, flashy cars,
shes a hand double!
designer clothes and huge mansions. Well,
it isnt always like that! We went in search of Can you explain what you
do, Christine?
three people whose showbiz jobs are a little
Sometimes a film or an
less glamorous. advert needs a close-up of
hands, but the actress
Angela Smith is a dancer on a Caribbean or model doesnt
cruise ship. have nice enough
How long have you had this job, Angela? It hands. Then they
sounds amazing! use mine. Its trick
Ive worked on this ship for about a month now. photography!
Last year I was on one which went round the I bet its fun!
Med! It is. Ive done it for
Whats your job like? a couple of years now
Well, the Caribbean is fantastic, but its hard and Ive loved every
work and the conditions arent great. My minute. Since I started, Ive
cabins tiny! But I get lots of worked with lots of famous
free time and I love people. Im not saying who, its top secret!
travelling the world.
What about the money?
It isnt bad and its easy
to save because Steve Morris works as a TV and film
nearly everything extra.
is free food, How did you get into this, Steve?
accommodation, A few years ago, a TV company filmed some
even some scenes in our village. I worked as an extra in
clothes. Ive some crowd scenes and after that I signed up
saved quite a lot with an agency.
since I joined this Have you got another job, too?
ship. Oh yes, this is just a hobby. Im actually a

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Grammar 5a Steve Norton plays bass guitar in the rock
band Tastic. Use the prompts to complete
Present perfect simple with for and the questions and answers. Then practise the
since; past simple dialogue in pairs.
Which verbs are in the present perfect simple
1 How long/be/part of Tastic? (2010)
tense? Which are in the past simple? Write PPS
Interviewer: How long have you been part
or PS.
of Tastic?
1 Ive worked on this ship for a month. PPS Steve: Ive been part of Tastic since 2010.
2 Ive saved quite a lot since I joined this ship. 2 Where/be/born? (Canada)
3 Last year I was on one which went round the 3 How long/live/in the UK? (I was six)
Med! 4 Who/teach/you to play the guitar? (my uncle)
4 A few years ago, a TV company filmed some 5 Where/go/to university? (in London)
scenes in our village. 6 What/study? (Music)
5 I worked as an extra in some crowd scenes. 7 How long/know/the other band members? (my
6 After that I signed up with an agency. first day at school)
8 When/start/your school of rock? (last year)
Choose the correct options.
1 We use the present perfect simple to talk about b Now write eight sentences about Steve
events that are finished / events that are Norton.
linked to the present. 1 Steve Norton has been part of Tastic since
2 We use the past simple to talk about events 2010. He ...
that are finished / events that are linked to the
present. Listen
3 Since is used for a point in time / a period in
6 1
06 Listen to the interview
and answer the questions
4 For is used for a point in time / a period in time.
in pairs.
1 Who does Anna Nichols
work for?
4 Jack Clark is a TV camera operator. Complete a television company
the dialogue with the past simple or present 2 What does she do?
perfect simple form of the verb in brackets, or 3 What is she working
short answers. on at the moment?
Reporter: How long 1have you been (you/be) a 4 How long has she
camera operator, Jack? had this job?
Jack: I2 (have) my present job for two 5 What did she do
years. Before that I 3 (work) for a before that?
small film company. 6 How did she get
Reporter: 4 (you/ever/do) a special training the job?
Jack: No, I 5 (have). I 6 (study) Speak
photography at university and then I 7
7 Discuss the question.
(get) the job with the film company.
Which person in this lesson has got the best job?
I8 (not earn) much, but they 9
Who has got the worst job? Give reasons.
(teach) me a lot. And since I 10 (start)
this job, I 11 (learn) lots more!
Reporter: Whats the best thing about the job? Extra practice
Jack: I 12 (enjoy) everything about it since For more practice, go to page 96.
day one. I love it.

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Grammar Intensifiers much, far, a lot, a bit with
comparative adjectives and adverbs;
(not) as as
Vocabulary Adjectives to
describe work


1 1
07 Listen and read the magazine article. Then match the photos to the teenagers comments.


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Comprehension Practice
2 Complete the statements and name the 4 Complete with a comparative form of the
speakers. adjective or adverb in brackets, or (not) as as.

1 A university degree helps you to get a much 1 Today is far hotter than yesterday. (hot/far)
better job. Robbie 2 This bed is ___ my old one. (comfortable/much)
2 Working in a supermarket is 3 Can you try to write ___ ? (carefully/a bit)
3 It costs a lot to 4 Angelina is just ___ Brad. (famous)
4 There are many well-qualified people in 5 I feel ___ today than yesterday. (bad/a lot)
5 You learn a lot when you 6 Please can you drive ___ . (slowly/a bit)
6 To get to university, I must 7 Teaching isnt ___ web-designing. (well-paid)
8 I see my grandparents ___ now than before.
(frequently/a lot)
Vocabulary: Adjectives to describe work
3 1
08 Say which adjectives are positive and
5 Compare the choices below for school-
leavers. Use the comparative form of the
which are negative.
adjectives in Exercise 3 and intensifiers.
Positive: creative, Negative: badly-paid,
Backpacking abroad is much (far/a lot) more
exciting than doing a temporary job.
badly-paid boring creative dangerous Doing a temporary job isnt as exciting as
dull educational exciting glamorous backpacking abroad.
interesting rewarding safe stressful
tiring well-paid worthwhile Choices for school-leavers
1 Doing a temporary job/backpacking abroad
Grammar 2 Going to university/getting a full-time job
3 Doing voluntary work/working in a factory
Intensifiers much, far, a lot, a bit with
comparative adjectives and adverbs;
(not) as as
Comparative adjectives
Its much/far/a lot/a bit cheaper to live at home
than travel abroad.
This job is (not) as exciting as people think.
Comparative adverbs
I can get a job in a shop much/far/a lot/a bit
more easily than in a studio.
It costs much/far/a lot/a bit more/less to live at
They dont pay as badly as you think. 6 Talk about you. Which of the activities in
Exercise 5 would you prefer to do when you
Make rules
leave school and why?
1 To make a comparison stronger, you add
words like ___ , ___ and ___ before the
comparative adjective.
2 To compare two things which may be the 7 Write your own paragraph for the magazine
same, you use ___ . article in Exercise 1. Say what things you want
to do when you leave school.
Look at the examples of comparatives in the
magazine article. Which are adjectives and When I leave school, Id like to . I think that
which are adverbs? sounds more

Extra practice
For more practice, go to page 96.


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Fraser Maddy Jay

designer beyond someones budget tend to mix and match image fashionable developing
child labour shoppers recycled product renewable source Fairtrade ensure
manufacture proper wage ethical realistic bargain unusual look (n) car boot
12 bothered beanie stuff plant (v)

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Get started Listen
1 What sort of clothes and styles are fashionable in 5 1
10 Listen to Dan talking about his fashion
your country at the moment? style and interests
and complete the
Read information.
1 Favourite item of
2 1
09 Read the article. Where do British teenagers
clothing: hoodies
usually buy their clothes?
2 Why he likes them:
3 What else he wears:
Comprehension 4 Clothes for special
3a Answer true (T) or false (F). occasions:
1 The average British teenager doesnt care 5 Favourite music:
about clothes. 6 Weekend activities:
2 All high-street clothes today are very expensive.
3 Some factories use child labour. Write
4 Ethical fashion has become more popular
in recent years. WRITING TIP: COLLECT AND
b Tick the correct box. Before you start to write, take time to collect
and organise your ideas. First, make a list of all
Who: Fraser Maddy Jay
your ideas in any order. Then organise them into
1 likes to spend as little as
groups under headings.
possible on clothes?
Now do Exercise 6.
2 is interested in clothes
6a You are going to write an article called
3 doesnt care about most The factors which influence my choice of
high-street fashion? clothes. First, match the headings with the
4 likes to shop ethically? ideas (ae).
Advertising and the media b
5 only wears trainers? Opinions of friends
6 likes to look different Personal expression
from other people? General suitability

Im influenced by:
Speak a) how much the clothes cost.
b) what magazines say is fashionable.
4 Talk about you.
c) the clothes that my friends like.
1 Which of the three teenagers are you most similar d) how comfortable/practical/adaptable the
to? In what way? clothes are.
2 Apart from clothes, what other things are fashion e) if the clothes reflect my lifestyle and opinions.
items among your friends?
3 How interested are people in your country in ethical
b Now put the ideas in order of importance
for you.

c Write the article. Use your notes from

Exercises 6a and 6b to help you.
The factors which influence my choice of clothes
Why do I choose the clothes that I do? There are
several factors that influence my choice. The first


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