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Lesson Plan

Form: 8th A, intermediate; Objectives: by the end of the class the students will have:
Date: 20th October, 2006; 1) practiced and developed reading for specific information,
Unit: The Time of Our Life 2) expressed opinions about young performers difficulties,
Title: Meet a Teen Diva; 3) practiced listening for detailed comprehension;
Vocabulary: Adjectives and prepositions 4) learnt and used adjectives and prepositions in sentences of their own
Type: lesson of integrated skills;
Teacher: Corina Marcu
School: Scoala cu clasele I-VIII, Nr. 28, Timisoara

Aim: to make students aware of similarities and differences of teenagers life in a regular school and in a theatre school

Time Lesson stage Ts activity Students activity Aim Technique Aids Observation

5` Greeting & T. greets the students, Answer Ts greetings. Read homework, -to revise and Reading/ Students
homework checks homework. correct if necessary reinforce previous checking notebooks
checking. knowledge;
2` Focus on. T. announces the title Listen. -to attract Speaking/
and objectives of the studentsattention exposing
class. on the lesson;
8` Pre-reading Gives instructions: Discuss in small groups about favourite -to prepare Discussion Students
singers. Make a list on the board of the students and to group work knowledge
top five each category. Discuss and tell the ease reading
class about singers, musicians or actors
who started their careers very young

a ) Read the text and try to guess the

8` While reading Gives instructions: meaning of the new words and phrases -to focus students Reading for Meet a Teen
Check with your partner. attention on the specific Diva article by
Check with the whole class. new words information Rebecca Hardy
b) Complete the publicity factfile for -to develop
Charlotte Church. Check with the class reading for Silent reading, Charlotte
specific inform. factfile filling Factfile
5` Answer the questions:
Post reading Asks students to answer What difficulties are young performers -to develop Expressing
some questions about like Charlotte facing? fluency in English opinion -
Charlottes life Do you think she is too young to be a -to consolidate lockstep
professional singer? information

10` Listen to an interview with the principal

Follow up Gives task and of a theatre school and complete the notes -to learn about the Listening and Tape, cassette
instructions routine of a fill in player
theatre school
10` Complete the sentences with the missing
Vocabulary Explains the task, gives prepositions according to each adjective -to practice the Fill in
practice examples Check with the partner, check with the vocabulary part of
whole class. the lesson

2` Listen and write down the exercise for

Setting homework. -to consolidate Written Snapshot
homework information form assignment intermediate,
the lesson