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(Customer service)
Name: ________________________________

Account number: ________________________________

Account type: ________________________________

Address: ________________________________


Mobile number: ________________________________

Email id: ________________________________

What is your occupation ?

Service Household

Business Student

Retired Other Please Specify________________

How do you describe the behaviour of our staff towards you as a customer?

Good Satisfactory

Very Good Unsatisfactory

Please describe an instance where our staff was not helpful in dealing with a
complaint you had________________________________________

(Customer service)
How is the facility of locker at our bank ? Is it secure enough ?

Yes No

If No, Please specify the reason as we'd like to serve you better:

How much time was taken by us in opening your account with us ?

15 minutes 3o Minutes

1 Hour 2 Hours More

Did you find the process too time consuming? _____________________

Are you availing any of the credit facilities/loan schemes from our bank?

Yes No

If Yes, which of the following?

Personal Loan Consumer Loan Housing Loan

Car Loan Other Please Specify______________

According to you, which of the following is the best area of service of our

Efficiency Mobile Banking Product Range

Network Internet Banking

Have You had/Do you have an account in another bank also. If Yes, then
which of the following?


PNB only ICICI Any Other

(Customer service)
Do you agree that minimum account limit is not high and easy to maintain?
Select the option which is the most appropriate.

High Low

Manageable Negligible

Rate the following services offered at our bank using 5-excellent, 4-good, 3-
average, 2-poor, and 1-very poor.

Fixed Deposit Schemes ____

Savings Account ____

Current Account ____

Easy Access Account ____

PNB Express Account ____

Do you find the Interest rates offered by our bank competitive enough?

Yes No

Do you wish to shift your account to another bank in the near future?

Yes No

If Yes, Please mention the reason or the area of dissatisfaction __________


How will you describe the overall service quality of our bank?

Good Very Good Excellent

Average Poor
(Customer service)
Are there enough customer care representatives in our bank?


Are the customer care representatives efficient?


Based on your experience from our customer service department, would you
recommend our bank to your friends and relatives?


Date : ___________

Place: ___________