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MCT/MST Lesson Observation

Feedback to student teacher

Student teachers name: Marwa Abdulla Observers name: Hebah

Unit/Lesson: (all about me) Math writing & recognize numbers 1,2,3 Grade Level: KG 1
Date: 29 10- 2017

F = Unsatisfactory D = Marginal C = Satisfactory B = Very Good A = Exceptional

Competency Area F D C B A
Commitment to the Profession A
Planning for learning A
Managing Learning A
Implementing Learning A
Assessment A
Reflection on Practice A

Strengths of the lesson:

- prepare well for the lesson.
-review the numbers.
-set the students in mixed abilities group to make them collaborate to learn from each other.
-all students were engaged in the circle time (each has a whiteboard and marker to write)
which let her assess all students abilities to recognize and write the numbers.
-I like it when she first asks each student to write the number (as a formative assessment),
then ask the one student that can write the correct number to help other and show them how to
write it.
- using (In the Racing Game of Knowledge) as an encouraging way for the group how wrote
the number correctly.
- the good use of technology.

Areas for development:

- one point for improving^^: try to raise your voice or use different tones to get students