VLT® Micro Drive

Small drive – maximum strength and reliability

and watch the motor speed change. hexavalent chrome. Motor screw terminals Ready – Steady – Go! Connect motor and power cables. Terminal numbers are named in the same manner as in the rest of the VLT® family. mercury. and extremely easy to commission. turn the control knob. cadmium. 2 A • RS485 FC-bus • Modbus RTU – Longer lifetime – Low lifetime cost – High reliability – Lean operation – Increased robustness • High quality electronics/capasitors • All drives full load tested from factory I/O terminals • Earth fault. It’s developed and manufactured by Danfoss Drives. Approximately 100 parameters can be set to optimize energy efficiency and operation. condensed functionality.and outputs • 5 programmable Digital inputs • PNP/NPN selection • Pulse input 20 – 5000 Hz • 1 Analogue input 0 – 10 V or 0 – 20 mA • 1 analogue input 0 – 20 mA • Thermistor input (analogue/digital) • 1 Analogue output 0 – 20 mA • 1 Relay 240 V AC.Well protected IP 20 enclosure No forced air flow through electronics Hot pluggable LCP High quality capacitors RFI Filter Compact VLT® quality VLT® Micro Drive is a genuine VLT® frequency converter with unsurpassed reliability. or flame retardant PBB and PBDE. temperature and short circuit protection Potentiometer Mains screw terminals Safety earth – min. High quality components and genuine VLT® solutions makes VLT® Micro Drive extremely reliable. • Process PI-controller • Automatic Energy Optimizer (AEO) • Automatic Motor Adaptation (AMA) • 150% motor torque up to 1 minute • Flying start (catch a spinning motor) • Electronic Thermal relay (ETR) – No need for external controller – Less energy consumption – Exploit motor’s full potential – Replace need for bigger drive – Lean operation – more up-time – Replace external motor protection – Often makes PLC ommissible – Save cost and space RoHS compliant The VLT® Micro does not contain lead. 4 mm2 accessible from front • Circuit boards well protected and coated Compact general purpose drive The VLT® Micro Drive is a general purpose drive that can control AC motors up to 7. the leading drives experts since 1968 and creators of VLT® – The Real Drive. • Plug-and-play • Minimum commissioning – Minimum effort – minimum time – Save time – Easy set up of multiple drives – Minimal manual reading – Save commissioning time RS 485 pluggable • Copy settings via local control panel • Intuitive parameter structure Customer relay screw terminals Wire inlet from the bottom • Complies with VLT® software Reliable VLT® Micro Drive is a full member of the VLT® family sharing the overall quality of design.5 kW. • Optimum heat dissipation DC-link access In. reliability and user-friendliness. user-friendliness. VLT® Micro Drive can be set up to perform perfectly even in complex application set-ups. IP 20 even without terminal cover Small drive – high performance Despite the compact size and the easy commissioning. • Smart Logic Controller • Built-in RFI filter 2 3 . User friendly LCD display VLT® Micro Drive shares the user-friendliness of the VLT® family.

5 kW upwards. Coated electronics are standard All VLT® Micro Drive comes with coated electronics for longer lifetime and reliability. Minimum penetration of dust VLT® MICRO Drive is designed to keep the forced ventilation away from the electronics. VLT® Micro Drive can transform kinetic energy in the application into braking power to slow down the motor. Effective heat sink An effective heat sink easily removes heat from the electronics. pressure. The smart logic controller is able to monitor any parameter that can be characterized as “true” or “false”.Compact design Uncompromised quality Hot pluggable display – with or without potentiometer allowing for 15 m motor cables (screened). motor and application working together. HP and kW) Rotation direction indication Setup indication – 2 setup Removable during operation Up. Printed circuit boards are well protected inside the drive. • • • • • • • • • • LCP without potentiometer IP 54 LCP with potentiometer IP 21 Remote mounting kit LCP copy function Parameter numbers and values visible simultaneously Unit indications (A. H x W x D = 85 x 65 x 20 mm (D = 28 mm w. This includes digital commands and also logic expressions. potmeter) Built-in Smart Logic Controller The smart logic controller is a simple. RPM.. Meets EU norms. %. 50˚ ambient temperature Highly efficient cooling allows up to 50˚ ambient temperature. which allows even sensor outputs to influence the operation. As a result of this. you can program the controller to react on literally any event. leaving electronics protected from dust and dirt from production. flow. Built-in brake functions With built in DC and AC brake functions. and yet very clever way to have your drive. That is why Danfoss calls it a “logic” controller. Quick Menus • A Danfoss defined Quick Menu • Basic settings • PI controller Menu structure • Based on the well-known matrix from the VLT® family • Easy shortcut for the experienced user • Edit and operate in different set-ups simultaneously Indicators Operation buttons Two control panel versions. V. Temperature.and download functionality Remote mountable Ensured reliability and maximum up/time Real space saving side-by-side A compact book style design allows real side by side mounting without derating. The control panels are shown in actual size. A brake chopper is built-in the drives from 1. 5 4 . load. easy to read • Display readable from distance • Operation buttons are illuminated when active. s. Large figures. time. voltage and other parameters combined with the operators “>”. “and” and “or” forms logic expressions that are false or true. Hz. frequency. Built-in RFI Radio disturbance from motor cables is limited with the built-in RFI filter Illuminated LCD display Navigation buttons Designed for reliability in industrial applications Intelligent heat management Process heat is removed through the heat sink. “<”. “=”. Potentiometer is optional. extending lifetime and reliability of the drive. Energy efficiency 98% High quality VLT® power modules ensure cool running of the drive due to low losses.

2 2...5 7.1–110 kHz) Pulse input frequency Analog input Analog inputs 2 1 voltage/1 voltage or current 0 – 10 V (scaleable) 0/4 – (scaleable) 1 0–24 V DC (PNP positive logic) Max. relative humidity Aggressive environment Ambient temperature 24-hour average Protection and features • Electronic thermal motor protection against overload • Temperature monitoring of the heat sink protects the drive from overheating • The drive is protected against short-circuits on motor terminals U.7 g 5%–95% (IEC 721-3-3.05–3600 sec 1 x 200–240 V ±10% 3 x 200–240 V ±10% 3 x 380–480 V ±10% On-board power supply Output voltage Max..2 3.1% of full scale 20–5000 Hz 5 PNP or NPN 0–24 V 28 V DC Approx.25 0. M1 M2 M3 Set-up software The VLT® Motion Control Tool MCT 10 Setup Software exploits the full functionality of your PC. load (10 V) Max.2 6..3 7.5 2.. V. L3) Supply voltage Supply voltage Supply voltage Output data (U.5 132F 0026 132F 0028 132F 0030 1. motor cable length.5 V 15 mA 130 mA Factory settings Modes Voltage level Current level Accessories Code numbers VLT® Control panel LCP 11 W/o potentiometer ..5 2.7 5. W • The drive is protected against earth fault on motor terminals U. Current [I-nom.37 0. coated class 3C3 Max. W) Output voltage Output frequency Output frequency Switching on output Ramp times Digital inputs Programmable inputs Logic Voltage level Maximum voltage on input Input Resistance. 2 A 10. Dedicated external filters are available on request. Decoupling plate For EMC optimized installation.2 132F 0017 132F 0018 132F 0020 132F 0022 132F 0024 3 ph. 4 kΩ 0– 100% of supply voltage 0– 200 Hz (VVC+ mode) 0– 400 Hz (U/f mode) Unlimited 0.....2 4. W IP 20 0.7 4. 132B0102 Analog output Programmable analog outputs Current range at analog output Max.75 1. 6 Remote mounting kit A dedicated mounting kit is available for mounting the local control panel (LCP) in the cabinet door.2 1.... Class 3K3 (non-condensing) during operation (IEC 721-3-3).. providing a general overview and control of even large systems.5 kW and up have built in brake chopper M1 150 70 148 M2 180 75 168 M3* Available 2007 7 ..5 Current [I-nom.. load to common at analog output Accuracy on analog output 1 0/4–20 mA 500 Ω Max. 132B0100 VLT® Control panel LCP 12 With potentiometer. 132B0101 Remote mounting kit incl...2 1 ph.. 50° C Max.. load (24 V) Relay outputs Programmable relay outputs Max...5 ± 0..0 5..0 3. error: 1% of full scale Ordering numbers 200 V Power [kW] 0. motor cable length..2 3. error: 0... Cabinet sizes (mounting brackets incl. 40° C 15 m 50 m 1 240 V AC..] 1.. 132F 0001 132F 0002 132F 0003 132F 0005 132F 0007 132F 0008 132F 0009 132F 0010 132F 0012 132F 0014 132F 0016 9 12 15. terminal load Cable lengths Max.) [mm] Height Width Depth* + 6 mm with potentiometer Micro drives from 1.. L2.... unscreened (unshielded) Surroundings/ External Enclosure Vibration test Max... screened (shielded) Max.] 400 V 3 ph.. 3 m cable .6 15... Ri Pulse inputs Programmable pulse inputs Voltage level Pulse input accuracy (0.18 0.. V...8 9..Connections Specifications Mains supply (L1. V.

The headquarters in Graasten. Denmark. Products impact One year’s production of VLT® drives will save energy equivalent to the energy production of an atomic power plant. the work environment and the external environment. The fact that we develop and produce our own features. manufacture.02 VLT® is a trademark of Danfoss A/S Produced by KKM 2006. hardware. +45 74 88 22 22. printed circuit boards. Fax +45 74 65 25 80. All activities are planned and performed taking into account the individual employee. smoke or other pollution and secure disposal of the products is assured. Local backup – globally VLT® motor controllers are operating in applications all over the world and Danfoss Drives’ experts located in more than 100 countries are ready to support our customers with application advice and service wherever they may be. focused only on drives and softstarters. power modules. and accessories is your guarantee for reliable products. Two thousand employees develop.danfoss.PB. DK-6300 Graasten. Depend on the experts We take responsibility for every element in our products. Protects environment VLT® products are manufactured with respect for both the physical and the social environments. software.com DKDD.07 . Danfoss Drives. Danfoss Drives experts don’t stop until the customer’s drive challenges are solved.18. at the same time reducing time to market and ensuring that customers always enjoy the benefits of the latest features. Better process control at the same time improves product quality and reduces waste and wear on equipment.A1. Denmark Dedicated to drives Dedication has been a key word since 1968. This allows the development of all elements to take place in parallel. Ulsnaes 1. Tel. sell and service drives and softstarters in more than one hundred countries. production and configuration. Danfoss Drives is in all product series implementing the EU Directive concerning Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electrical Equipment (RoHS) and is designing all new product series according to the EU Directive on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE). when Danfoss introduced the world’s first mass produced variable speed drive for AC motors – and named it VLT®. UN Global Compact Danfoss has signed the UN Global Compact on social and environmental responsibility and our companies actresponsibly towards local societies. Tomorrow’s features are developed in parallel using dedicated technology platforms.com/drives • E-mail: info@danfoss. Production takes place without noise. EU Directives All factories are certified according to ISO 14001 standard and fulfil the EU Directives for General Product Safety (GPSD) and the Machinery directive. www. Intelligent and innovative Developers at Danfoss Drives have fully adopted modular principles in development as well as design.What VLT® is all about Danfoss Drives is the world leader among dedicated drives providers – and still gaining market share.

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