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Zillah Middle School

8 Grade Language Arts Course Syllabus
Mrs. Tweedy, Room #111
Contact Information:

School Phone: 509.829.5511

Office Hours: 10:15 – 11:15 daily
School Email:
Class Website:

Please feel free to contact me at any point during the year if you have any
questions or concerns. I make it a point to respond to all emails or phone
messages before leaving work (usually by 4pm).

Our class web site is a place where I will post homework assignments, test dates,
extra credit options, and other important information. Please refer to it
frequently as I will be updating it weekly. I also post pictures from school
activities on the blog. If you prefer that your student not be included in class
photos please indicate it on the signature sheet of this syllabus.

If you provide me with a current email address I will send you weekly updates
about homework and assignments.
Overview of the Course:

Book Reports 4-Square Practice

Literature Analysis Spelling, Grammar, Mechanics
Reading Goals Multimedia Presentations
MSP Practice Evidence of Learning Portfolios
Reading Strategies Editing and Proofreading
Author Study Writing for Different Purposes
Periodic Assessments Journal Activities
Grading and Assessment:

Students will be evaluated in many ways during this course. A large majority of
their graded work will be written but I will also ask students to present their work
in skits, PowerPoint presentations, brief speeches, and poster presentations. If a
student misses an assignment, quiz, or project due to an excused illness they will
be able to make up the work upon their return for full credit. LATE WORK

Assignment Category % of Final

Participation 10%
Assignments 30%
Writing Projects 20%
Tests 20%
Book Reports 20%
90.100 A
80.90 B
70.80 C
60-70 D
Below 59 F

Students will start each week with 10 participation points. Points
may be lost during the week for unexcused absences or tardies,
not having needed materials, not following class rules, or other
disciplinary issues.

Extra Credit:
There will be some extra credit opportunities during the school
year. These assignments are intended to be in addition to the
students normal work load; therefore, only students who have
turned in all required work will be eligible for extra credit points.
Mrs. Tweedy’s Class Expectations:

1. Come to class everyday, on time, and prepared to learn.

2. Be in your seat with all needed materials when the bell rings.
3. Be polite and respectful to everyone in this class.

Consequences for misbehavior:

1st Step: Verbal Warning

2nd Step: Warning Card
3rd Step: Reflection
4th Step: Referral/Call Home
Plagiarism and Cheating:

Plagiarism is the unauthorized use of or close imitation of the language and

thoughts of another author and the representation of them as one’s own original
work. Plagiarism is unacceptable and will be treated no differently than cheating.
Proven cases of plagiarism and/or cheating will result in a “0” grade
for the project and student will not be able to make up the missed
points. This class will cover the appropriate way to use another author’s work
without plagiarizing and all students will be responsible for citing their sources in
each written work.

Classroom Library Policy:

Books are available for checkout in Mrs. Tweedy’s room as a convenience to

students. These may be used for book reports, assignments, or pleasure. Most books, but
not all, have been read or skimmed for content. This form is to inform the
parent/guardian that not every book has been personally reviewed by the teacher.
Parents/guardians are the final monitor of their son or daughter’s book choice. Books for
assignments may always be brought from home or borrowed from a library as long as
they meet the requirements of the task assigned.
Students are expected to return the books within 6 weeks and in good condition.
Lost or damaged books will be added to the student’s fine list at the end of the year. The
cost of a replacement book will determine the fine.

Parents and Student:

Please sign below that you have read this information. Please return only this page.
Keep the rest for your reference.

- Mrs. Tweedy, Language Arts Teacher

_______ Please feel free to use my students photo in school related blogs.

_______ I would prefer my students photo not be used.

By signing this syllabus, I acknowledge that I understand the course

expectations, discipline procedures, grading, and library policy of this

Parent/Guardian Signature:

Student Signature:

Grade and Class Period:


Parent Email Address:


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Date: __________________ Please return by Friday August 27th 2010