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Complete scripts for specific and generic:

Personality types Age groups Males Females

Ethnic groups Single Married Children
Sexual orientation Attractive Hispanic Asian
Overweight Teenagers Black Adults
The resource bible of readings for almost every type of person. Use it
for one-on-one readings, phone readings, written readings, and more.
BONUS: Answers to common questions asked by your client.

by Herb Dewey $45.00

Edited by Marc Sky
Preface 1
Fourword 1
Child - preteen 3
Teenager female 5
Teenagermale 6
College - female 9
College - male 11
20's female - single 13
20's female - married 15
20's male single 17
20's male - married 19
30's female - single 21
30's female - married 23
30's male - single 25
30's male - married 27
40's female - single 29
40's female - married 31
40's male - single 33
40's male - married 36
50's female - single 38
50's female - married 40
50's male single 42
50's male - married 44
60's female - single 46
60's female married 48
60's male - single 51
60's male married 53
Overweight - male or female 55
Handicapped male or female 57
Asian female 59
Hispanic - female 61
Physically attractive female 63
Gay or lesbian 65
Black Female 66
Answers to common questions 67
Preface her twenties. You can mix parts of two readings,
the overweight reading, and the married female in
I've been doing psychic readings for a number of her twenties reading!
years. It is said we all share the same hopes, fears,
dreams and sorrows. But we are also unique. For a black attractive female who's married in her
Years ago I read what I consider one of the best 20's you have three types of readings you can
book on readings, a book called 'Passages' by combine to your heart's content. The possiblities
Gail Sheehy, a book which is not about psychic are endless. Now I'll be ready when I meet a teen-
readings, but rather common psychological pat- age overweight Asian handicapped lesbian!
terns we fall into at specific decades in our lives. I'd like to thank Herb for allowing me to put this
While doing a reading for a very attractive woman work together with him. Also thanks to Travis
(indeed, she had won a few beauty pageants) I Nelson and his wife Sherry for their efforts in
told her things about herself that were strictly transcribing the tapes.
based on her beauty. In other words, it would not Happy Readings!
have been accurate if she was an overweight
woman in her forties. Marc Sky, Woodbridge, New Jersey
In talking to Herb, he too had a specific type of
reading he would offer to that same type of per-
son. Not that it was a canned, memorized reading,
mind you, but certain things about that person that One-word
would probably be about eighty percent accurate. I've known of Herb Dewey's reputation for years,
All while tuning into her and genuinely sensing having read his monthly columns in Body, Mind,
other things about her at the same time. and Spirit magazine. I've also known of his in-
volvement in the 900 number telephone psychic
That's where the germ of this book was hatched. I lines, and through fellow psychic collegues.
said to Herb, "You know, it would be interesting
if a reading could be generated for many personal- Herb's reputation is that of a psychic's psychic, a
ity types. I mean, a female college students read- giving and sharing individual. I had the unique
ing based on her life experiences would be differ- pleasure of having the material in this book avail-
ent from a married man in his thirties or an able to me for almost a year before publication.
Hispanic woman. Which means I had the chance to try it out in the
real world and see how it held up.
Their life experiences are simply different. That's
not to say one is better than another, simply that And did it hold up. In fact, it bailed me out many
their backgrounds, the ways they were brought up, times. You see, I'm a veteran of the psychic 900
makes their attitudes, their expectations, their per- number line wars. Any of you reading this who
sonalities quite separate from each other. work the 900 number lines will know what I'm
talking about. Putting in four, six, eight hours a
Herb Dewey has been doing readings for decades. day, day in and day out is a grind. Pure and sim-
He estimates he has done over a hundred thousand ple, it takes a toll on all of us who work the line.
readings. A hundred thousand readings! And his
readings are rated between eighty and ninety per- Many fellow psychics have burned out working
cent accurate by his clients. Anyone who's done the lines. You have to be 'on' all the time. Your
that many readings has to know what he's doing. readings are expected to be accurate every time.
The only good customer is a satisfied customer.
I gave Herb a list of typical personality and age And you're expected to satisfy them all.
types. Based on that simple criteria, he sat down
over the course of six months and put together a Those of us in the psychic reading trenches, when
fifteen minute taped reading of each type. you give readings hour after hour, eventually your
brain begins to fry. You try to come up with an
These readings are not meant to replace your own impression, a vibration, and it just isn't happen-
intuitive skills, but rather to compliment them. ing. During those times I used the readings.
Use pieces of them to fill in the gaps of your own
readings. When your brain begins to shut down In particular the 'Answers to common questions'
after a full day of doing readings, use the enclosed chapter at the end of this book bailed me out time
material to get back on track. after time. My clients were thrilled at how accu-
rate the readings and answers were. And it gave
Another important point. You don't have to use me time to recover my energies, so that when I
the entire material in each reading. And one more did tune into them, it was the icing on the cake.
imaginative way you can use these words is to
combine them. In other words, suppose you're do- There's good stuff in these pages.
ing a reading for an overweight married female in Travis Nelson, Duluth, Minnesota

Two-word Three-word
Herb is one of the first inspirations I had in the I first met Herb Dewey in 1984 at the first Meet-
field of psychic phenomena. He has brought new ing of the Minds convention I attended. During
perspectives to the client and reader relationship, one of the evening programs he gave a highly ac-
and opened new doors to presenting information curate and meaningful psychometry reading to
in an organized fashion allowing the client to easi- everyone present. It was a real tour-de-force and
ly understand what the intuitive is saying. everyone talked about it for hours afterwards.
Communication is key in any interaction between More than a decade later, I still recall it vividly.
two people. Anyone who can effectively commu- Since then I have seen Herb perform many times.
nicate their thoughts or ideas to another person He never comes across like a 'performer', which
will have a path to peace of mind and a living. is as it should be. He is a psychic, and one of the
It never fails to amaze me how few people are best. His rapid-fire delivery means you have to
able to effectively communicate between one an- listen intently to every word. I am constantly
other, yet feel that they have no problem. Herb amazed at how he can keep on giving insights into
gives clarity, order and process which allows one people's characters in such a quick fashion, with
to do this effectively. In fact, the ineffective abili- scarcely a pause for breath.
ty to communicate is the very downfall and reason I have heard cassettes of different psychics giving
so many business' and relationships fail. Under- readings, and often they are filled with lengthy
standing others is the key to being able to commu- pauses and irrelevant information. If you received
nicate with them. The more you understand them, a cassette from Herb it would be completely full
the better you can communicate with them. of valuable, pertinent information that had a
Herb is one of the few people in our field that is strong bearing on what was going in your life.
really in touch with the how, what, where, when Herb is a complete professional. He first started
and why of a psychic reading. Many 'intuitive giving readings as a young man, and has honed
counselors' believe that simply giving predictions his craft steadily ever since. He is now at the
is what it's all about or maybe discussing ones height of his powers, and I am amazed and de-
karma is justification for a fee. This is not so. lighted that he found time in his busy schedule to
I have received readings from many other intui- write this book. Enjoy - and learn - from one of
tive counselors over the years and found most of the world's best and busiest psychic readers.
them to be inaccurate, unhelpful, and a waste of Richard Webster, Auckland, New Zealand
time and money. In many cases the information
they suggested was harmful, had I actually been Four(d]-word
willing to follow it. I'm sure they meant well. But
there are many well meaning people who can do I first met Herb Dewey in 1982 at a convention of
more harm than good. Psychics in New Jersey. He came preceded by his
I could say the same about many of the writers in
the 'New Age' field as well. I have thrown away The advance notices were fantastic, but his lecture
more books on tarot, numerology, psychic devel- more than lived up to anticipation.
opment because they are simply full of... filler. Over the years, I have come to admire and respect
They contain no original discoveries or ideas, un- him even more. His lectures and especially the
like Herb's writings. books and columns he has written have been ex-
I wouldn't go to a doctor that was capable of diag- tremely helpful to me and many other psychics
nosing my illness if he or she didn't also at least that I am in communication with regularly. He is a
suggest a manner or method to treat it. There are true rarity in the field.
many doctors that treat illness with medicines that It is no wonder that the psychic community has
are outdated. One needs to constantly update their eagerly awaited this current release. I have little
knowledge in order to keep current. Herb definite- doubt, that you will find this volume educational
ly helps in this area. and informative.
A psychic reading is a true art. Whether one is Whether you are new to the psychic field or an
creating the reading for themselves, or for another old hand with years and years of experience, you
person, it is no less an art than painting or singing. will find much of interest in this volume. Read,
You must understand your client and their enjoy and most of all learn from one of the very
needs. This is vital to a successful reading. Herb's best there is.
writings help the psychic reader to do exactly that. Ford Kross, Director of Haunt Hunters ,
Ty Kralin, Piscataway, New Jersey Irvington, New Jersey

Child Preteen because it could open the doors to a lot of misin-
terpretations and after the fact, the parents could
[[[[[ Many times a client will bring a child to me, say you have taken the child's money and you
or in some occasions several siblings. And of have coerced them and swindled them and thus
course, the parents want the child... now I'll clas- and so.
sify child. Probably as being 12 years old or
younger, male or female. And it can lead to sexual matters or relationship
matters, and it's really always better to have a par-
It is not so much as an accurate psychic reading as ent present. I would say again to the person, plant-
much as it is planting part of the seeds, because ing positive seeds. I would see you as becoming a
obviously, the parents want you to guide the per- professional person, probably with a future either
son, or guide the child. Normally what I would do in the field of education or in the field of health
in a child's reading, is I would probably do a little care.
bit of involvement, like color cards, a pendulum,
or something to get the child's attention. And even in health care, it may not be traditional
health care. So, in that way you are not saying the
Let's assume I am doing a reading for a female, person is going to be a doctor or a brain surgeon,
12 years old or younger anywhere down to about the person could be an EMT, the person could be
7, and of course the reading itself has to be done a mentor, teacher, tutor, advisor, counselor.
using dialog on their level. So if you are doing an
8 year old or a 9 year old, which I do a goodly. You open up really a lot of doors just by using
amount of... I do a goodly amount of teenagers. those two particular careers. Medicine and nontra-
ditional medicine and the field of education. Be-
As a matter of fact, as I speak, I have a gig that is cause when you think about it, when you educate
coming this coming Saturday or the following a person, you could be a camp counselor, you
Saturday, for fifty teenagers for somebody's Bar know, if it was summer camp.
Mitzvah. I guess that's Jewish 12 or 13 years old.
And, of course, I am dreading it, because of how In a sense, you are still an educator. You could be
different can each reading be when you are deal- teaching archery and you could still be a teacher.
ing with 40 or 50, 13 year old Jewish preteens. It is not so much in the sense of just being a
How actually different can each reading be. 'teacher'. Nobody wants to hear that they are go-
ing to be a laborer, nobody wants to hear that they
So, thankfully the readings are not being tape re- are going to earn their living through their own
corded, because I think that there will probably be sweat. ]]]]]
a lot of repetition. The child has to identify with
the reading. I would usually, instead of just look-
ing at the person, I would usually do some palmis- You may work at baby-sitting, and you may work
try because that involves their palms, and involves at McDonalds, and you may work at some jobs
them in the reading. I would fill the reading with which obviously you are going to be overqualified
positive seeds. ]]]]] for, but I think in the final analysis is that you are
going to earn your living with your mind as a pro-
fessional person and money should not be a major
I can see by your lifeline in your palm that it's a issue for you, because I think that you will be able
very long life line. And that indicates to me that to earn your own money.
you will live a very long life. Probably into your
80s or maybe into your 90s, because your lifeline I know you don't want to be dependent on your
also indicates that you will be non-drug addicted, own family. And I know, also, in looking at your
non-alcoholic, and that you will be only married head line in your palm, it sort of brings to mind a
once. story by Samuel Clemens, Mark Twain, who said,
"When I was 12 years old, I didn't think my father
knew anything about anything.
[[[[[ These statements are probably not logical and He just seemed to be a regular guy, but not terri-
probably, for the most part, not true and not accu- bly educated, and that was when I was 12. By the
rate, but most of the times the parents or one of time I reached 20 years old, it is amazing how
the parents will be in with the reading. And as a much information my father learned in 8 years.
matter of fact, if any of your readers are reading Because at 20, he has got a brilliant mind." So it
children or preteens, there really should be a par- all depends on the childs perspective.
ent present anyway.
And obviously your parents would like you to be
A psychic reader should show reasonable caution an extension of them. So I could say to you, that
in reading for teenagers unaccompanied by an you will not be a drinker, you will not be a smok-
adult because of the chance of being misquoted, er, and you will not use drugs, and you will not

bring disrespect to your family. That you will be It doesn't appear you are going to be on food
self supportive, because you are not lazy. stamps, it doesn't appear you are going to be with-
And it appears that you don't get enough credit out money. And I know that at this point and time,
from your parents. That actually you are much you want to party, you want to socialize, you want
more intelligent at what you do than they are the latest in fashion, you are never happy with the
aware of. And even in your school work, the sub- way that your hair looks it is either too short or
jects that you do best at are the subjects you like. too long.
And you don't understand if you want to be an ac- And I would almost sense that relative to the sum-
tress, if you want to be a dancer, or you want to be mer time I can see you spending two weeks at a
a magician, why is it necessary to study physics? beach. I don't know if that will be Fort Lauder-
Why is it necessary to study calculus or science? dale or Miami. But I would see this coming sum-
Because these aren't going to help you in your ca- mer, that you have the desire to spend two weeks
reer, but these are courses given to us by the at the beach. I would feel also that at around 15 or
Board of Education, that we must learn in order to 16 years old that you will have an opportunity of
progress within our lives. I also feel that you will spending two weeks in Europe.
gain a knowledge of nutrition, and that you will That may be France or Italy. You will have the
have a tendency of eating foods as you grow older opportunity of learning a second language in
that you may not like now. I don't think you eat school, either French or Spanish. I think Spanish
properly, I don't think that you eat the proper is much more fun than French, actually. Spanish
foods. today is probably going to be the most widely ac-
I think that you are very picky, and that you like cepted second language other than English. Span-
the fast foods, the hamburgers, the cheeseburgers, ish is a derivative of Latin, so if you know a little
rather than a regular dinner, which certainly frus- bit of Spanish, it would give you a little bit of Por-
trates your mother and your father, or one or the tuguese, a little bit of Italian, a little bit of differ-
other trying to get fruits and vegetables inside of ent languages.
you. I believe that you are noticing the opposite So I would advise you, that if you're going to
sex. learn a second language I would say attempt to
My feeling is that you will be more prone to long- learn Spanish. I would feel that you are going
term relationships than short-term. And it would through this period of time within your life now
be the same thing with your work habits. I don't where you are not quite an adult, you're not quite
see you changing jobs a lot of times. That you will a child. Sort of like your a pre-teenager and you
find that you will dream a lot. want to do things that older people do.
You will find that you will discover some artistic The frustrations that you go through... you can't
talents. That you may not be as competitive in drive a car, you can't drink, you can't vote, you
sports as you would like to be. That you have a can't enlist in the service, yet you are not a baby.
tendency of being over-critical of yourself. It may So it's a very frustrating period of time. But I
be because of skin blemishes, it may be because would sense by your aura that you are growing
of a lack of self-esteem, lack of self-confidence, into a fine young man (or woman).
but in my mind I can see all of this changing. You have some exciting times ahead of you. I feel
You appear to have your mother's eyes, your fa- that you will have a couple of children. I would
ther's nose. You appear to have brains, and so I sense that you would be involved in one marriage,
would suspect that things are going to turn around and you seem to be more of a spiritual individual
for you in your future... because I would sense than actually a religious individual. I believe that
there will be a lot of travel. In my mind, looking you watch too much television. I believe that you
at the lines in your palm (which I don't usually don't eat the proper foods.
even identify the lines in the palm, but I would I believe that you probably spend too much time
just point to a line and say...) the lines in your on the telephone. I believe that you are a charmer,
palm are indicative that you will travel and you or a con-artist. I think that you can get whatever
will travel outside the continental limits of the you want from your mother or your father. And if
U.S. you don't get it from one, then you probably
That you will be in your own business or be self- would get it from the other.
supportive, and I would sense that there would be In that sense I would see you as a survivor. That
some desires by your family to be involved in a you seem to have a great deal of energy where
family business, either with close relatives or at you don't sit still or stand still or lie still you
least relations. are always on the go. There are always two or
three things on your mind that you are concentrat-
ing on, and of course you will be in the process, as am getting my impressions from the lines in your
you grow older, of being more independent and palm. I'm getting my impressions from how you
more self-sufficient. speak or your voice modulations. I am getting my
Your parents think that you have a mouth, that impressions from your photograph or your hand-
you have a tendency of not actually being disre- writing. It is very important to have some identifi-
spectful, but sometimes a little bit sarcastic. able source where you are getting this information
You'll want to watch that. I think you are going from, because then it is very disarming.
through a period of time now, that I sense you I think it is also very important for the reader to
want your own money, you want your own things, identify, to have empathy, with the teenage fe-
you want to be able to buy for yourself, and you male. Be she be a female reader or a male reader.
don't like being dictated to relative to what you Again, I would try to empathize with the female
have to do, what you can do and what you can't being very much like my own daughter. I would
do. begin something like this... ]]]]]
These are frustrating years, being a preteen. In my
mind, I see you with brains, you are going to do The lines in your palm (or your voice, or whatev-
very well in school. I believe that you'll go onto er) lead me to believe that you are going to live a
college and be successful. And I don't feel that very long life. It also indicates that by combining
you're going to have any bad health issues. your life line with your heart line with your head
I think that you'll be at your proper weight, so line, or the way that you structure your words, or
your weight is going to be proportionate to your the way that you form your words in handwriting,
height. I think that you are going to become physi- that not only are you going to live a long life, but
cally stronger, emotionally stronger, and I would you are going to live a happy life.
see you a little bit of a philosopher, a little bit of a Unfortunately, you have obstacles to overcome.
person who knows a lot about life. Your parents preach to you as if you were ten
And you can't wait until you are a teenager so you years old, they seem to not want to cut the umbili-
can go to the parties and the dances, and maybe cal cord. That they want to keep you as young and
do some things that your older brothers or sisters innocent for as long as they can. But that is not
or friends do. I believe that all that will happen. really realistic. You are going through a period of
All in all, you have a bright future ahead of you time now where most adults will not appreciate
and always remember, don't compromise, don't who you are.
settle for second best, and allow no person to use You're not fully an adult, yet you think like an
you, manipulate you, or intimidate you. I think adult, and you have a tendency of wanting to
you'll live a happy life. I wish you good luck, and chum around with older kids that are two-three
God bless. years older than you, because it is very exciting
for a freshman to go out with a senior. I don't
think that you're truly understood.
[[[[[ Again, as I say to you, 99% of the time a par-
ent will be present. Obviously, indirectly, you I think that you are having all this independence
have to complement the parent. You can't say, put on you. It is almost like you are given a job ti-
"oh yes, you're parents are dysfunctional and you tle, but that you are not really given the support.
look like you've been abused, and you may be You may want to work as a waitress and one of
gay, and you may grow up to be a lazy person, un- your parents may think that that's demeaning; that
employed, on food stamps, and you're going to be you'll never have any future, you are never going
over 275 pounds with a lisp." to be able to amount to anything, and of course
your parents want you to be a doctor or a lawyer,
I mean, obviously the parents are paying you and they don't want you to be a bar maid, they
money to plant positive seeds, so for the most don't want you to be a waitress, yet they want you
part, you can forget about being psychic. ]]]]] to be self-sufficient.
They may offer to buy you a vehicle if you make
Teenager Female the payments on the vehicle, or in fact they may
ask you to buy a vehicle, they'll buy a vehicle for
[[[[[ This reading may be done over the telephone. you if you pay the insurance. So you are entering
It may be done in person, it may be done through into a time in your life with your parents where
tape cassette, or at a birthday party or Bar- the relationship is changing.
Mitzvah, or whatever.
It is going to be more now you wash my hand, I'll
It is very important to get a sense, to identify, how wash your hand. It is going to be more bartering.
you are getting and what you are getting. To say I I'll do fifty percent of this if you do 50% of that.
And you have college in the not to distant future and, that is the way for you to generate some cash
ahead of you, and obviously your parents would flow. You'd be concerned with curfews. It used to
not want you to take a liberal arts course, they 9:00.
want you to do something more specific relative Now that you're in your teens, and of course there
to your career. is a vast difference between your early teens and
They are mostly concerned with the company that your late teens, that the older you get you want
you keep. So they don't want you to have girl- your priorities to change as well. So, you want
friends that normally go out and do shoplifting, your curfews to change as well. So in your early
because many teenage girls do shoplifting. It's not teens it may be 9:00, maybe 9:30 curfew.
so much the value of the material things that they As you get into your older teens, that may be mid-
get, but rather it's the risk that they take. It's the night or 1:00 in the morning. And on special occa-
danger that they involve themselves in, so there is sions, such as proms, it may be 3:00 in the morn-
much shoplifting. ing. You will have girlfriends that say they are
Amongst your friends, there is probably a certain staying over night at a girlfriend's house, when in
amount of experimentation with alcohol or drugs. fact they are getting together with their boyfriend.
Obviously the most concern from your parents You want to try not to get into that. I think one of
and from your peers is the proper relationship. the main concerns of your parents is that you hold
The most important issue in your life, even as im- down a career position that is not commonplace,
portant as education, is your exposure to the oppo- so they would not want you working retail sales,
site sex. I sense that you're attractive. I sense that or working in a department store, or working in a
you are very pretty and probably don't know it. factory, or working on the assembly line. They
As a matter of fact, I sense... you remind me a want you to do something with your life.
great deal of my own daughter. My daughter has Now, you are an extension of your mother, and
the same facial lines that you have, she sounds your mother wants you to accomplish things in
like you, she has reasonably the same body struc- your life that she did not accomplish. She would
ture as you, so I feel like I am giving advice to my probably want you to hold off marriage until
own daughter. you're in your late twenties, or maybe even early
I would say nothing to intimidate you, and noth- thirties, and that's because she didn't.
ing to make you feel bad or embarrass you by any She probably feels that this is the correct choice
means. But if I was reading my daughter, I would for you. Not to involve yourself at too early a time
most assuredly give her the same advice that I am in having children and raising a family because
giving you. Many times in your life, in your once you start in that direction, there is no turning
young life, you are going to have to make a back. I know that you have a love for children and
choice. It may be the choice to go out on a date, it you probably decided that you would have two
may be the choice to have sex, it may be the children. And wouldn't twins be wonderful?
choice to have a drink, or to smoke pot, whatever,
to do something. I think that in many ways, you will not become
the typical housewife as far as doing dishes and
I think that the most important bit of information diapers and vacuuming and doing drapes. I would
that I can give you, is that you make the choice. sense by your energy level that you would want to
Do not allow yourself to make a choice simply for do something more significant, more of an ena-
the satisfaction of somebody else. If you want to bling capacity.
do something, and you feel comfortable doing it,
well by all means do it. But don't do it because More of a care-taking capacity. More of a service
somebody else wants you to do something. capacity of the people, and I think that it's neces-
sary for you to remain outgoing and positive and
I know you are going through a stage where you optimistic and that you do this by your associa-
are very judgmental of yourself, very critical of tions or your communications with people.
yourself, where you may not feel that you're pret-
ty enough or tall enough or thin enough, because
what is the ideal weight for your height? You may Teenager Male
not be as popular as you want to be. And again, it
is all to do with relationships, and to not be in I would think that you feel a little bit intimidated
competition with yourself. about what is going on around you. I know that
your parents have great hopes of you and they
As a teenager you feel that well you shouldn't be want you to aspire in this lifetime. They want you
responsible for household duties. You've done to get a high school education, they want you to
that you've babysat your siblings, you've get a college education and probably beyond that,
washed the dishes and you've cleaned the house...
and they would probably like you to be a doctor, a stantial progress in your life as far as what you
lawyer or a rocket scientist. Very intimidating. want to do.
They expect you to get great marks in school, I would think that statistically that you probably
straight A's. They judge you by the company you would stay and work and live and raise a family in
keep, so they would be continually looking at the the geographic area that you are now, yet in your
people you chum around with, both boy friends mind, you want to be the adventurer, you want to
and girl friends. The key word for a teenage male be the traveler, that you want to set a new course
is intimidation. in your life that has not been set in the past, or go
I know that you will not be disrespectful to those to new places, or different places.
around you. I know that you are not going to be- And as far as work is concerned, or a career is
come a drug addict, an alcoholic, you're not going concerned, I believe that probably the second
to go to prison, but nobody else knows that. Your most important decision in your life is what you
main concerns now are probably automobiles and will do with your career.
girls. Not necessarily in that order. The first important decision is, of course, who you
In your mind, you would like to go to college marry, and who you are in a long-term relation-
away from home, because going to college nearby ship with. That's most important, because that re-
home or commuting to a community college is lationship can make you or break you. That can
probably not ideal for you. You will be concerned make you famous, or that can make you poor.
about your SAT scores, as far as what college that It can make you famous, or infamous. And of
you'll be available to. Perhaps you would wish course the second issue is to figure out what ca-
that you would be more competitive sports wise, reer goals you have. And I'm sure, to your par-
or perhaps there could be a scholarship that you ents, the bottom line is, if you were a barber, or a
would want. cobbler, they probably would be happy if you are
With girls, with vehicles, with working a part- happy. Seventy percent of the population of the
time job for five or six dollars an hour, with your United States said in a recent poll that they like
parents looking over your shoulder all the time, their job.
expecting marvelous things from you, this whole They like the type of work that they are doing.
situation is very intimidating. Be the best that you And with you, as long as you are challenged, as
can be. long as you are stimulated, I believe that you will
What you don't want to do is be in competition be happy with your job. If you are bored and you
with yourself, because there is always going to be are not challenged and not stimulated, you are
somebody smarter or somebody that has a high probably failing your job. But my sense of your
degree of intelligence. There is always going to be energy is that you will have perhaps one or two
somebody more handsome, there is always going different jobs.
to be somebody without acne, there is always go- I don't think you are going to have 12 or 13 dif-
ing to be someone who is a better dancer, a better ferent jobs. Your personality indicates that you
driver, and with more money. are not going to be fired or laid off. You will
You don't want to fall into that bottomless pit of make substantial money in your life, but all of
self-criticism or self-judgment. Many kids your your work-related progress really should be to-
age going to school have a tendency to taking up a wards owning your own business at some point in
liberal arts course, which means they really don't time.
have to determine what they want to be in life, And it doesn't really matter if you're going to be a
and I think that you would find it very aggravating sports journalist, if you are going to involve your-
when somebody says, "What do you want to be self in communications, but you want to lean to-
when you grow up?" wards doing something that others can't do. So, if
Because as a teenager, pretty much, you're grown you're a factory worker or a truck driver and you
up. You can enlist in the service at 17 years old, can't go to work that day, I think probably the su-
and the service will then pay for a college educa- pervisor can simply pick up a telephone and call
tion. When I visualize you in my mind, I see you somebody to replace you on the spot, for the day,
in some sort of uniform. for the week, for the month, or whatever the case
I don't know if it's a military uniform, or a police may be.
uniform, or a fireman, or a postman, or a doctor, You want to learn something where you can learn
but in my mind I would see you in some sort of a trade. And really, when you stop and think about
uniform. And I think that over the next three or it, it's not terribly important what the trade is, as
four years I think that there would be some sub- long as it is something that you can learn, you see.

And in Europe, of course, you have an apprentice- cation with the people around you, but what is
ship for maybe ten years. needed is a matrix or a plan for the future, and
If you want to be a plumber, or an electrician, or a you're at an age now where if you cast your bread
carpenter, or an actor, or a stage performer, you upon the waters you can achieve whatever you
have to study your particular craft for maybe ten want to achieve.
or twelve years before you'd receive some sort of And because it just doesn't fit in with what you
paper or certification, meaning that you are basi- want to do, that doesn't mean that it's wrong.
cally good at what you do. And my sense is that Now, in Europe and Asia, most young boys will
you are directed towards a one long-term relation- take up the profession that their fathers did, and
ship rather than a short-term relationship. their fathers, and their fathers.
My sense is that it would be a long-term marriage, That is not normally the case in the U.S. So that if
rather than a short-term marriage. It's just a ques- your father was a cook, it doesn't necessarily
tion of overlooking the intimidation that you feel mean that you're going to become a cook, al-
now, and try and set a course in front of you as far though you'll have expert instruction, and I think
as who you want to be and what you want to be. that's the reason many young boys become active
And just because it may be different, doesn't in the profession their father was, simply because
mean that it's bad. the father again is the teacher, the mentor, the ad-
Of course, when I was a child, young men wanted visor, the counselor, and can advise you and teach
to be animal trainers, or they wanted to be escape you how to do properly what they've done.
artists like Houdini, or they wanted to be magi- It's sort of like having free instruction or perhaps
cians. And maybe at that time it wasn't entirely even on-the-job training. It's a question at your
logical, but some of these young boys grew up to age that you may not know what you want to do
be magicians and animal trainers or escape artists. in your life. You may not know what girl you
If you persevere at what you want to be, you can want to spend the rest of your life with. What you
be that person. And I feel that the bottom line, is really have to be aware of is patience.
that as long as it makes you happy, and satisfies Having the patience in not allowing the universe
your intellectual needs, because you have the abil- to make a decision for you, but for you to make a
ity of a caretaker or an enabler. I would suspect decision on your own. You seem to have the
that your mission in life is to be of service to man- looks, the brains, the personality, you seem to
kind. have a way about you that people genuinely like
And that could include going into the service, it you. You don't take advantage of others.
could include going in the peace corps, it could in- My advice would be to be reasonably patient, and
clude any type of counseling, because I think that I think that when you find the job position, or you
basically you are a helper. It's not easy being a find the girl that you are going to be happy with,
teen-aged boy. There is not enough money to go you won't have to think about it, but rather you
around, and you seem to be always subsidized by will probably know it instantly.
your parents, and if you don't get it from your fa- And I would think, again, that the next three or
ther, you'll get it from your mother, but one way four years will be very vital in the sense of you
or the other, you'll get some financial stability. doing what you want to do, being the person that
And I would feel... I'm not sensing in your future you want to be, and simply remember the words
that you're going to be poor. And I don't sense of Shakespeare, "To thine own self be true."
that you're going to be particularly happy in shirt If you believe in yourself half as much as I be-
and tie, but maybe in jeans and a jersey you'll be lieve in you, or half as much as your parents be-
just as comfortable as if you were dressed up. lieve in you, that you'll be very successful as you
People around you may not like your hairstyle, or go through life. I am sensing from your energy
a tattoo, or have an earring in the ear, because that you are going to live a long life, a happy life,
you're different - when you look around you at and you're going to experience good health, and
your peers, they will be much like you, but when probably be financially solvent.
you look around you at your superiors, they will It wouldn't surprise me if you became a million-
be much more laid back, much more old fash- aire and had your own company. It's just a ques-
ioned, and you probably think they are a stick in tion of knowing what you want to do and you're
the mud. going to get all sorts of unsolicited advise from
You probably will always march to the beat of a friends and relatives and family, but the bottom
different drummer. You see things in an unusual line is do what you feel comfortable in doing and
way. Many times there will be a lack of communi- I don't think that you will fail.

Again, life is a journey. It's not a guided tour, it's want you to be independent. In their mind they
a journey, taking one step at a time. I wish you want to see you always as a young, innocent vir-
good luck and God Bless. gin. They don't want to know about intimacies,
they don't want to know about guys, they don't
want to know about who you're dating, who
College Female you're sleeping with in a deep sense.
Based on the energy level, or your aura, be aware They want to know that you're safe. They want to
that the statements I make, or the impressions I know you are not being used or manipulated. And
give, the observations or insights that I share with I believe that as a college student this is probably
you, are based on an energy level, that comes a primitive time it well may not be your first rela-
from you. tionship, but many significant relationships hap-
Many times a psychic is able to determine infor- pen in college because there is more of a balance,
mation, or signals if you will, through your voice, there is more of a harmony between you and the
through your voice modulations, through your person that you will be involved in a relationship
handwriting, through your palm, through the sim- with, because most times you are going to be in-
ple touch of a hand, and over the telephone it's volved with a boy, a lot like yourself.
basically what they pick up in the energy of your I don't know at your age what they call them,
voice. guys or boys or men, but you are going to be in-
And that, combined with a certain amount of psy- volved with some that may take the same courses
chic insight, intuition, instinct, and their sixth that you take, may well have the same future in
sense, indicates to me really what you are all mind that you have.
about. So as a college student, you are expected to You're expected somehow to... it appears that you
know in which direction you want to go in your did not get all the scholarships that you thought
life. And maybe you don't know at this point in you would get, so I feel that there is a disappoint-
time. ment there because I sense that there was some
What I sense about you is that your parents would student loan money necessary for you to attend
want you to be an extension of him or her. So if this college.
they wanted to achieve something in their life and And my sense is that you would attend a college
they didn't achieve something, they would want not terribly close to you. You sent out all those
you to achieve it, you see. postcards and all those letters with your SAT
If they wanted to get a college education, or get a scores, searching for colleges to go to, the ones
Masters degree or get a doctorate, perhaps if they that seemed to be the most exotic were probably
did they would want you to duplicate that and do in Hawaii or in California at UCLA, and you were
it yourself. If they didn't, all the more so they damned and determined that you didn't want to go
would want you to do it because they never did. In to a college near your home.
many ways you are acting out the wishes of your And of course many times for the first two years
parents. you will have to go to a community college and
The questions you would ask yourself is well, if I you will have to take liberal arts courses because
would like to become a massage therapist for a your SAT scores are not high enough, or your
professional ball team, why would I have to take English and math is not high enough to get you
chemistry? Why would I have to take physics? into some of these Ivy League colleges. But my
sense is that you are not going to bring disrespect
There would be a lot of courses that you would be to yourself or not bring disrespect to any other
forced into taking that are mandatory that you person.
would probably not understand and won't like,
and probably, for the sake of argument, won't use. Going to college, obviously, if you are a fresh-
I don't know how important, if you want to be a man, everything is new, you know, everything is
CPA, I don't know how important ancient history much different than high school simply because...
is, or civil war history. But I feel that you.... based like in a high school or grammar school or grade
on what I sense about you, you would be capable school, if you are absent from a class well then the
of achieving whatever you want to achieve. teacher notifies your parents or sends a note home
or calls you up on the telephone and says where
You'll do well in courses that you like. And you were you, or bring a note in.
won't do well in courses that you don't like. I
think that it's rather intimidating because your In college, if you miss a class you simply miss the
parents want you to get straight A's, be successful class and you also miss the credits because there
in whatever you do, and by the same token they are no automatic promotions. So once again, you
have this independence forced upon you, and that
you are surrounded by other girls, some who you or more selective as far as boys are concerned,
may feel are beautiful and much more beautiful and you probably have the propensity for being at-
than you, probably much more intelligent than tracted to older men. So if you are a freshman or
you, and probably with a better personality than sophomore, you probably are attracted to juniors
yours. or seniors.
If you believe all of those things you do yourself a You probably find yourself attracted or in the
grave injustice. You don't want to be in competi- company of people of different ethnic cultures or
tion with yourself relative to being in school. This race, so it is all new. It is all an experience, and
would be a stepping stone for you. You will prob- some way in your mind you want to make this
ably work out some sort of a deal with your par- time spent as being somewhat meaningful.
ents where they buy you a car and they make the If you find yourself in an unusual relationship
payments and you pay the insurance, or you pay with a person of a different ethnic or race or relig-
the insurance and they buy the car, or you may ious background, that is probably normal, simply
even in fact pay for the insurance and buy the car because you are trying to leave your own signa-
yourself. ture on the universe. You are trying to do things
And that you may want to have a red Mitsubishi that are different and not do things that are com-
Eclipse and that may not be possible, and so you mon place.
may have to settle for something that is used or And of course you see yourself far more adven-
slightly used, but this is all a new beginning. You turesome perhaps than your mother. Much more
are going to meet new friends. of a daredevil than your mother and much more
You'll have the opportunity of experimentation in outspoken than your mother. And I am sure that
relationships or drugs or alcohol, so that you real- your mother thinks that you could be very soft and
ly have to remember the words of Shakespeare, to sweet and demure and shy and reluctant, but on
thine own self be true. You have to be responsible the other hand she thinks you are probably capa-
to yourself, you have to be selective in a relation- ble of doing a lot of things that she has not done.
ship, because in your first relationship back in In college you will have the opportunity of travel-
grade school or grammar school or high school or ing to Europe, traveling overseas, so that is going
junior high school, you may well have thought to bring some excitement into your life. In my
then that it would last forever, and that you would mind I see a triangle or a pyramid, a three pointed
marry this boy, and have his children and live pyramid. You at one point, and I would see two
happily ever after, and at that time you could not other entities, two other guys at the other two
be talked out of that, because that was sort of points. One whom you've known and one who is
etched in stone that you and he were going to be new. One is known and one is unknown.
together for a long period of time, and that may be
still going on now and it may not be. The old one is a person from the past, and the new
one is a person perhaps you've just met, or you've
The odds are that it would not be. But I think that not met yet, but I would see you being pulled in
this boy would always have a significant affect on two different directions as far as making a choice
your life, as far as what you want to do with your relative to males. You find yourself doing things
life. It is obvious that if you are in college, that now in college, like spending a weekend with a
you will probably have to do some sort of a part guy, that you didn't do in high school.
time job, either on campus or as a waitress or bus-
ing tables, doing some sort of part time job that You'll find yourself less reluctant, and this is
you think is probably beneath you and that you where there is a difference, is anytime you have a
are over qualified for. free weekend or a holiday weekend, that your par-
ents would want you to come home, or they
Nonetheless it is probably a necessity unless your would want to visit you if it's within four hours
parents are filthy rich, and I would sense, again driving distance.
from your energy level, that they are not filthy
rich and that you are expected to be independent. Or maybe even six hours driving distance. And
You are expected somehow on some level to pay because you are now in college you are going to
your own bills. As I sense your energy, or your be reluctant to want to return home, simply be-
aura, I get the feeling of the color purple, and I cause you are still treated at home as a teenager,
think purple, or orchid, or violet is going to be a or you're still treated as a twelve year old because
very significant color in your life. your parents don't realize that you've grown emo-
tionally, physically, mentally, philosophically.
I believe that college is going to be a lot more reg- Your views may be somewhat different than
imented than high school has been. You are going theirs, and that you've become a little bit more in-
to find yourself a little bit fussier, or more fickle, dependent, a little bit more out spoken, and they
see you as becoming a little bit more quiet and a I am not entirely sure if that is a team color or a
little bit more deeper and more complex. team that you will play, but somehow the colors
Sometimes they feel that you don't say everything blue and gold will be significant in your athletic
that could be said, or give them information that career relative to college. As a male college stu-
could be given them. Simply because you're a dent I feel that you can achieve many things that
young, female adult and yet they see you as sort you have not achieved in the past.
of their virginal precious innocent daughter, and Of course I believe that your father would want
they probably have a difficult time cutting the um- you to be like him and maybe even travel in his
bilical cord to allow you to get on with your life. footsteps. Whereas if he was a lawyer, he would
A lot of the college students live off campus to- probably want you to be a lawyer, if he was a doc-
gether. They don't want you to enter into a pro- tor, he would probably want you to be a doctor.
miscuous lifestyle, so it is really a culture shock Certainly he would not want to see you with long
and they will continually remind you when they hair and dreadlocks, certainly not with an earring
went to college it was this way and that way. in your ear or a tattoo on your arm, or walking
And now that you're in college, and they've sacri- with a guitar over your shoulder. He would rather
ficed to put you in college, that somehow they see you as the professional person.
want you to be, I guess, grateful or gracious, I You have gone through a period of time where
guess grateful to them and appreciative of them you have tried to divorce yourself from how he is
that they were capable of getting you into the col- and be more of your own self. Because you were
lege. And it may not well have been your first born into your father's image, and he would be
choice college, more likely it was your second, delighted with that, but I think somehow you are
third, or fourth choice college. trying to be different, you are trying to achieve
It's just a question of you're supposed to deter- different things.
mine what you want to be when you get out of On a part time basis you could probably tend bar,
college. When you're a little girl, it's what do you bus tables, work in some sort of a secondary job
want to be when you grow up? Now it's what do where you are able to put some money into your
you want to be when you get out of college? And pocket. And of course, your parents want to know
hopefully be a professional person, and I would about relationships.
think, again, based on your energy level, anything With today's kids your age, with your friends,
in health care, either directly or indirectly, such as there is intimacy, and it's called hanging out.
doctor, nurse, emergency technician, lab techni- When you hang out with a person, as you all real-
cian, anything to do with health care or non- ize when you hang out with a person, it means the
traditional health care, I think that you'd be very same thing as going steady with the person. I
successful with. think that you may be comfortable in jeans with
And the second category is somehow in the field holes in the knees. You may be comfortable in not
of education. As a mentor, teacher, a therapist, a wearing a shirt and tie.
guidance counselor, a helper, and enabler I would You're image is just the opposite of your father's
suppose. So in health care or education I feel that image. You may not be the letter writer, and they
would be two very strong subjects for you to pur- would want you to write letters once a week. If
sue in college, and with both of these you can they had it their way, you would write letters once
have a liberal amount of psychology sprinkled in a day, which is not logical and not going to hap-
as well. pen.
But in any event, you are going to be very suc- You probably have a girlfriend that you left be-
cessful. You've got the brains, the personality, hind, that is still pining away for you, that is still
you've got the talent. Don't underestimate your- preoccupied with you and I sense that she would
self. I wish you good luck. want to reconcile with you.
You are going to be surrounded by girls, and it
College Male would be amazing that you can pretty much have
your choice, because you seem to have the per-
I would feel that you could be competitive in ath- sonality, the brains, you seem to have the where
letics. I would sense that you are fast on your feet. with all whatever is necessary for a relationship.
I believe that you are physically strong, and per- And of course I would suspect that we are living
haps more talented than you give yourself credit in the age of electronics, we are living in the age
for being. Several impressions come to me. One is of computers, so I would feel that at least what I
I see the colors blue and gold. sense about your aura or your energy level, that

you are an excellent communicator, and I would right now I see you as somewhat of a puzzle,
think that you would do well in computers. somewhat of an enigma. You are non-predictable,
You would do well relative to communications, non-traditional, setting out in life, and you may
because regardless of what business you're in you well even within your first year or two years in
would need some sort of computer background to college may change your major simply because
be reasonably computer literate. initially you were helped in choosing a major by
your parents, and of course they would guide you
You will have the opportunity of being in some or advise you in ways and directions that they
sort of work with your father, working for your fa- would feel that would have been good for them.
ther, and I would think the odds probably would
be working with your father in some business that If it was good for them, well then certainly in their
he would be in, you know, like father like son. mind it would be good for you. You may find
whatever your elected major is, once you enter
It's just a question of what you want to make you college, that it doesn't hold the pizzazz, it doesn't
happy within your life. I feel that you are prob- hold the drama, it doesn't hold the excitement that
ably going to live well into your 80's, so that you once needed.
you're not going to die young, you are not going
to be handicapped, and getting back to sports for I would sense a background in computers and a
just a moment, I would think that you would do background in psychology, psychology of people,
well in a sport that is not an American sport. Ei- understanding people.
ther lacrosse or rugby or soccer, but something There's an energy level I'm picking up from you.
that is not typically American. I think that you In this lifetime I think that you will be well trav-
could probably excel further than you would in an eled. I sense that you will be wealthy. I don't feel
American sport. When playing sports pay atten- that you're going to be on food stamps, that
tion to your knees, take good care of your knees you're going to be bankrupt. You will be very
because obviously in athletics the knees are the successful financially in this life.
first things to go.
And I would sense the number 7 meaning that you
So if you are really able to be protective of your- will either write seven books or write seven plays,
self, you would be very successful in paying at- or produce seven things, but somehow the number
tention to your own health. I see no reason to seven will be your lucky number and It would
smoke, no reason to use drugs, even though you prove lucky to you by bringing good luck to you.
have an experimental way about you. And that it I don't feel that you are an introvert. But I do
seems that you have been on this lifelong search sense that you are somewhat introspective, so that
for the real you. you do not need to be surrounded by people pat-
The search of self, so that you may find if every- ting you on the back or complimenting you. I
body else likes one particular religion in your don't think that you need to be surrounded by
family, you may like another religion. If some- guys and gals being the center of attention.
body likes one particular thing, you may like I would see you a little bit of a loner, keeping to
something else. You are going to find that you are yourself, and there has been a lot of pressure put
diverging angles relative to what you're friends upon you and I would suspect too much pressure
and your family like, and relative to what you as far as you being successful in life.
Within a seven year period of time, I can see you
I feel that you are quite unique. You are not abu- receiving awards or trophies, so even after college
sive of those around you. And I would see you as is over, and you would be the professional person,
a very sharp dresser, relative to when you do dress and I don't know if that would be professional
up, how you dress up. And I think the girls are sports wise as a athlete, or professional simply as
probably chasing you around. an individual.
There will always be some potential relationship But I feel that you are going to be very successful
as far as a female is concerned, and for the most in this life, probably own your own business, and
part you will date girls your age and younger, but I would think that you like what you do. The im-
there will be one exception to the rule, where this portance of taking a course in psychology is that
girl is going to be anywhere from 4 to 7 years old- you will be able to relate and have empathy and
er than you. There would probably be a relation- compassion with people around you. I am sure
ship there, that she'll be much more experienced that in your high school yearbook, you don't like
than you in life, but I think that there will be a the picture that was taken. You probably are more
deep relationship there. photogenic than that.
You will commit to her for a period of time. So You would be the one most likely to succeed. Be-

cause of your popularity, and you may well have They are not attracted to your soul, they are not
been the president of the school class, or been in- attracted to your mind. Many times they are sim-
volved in different things in school, so by your na- ply attracted to the physical aspects, or what the}'
ture, you're not a loser, you're assertive, you're a see, the aesthetics of you. Which sometimes be-
go-getter, you're tenacious, but you will do it at comes very disheartening because your nature is
your own pace. that you would be the perfectionist.
I don't think that by giving you a lot of advice is You would search for your soulmate, you would
going to have any effect on you. Within this life- be competitive in the work place, at least I sense
time you will father three children. I don't know if by your energy, that you will be a very competi-
that would be with the same woman or even in the tive person and very self-expressive as well. You
same marriage. But in my mind I feel that you are able to make your point. You are not afraid,
will father three children. and I don't think that you are scampering around
You will not like a girl that has an abundance of like a chicken with your head cut off, so you seem
makeup on, particularly a girl that drinks. I don't pretty well directed as far as your chosen pathway
think you would like that type of individual. I in life.
would see you with a girl that is wearing glasses, You are a non-compromising individual, and that
or wearing glasses part of the time. you could be competitive with men, which would
She would wear contacts part of the time, and . lead me to believe that at some point in time you
glasses part of the time. And I would see this girl may hold the career position normally held by a
as to be somewhat slimish, not overweight. You male. I don't see you as weak and you are not the
would have a good relationship simply because type of individual that gives in or that settles.
the two of you could sort of tutor each other or There seems to be a confidence factor that you
guide each other, and this is something else that have that others do not have. That is not to say
you could do. that you are aggressive or forceful, but that you
You would probably have another sibling so that would take a calculated risk or take a chance at a
you could probably do well as a counselor, as far job, and would be very successful.
a tutoring children. You would do particularly My feeling is at your age that you are not terribly
well even when you're off college in the summer domesticated, and that you would probably fall
time, as a camp counselor. With your personality more into the category of the entrepreneurial
you're likable. woman of the 90's. And that you would be able to
People have a tendency of being drawn to you. do things beyond the household. The point I am
You don't lack self esteem, you don't lack self trying to make is, based on who you are, if you
confidence. You are in control of your own desti- simply want to do housework, be a housewife,
ny. It's an exciting period of time for you. And of and have babies, that may be down the road a bit,
course you will have the opportunity because because I think you have other things to accom-
again in my mind I would sense that at some point plish within your life now.
in time I can see you in uniform. There seems to be a very strong constitution with-
I don't know if that would be police, military, in you where it is necessary to achieve. I see you
emergency technician, doctor, fireman, or even in as an achiever. You seem to have the charm,
the service, but I think that you would be a prime charming without being sly, or without being cun-
candidate for officer's candidate school. You ning, but just a very sharp individual.
would do very well, and I think that you would You have a great imagination and more than any-
move up the ranks very quickly. thing I feel that you have the courage to be able to
So it is simply just a question of believing in your- accomplish whatever you want to accomplish
self. Anybody can fail, and you want to remember without somebody else. The analogy is you could
the words winners never quit and quitters never be married to a millionaire and wouldn't have to
win. work and wouldn't have to do anything but sit
around if you so desired, but that does not seem to
be your nature.
20's Female Single Within you there is the achiever. I can see you
You are somewhat of a non-conformist, somewhat with a business suit, I can see you with an attache
unpredictable in your ways. Things that normally case in your hand, which would lead me to be-
would please other women, don't please you. You lieve that you would not be working for McDo-
have a tendency of attracting guys to you, perhaps nalds.
for the wrong reasons. You have a business-like manner. As you grow

older your clothing will be custom made. You will vestigative mind, and I don't think that you are
have an extensive wardrobe and I think the major smug, vain, overly satisfied, If you are Catholic I
pieces will be tailor-made for you. That would in- would feel that St. Jude would be a good saint for
dicate that you're going to be successful. You will you, because St. Jude usually is for those who
be comfortable in any management or supervisory have difficult causes, helpless causes.
position. You strive to be successful, but not at the You've got a very strong, animated personality.
expense of others. You can talk for hours on the telephone if neces-
You are always giving to other people, rather than sary. That you need quality time with those
taking. People see you as very friendly, very out- around you, which is indicative that if you are go-
going, very gregarious, and that they sense that ing to do something you'll do it 100%, or perhaps
you seek harmony and balance within your life. not do it at all.
You will be successful. You may have a tendency I think that you can wear red. There's a lot of
of being a little bit stubborn, a little bit results- women that cannot wear red because they seem
conscious, and your biggest frustrations are going too powerful, too aggressive, or it's too loud or
to be in dealing with males. too flamboyant, but I would sense the color red
Because, again, through no fault of your own, you for you would be a good color because when
may attract losers to you. I think through no fault you're capable of wearing a red suit or red dress it
of your own you are looked upon as being highly means that you have left an impression behind
selective and perhaps searching for the perfect' you.
man. I would sense about you that you don't settle Once you wear red it means that you are emerging
for what other women would settle for. or that you are being reborn in a sense, or you are
I believe that you will experience a relationship transforming in a sense, so that it almost seems
either in the near past or near future where you that when you wear red you are being inspired to
will have a platonic love for a man but not the accomplish other things. I can see you dealing
deep love you desire. It will be a safe relationship, with executive types.
a for now relationship but you will advance in this I don't feel that you are going to be comfortable
relationship into the ideal relationship. sitting around a club or a lounge or a bar. That
It's sort of paradoxical in the sense that you will doesn't seem to be your type. And that you will
have a male that will care for you very much, or have a tendency now in your private life, as well
perhaps be in love with you, perhaps as a secret as the work place in attracting older males to you.
admirer might be, and yet you will not be able to And my sense is probably around your 29th birth-
return that love. But the person that you would be day that you would have a ring on your finger or a
in love with, at this time as we speak, probably firm commitment in hand.
would be with another person. You're entrepreneurial so that you will be the pro-
It is paradoxical in the sense... it's an enigma fessional in the work place. You are very good
where the person that you finally search for and with communication skills and very good relative
search out at that time may be with another per- to dealing with people. Any type of representa-
son. But because of your competitive skills, you tive, any type of service that you would perform
can certainly win out in any competition over an- with people, you would be very successful in that.
other woman. You would have a tendency of You want to be cautious that you are not put into a
maybe putting yourself down a little bit. position that might be introspective or introverted
You have been successful, as far as who you are or that you'd be put in a corner somewhere. You
and where you are going, but perhaps not as suc- need to be able to communicate with those around
cessful as you want to be relative to relationships. you.
And of course the family says that you are going You have clear vision into the future. You can see
to be an old maid, and that you should get mar- things subjectively as well as objectively. I be-
ried, and you are in your 20's and that most wom- lieve that you are a strong individual so that you
en in their 20's, especially from 25 years old on, don't fit into one particular category. I don't be-
perhaps should get married. lieve that you are easy to read. I don't believe that
And you're looked upon as some sort of .... you you are a piece of cake for a psychic reading.
know you have a curse upon you or some stigmata Simply because you seem to be more intuitive or
because you are not married. But you are sensible, more perceptive than others around you. You cer-
you are going to achieve whatever you want to tainly are diplomatic. You have a variety of differ-
achieve in life, and you are happy. ent skills. Certainly a very strong intuition. You
I sense you have a curious mind, you have an in- have a very strong, intuitive mind, or perceptive
mind, so that you could experience flying dreams
and you may well even dream of your soulmate And I would further sense that it would be a meet-
before you find your soulmate. ing that would take place where there is music be-
And I feel that you are off again, on again in the ing played, I would guess a wedding or a party of
relationship now that doesn't seem to be going some sort.
anywhere, but yet it is a comfortable relationship
where you'd see this person from time to time. 20's Female Married
Males you would be compatible with, I would feel You would be the one-man woman. You have not
some spiritual or biblical significance in the needed a multiple of potential relationships. Once
names, or perhaps one of the names of the Twelve you have set your mind on a person, sort of like
Apostles, or I don't know, the Peter's and Paul's love at first sight, that's probably all that you
and John's and James' and Joseph's, and I can't need.
even recall all of the names, but somehow I feel
that ultimately the man that you will be with will In retrospect, you've taken a great deal of respon-
have a name of one of the Twelve Apostles. You sibility on your shoulders, and of course, your
analyze every person that you would be with. family would see you as a young child yourself.
And my sense is to give you some numbers if you I sense that you would have a fear of pregnancy
have three dates with the same person, I think that more then a desire for pregnancy. You will have
it will be considered the beginning of a relation- two healthy children, and my sense is that you
ship, simply put, because if you are not impressed would conceive pregnancy in the morning rather
initially, you probably won't be impressed after than in the evening, and I would think that you
the third date. would probably conceive pregnancy on the 13th
day of ovulation and my sense is that it will be a
Based on your energy, any male that is jealous Friday, Saturday, or Sunday morning.
will lose you, any male that is lacking in confi-
dence will lose you, and any male that tries to tell You will have a full-term pregnancy, healthy off-
you what to do, or own you, or control you will spring. You get as much credit as you deserve for
lose you. In that regard, you will find your life what you accomplish. You would either be work-
mate that will be much like yourself, you would ing on a full-time basis, or that you are working
have much in common. on at least a part-time basis, simply because you
become bored staying at home.
And I would say to you to look, to search for the
person with eyes of china blue. Search for the per- As far as the future is concerned it might be wise
son that has hair that is sort of like Chinese silk. for you to investigate the idea of some sort of
Very smooth, clean, well-groomed hair. work that you might do out of your home. You
would do particularly well in child care, as far as
Search for the person that is in the area of 6 feet being a babysitter, being a nanny, being a tutor, or
tall, with a nice smile and a tiny chip off of one of being a person who would have empathy with
the front teeth, or the corner of what we call the children. You could be a good child psychologist,
cuspids or the canines. But a tiny chip. Sparkling and you could do well in creating children's greet-
eyes that are very much alive, and once you ini- ing cards or children's books and storybooks.
tially meet this person, it will be a very strong
chemistry or synchronicity there, and that your Your mate or your husband is perhaps not as into
life will never be the same. the marriage or into the relationship as you. Per-
haps he would not be as deep or serious or com-
Relative to what I sense about your energy level, mitted as you.
you are going to be involved in a long term rela-
tionship. I feel that there has been a long term re- There have been some subtle changes in your
lationship, a duration of three or four years al- thinking process and you probably wonder if you
ready behind you, and that person may always should have waited a little bit longer. It appears, at
have some sort of effect on your life, or be a least what I sense about you, that money is an is-
friend, but in a romantic setting I don't think that sue. That there never seems to be quite enough
it will be going anywhere. money to go around.
This time frame now that we speak of is a new be- It's adequate, and you always seem to be able to
ginning for you, and you will accomplish more just about make the bills, but there never seems to
now in your life than you have accomplished in be a great deal left over. That probably will
the past. I certainly sense that there is some sense change. The most significant years of your mar-
of power that you have, some telepathic commu- riage, usually, and if we are going by statistics, it
nication, whereas I think that you are able to con- is between the 6th and 7th year, statistically, not
nect with a person before you meet the person. so much psychically, but generally speaking if
your marriage exists beyond the 7th year, it will
be in good shape and it will be able to be a strong shy, because you were blushing, because you
marriage. were a choir girl type person, because you were
And if there is going to be any falling apart, or very pure, and because you didn't use bad lan-
any down side to this relationship I think that it guage, and that you kept to yourself, and you
would occur around, at least before the 7th year if cursed modestly, and that you were somewhat laid
that were going to happen. Things seem to change back and quiet... if your husband was attracted to
now. Before you were married you would have a all of these different tributes to you, and you're
lot of girlfriends that were single. Now it seems still the same person, I think that he'll always be
you are going to have a lot of girl friends that are in love with you.
either getting married, that are married, or have But all of a sudden if you start talking like a truck
been married for a period of time. driver, if you've been outspoken and loud and
You're social life has a tendency of changing. nagging, and aggressive and complaining, you
You will find that you do not have enough time would have just been the antithesis of the person
for a social life as you had in the past. You are you were before.
thinking more of a nurturing way, a maternal way, Then there would be problems. And conversely
a mothering way than you had in the past. You the same way, if he was attracted to your aggres-
find it increasingly difficult to keep the figure that siveness and your independence and all of a sud-
you had as a younger girl, because simply put, den you are becoming reluctant and laid back and
you find it difficult to find the proper time to exer- - quiet, you can't change horses mid-stream.
cise. Whatever your husband was attracted to, as long
And it seems that you're trying... you've got to be as you were the same person you would do very
the chief cook, maid, bottle washer, lover, and well. You would be compatible with the color
wife, and friend, and companion, and colleague, blue. I think that you would be compatible with
so you are required to wear many different hats. blue eyes, have a blue aura, because I feel that
As much as you love your husband, he is still you are still old-fashioned.
probably messy, often times what you say to him You are somewhat of a person with a magnetic
goes in one ear and out the other ear. personality. People are drawn to you. You have
You cannot confuse him with common sense. He boundless, endless energy, you don't sit still,
has a stubborn streak about him that you may not stand still, or lie still. You are communication-
have seen before, and he just doesn't seem to be oriented as far as the spoken word.
as sensitive to detail as much as you. It seems like You are articulate, verbal, and you would have a
he's in the door and out the door because of smattering of a beginning of yet another language,
work... and everything seems to be money- so I think that you would be able to speak more
oriented at this point in time. than one language. I see you as very firm. Once
You have a lot of responsibility put upon your you make a decision, once you make a commit-
shoulder, and I really don't sense, at least what I ment, you are very firm in that commitment.
am picking up from your energy, two things. One You don't need a lot of make up, you don't need a
is when do you relax or when do you rest, and the lot of jewelry in order to look attractive. You
other is that is doesn't seem that your social life is could accomplish... I feel that whatever secret de-
as strong as it once was. sire that you would have, you are going to be able
I believe that men still pay attention to you. Men to accomplish that desire. You are very observant
still find you attractive. And that again and again of people.
you will question the normal questions for a wom- You keep active and any health issues probably
an your age that is in a marriage is does my hus- would end up female issues, especially as far as a
band love me as much now as he did before? lack of energy, because in my mind I sense that
Is this marriage going to last forever and ever and you do too much, that you don't get as much
ever? My answer to that is probably philosophic praise, or you don't get as much stroking or pats
as well as psychic, but your husband was attracted on the back as you should get. You are family-
to you for what he saw in you at that time; your oriented, family rooted and I would suspect that
mood, your personality, your manifestations, your your mother married at a young age as well.
idiosyncrasies, those things about you is what You have no problem in accepting responsibility.
your husband was attracted to. You are very protective of your family unit, and I
As long as you can remain that person, the mar- would sense that you give 100% in making this
riage will exist. By that I mean, if initially your relationship work. There are no curses put upon
husband was attracted to you because you were you, there is no voodoo put upon you, there is no

dark clouds over your head, and probably next And all of your girl friends, I'm sure, would lay
year this time you would be in a better financial their burdens upon your shoulders, tell you their
position than you are now. problems, and expect you to have the answers, be-
You are planning for the future and if there is a cause after all, now you're the married, success-
strong physical love, a strong sexual attraction ful, woman type to a lot of women around you.
and lust and romance in this marriage, it would go It takes two to make a relationship work. I am not
long term. You are able to make up your mind aware of any relationships that were made in
easily relative to a commitment in a relationship heaven. It takes two to make it work. If you bring
so you really have no problem with monogamy or the same energy to the table that your husband
fidelity. does, the relationship will work, but it's got to be
But even now you will find that you will have a a 50-50 deal, and if there is one giver and one tak-
secret admirer and I would sense that it would be er, obviously it will fail.
somebody that either works with your husband or But I sense you're in a good marriage, you are in
a friend of your husband or a brother of your hus- a good relationship that will be your last relation-
band, but in my mind I sense that there is another ship, your last marriage. I wish you good luck.
male that finds you very attractive, but I think
hides his emotions very well.
You carry burdens upon your shoulders and you
20's Male Single
always seem to be carrying a burden of another I would sense by your aura, and if I use the word
person, so that you want to make sure that if you aura that means like an energy level, because we
want to stay youthful, you want to stay young, all have an energy level or sometimes referred to
you want to look young, you have got to delegate as an aura. I would see you, probably not taking
some responsibilities to somebody else. life perhaps as serious as you should.
Because all of a sudden... you come from a young I think that you have the ability to achieve what-
woman, a late teen or early twenties, and all of a ever you want to achieve in life. I suspect that ul-
sudden you're the wife, you've got to do the cook- timately you would own your own business, be-
ing and the cleaning, and you've got to hold some cause you're not going to become rich working
sort of a job, career position. for somebody else.
You've got to keep yourself neat, clean, well- I feel you would excel in marketing or in sales.
groomed, and you're always supposed to have a Because if you're good in sales or marketing, they
smile on your face and get everything done. I are one in the same, and you have a likable way
mean this is quite a transition from the way that it about you, you are people oriented, you don't
used to be. So that you don't have somebody wait- need a college education, you don't need a mas-
ing on you hand and foot, there is always some- ters degree, you don't need a Ph.D., you simply
thing that needs your attention. You'll do okay. have a way about you as far as getting along with
It is a question of don't be critical or judgemental
of yourself, and I often say that young women that And I sense this energy about you that you are
are married in their twenties get all sorts of unso- well-liked, that you are well-received, and that
licited advice from relatives and friends of what to you probably could sell someone the Brooklyn
do and what not to do. The only time you worry Bridge and they would probably buy it.
about somebody giving you advice is if they hap- I don't feel money is going to be a major issue in
pen to be paying your bills. your life. Of course now it is because you want
If they are paying your bills, you will listen to the vehicle and you want the nice vehicle, you
their advice, otherwise not. You have a great want a reasonably decent wardrobe, you want to
imagination, you have a good sense of humor, travel, and you want all of the things that takes
you're an excellent hostess. You are a good enter- money.
tainer. You have the potential of having the best It is often said that money cannot buy poverty, so
of everything. that if you want to have the things in your life, the
You could accomplish whatever you want to ac- materialistic things, it's going to come through
complish within your life. I would like your phi- you, and you will have the ability of being innova-
losophies, the way that you look at life. You are a tive in order to make money. So whatever craft
gentle being, and again, I think that you are a nur- you are in now, whatever occupation or career
turer and people will always see you as a nurturer, goal that you are in now, if you like it, you'll do
relative to... you always seem to be picking up the very well in it, and if you stay in it long enough,
pieces for everyone around you. you would make a great deal of money.

And if you don't like it, obviously you are not go- it this way, she will probably be into a little bit of
ing to stay in that particular field. But, be aware body piercing.
and give some concentration to the fact that If it is not the navel it would be the ear, not the ear
you're future is a reflection of your past, so we perhaps, but the nose lobe, but somewhat differ-
continually go on a predictable way. Time flies. ent. You attract to you a lot of different types of
The weeks, the months, the years go by rather girls. I would sense that money won't be an issue.
quickly, at least in retrospect the time will seem to I don't think that health is going to be an issue.
pass rather quickly. You are at a stage in your life You're going to be around for a long period of
now where it is important to have some direction. time.
And I mentioned sales and marketing simply be- You will not bring problems to your family. You
cause you seem to have the where-with-all to be will make people proud of you. But of course you
the charmer. have your obstinate ways, your stubborn ways,
What I am sensing about you, is you have this and your moody ways, and that probably won't
way about you of being attracted to women, older change. That it is probably the way that it is going
woman, younger woman, you have a tendency of to be. In my mind I can see you driving a four
being well-liked and well-respected by women. wheel drive vehicle, like a Cherokee or an Explor-
You are getting an attitude, a little bit vain or per- er.
haps a little bit cocky, because you seem to have That I see very clearly, doing some traveling, and
the ability of achieving things that those around owning your own business. This will take place
you cannot achieve with women. within the next several years. You are making
You are destined for greatness in this lifetime. your mark now as far as what you want to do and
You will leave your mark on humanity. You will where you want to go. You will marry the girl
leave your mark either nationally or international- who's favorite symbol will be the butterfly.
ly on people you come in contact with, because I feel that you have been around in many past life-
within my mind I would see you winning an times, and I would sense during the time of the
award or winning some sort of recognition and Egyptians, during the time of Pharohs, which
along with that would come monies. would indicate that you would be very perceptive
As you grow older, probably by your 34th year, of other people. You are on a different mental lev-
you would have a home for the cold weather and a el than those around you so that you may never be
home for the warm weather. You will like your totally understood, that you have a lot on your
business, whatever business you decide on own- plate, sometimes you make commitments and yet
ing, as long as it's different and unusual and as you forget that you make them.
long as it is not some common thing. At times you have two or three different things to
Of course in this country it is different than in Eu- do and you don't get them done. Your schedule is
rope, because in Europe, of course, you have to very busy. I don't feel that you are the domesticat-
decide upon a craft that you want to do probably ed male.There always seems to be some sort of
by the time you are, nine or ten years old. Then plans for you or things that you have to do.
you may put 20 years in training in that particular You seem to have decent looks, a decent body,
craft. In the U.S. it is a little bit different, but all in certainly a good personality, a well-liked individ-
the same you are going to be much happier work- ual so you are not an introvert, and I don't think
ing for yourself so that nobody can tell you what that you are terribly introspective. You have a
to do, nobody can push your buttons or pull your good sense of humor. You don't take people or
strings. life terribly seriously.
One of the significant areas of your life is rela- You are going to do your own thing at your own
tionships and for whatever reason you are not eas- pace, in your own time. In many ways everybody
ily impressed by girls. Younger women pursue around you wants you to be successful within
you more than women your own age. I don't see your life. You ultimately will father three chil-
you as the playboy type, but I do feel that you've dren. And somehow, I sense, that money won't be
been with different women. an issue, health won't be an issue, and business
You are selective as far as the woman that you are won't be an issue. You have the capacity, even
attracted to. There will be an assertive woman at- now, over many other guys that would go through
tracted to you that will have a tattoo on her left four years of college, probably want to get out and
shoulder. There will be a woman, I am sensing be like you, act like you, talk like you.
some sort of an earring, I don't know if it's You seem to have an excellent grasp of the Eng-
through the ear, through something, but I feel that lish language, that you articulate properly. You
this girl with the tattoo will also have.... let me put

have taken care of yourself health wise, which instigate problems or start fights, or that sort of
would indicate to me that you will probably be thing, but by the same token, I don't feel that you
around into your late 70's or late 80's. So that back down. You have some sort of exercise pro-
you're not going to die young, and I feel that you gram to keep you in shape, and so I think that you
probably at some point in time would think that are multi-talented relative to different sports.
you would not live beyond your 37th year. All in all, I don't think there is a major issue that
The only sense of any negativity I sense about you you have to contend with. You are organized rela-
at all, is I would be very cautious in riding motor- tive to yourself. Very practical, very logical, and
cycles. That's what comes to my mind, to be certainly responsible. I just feel that you don't
somewhat cautious or be careful in having motor- take life terribly seriously as other people do and
cycles, or riding motorcycles, because if there that's why you will probably not get high blood
were going to be any type of traffic accident, I pressure, will not get ulcers, because you do
think that it would take place involving a motor- things at your own pace. You are in harmony with
cycle. the universe.
I see you more casual, more laid back than a You are very inventive, you have an investigative
straight, traditional business-man type individual. mind, and even now you may not be totally appre-
That you go along with the program. You have ciated, by people around you. But I think you are
everything in hand so that you are in control of an inventor, a conceiver of ideas, and probably
your own destiny, and you will make a future for very original. That's why whatever business you
yourself, you are going to travel widely in the do choose to begin, it's going to be original in the
U.S. and you'll do some traveling abroad. sense that it is not going to be common place and
You would learn a second language, and probably it will grow from some inventive ideas that you
it would be French or Spanish. Money will come have. Your personality is quite unique.
to you. You have the ability of turning a dollar, And based on the fact that you are going to live
you have the ability of being somewhat entrepre- many years, I don't sense there is going to be
neurial, and so in that regard you would be ser- problems within your life, and I would say to you
vice-minded. to just know what you want to do and you can ac-
You would begin, maybe even in your late teens, complish anything you want to accomplish in
you would've begun by being a late bloomer in your life. Good luck.
the sense that you'll do a hundred things now, but
within ten years you'll probably just specialize in
one thing, relative to career. 20's Male Married
But now I think that you would be a jack of all I would get a feeling that lately there seems to be
trades, getting your feet wet in a lot of different a great deal more responsibility on your shoulders
areas, but probably within a decade you'll focus than there has been in the past. Money seems to
within one particular area, and that's where you'll be very important to you now, at this point in time
have a successful business. of your life.
And obviously you would have the potential busi- Everybody is going to say to you, you're too
ness of a family business or a partnership within a young to be married, you're just a child yourself,
family business. You will marry a girl who you've not developed to your fullest potential,
doesn't wear a lot of make up, probably will be why did you have to marry so young, and thus and
wearing glasses, will have an excellent figure, will so. But I believe that you deserve a pat on the
not be promiscuous, and perhaps thought that back for being able to undertake a great deal of re-
upon initially meeting you that you would be too sponsibility and a wife, and the potential of a fam-
cocky, too outspoken, or too much of an attitude ily.
or you're vain, or you are always fixing your hair, A lot of other men your age would not be capable
you know with a brush or a comb. of doing that. You should feel good about that. I
It would take this girl a while, I believe, to discov- sense that you probably would want to or have to
er you, or a while to like you. You will beat out work a second job, and that you will go through
the statistical odds... you will probably stay in one periods of time where you really won't have qual-
marriage, rather than have two or three marriages. ity time left for yourself, because you are always
I feel that you have an interest in some sort of de- going from work to home, work to home, or per-
fense mechanism. And interest in Tai Kwan Do or haps school to home. I sense you're an educated
Karate or Judo. person, and that you would want to continue with
your education and most of the jobs, either full-
I believe that you are fast on your feet. You do not time or part-time, you would involve yourself in

now would more than likely be jobs where you sensing any negativity relative to your health.
would be overqualifled for the job. Things are going to work out well for you.
So it's a difficult time, and I would suspect that You'll be compatible with the sign of Sagittarius
the next four years may be difficult years for you, or the sign of Gemini. You will probably live into
but each year becoming less and less difficult your late 80's, that you have an investigative
from the year before. As you put each year behind mind, you will always ask many questions.
you, you'll become stronger and stronger. You research and analyze everything, and there
As a long-term plan, 4 years would be significant seems to be a strength about you that is not overt
with you in your life. You may want to carry a or aggressive, but you seem to possess an inner
rabbits foot around with you that is going to be a strength being able to overcome obstacles, to be
good luck charm or good luck talisman for you. able to overcome problems within your life.
You are entrepreneurial, you are not lazy, what's I would see you as a very strong person, the type
going to happen is you're going to become some- of person that, you see somebody on the highway
what melancholy and somewhat sentimental in and they get a flat tire, you're going to pull over
thinking of the past, and what has happened to and help them fix the flat tire. In that sense as a
your youth. helper.
And you're looking ahead of you now for another You will father healthy children, and I would
10, 20, 30, 40, 50 or 60 years with the same per- sense probably three children. Money won't be an
son. You had to be in love to marry this woman. issue, health won't be an issue. You are a person
It's probably unlikely that you would be coerced that attracts people to you that become dependent
or pressured into this relationship. You seem to be upon you.
a man of honor, a man of responsibility, and you
have a mind of a man that is much older than your I don't feel that you are simply a meal ticket, you
years. are a responsible individual and you seem to have
a great deal of wisdom that is somewhat unusual
Your financial situation will improve, you've got for a younger man to have. And you will find that
to keep your eyes open. You've got to always as you go through life, you will always be advis-
look for opportunities. I feel an element of change ing somebody on something.
where your geographic situation might change.
But what I sense is money is not going to be the You are a persuasive individual, people listen to
issue. you, like you, admire you because you seem to
have the ability of being very even-minded, so
It will probably come from different areas, but when someone asks your advice, you give them
money will come to you from some expected the proper advice. You will be good with num-
source such as a job, or such as the family. Money bers, perhaps not so now, but as you become older
will come to you through some winnings from a you would be good in numbers, you would do
lottery, or winnings from lucky numbers. And well in banking, accounting, real estate, CPA,
money will come to you through some sort of leg- anything to do with numbers.
acy, or will, or court document.
You probably received reasonably good marks in
I can see somebody giving you money. I don't school. I do feel a lot of numbers and I see a lot of
know if that would be family, or friends, but in dollar signs, which indicates to me that you will
the long run beyond your 39th year money is not have your own house, that perhaps for a period of
going to be a major issue for you as far as you be- time you will live in an apartment or a condo, but
ing able to survive. eventually you will have your own house.
Other women are still attracted to you, certainly It will be in the suburbs, not the city, and I would
because you are married doesn't necessarily mean sense it would be either one or two blocks from a
that you don't notice other women, because you church. You're able to accomplish whatever you
would be a person to appreciate aesthetic things. want to accomplish in life, that you're not going
You are drawn to beautiful women. to be poor, you're not going to be sick.
You appreciate beautiful things. You still have You are efficient and you shall be prosperous. Of
some collection of something that you've had as a all the friends around you I would venture a guess
younger boy, either baseball cards or comic books to say that money shall come to you. That in the
or something that you have saved from your first part of your life you will earn your money
youth. through your hands, through your labor, through
And many times you're going to find that you're your physical strength, through your tenacity, but
making decisions now for yourself that in earlier later on in life you will earn your living through
times your parents have made for you. I am not your mind.

You will have some reason to return to school or ing what pathway you want to follow, and if it's
some reason to return to learning so that you are to do with numbers, because that's what I see in
able to achieve as much as you want to achieve. my mind, numbers and dollar signs coming to
You're emotional in the sense that you are very you, I don't feel you're going to be bankrupt, I
caring for family, very caring for friends and ac- don't feel that you're going to be on food stamps,
quaintances, and that it's you're friendly... the or going to be needy of money.
friendly way about you that will get you through You will be able to make your own money, and
life because you are not going to take things terri- give advice to those around you on how they can
bly seriously. Things are going to be easier for make money as well. Such as financial planning
you than in the past. or investments or the stock market.
You shall raise your children as you've been You'll live beyond your 86th or 87th year, so you
raised. I don't feel that you were dysfunctional, I have much time to accomplish whatever you want
don't feel that you were needy or dependent on to accomplish. In your lifetime, you will be a mil-
those around you. You've had instilled within you lionaire. Never compromise your ideals.
a great deal of independence. As the future un-
folds for you, it is because of this sense of humor,
it's because of this way about you of seeing things 30's Female Single
that is going to make you accomplish whatever I feel that you have been concentrating a lot more
you want to accomplish. But you must be patient on work lately than personal relationships or so-
with yourself, you must be patient with people cializing. And it seems to me that you are devot-
who are less together than you, or be patient with ing a great deal of time to work in a sense that it's
yourself with people who are less organized than a comfortable scenario, it's a comfortable situa-
you. In many ways you'll have a tendency of be- tion because the more that you involve yourself in
ing somewhat the workaholic, and if there is noth- work, the less you become aware of your purpose
ing to do, you would probably find something to in life.
You have the brains, the personality, certainly you
My sense of you now is that you're running helter are well groomed. You are able to not wear the
skelter in several different directions at the same same outfit twice in one week, you've become
time in order to put food on the table. It's a knack particular as far as relationships, that you prob-
of something that you will do well... of course ably have the potential or at least a secret admirer
your father will mention to you that when he was and somebody that you work with.
your age, that probably he was making $2 an
hour. You've become more independent and more com-
petitive. You have an idealistic spirit, you don't
I see you with a full-time job and a part-time job. give up, you don't give in, you don't surrender to
You are able to apply yourself and get the job the universe. You're probably a bit hard on your-
done. You are well thought of, you'd be comforta- self more so than you should be as far as looks
ble in any management supervisory capacity. You and figure. Your life is going to change within the
will have many career opportunities in front of next three year period of time.
you, and you'll go through a period of time when
the pressure is very strong, looking back, and The most important issue relative to work is that
maybe if you had the decision to do it over again, you are compensated for the energy and the effort
perhaps you would have delayed the marriage a that you give out. You are a professional person.
little bit longer. You would be very comfortable making manage-
ment decisions or executive decisions. You have a
I see you as an adventurer, as a person to accom- good business mind. In the past you socialized
plish whatever you set your mind to, and you're maybe three or four nights a week.
going to experience an abundant life style. You
will be a person to be able to help others and give Now I think you're socializing maybe once or
advice to others in making money. twice a week. It almost seems to me that you are
thinking about a relationship that perhaps is unfin-
You really should lean towards the world of fi- ished business, and it's commonly referred to as
nance as I have indicated, banking, insurance, or an unrequited relationship. From time to time day-
CPA, or real estate, where one is able to use num- dreaming, looking into the past and asking your-
bers because then you can accomplish a living self what might have been. In relationships you
over the telephone without back breaking work. become aware of the philosophy that you can love
You should get away from laborious jobs, as far a person and not like a person, so you can be in
as where you have to use your physical strength. love with somebody and probably not respect the
It's just a question of looking ahead and determin- person.

You will attract two men to you, they are going to You take everything with a grain of salt, you
be like night and day, black and white. One is go- don't believe everything you hear, and it seems
ing to be aggressive, assertive, in control, and for that the smoother the man is, the more reluctant
lack of a better word, the bad guy that will attempt you are to believe the man.
to use you, abuse you, manipulate you relative to But be aware that if you were not usual, if you
your feelings. And it will be a lesson that you will were not typical, if you were not the normal girl
have learned. next door, well that would indicate that any job
Through no fault of your own, you have attracted situation you have, you'd do better with an unusu-
the wrong type of individual to you. This will be al job or some job that is different. Any relation-
the past male. As far as the future male... and I see ship that you have has got to be different. Because
the past male as somewhat dark and somewhat your lifestyle is somewhat different. You have
sinister in the sense that he would not take rela- gone through your life the way you have and
tionships as seriously as you, would not take his everything has happened for a reason.
life as seriously as you, and because you are a I don't believe in coincidences. There is always
committed person, because you are a monoga- some synchronicity. I believe that you will ulti-
mous person, and you've probably always had mately live in a State that ends in the letter 'A.'
your feelings that he would not be loyal to you. You will ultimately marry the man who's first
On the other hand, I would see a person coming name ends in the letter 'Y,' or a nickname ending
into your life that will be one on one, that will not in the letter 'Y.'
be running around with strangers, that will uphold You would be compatible with somebody with his
his vows of singular intimacy just with you, a first name and middle name are interchangeable
monogamous relationship with you. and still sound all right. I feel that the person is
He would not be abusive to you physically, men- going to be about six foot tall, and you probably
tally or emotionally, and this is the person that will work part time after you are married. I don't
you are going to end up with. It's just a question think it's going to be necessary for you to work
now of being very particular. full time. You are attentive, you are able to dedi-
I know that you do not want to waste your time, cate yourself to people and to life.
and we have a tendency of living by routines, of You've always had the fantasy of having twins.
living by patterns in our lives, and sometimes you People see you, you appear to be very efficient,
allow a person back into your life that shouldn't very in control, an excellent communicator, you
be in your life. seem to be honest and ambitious.
In that regard I think that you are a person that In many ways you will succeed in spite of your-
doesn't want to be the bad guy, that you don't self. You have a tendency perhaps of being overly
want to step on toes, you don't want to take ad- critical of yourself. You're very conscious now of
vantage of anybody. health care, of exercise, of keeping yourself in
But you need somebody that is a counterpart to shape. So in that regard you will always look
you, somebody that is equal in stature as you re- younger than your years. I don't think that you
late to life. There's got to be a balance relative to will ever really look your age or act your age.
a twin flame, a relationship, a soulmate in your I sense that you have unfulfilled dreams, unful-
life. There is somebody for everyone. You will filled expectations, at this point in time. But what-
not go through life alone. There is a sock for eve- ever you secretly desire, whatever you secretly
ry shoe. wish for, will be yours, will be given to you. Now
I feel that relative to your job you probably will is the time where you're just in limbo. Now is the
get a promotion. You probably will be able to time when your energies have been neutralized
make a lateral move and then you will accelerate over this past three years, but you are becoming
from there and elevate from there. alive now, you are transforming now.
You will not go through life alone, you will be I sense that you do not get eight hours sleep, more
married. In the past I would suspect that you have likely six or seven, and you are very good and ef-
had a relationship or maybe even a proposal of ficient at planning your schedule for the week or
marriage that somehow did not work out. for the month. You would have five girlfriends
around you and I think one of them would be jeal-
As a matter of fact I think that you have had two ous of you. You'll have the opportunity of going
serious proposals of marriage from the same man, where the orange trees grow, you'll vacation
and I think each of them would have somehow not where the orange trees grow which would be Cali-
happened or not come true. You have your guard fornia or Florida. I would be aware of a jealous
up, you have your defenses up, relative to men. Leo female.
You want to be cautious as far as people you work 30's Female Married
with, you want to be cautious relative to relation-
ships. Whatever vehicle you drive somehow reso- I would sense that you have always had a very
nates with your personality, with your character. deep sensitivity to the needs of other people. You
You can take a long, hard look at your vehicle and have very strong enabling qualities within you.
that's how people see you to be. From your energy you would fall into the catego-
ry of a natural born healer. You are basically a
They would look at your car or your truck or natural psychic type individual.
whatever, and that's how they would perceive you
to be. That would be your character. So if you're You know we have two different types of healers
driving a red Porche convertible, that says some- and two different types of psychics. One is the
thing about your personality. learned type that takes classes and courses and
reads many, many books on metaphysics. And it
If you're driving a car that's fifteen years old and is sort of like the Tarot card reader who needs the
needs a new muffler, that says something about deck of cards to read. And without the deck of
your personality. That's how people judge you to cards she is unable to read. The second type is a
be. I would see you very caring, I don't think you natural reader, or a natural healer.
talk behind people's backs. I believe your mother
always wanted you to marry the professional, I feel that you fall into the latter, so that your aura
marry the Jewish lawyer, marry the Irish doctor, or your energy level would be green, meaning that
but your mother always had plans for you, as far you would do well in any form of medicine, either
as the future is concerned. traditional or non-traditional. Anything homeo-
pathic and anything holistic. You are destined on
Currently you're somewhat bored. You need a some level to be some form of healer.
trip, you need a change, you need to change the
patterns. You need to alter things within your life It wouldn't surprise me at all if your mother want-
as far as the direction you are going. You've got ed you to be involved in nursing or to become a
to become more assertive, and less laid back, not doctor. I feel that you are honest and traditional.
introverted, but maybe a little bit introspective, You have the principles and integrity that is nec-
but you've got to somehow change that. essary to be successful in life.
Change the future. That's really the secret and I don't believe that you are a manipulator or a
that's the secret for the universe. If you can con- game player or into head games or mind games.
tinually change things, you will be successful in So obviously you are not a user, you don't take
your life. There is more than one way to deal with advantage of those around you, and you don't step
the situation. We are always given options. on people's toes. In many ways you'd be consid-
You're going to be in control of your own destiny, ered reasonably old fashioned.
your health is going to be okay. Your money situ- If somebody is going to do you a service or a fa-
ation is going to be okay. vor or give you something, it's important for you
You're independent and that you want to pay off to balance the scales. It's important for you not to
your bills and pay off your plastic, and that will be in debt to any other person, but rather to pay
happen. Whomever you spend the next new years' back a favor.
eve with, is going to be a long term relationship I would see you as very just, very fair. Your only
with you. I would see you in a warmer climate or enemy in life would be stress and tension. So if
at least a climate that does not have a great deal of you are able to deal with stress and tension, you
snow or ice. will be very successful within your life.
Plan to keep away from the northeast or the north- You will not have to deal with alcoholism, will
west, even the midwest in the higher elevations, not have to deal with drugs, or promiscuity. I
because I see you finally settling down into an don't really think that you could be a negative in-
area where again, you are going to be in a temper- dividual if you tried to be. And of course, by be-
ate climate. You're not going to have to worry ing married I think that you have a lot of responsi-
about the cold and ice and snow. bilities put upon your shoulders.
The next 36 months for you are going to be won- In my mind I would see you as a much younger
derful months because you'll accomplish more in girl, and I would feel that your hair would be
the next three than you have in the last six. In any down to the small of your back. I see you as opti-
event, I wish you the best, I wish you good luck mistic, positive, outgoing and gregarious. I don't
and God bless. You're heading into a very good feel that you are materialistic, and even though
future, and look for the man with blue eyes. The you achieve material things within your life, I
blue eyed males, eyes of China blue. I think will don't believe that it is going to have an adverse ef-
bring love into your life. fect on your personality.
You have a tendency of going through life balanc- you would be able to wrap your father around
ing the scales, but my sense is that you have a your little finger. Even if things were falling down
way of giving more than receiving. That you'll around you as a child growing up, you are still
find that in your life, up to this stage of your life, able to survive.
you probably never will be totally understood by My psychic sense indicates that you probably still
those around you. blush, you probably thought you had too many
Because you will be a natural born healer, you freckles as a child. You were your own worst ene-
probably also have the ability of seeing or sensing my. And about around the age of 13 I think that
a persons mood, or seeing or sensing a person's you did not like your first name and you wanted
aura. I feel that you are totally romantic. When I to change your name. Very important for you to
say totally romantic you would be drawn to wine, be loved and be admired.
I think that you would be drawn to candlelight, You are highly selective as far as relationships are
you would like things that are handmade rather concerned and you would choose your husband
than machine made. rather than your husband choosing you. And it
You may like the aroma of smoke from a pipe or a would not surprise me at all, not so much that it
cherry flavored pipe smoke, but not like the smell was love at first sight, but it would not surprise
of cigars or cigarettes. I sense that you need to be me at all if you even liked your husband when
a little bit more assertive about the direction that you first met him, because you may have thought
your life is taking, because you have fallen into' that he had an attitude.
routines. You possess high moral values. You are a border-
For the most part you are punctual, dependable, line idealist, perfectionist, and probably never
you have a very receptive mind. You are able to happy with your hair or hairdo the way it is. I
read between the lines. You are able to probably don't think that you will be excited over doing do-
speed read. You have a good memory, you're not mestic chores.
going to have to worry about later on in life get- You're a person of all seasons, drawn to the out-
ting Alzheimer's. doors, the nature, the forest, I don't think that you
You have experienced feelings of deja-vu. You would hurt an animal. Even if you're a man, I
could sense when the phone rings who is on the don't think that you would hurt an animal in the
end of the phone, or if somebody's going to call woods. I would feel that you have been psychic
you or not. I further sense that because you are a and intuitive for a very long time, and that you
natural born healer and I think relatively psychic, could sense things about people.
you could determine the sex of an unborn child. And without getting into a lot of metaphysical
I think that you would... before you had your first mumbo jumbo about auras and energies, and
child, you would be able to sense what sex that chakras, it's just a question of you getting a sens-
would be. The single red rose would be a symbol ing... it's sort of like a highly cultivated body lan-
of love and I would pay more attention to the per- guage that you are able to read of other people,
son who gave you one red rose than a dozen red you have the ability of reading a person's energy.
roses. You will always be perceptive and always be in-
And of course, the absolute love symbol for you tuitive. You have been going through major
would be the lavender rose, which is sort of an or- changes in your life, probably within this last sev-
chid purplish color rose, very rare. That your en year period of time, things in your life seem to
lucky number would be seven. happen in seven year cycles.
A lucky playing card would be the queen of The only way that I can explain, something major
hearts, so if you were to concentrate on one card in your life, separation, divorce, marriage, birth of
out of a deck of cards, the queen of hearts would a child, change of job, a long trip, probably would
come into your mind. You plan things, you're an occur in seven year cycles.
analytical thinker. Now that you are a survivor, if anyone's going to
You have more talents than you are aware of. It's be hurt in a relationship, I don't sense that it's go-
important that you are popular, important that ing to be you because you've become stronger
people accept you, important that people like you. and you have mentally grown.
You have very strong counseling skills, or you I don't think that you'll ever, at least from this
have actually the skills of a philosopher. point on in time, abuse your own body with pills
You would be a Dear Abbey to everybody that or barbiturates or drugs, so consequently you'll al-
you deal with, your girlfriends especially. And I ways be in the physical framework of a younger
don't think that you are that spoiled, I think that woman, meaning that you will not look your age.

Other than hayfever or sinus congestion, health- You may always be preoccupied with some unfin-
wise I am not sensing any great deal of negativity. ished business because you want to have all your
Your body will be a barometer of your mind. ducks in a row, you want to have everything okay
When you feel good, it is reflected to your body. in your life. The symbol of the pyramid, or the
If you have weight problems you are probably not shape of the pyramid, indicates to me... and that's
as happy as you could be, because your weight is what I sense either through your voice or in your
sort of like an emotional barometer. When you are palm or in your handwriting, I see the symbol of a
at your proper weight you'll find that things will pyramid, which means that you will be an excel-
lent hypnotic subject. Under hypnosis, if you were
be going on in your life okay. I believe that you regressed to one of your past lives, it would either
have the equivalent of a college education. be Greece or Egypt.
You probably will have unfinished business with
a man in uniform, or some sort of uniform. You A woman with the middle name of Ann shall be
are leader rather than a follower. You are comfort- significant within your life. In your dreams sym-
able in making decisions in any management situ- bolically I feel that you need close relationships
ations or any domestic situation. If you give your within your life. If you are going to do something
word, you keep your word. you're going to do it right or you don't do it at all.
As far as the future is concerned, you're going to
You have a lot of untapped artistic talents. You live many healthy and happy years, and, again,
are able to relate to unicorns and relate to angels many doors of opportunity you will open for your-
and relate to the Pegasus, and it would seem to me self.
that in a past lifetime, during the time of the an-
cient Greeks. You have the mind of a Sigmund But you are most assuredly a force to be reckoned
Freud, very analytical. with, and as long as you don't give up, and as
long as you don't compromise or settle for second
You are able to psychoanalyze people, you have best, you'll be happy and you'll have more
the eyes of your mother, probably as a young strength and more energy than a lot of people
child you thought your nose was too large, your around you.
feet were too big, simply because you still have
that tendency of being overly critical of yourself. That's what I am sensing from your energy level.
There are no curses on you, there is no voodoo put
Somehow the State of California is symbolic or against you, there are no dark clouds over you.
significant to you, or perhaps in your future. You are heading in the right direction in your life
You'll be happier in southern California rather now. Never look back on what might have been.
than northern. I think you could be relatively suc-
cessful in business although you don't take advan-
tage of those around you as many other people do. 30's Male Single
I don't think you're going to be a ghetto dweller, My intuitive mind, or my senses, send me messag-
go on food stamps, go bankrupt, or be on welfare. es about you, so that you and I are able to experi-
The thing that you have to concern yourself with ence a sort of a dual telepathy, or a cross telepa-
is that you will not be happy doing mundane thy, and what I attempt to do is to be able to put
things. You have a knowledge of life, you have a myself in your mind and then I would make cer-
knowledge of people, and it comes to you intui- tain predictions relative to that.
tively rather than out of a book.
I believe that you are becoming more and more
You don't surrender, you don't throw in the tow- the philosopher. In the sense that as you look
el, you don't give up, so that indicates to me that around you at relationships, there is a lot of peo-
you have a great deal of perseverance, and you ple that married in their 20's that you've been with
can accomplish whatever goals you want to ac- or known or had friends or colleagues with, that
complish You have the capability of accomplish- are now going through a divorce.
ing those goals.
And as you look around you I suspect that you
You wouldn't want to be too aggressive, but you could think of at least two people that are going
could be a bit more assertive. You have an excel- through a divorce, which makes you a little bit
lent sense of humor. At times, maybe a bit too more reluctant in committing to marriage.
proper. You are too demanding of yourself. And
you keep a lot of emotions inside. It appears now that when you date a woman more
than three times it would indicate that its's the be-
The weak link in the chain of health would prob- ginning of a serious relationship because normally
ably be the stomach, because when under stress, you put the woman under a microscope and if
the stomach will bother you. You continue to be a you're not impressed with her body, mind, and
dreamer. spirit, if you're not impressed with her values or
integrity, I really don't think that you'd hang ably an above average personality. I don't think
around. that you're terribly pragmatic. I think that you are
Now conversely, from the woman's point of view, a bit of a free spirit relative to who you are and
if you date her three or four times, then she's what you're all about. You probably would still
thinking of commitment. So the women in your believe in unicorns.
age range, and I still feel that even though you'd I think once you commit yourself into a relation-
be in your thirties, you may be attracted to women ship, then it will be a long term relationship.
in their twenties. You are still attracted to younger You're searching not so much for a passing ship
women because they seem to have less problems, in the night, but you're searching for a person to
they are not as high maintenance as women your spend much time with.
own age, and they seem to be more fun and less You would have the potential of being with a
serious. woman with brown eyes or mahogany eyes. I feel
I believe that you have a secret admirer that is a that you fantasize either about a black woman or a
married woman or a woman that is going through Hispanic or oriental woman. I think that these fan-
a separation or going through a divorce. People tasies would be in your dreams.
see you, especially women see you, as charming, I believe that you enjoy phone sex. You are a very
agreeable, that you have a very strong personality, erotic male, as well as a romantic male. More than
and that you are searching for a very special wom- anything you enjoy freedom, you're a freedom-
an. I see you as the entertainer, the ham, the show- loving individual that can't be put in the corner.
off, and I think that with a microphone in hand You don't take ultimatums well. If somebody
you'd be right at home. gives you an ultimatum, I think that person is his-
I can see you in front of the camera instead of be- tory.
hind the camera. You keep yourself well dressed, In a relationship you are the one to set the guide-
well groomed. I would think that entertaining... in lines. It's not so much simply a sexual partner that
some form of entertaining would be very good for you are seeking, but rather a partner who under-
you. Women's first impression of you is that you stands who you are and what you are all about.
are an honest individual, that you are not into
head games or manipulations, that you do not lie. Your personality has formed, that's not going to
change. You are who you are. I don't feel that you
You seem to be very independent and efficient. are selfish, or a bad person. You have the ability
You are well organized and you are not afraid of of turning a dollar. You have the ability of being
anything, you are going to enter into a materialis- financially entrepreneurial, and so inwardly I
tic world. You are going to enter into an affluent don't think that you're terribly materialistic, but
society where you are not going to have to worry you will be rewarded with a great many material
about money. You will probably have more than things within your life.
two vehicles.
You will travel to the islands, you like the sun.
You will have the money in your wallet at all You like the outdoors. And the only area that you
times, and you are going to be well traveled in this should be cautious of is the area of boredom. You
lifetime. You've investigated a variety of philoso- are very precise relative to details, I believe that
phies or religions, and I would think in a previous you have the ability of being able to analyze your
existence that you would probably have been a own career and to determine where it is going be-
Buddhist Monk. You have the ability of medita- cause you are at a very important place within
tion, that you think sometimes like a computer your life now.
where you are able to compartmentalize informa-
tion, you're able to compartmentalize facts, so You've been able to overcome hurdles, overcome
that you have strong communication skills. obstacles, you've been able to achieve many
things in your life. You are a man of your word.
The two areas in your life that you should pursue, You would believe in a gentlemen's agreement.
one would be communications and the other Once you agree upon something, you would pret-
would be entertainment. You are able to make ty much stand behind your beliefs.
people laugh, you are able to make people like
you, that you are very, very practical in your You are not introspective. You are able to show
ways, that you have a curiosity I suppose some- authority, and to express yourself in conversation.
what of a question asker, you have an investiga- I think you have an empathy for those around you.
tive mind. You are considered to be by women a great lover,
and that you'll find in your relationships that you
But I think that you are extremely intuitive. You never seem to cut the cord behind you, or burn
have enthusiasm. You are gregarious, you are out- bridges behind you.
going. You have above average looks and prob-
You are a humanitarian, and I sense that you you can accomplish whatever you want to accom-
would like the philosophy of life. You remind me plish within your life. As long as you persevere.
of Jason, searching for the golden fleece, and Ja- You keep things in confidence, you are able to
son fighting the Argonauts, whereas you're on keep a secret. Things that are told to you remain
some sort of quest, you're on some sort of odys- in confidence, so you don't talk behind some-
sey. body's back. I feel that you will be given a new
At times you're impractical, illogical, or some- present during the next holiday season of a gold
times irrational. Because you are always thinking watch.
about the future. In your day to day existence, you Within your life you will have a Rolex, I don't
exude a practical attitude, and it's almost like you know if it will be this next holiday season, but I
are... that you're not experiencing the super highs suspect that within your life, within this next sev-
and you're not experiencing the super lows. en years, that you would, in my mind I would see
I feel that lately you are into a great deal of de- you wearing a very expensive Rolex watch
spondency or depression. You are sort of just go- there would be initials on the back.
ing along with the program, you're waiting for the This tells me a great deal about your personality,
universe to create changes for you. I believe that but you have always been in control of your own
you're working out past karma now, and in sever- destiny. You're not meek or mild or reluctant or
al of your past lifetimes you'd probably be fe- afraid of anything, and that's the way it will be as
male, and which is sort of an androgynous Gemini you go through life. And I wish you good luck
trait, you are working out karma now, so that evi- and God bless.
dently in a previous lifetime you would have been
just the opposite as I have described you in this
life time. 30's Male Married
This time around the significant aspect of your I believe that you are self expressive, that pretty
life probably is going to be relationships. You much you are able to make your thoughts known
need to be with the person that is a showpiece, to other people. You will be successful in life
you need to be with a person who is exuberant, based on who you are and what you are all about.
exciting, mystical, magical, and somebody It's reasonable to say that at your age your person-
through the simple touch of a hand can bring ex- ality pretty much has been formed.
citement to you. You don't allow yourself to let
down all your defenses where a woman is con- Your psychological idiosyncrasies, your desires,
cerned. your habits, your routines pretty much have been
set in place at this point in time. Based on your
You are able to keep your defenses up, yet conse- energy level the most significant thing I can tell
quently that you don't give entirely into a relation- you is never settle or to compromise. Do not be-
ship. You would be capable of living with the per- come common place, do not be placated into stay-
son probably for a 12 month or less period of time ing in one place within your life.
before you would commit to the person.
It is an interesting philosophy that if you are born
If anybody is on drugs or an alcoholic or promis- and you grow up in one particular state of the un-
cuous, I don't think that person has any place to ion the odds are that you will stay in that state.
play in your life. I feel that your schooling... I About 70% of the people who grow up in the
think that you've learned more hands-on life ex- State of Maine probably will stay in the State of
perience than from any written word. Maine the majority of their lives, and even if they
You are determined to be successful in your life. move off to some other place they will always
You're tactful, you are diplomatic, you are clever, have a tendency of returning to their roots. If you
not in the sense of being sly of clever, but you are want to accomplish things in your life, always
very innovative and inventive and my sense is that look at your life as a book, a chapter at a time.
you have an uncompromising spirit. If you want new and exciting things to happen in
You live by your own beliefs and you have cer- your life then look into the future. It is reasonable
tainly a caring way about you for other people so to say that you will live a long life. You will be a
that relative to the future you should continue to father, if you are not already a father.
persevere, you are on the correct course within Your children will be an extension of you. There
your life, and obviously if you know where you will be four children, I see two to the left and two
want to go, any road will get you there. to the right. Symbolically that could be two chil-
The next 22 months for you are going to be much dren from one marriage and two from another
better for you than the previous four years. That marriage.

It could be two boys or it could be two girls. It I don't know if that will be a father or partner, but
could be two biological and two adopted children, I don't sense that you are going to go through life
I don't know the sequence, but when I try to en- working for other people. That you seem to be
hance or I try to touch upon your energy level, I reasonably diligent, I think that you are expres-
would see four children. sive, you seem to have a cooperative nature. And *
I believe that you would be hard working, that you have a different view point on life.
you are not a malingerer, you are not lazy by na- You've got the imagination. You would be strong
ture, and you show all the capabilities of being in- in any communication techniques. You have a
volved in your own business. You don't delegate reasonably unique philosophy where you are not a
a lot of responsibility to those around you, but manipulator, you don't want to fight, you don't
rather you would try to do a lot on your own. want to argue, you don't want to step on other
Obviously, and I would sense from you, that the people's toes.
major issue within your life is money. My feeling In many ways you would be an independent think-
is that you will overcome all financial debt. er and this woman that you have married, it was
It is so easy to charge, it is so easy to get credit something that was thought out, I don't feel that it
cards, and so easy to go to the money machine, was something that was just done on the spur of
and so easy to put things on plastic, so that you the moment, and this marriage will be successful
want to be reasonably cautious of that because it based on that premise. Each of you have gone
is much like a Frankenstein monster there nev- through a failed relationship or a failed marriage.
er seems to be an end in sight. This would be the right one for you.
But with you I really feel that money is not going I think you are a voyeur in the sense that you like
to be a major issue within your life, as long as you beautiful things, that you still like looking at
are stimulated in life and as long as you are chal- women, and I am sure from time to time you won-
lenged in life you will be successful. I would get der if you have made the correct decision.
two initials one would be the 'H' as in Henry, I believe that you are going to attain things, mate-
and the other would be 'S' as in Sam, or H and S, rialistic things in your life. The car, the home, and
those two initials will somehow be symbolic in I could see you living in a home, not necessarily
your life, or that person will be the one to open an apartment, I can see you living near the water,
doors for you. that would be either the ocean or a lake.
I believe you have already made the most impor- People see you as comfortable to talk to. You will
tant decision in your life, and that is the woman not bring disrespect to those around you. You
that you married. Because the woman that you seem to have good taste in people. You enjoy mu-
married, your counterpart, your twin flame, your sic, but I am not sensing so much rock or heavy
soulmate, that person, in a way, - or directly I metal, hard rock type, but I would feel there is a
suppose - is going to be responsible for your suc- certain creativeness within you where you would
cess or lack of success. probably be attracted to a different type of music.
If she is supportive of you, you will accomplish As a youngster, you may have had the desire to
whatever you want to accomplish in life, and if play the guitar, or appear in a band, or appear in
she's going to chip away and chip away, look for some sort of a group. I don't feel that you can be
the chinks in the armor, you will not be as suc- pressured into making decisions, you do not like
cessful as you want to be. ultimatums, you can't be controlled, you can't be
That is the major decision. It is important for you put in a corner to be forced to make a decision,
to have some sort of a plan or matrix whereas you because then you will not make the decision.
have to know where you want to go, you have to I don't think you delude yourself, or that you're a
know what you want to accomplish. Once you sleep walker or that you are day dreaming all the
achieve one plateau, then you will try to acceler- time. Most of your energy is creating a cash flow
ate to the next plateau to accomplish basically and supporting your family. As you go through
what you want. life, certainly you're developing your character,
You are unusual in the sense that you are not rou- and your children will become an extension of
tine, you are not terribly predictable, so again, the you, so they will want to be like you, so it's im-
kiss of death is when you find yourself in a pre- portant for you to accomplish whatever you can
dictable situation, You've got to change that. I see accomplish within your life.
a man with money, a man that has a business, a You are realistic, you are ethical. You're not ego-
man that is financially solvent, that will open the centric, you're not vain, I don't think you stand all
doors for you. day looking in a mirror.

I think that you have to be the leader, you have to 40's Female Single
be the person in control of your own destiny sim-
ply because you are not going to make a great I would feel that regardless of the amount of men
deal of money working for somebody else. And that you have experienced in your life, I would
based on the fact that you are very sensitive to de- still see you as the one man woman. Through no
tail, you're very responsible, a self starter, you fault of your own you have attracted men, or mag-
will be exceptionally successful within this life netized men to you, that didn't deserve you in the
because you seem to have the drive, you have the first place.
ambition. I don't think that you are lazy. You are able at this point in your life to know, or
You may find yourself working a full time job and have a knowing, if there is any potential with the
a part time job at the same time. When I sense person, and you will probably know that within
your energy level, it almost seems you're sort of the first couple of minutes.
like a left handed person in a right handed world Somebody can show you a photograph of a male,
with your philosophy or with your approach to because I believe that there has been some match
life. making or networking done, and you have prob-
You are a free spirit and again, I would suspect ably experienced at least one or two blind dates.
that the butterfly would be a good luck charm for And it's just not worked out. The analogy I would
you. You are mellow in the sense that you analyze like to create with you, it's sort of like the lady
things, that you are not running around half that's trying to have a baby, trying to have a baby,
cocked. I don't feel that you try to be the aggres- trying to have a baby, and she tries forever and
sive, machismo type male that doesn't seem to fit she can't have a baby, she decides on adopting a
in with your character. child and then she gets pregnant.
Relative to psychic things, you have always been There is a similar chemistry going on here be-
reasonably psychic. You have had some sort of cause you will meet your soulmate when you least
feelings that at some point in time that you would expect to meet him. You will meet him at a place
win a major lottery. Your current wife is probably where you would not have ordinarily gone.
somewhat jealous of you that perhaps you might It will be a last minute decision in going to this
find another woman interesting and perhaps you place, and this male is going to be unlike the male
might have made a mistake in marrying her. that you would normally date. By that I mean, if
The most difficult year of marriage, both statisti- you normally date lets say brown eyed Italians,
cally and psychically is between the sixth and sev- normally, at least in my mind they look Italian,
enth year of marriages, where most marriages that and maybe Hispanic, but if you normally date that
go beyond the seventh year, statistically last. And type, your soulmate will end up having blue eyes
if the marriage is going to end or it is going to fail, and blond hair and conversely I think the opposite
it is going to fail before the end of the seventh is true as well. I think that you have become frus-
year. trated.
So that you seem to be able to have an investiga- Everybody looks at you, especially family mem-
tive approach. You are able to ask a thousand bers, that wonder if you're going to be married. I
questions. Probably your 37th year will be signifi- would suspect that you have a failed marriage or a
cant in your life as far as major changes in your long term relationship behind you, or an engage-
life are concerned. And again, any significant re- ment that was broken. You don't like being
lationship that you would have, any woman that around drinkers or alcoholic types, so that you
you would choose, has to be above average, has to have a tendency not to want to go to the clubs and
have the integrity, she has to live by principles. the bars, because all you meet there are losers that
I doubt very much if she is going to be a stay at want to know your Zodiac sign and then is it your
home type person. She would have a fairly sharp place or mine?
business mind, and you would be attracted to her You have become somewhat more selective.
assertiveness. You've been spending a great deal more time rela-
You always need a woman in your life that is as- tive to your work situation.
sertive in business, assertive with her own self, Biologically you would be within the body of a
has a good feeling of self, and a woman that is younger woman, I would sense from your energy
even sexually assertive. This would be the ideal that you are young at heart. You keep yourself
relationship for you. young in that way. You probably attract younger
men to you as well. You have had the opportunity
of dating 23 or 24 year old males.

But there seems to be a bit of a generation gap As far as your future is concerned, you seem to be
where they are still into partying and you've been community oriented, you probably will volunteer
there and you've done that, you know. It would be some of your time to help others. You want a ma-
somewhat of a different philosophy, and for some ture relationship with a man that has already sown
reason lately you have been thinking about chil- all of his oats, a man that is not going to go to the
dren or babies. clubs, is not going to go out with the guys, and put
I see you as a mother, I don't know if that would their friendship above your friendship.
be biological or adopted, but I would see you as a I don't mean to elude to the fact that you're high
mother. I further believe the next nine years for maintenance in a relationship, but you need a full
you are going to be happier than the previous nine time relationship, not part time. My sense is you
years. What you have learned in looking back in have gone that route before.
relationships... any relationship that you've had, You are intensely sensual, so once a man has ex-
you have learned something about yourself. perienced you romantically, I doubt very much if
Not necessarily about the other person, but some- he would want to go on to another woman. But I
thing about yourself as far as what the ground believe that you must find balance within your
rules are, what the parameters are, what you al- life, because I think the energy that you give out is
low, what you don't allow, and over these last not always returned.
nine years that you have achieved a great deal of You are always giving to another person, and you
independence. are not getting that back. I don't feel that you are
You have transformed into a much stronger per- obsessed with love, because you are different in
son. You have become not so much judgemental, many ways now than when you were a younger
but you have been able to show excellent judg- woman.
ment. You have become self-reliant. It is nice to have love and companionship, and
You've always been intelligent, you are discrimi- you're looking for the fire works, and the sparks,
nating, and that it is interesting to me that you will and the electricity, and I feel that would be a male
attract men in your life to you, and there are going in your life who has been a friend. Who cares for
to be an assortment of different types of males. you very much, yet you cannot bring yourself to
The type of male that you are best compatible be in love with this person, because all the neces-
with is somebody that is a nurturer, a big brother, sary components are not there.
gentle ben, teddybear type individual that will not And I think with this male is somebody that you
try to press your buttons or pull your strings, rath- see frequently and perhaps on a day to day basis
er would be a counterpart, a male counterpart of as far as a working situation, but he would see you
you. as a fantasy, or he would see you as his female
My first impression of you that you have a great counter part or soulmate, and he would share with
deal of nervous energy, that you are not as relaxed you his feeling for you.
as you should be, your mind is going in different But it seems, it is almost like an Oriental paradox,
places. You seem to be very expressive, that you where you pursue the male that is tied up with
are able to be... your self esteem and self confi- somebody else and this male pursues you, and you
dence is good. may even have a love or a fondness for him, but
I don't believe you would ever be the wild wom- certainly this male that pursues you currently, you
an, you seem to be cultured, you seem to be re- are not in love with.
fined, and you have the equivalent of higher edu- Yet, logically he could probably provide for you,
cation. You are certainly very feminine. the material things within your life and give you
In that way, you probably couldn't be the bad guy the emotional security. Probably what is lacking is
if you tried to be. Because of your nervous ener- any lust, sensuality, eroticism, or passion because
gy, when this nervous energy is not used up, you with you being a very passionate woman, as far as
make impractical decisions, you then become a past lives are concerned, I think that you have
dreamer, and there has got to be some physical been around during the time of the Egyptians, and
outlet for this nervous energy, either through exer- during the time of the Ancient Greeks.
cise or through walking, or aerobics or dancing, You would probably make an excellent detective,
something to break the pattern. I think you have an investigative mind. I don't
And someone once said, all work and no play think that you miss much. You will enter into an
makes Jack a dull boy. Somehow I feel that from area of affluence in your life, and prominence,
the energy I get the name John. That seems to be and you will be well known in your community
somehow to be significant, J. in your life. simply because you're community oriented. You

are family oriented, and you really should be in a You will be in control and not controlled. So it
marriage, not being single. will be somewhat different than any other rela-
Over this next few months, my feeling is that the tionship that you have had.
person you will marry you will meet on a week- As far as the person is concerned, I would see him
end, either a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. You to have a sensitivity, a mellowness about him,
will experience things with this man that you where he would not be aggressive and take
wouldn't ordinarily experience. charge. So in that regard, if this man would ask
If it would take you three months to become inti- you out to dinner on a Saturday evening and you
mate with a man, normally in a relationship, be- comply, he probably would assume that you
cause you put certain restrictions on the relation- would choose the place to have dinner.
ship, when you meet this love of yours, this future He will be not so much dependent on you, but
love, you could be with him three days, or three rather he would want you to be the one to make
dates, and be intimate with him, because he'll be decisions in the relationship. Doesn't mean he's
different than those around you. weak, and doesn't mean he's afraid, he has always
The most significant thing about him is going to been searching for a strong woman, and you are
be his eyes. He would be able to look right going to be the woman for him.
through you, and I think the touch of his hand is So this is in your future. And what you must do is
going to create a great deal of chemistry, so that cut the cord to any relationship that is based on
he'll be different than any other person. You will just physical pleasures, and cut the cord to any
feel inspired by being with this person. dead end streets, and cut the cord to any losers
He is not going to be a person that is going to be and you have to clean up your act a little bit, be-
attention getting, he is not going to be a loud- cause I think you are still dealing with a little ex-
mouth, a flamboyant male. He will be a person cess baggage from the past.
that has been cut loose by another woman, or he You have got to wipe the slate clean now, and
would cut loose himself from another woman, be- then basically move on in life and prepare your-
cause he's been in a relationship or had a wife that self for the future, because it's going to be a hap-
cheated on him, and I sense that he found his wife py life and I would see you in a marriage. It's go-
in a compromising position with another man. ing to be to a man who's got the mind of a
Where this man that you are going to marry is a computer, or the mind of an engineer.
man of honor, he needs fidelity, he needs loyalty
in the woman he would be with. He is not particu-
larly concerned with how much you weight or 40's Female Married
what your measurements are, but rather what goes I would sense from your energy level, or from
on inside of you. your aura, that you basically are the person that is
You have a tendency of intimidating men that tenacious, stubborn, and you will make things
come into your aura, you want to be reasonably happen within your life. You really don't appear
cautious, because I say to you, that when you to be as old as you are, so you have done some-
meet a man that is going to be a little bit shy, or a thing right in your life in taking care of yourself.
little bit blushing, or a little bit reluctant, if you And by your energy level I would think, if I were
cultivate this new relationship, it will end up in to project your life span, it is probably going to be
marriage. in the 80's, or even in the high 80's. Within your
I don't believe it's going to be a long-term court- family tree the females on your side have a ten-
ship. Once the two of you have experienced each dency of living many years longer than the males.
other, I would think within a three month period I would think that if you have a spirit guide it
of time, the dialogue will be living together within would be an Indian, either Cherokee, Chucktah, or
a time frame and then married. Black Foot Indian. If you were age-regressed into
And I assume that if you live with a guy for six a previous existence, I believe that you would
months and you haven't poisoned him with your have a tendency of being the red skin.
cooking, I suspect that it could be a long term re- In this past life, which would probably go back to
lationship. So exciting things are going to happen the 1500's, I would sense that you would always
within your life, but know this, in your next rela- be the wise person, always be the sage individual,
tionship or in the relationship that you are current- able to give logical advise as well as spiritual ad-
ly in is going to turn into marriage. vise, and I would suspect that you are probably a
You will be the leader, you won't be the follower. great deal more spiritual than religious.
I think you will be the teacher, not the student. You are expected to be the chief cook and bottle

washer, you are supposed to be the chauffeur, the or marketing things that you believe in, but you
baby sitter, the mother, the wife, the lover, that would have a difficult time in selling yourself.
you were supposed to wear many different hats. You have always have had the ambition to write
And obviously you don't have a great deal of time poetry, or to write music, or to be artistic, or per-
to put your own needs, or your own priorities, haps even to write a book, and I would think that
first. in writing a book that you probably would give
You appear to be intelligent. I would suspect some serious thought at some point in time to be
you'd have the equivalency of a college educa- something of an autobiographical nature. If your
tion. You have learned about life and learned life was put in print, it probably would end up be-
about philosophy by experiencing it. ing a best seller.
In many ways you will always have an empathy You have a great imagination, you are able to see
for people. You will always be an incurable ro- things within your mind, you are able to fantasize
mantic. That you have untapped potential artisti- or travel within your mind, to go to distant places.
cally, and I'm not entirely sure what type of the I believe that you have tried to raise the living
arts that you would be capable of doing, but cer- standards of others around you.
tainly there is an artistic flair to you. Right now you are bearing some burden upon
You certainly have determination, and certainly your shoulders that you have not come to terms
you have been able to accomplish things in your with. I believe that there are some things that you
life others have not been able to do. have wanted to accomplish and yet at this point in
You would probably go through a period of time time that you have not accomplished them yet.
in your family where you would be the rebel, or My sense is that you are not over the hill because
you would be the black sheep, or you would be you think as a younger person, you think as more
the person who is never understood. You would youthful. When somebody speaks to you over the
always be on a different mental level than people telephone, you sound much younger than your
around you. years.
You are not fatalistic, you are not masochistic, There is another person in the family that would
you are not a person to give up or give in, you've have the same first name, or your name as a mid-
always had common sense. You are not afraid to dle name. As far as the future is concerned,
assume responsibility, you are not afraid to take you've been a good companion, you've been a
charge, to be in some sort of a management posi- good support system, and that you would stand
tion in your own life by pulling yourself up by behind your husband 100%. I don't feel that you
your boot straps and get on with your life. receive the amount of constructive criticism or
You'll find that you may have problems in main- you don't receive as much appreciation as you
taining your proper weight. You'll find that when should.
you become run down. I don't think that it's any- I would see you as a very sensual, very erotic
thing physiological, but perhaps a stress, you woman. As long as you have the physical ro-
know, being run down, where at the end of the mance within your life, you would be happy. As
day you can be tired, and I suspect you personally long as you are physically in love with the person,
could become more tired emotionally than physi- that you can overcome all financial obstacles, you
cally. can overcome all handicaps, any physical impedi-
You're capable of doing hard work, and perhaps ments within your life, as long as you were in love
not getting physically tired, but when you involve and that you were able to strive with your husband
yourself with the mental struggles, relative to ca- for a common goal.
reer, relative to running a household. It always The significance of this reading is that there could
seems that you are preoccupied when you're at be better communications between you and your
work, you're thinking what's got to be done husband. You see things sort of like in black and
around the house. white. There is not a great deal of gray area so
I believe you are organized, because in my mind I that you have faith in something or none at all.
would see you as keeping notes of things that And you won't do something unless you can do it
have to be done, or writing things down on index 100% correct. I feel there is a serenity or a harmo-
cards that have to be done. The success of your ny around you that this is what you are entering
family is probably largely directed toward you. into now within your life. It is called a transforma-
You are protective of your brood, protective of tion. That you are becoming a little bit more mel-
your family. And I would sense that in life, espe- low than you've been in the past.
cially in career, that you have no problem selling The people that normally have a tendency of up-

setting you or try to control you, can never do that a person that is very perceptive. You probably
can never possess you or control you. And I should avoid hard physical work, or hard physical
believe that if you are surrounded by a negative labor.
person, that you may not be able to change that I believe that you have the mind of a computer,
negativity because that person shall always be as and that you want to be cautious around typewrit-
they are now, but that you have the capability of ers and computers for what is commonly referred
neutralizing that negativity. to as carpal tunnel syndrome, and again, using
I would suggest to you that you carry upon your your fingers and your wrists and your hands again
person a piece of quartz, clear quartz, which can and again, and again in repetitive ways because
be purchased in any metaphysical rock shop, and this could cause tendentious within the hands or
you can put it on a cord or a chain and you can within the fingers. You want to be cautious of
carry it in your pocket book, but it will act as a that. As far as the future is concerned you need to
neutralizer to negativity. be stimulated more intellectually than you have
It will reflect negative feelings and it will absorb been.
positive feelings. You have a way about you of There is a certain air of mystery, a certain air of
sensing things about other people. You are able to intrigue about you, so that it almost appears that
give assistance to the opposite sex. At some point you have some sort of alternative plan going on in
in time you will be a matchmaker. your mind as far as the future is concerned. That
Your strongest asset is probably optimism, being you are secretive, that you are confidential, but I
positive, thinking in a positive way. You are with feel there is some sort of fantasy or dream or mas-
the person that makes very stubborn judgments, ter plan within your mind that has not been exe-
that is hard headed, and often times information cuted yet. Based on that the future is going to be
will go in one ear and out the other ear. Some peo- very exciting for you.
ple see you as being a little bit aloof, a little bit It is not going to be boring, and I don't sense that
standoffish, because you are always preoccupied the money or health is going to be the issue, but I
in different things to do. do believe that you need more excitement within
I would sense that you are the planner within the your life.
family so if it comes to vacations, if it comes to
planning things and doing things, that responsibil-
ity is put upon your shoulder. You do a fairly 40's Male Single
good job in balancing career as in home, or bal- I would think that it's reasonable to say that you
ancing career with home. probably have lived half of your life. If in fact
You are sensitive with a great imagination, that you're going... if your lifetime is going to be pro-
you don't back down, that you have a very strong jected into or around your eighties, then it is rea-
influence in what happens in your own life. So sonable to say that you have another four decades
that if there is going to be happiness in your life, ahead of you to accomplish what you want to ac-
you're going to create that happiness, you're go- complish.
ing to generate that happiness. And your rate of accomplishment probably will be
I believe that your husband plays off of your a reflection of your past. So in a philosophic
moods, so if you were in a good mood, he's in a sense, or maybe in a psychological sense, you can
good mood. If you're in a bad mood, he'll be in a look ahead into the future and know that you are
bad mood, and conversely, if he's in a negative going to accomplish probably as much, at mini-
mood, I think that you are able to absorb that be- mum, as you have accomplished in the past. It's
cause you are much like the nurse surrounded by often said that it is a shame that youth is wasted
patients whereas you have a tendency of absorb- on the young.
ing the energy level of the person you're with. I see you as a stable person, I see you as assertive,
If you are around somebody that is upbeat and and it goes without saying that you probably have
positive and optimistic and outgoing and gregari- had some failed relationships behind you. In that
ous, your energy absorbs that person's energy, in regard we should speak of relationships a little bit.
a sense it rubs off on you a little bit, and converse- I think that you have been searching for the per-
ly, I think that if you are around somebody that is fect woman. And I do know that a woman that is
downbeat, negative, moody, pessimistic, you have drinking or inebriated or intoxicated in public is
a tendency of absorbing that as well, which I feel not the woman that's going to share your life.
that is the way that you are. You would be compatible with a woman that has
I see you as a seer, as a psychic, as an intuitive, as had a failed marriage behind her, and that has ei-
ther one or two children, and the reason that this
relationship would succeed is because you are the It would appear to me to not take place in the U.S.
good guy, you see, and you're going to heal the I feel that you have always been sort of a wander-
wounds, you're going to not be abusive if she has lust, finding it difficult to settle down, that you
been with somebody who has been abusive in her could... I mean the grass is always greener on the
past, that you are not going to take advantage of other side, of course.
her, and that you probably would make the com- You would have a preference for wine, perhaps
mitment to her. more so than hard liquor. That you are always in
So in that regard, women are attracted to you be- control of your own destiny. That you really don't
cause they see this deep sensitivity about you. appreciate unsolicited advice, and I don't feel that
You will marry into a package deal, meaning that you've been... I don't think that you have tried to
you will marry a woman that will already have be the macho, Sylvester Stallone, Rambo-type
one child, if not two children. That she would be a personality.
quality person, that will not be particularly high You still have many male connections or many
maintenance. male friends. And I don't feel that any involve-
By that I mean not going to be on the telephone ment with a woman, a lover, a fiance, a wife, is
calling you every twenty minutes, or not going to going to deter you from keeping your friendships.
be asking you for this and asking you for that. Ba- So, now, as against 20 years ago, now that you
sically, that would let you do your thing. have ground rules and you have parameters, and
And be aware that this woman will not put up you have signposts along the way as far as what
with a lot of nonsense that younger women would you put up with in a relationship.
put up with. Would be attracted to you because I sense that you would have a close buddy of
you seem to be the ambitious person, you seem to yours that would give you advice in relationships,
be original, open minded, a free spirit, with a crea- you have a buddy that is going through a divorce
tive mind, and you would be the person that this or separation within his life, and would ask you
woman has been searching for for a long period of for some sort of advise or counseling.
time. The significant areas in your life would be rela-
Because you put your cards on the table, you tell tionship, would be health, and would be career.
it like it is, and what they see is what they get. It is You don't particularly care for Sundays or Sunday
reasonable to say, that a woman is not going to be afternoons. Sunday should be the time of peace
able to change you, modify you, alter you in any and the time of rest, but I really don't sense that
way. Because who you are today is the same per- you like Sunday's.
son you were ten years ago, and you'll be the You would prefer Friday nights and Saturday
same person ten years from now. nights. You are balancing more than one relation-
In a philosophic sense, if you were going to be- ship in your life now. And you have to be in love
come the drug addict, you already would have with the person. And if you simply love some-
done so. If you were going to become the alcohol- body or that you are fond of someone, or you are
ic, you already would have done so. If you have a in lust with somebody, or in like with somebody,
promiscuous nature, you already would've done it may be a long term relationship but will not cul-
that. You've arrived at a point in time in your life, minate in marriage.
sort of a cross roads, sort of a balance or counter I think that you are spoiled. You want your cake
balance point, that you're at the fulcrum now of and eat it too. That you are good looking and
changing your life. women are not a problem. And I feel that again,
If you were going to have a nervous breakdown, initially in the dating scene, that you are not easily
you already would have had it. If you were going impressed. You would be just drawn to a wom-
to commit suicide, you already would have done an's body as it was in the past.
it, you wouldn't be listening to my words now. So You are more drawn to a woman that you can re-
in many ways you have overcome a lot of things spect intellectually, that keeps herself well
within your life. groomed, that does not have a lot of make up, she
You will travel internationally, or you already doesn't look like a Saturday night special or a
have traveled internationally because in my mind, painted lady. You are looking for somebody that
I would see you holding a passport in hand. I could be a good mother for your child.
would see you buying something, it looks to me The basic difference now is is that in the past you
like a small box, but you are paying for this item would be looking for somebody who had the ex-
with foreign money, and there is people around act measurements that you were looking for, that
you speaking a foreign language. might have been the blond, blue-eyed bombshell

type person, and that type of relationship never At this point I don't feel that you are dependent
seems to project more than three months. on alcohol. I know that you don't like to be alone
Now I think that you are becoming more selec- and any relationship is probably better than no re-
tive, and a person has to have a certain sense of lationship. It seems to me that you have a woman
pride, a certain sense of dignity, or principles in around you now that is probably totally convinced
order for you to be interested in the person, and that you are going to marry her. As far as the fu-
there is a very good chance, at least what I sense, ture goes you are at a point in time now where
that the woman that you would marry probably you should search for the Taurus, you know the
could be involved in the same craft as you. In my Taurus the Bull woman.
mind I would see this woman, she seems slimish I would say search for the Taurus female, because
rather than overweight. that would give you the depth you need. Your en-
I don't think that you have a particular liking for ergy level indicates to me that you are searching
women that are overweight, but this woman for the perfect woman and I remember reading
would seem to be about five foot six, and she is in somewhere at some point in time that the perfect
what I would refer to as a power suit, a suit that an woman is a deaf mute nymphomaniac who's fa-
executive woman would wear, or corporate wom- ther owns a liquor store.
an would wear, and she's carrying an attache case, That's my attempt at a joke. I don't really feel that
and that would indicate to me that, I don't know, a you are going to find the perfect woman because
real estate broker, an insurance agent or some- any relationship that exists is a compromising re-
body in some form of marketing, and I would lationship. It's give... you know, you wash my
probably opt for marketing or sales. hand, I'll wash yours.
That would be her background. Very neat, very You wash my back, I'll wash your back. And the
well groomed, and certainly a very self assured in- only way that a relationship works is both of you
dividual. You would marry the woman that initial- giving the same amount of energy into a relation-
ly you would be intimidated by. I feel the majority ship.
of women that come into your life you intimidate Unfortunately, in the majority of the relationships
because they see you as a free spirit, they see you there is a leader and there is a follower. You have
as a butterfly, they see you as a person afraid of the tendency of being the leader and I don't feel
making a total commitment. that you will be comfortable in being the follower.
You speak almost with a silkened tongue. You are It's necessary to put all your cards on the table.
able to be convincing, you are able to make your You more than likely will live with the woman
point, you have no problem in placing women in before you marry her, and that would be for a 15
horizontal positions, I think the problem is that month period of time or less. You will be married,
you grow tired very easily, you grow bored very I feel that you will stay in a long term marriage,
easily, and that if you are not stimulated by the and I would suspect that you would have more
woman intellectually, mentally and emotionally, I than one marriage in this lifetime, or at least more
don't think that she is going to be in your life for a than one major relationship in this lifetime.
very long time.
You have been somewhat of a confirmed bachelor
Whereas, in your past, I believe that you could be over the last two years, and I would sense that it's
involved with a women simply because of the aes- time for change in your life. You've got the looks,
thetics, simply because of her looks, her body, and you've got the personality, you've got the brains,
not so much her brains. You can see how things you have the gift to gab, you have it all.
have changed, and that you have changed, prob-
ably beginning with your 39th year. You are looking at this point in time for harmony,
or tranquillity, or peace of mind, and I feel that
Things have changed for you. I don't sense that because you're the good guy you are riding the
you have experienced total happiness within your white horse with the white hat.
life at this point in time. It almost seems in order
for you to go ahead into the future, that you have You're the good cowboy, the woman you marry
to put the past behind you. would have had a disastrous past, a disastrous re-
lationship, a disastrous marriage, and she would
You are becoming more aware now of health is- go through abandonment, and she would go
sues, as far as working out, as far as either doing through a divorce, she would go through some
the weights or jogging or tennis or golf or some form of abuse, I would guarantee you that.
sort of sport, you are becoming more aware of
that now. And I feel that you keep yourself in rea- She has been either through mental abuse, finan-
sonably good shape. cial abuse, physical abuse, substance abuse, and
you're the good guy that's going to save the day,

and that is the ideal type of relationship for you to a dare or take a gamble, you may have some affin-
involve yourself in, because then of course you ity for scuba diving or sky diving, or something a
can be your own person and give the love that you little bit out of the ordinary, simply because you
possess. are not a common person.
You have enough love within you that two or And of course from time to time you will ask
three other guys wouldn't have. In that regard I yourself is this my life? At my age is this my life?
would simply say look around you because your Somewhere on or about your 44th birthday your
future is in your present as far as relationships go. life would have taken changes or shall take chang-
You currently have a secret admirer or a relation- es in a different direction, because you've become
ship that you put certain restrictions upon and if somewhat predictable in your actions.
those restrictions were lifted, I think that the rela- In many ways I don't believe that you could be
tionship could go full speed ahead and end up in a the bad person if you tried to be, you would not
marriage, and again, I would think within a 15 turn your back from responsibilities, you would
month period of time from now. not turn your back on monies owed, or responsi-
bilities to the family. So, in essence you are a per-
son that is always going to be the helpmate for
40's Male Married your family, always be around for your family.
I would sense that you're at a point in your life I think currently you are bored, that you are over
now where perhaps you are not in as great physi- qualified in your job position, and unchallenged
cal shape as you were ten years ago. You have be- within your job, there would have to be some
come more organized, more practical and more in- changes there, and it is interesting, based on your
dependent and more expressive, and probably energy level. [ either from your voice or from
more disciplined than you were as a younger per- your handwriting, or from your photograph, or
son. from the lines in your palm. ]
I would see you perhaps falling into the category You are prepared for change now, and it will not
of being a workaholic. That you find that your be one change in your life, but rather three chang-
wife thinks that you do not give her as much qual- es, and each change will be contingent on another,
ity time as you should. You are more involved in so that there will be three major changes within
work and making money and cultivating a cash your life over this next 15 month period of time.
flow, then you have been at any other time.
You can accomplish whatever you want to accom-
You seem more dedicated now relative to work plish. You should keep some sort of a journal or
than you have been in the past. You are becoming some sort of a log of what happens in your life.
somewhat set in your ways. You don't have as You may find your own psychic talents will fall
much free time as you had as a younger person. into two areas.
And she would see you probably from time to You could have pre-cognitive dreams, or you
time as cantankerous and stubborn and adamant in could have dreams of things that have not oc-
your views, sort of a black and white individual curred as yet, and then they would occur. This is a
where in the past she was able to charm you to get pre-cognitive way about you of being able to
her own way, and I think all the amount of charm sense things or see things that would happen in
she has now does not get you to change your the future. Secondly, I think that you possess the
mind. ability of being a natural born healer, and that is
You seem to be a little bit closer with money or a by laying on of hands of another person, you
little bit more interested where money goes now probably could heal that individual.
than you've been in the past. I feel that you desire There are very few healers in life relative to the
freedom in life, you desire change in life. You amount of people in the world. There are very few
have a very inventive, innovative way about you, well-known healers, but you are certainly capable
and you want to be debt free. of being a healer. You can be a healer with your
I think that's your goal to be debt free in life hands, with your voice, telepathically through
without owing anybody. Certainly, to live many long distance, so in many ways I would see you as
years, and certainly to keep yourself in reasonably somewhat unusual and I think that when people
good shape. I believe that you would have a secret look at you, they see you as unusual.
admirer with somebody that you work with or You have a way, sort of an intellectual analysis of
somebody who works for you. people. You are very perceptive. You have always
As far as your nature is concerned, you seem to be been a different individual on a different mental
a person who would take a calculated risk or take level than people around you. You have the curi-

osity of a cat, you have progressive ideas and in- you would do very well. Because you are able to
sights and you have been able to learn from your read people, you are able to read their moods,
past experiences. their personalities, you are able to have a sensing
As a child you had to create your own fun, create of what they're all about.
your own entertainment, and probably many times I can see you doing some sort of work from the
create your own finances to do what you wanted home. I think that you have good communication
to do. You could've taken two directions in your techniques, you probably have access to a com-
life. You could've been a good guy or a bad guy, puter.
and you have chosen to be the good guy. You cer- It is important for you not to become bored, and to
tainly have the perseverance. always achieve, at least attempt to achieve. The
You would probably make an excellent photogra- man that said, "it is better to have loved and lost
pher, because I see you taking pictures but not than not to have loved at all," knew what he was
necessarily of people, but of maybe the sea shore, talking about.
the seascape, or the forest, the woodlands, but I It is better to try to achieve something, and if you
would see you taking pictures of lighthouses, the fail you fail, but at least you've tried. Don't be-
symbolism is the lighthouses are on the ocean or come melancholy, and don't become, you know,
near the ocean. just placated in settling and doing nothing. You
I think you save everything. You are a very sensu- communicate with everybody else around you and
al individual relative to the opposite sex, you are the person that you may not communicate with as
very experimental by nature, you've always de- much as you should is your own wife.
sired great changes in your life. I would see you Anything that you achieve in life, as far as busi-
as... I think dignified is probably too strong a ness is concerned will be successful, but you also
word, but I would see you as reasonably laid back. are capable of achieving things on a metaphysical
You take life one day at a time, one week at a level.
time, one year at a time. I don't feel that you get I don't think you actually like to take medicines or
excited easily, so that you're not spastic or run- pills or even aspirins, so obviously you wouldn't
ning around like a chicken with your head cut off. fall into the category of being sick or being a hy-
You are more the philosopher, that you've been pochondriac type individual.
practical, that you've been down to earth. You I would sense two initials, and one would be 'M'
trust a person until a person burns you. You have as in Mary or Michael, and the other would be 'L'
a reasonably good trust of people. as in love. And I think somehow these two initials
You're basically an advanced person, you're not are going to be significant with you.
an egomaniac type individual, but you do express You will be recognized in this lifetime for some-
pride and determination, and the Zodiac sign Leo thing that you have achieved. You're handsome
is going to play some significance within your and you probably may not agree with that. You
life. may not be in the greatest physical shape in the
You're not going to have a nervous break down, world, but I think that you can do that again.
you're not going to commit suicide, you're not You get bored with things more readily now than
going to go to prison. I think if these things were in the past. You would probably be watching what
going to happen, they already would have hap- you eat, and again, you would fall into the catego-
pened. You have accomplished many things in ry of anything homeopathic or holistic relative to
your life. life.
You've overcome obstacles that perhaps could not You would have a particular, I am not entirely
be overcome by other people. Certainly you have sure why, because of late, I think you have a par-
shown your strength. I think you could charm the ticular interest in health care or health care cover-
stripe off of a skunk. Any form of marketing or age. I believe that you'll travel to any state of the
sales you would do very well in. union that ends in the letter 'A', would be in your
You are not the aggressor going for the juggler favor.
vein, but that your personality is somewhat patient That could be California, Arizona, or Virginia. I
and laid back, knowing that good things will come feel that you are entering into a period of time
to you. You have the ability of changing opinions within your life now that is going to be very pro-
of others. You can take a negative person and turn ductive for you financially and emotionally.
them into a positive person.
And I would sense that you have been somewhat
On the psychic side of you, I believe that if you sentimental or maudlin, mentally returning to the
really wanted to cultivate that particular talent,
past, as far as if you married the other gal, be- You are at a stage in your life now where you
cause when you married your wife, she and an- need the love, you need the companionship, you
other woman were in competition for you at the need the passion and the lust, you need that, be-
same time. cause I think that is your fountain of youth. I be-
I think that your wife is feisty, outspoken, lusty, lieve the good luck charm for you is probably the
jealous, not meek, not mild, not reluctant, and you four leaf clover.
have met your match with this person. You are straight, traditional, old-fashioned, and
The two of you together are like two Mack trucks you are not a game player, and I would assume
hitting each other head on, so that if there are to you have a marriage or relationship behind you. I
be issues in this lifetime to be argued out or nego- would assume that you'd outlive your first hus-
tiated, both of you are very strong minded. It is band. I assume, as long as you do not compare a
just a question of... the key is communication. past love to a future love, I suspect that you'll be
happy within your life.
You are not going to experience negative health,
you're not going to be bankrupt, you're not going The biggest problems within a relationship is a
to be without food or shelter. You'll be successful woman comparing a past love, that maybe she
in your own businesses and you will be successful suffered some unrequited love, unresolved love,
in this marriage as long as there is strong commu- and compare it to a new person in her life. And
nication. You have an exciting future ahead of for the new man, it's like fighting a ghost. He'll
you. never win. We do not live in a perfect world with
perfect people and in any relationship there is
some sort of compromise one way or the other.
50's Female Single I don't think that you let your defenses down very
I would sense that you will not go through life easily. If there is going to be some lover boy come
alone. It appears to me that you pretty much have into your life, or some macho male come into
come to some conclusions that you may well be your life and try to impress you, he'll probably be
alone in life, but I don't think that is what the uni- out the door before he knows what's happened,
verse has in store for you. because you don't put up with a lot of foolishness
from men. You are not easily impressed.
The reason I say that is you are more attractive
than you give yourself credit for. Probably more You are independent. You are not boring. You
well-balanced. You are a lot wiser than you were don't need help in the romance department, you
10, 20, 30 years ago. That you are not a manipula- probably have a tendency of putting on weight
tive lady, you are not a game player, you are not a much easier than in the past, so you are always
trouble maker. struggling to keep your weight in line. I believe
you have a knowledge of food stuffs, nutrition,
you know you have a domestic side to you in the carbohydrates, and fats, and if you were to just
sense that I don't think that cooking and cleaning maintain yourself on a low-fat or no-fat diet, it
and house work and all that stuff is going to be the would work for you.
typical you. You look about 10 years younger
than your actual age, so people around you I sense that you have been in a off-again on-again
wouldn't have any idea actually how old you relationship now, where perhaps you were not in
would be. love with the man, but it's comfortable, it's se-
cure, and at least it's somebody to spend time
I know that you have a tendency when going out with.
to clubs or dancing you feel perhaps you're the
oldest one in the room, I don't think that's the I think it's a friendship that has evolved into a
case, because I don't think that your body reflects very personal relationship, a very intimate rela-
that, I don't feel that you are full of barbiturates or tionship, but I don't feel that you would be in love
that your full of drugs or alcohol, so I don't really with the person, and I would sense this man
believe that there has been a lot of wear and tear would probably have feelings for you more than
on your body. you would have feelings for him.
Number one, I would say to you that you will at- I would sense that you will meet or you have met
tract younger men to you. I don't feel that you like a person that you would either work with or work
being alone, and the interesting thing is, you'd for. When you go out socializing to weddings or
rather live with a guy than live with a woman, be- clubs or dances, through no fault of your own you
cause guys, most guys, are probably neater and have a tendency of attracting losers or men that do
pick up after themselves perhaps more so than a not appreciate you for who you are.
woman would. You seem to be very sensitive, or perhaps even

over sensitive about your age. You have been you are not looking for a one night stand. I know
spending a lot of time reflecting on the past, or that you are looking for something long term, be-
what major events have happened in your life, cause it is difficult spending your holidays with a
you've suffered an unrequited love where you girlfriend.
were with the proper person, but maybe the time And that is not the way that it is supposed to be. I
frame was off, and then there was a separation for do feel that any bad luck you experience in your
the wrong reasons, and a letter you mailed was life probably has already happened. I don't feel
never received. there is any negativity, any dark cloud upon you,
Once you love a person, once you commit your- or that anybody has put a curse on you
self to an individual, you stay committed. This is I simply feel that it is a question of things happen-
unfinished business with the man from the past. If ing because they are supposed to happen. And
your phone rings once or twice in the late night or when things happen, you may not think so, but it
early morning, I think that you know who it is. is called synchronicity, and things happening,
I think that it is a male that you have been with in time and circumstance, things happen. But you
the past, or that you recently have separated from, may not realize at that time why they happen.
and he would be, in his mind, in a lose-lose situa- I believe that you still save letters, that you still
tion, but he would be calling you and letting the save greeting cards. That you are looked upon as
phone ring a few times, or perhaps even when you being the responsible person, and it almost seems
pick up the phone there would be silence on the that you network for everybody else, so if there is
other end of the line. a Christening or a shower or something's got to be
I don't believe this is a stalker, and I don't believe put together, it appears to me that you're the one
that you are in any physical trouble, I simply feel in charge of putting it together.
that it is a male making contact with you that he is You will be a matchmaker for bringing two peo-
still around. I get the initials J and W, and that ple together that will be ultimately married. And
would be like John or James or Joseph, and Wil- you may say to yourself, always a bridesmaid,
liam. never a bride, but I don't think that is going to be
In that regard, that you are still searching for your the case.
soulmate, you're still searching for a perfect love. You must persevere, not give up, not give in, be
You would have a very strong potential of having optimistic, and a self-discipline will work for you.
a relationship with a married male. And that You are obviously expressive, you're obviously
would either be past, present or future. creative, and you will attain many things in your
Certainly the potential is there. You are well-liked life.
at work and probably over qualified, and probably I believe that you have become a little bit more
a little bit under paid, and I would suspect a little philosophic now than in the past more of a
bit bored. And you would ask yourself... I can't dreamer, more of a romantic, but my sense is that
remember the title of the song... but the words you are in a rut.
along the line, 'Is that all there is?'
You have become predictable, you have become
So, is that all there is to your life? I don't think so. routine, and in my mind it's like watching a tiger
There is a lot of excitement, a lot of intrigue, a lot in a cage, you know, just going back and forth,
mystery, and a lot of happiness within your future. and back and forth, so that you've got to break the
Simply because I feel that you are young at heart, pattern and break the routine.
I think that you've kept yourself in decent shape, I
think you are still a good dancer, that you don't If there is going to be a soulmate in your future,
need three inches of make up, I don't think that you are the one that has to let him into your life. I
there is really anything wrong with you. really feel that within you there's anger, there's
disappointment, there's some hostility, and you'd
I would suppose that listening to your voice, or go through a period of time of giving up men en-
reading your handwriting, or reading your palm, tirely, you know, that's why at some point in time
or whatever this connection happens to be, that you may have determined you would not marry
you might have plastic surgery around the eyes, again, you wouldn't be in another relationship.
just around the crows feet on the eyes, which will
probably reduce another ten years from your age. It is often said that you have to kiss the ten frogs
before you can kiss the prince or find the prince,
The best relationship would be a younger male, and my feeling is that you've had your share of
maybe up to four to five years, that is totally com- frogs. It's a question of from this point on things
mitted and that is looking for a committed rela- will be different for you. Look for the man that
tionship, a monogamous relationship and I know wears red suspenders. I would say look for the

man that has got a little birth mark on his right I would think that logically and statistically that
butt. You will marry again, because you attract to you would outlive your husband. And I don't
you. a lot of different people. think that you really need a psychic to tell you
Once you feel comfortable with a person, because that, but it is reasonable to say that you would out-
it seems to me that you have to like a person, that live your husband, and I believe also that you
you have to respect a person mentally and emo- would remarry.
tionally before anything of any physical nature is You may think from time to time I wonder if my
going to happen. husband ever had a girlfriend? I wonder if he's
You have paid your dues and it's time for change got a mistress? I wonder if he's ever fooled
within your life. The changes are there, you are around on me? And the way that I would answer
approaching a cross-roads within your life. Within that question is that where there is smoke there is
an 11 month period of time things are going to fire.
change for you. If you sense something on an intuitive level, most
It's a sense that knowing what's going to happen, times I think you are accurate. You may sense or
because you've been going around and around do- ask yourself the question, again, am I psychic?
ing the same thing, being with the same people, Am I intuitive? And based on what I have just in-
going to the same places. I just think you're men- dicated, I would say you are very intuitive and
tally fatigued. And if you feel tired, it's a stress you are very perceptive, and if you think some-
syndrome that you are going through. You are go-' thing is going on, something probably is going on.
ing to make some changes in your life, you really I don't think that children are able to lie to you. I
have to look back into the past and leave no stone don't think that a person is able to look you in the
unturned. eye and deceive you or lie to you without you
If you believe there has been a potential relation- having a sense of that.
ship with this man or that man or a past employer You may wonder about your own health, and it's
or a past boyfriend or whatever, look for the rela- always good... you know, insurance companies,
tionship that ended for the wrong reason. This will when you fill out an application and get insurance,
be the key. You'll look into your past over the last and they say how old was your mother when she
weeks, months, years, and you'll look for a rela- died or how old was your father when he died?
tionship that was a good relationship, but it ended And, how did they die, under what circumstances.
for the wrong reasons, whereas perhaps the rela- Because insurance companies believe in genetics
tionship was right on, but the timing may have and genetic engineering, and they feel that if your
been off. mother lived until she was about 75 years old, per-
If you look back and try to resolve that, you will haps you'll probably live until you are about 75
find everything is time and circumstance, and you years old. And if your mother lived until she was
have all your irons in the fire, and think that tim- 50, they would probably figure that you're going
ing may be more productive for you now than it's to live until you were about 50. There obviously
been at any time in the past. are strong exceptions to the rules, but it is used as
It's just a question of moving ahead in time and a guideline.
not backsliding. You know, I just think you've So you should be able to look at your mother's
reached a level or a plateau that you are not re- life, if you know that information, as far as what
gressing and you're not progressing, but I think her eating habits were, if she had a drinking prob-
that you have to look at the past, have to analyze lem, or if she had any substance abuse problems,
the past, research the past, resolve the past. and that should give you information to protect
Then and only then will you be capable of going yourself. If you had a parent that died of sclerosis
on into the future. And the past may help you to of the liver, for example, you want to make sure
understand your future. that you keep away from alcohol, because you
might be prone to that. If you had a parent or sib-
ling that was very obese, and there was a lot of fe-
50's Female Married male problems, you set yourself up for the same
type of problems because you have the same
I would sense, at least I am getting impressions of blood.
questions that you would ask, yet what I will try
to do is answer questions for you without you ask- You are supposed to be able to look at your par-
ing the questions. I would sense that you ask your- ents and learn learn what to do and what not to
self the question, will I outlive my husband, or do. And if your mother is reasonably healthy and
shall he outlive me? still around, I suspect she'd be in her seventies
maybe even in her eighties, and that's probably
the pathway that you would take. As you look You probably feel that your husband works too
around you, you find that it is necessary to keep much, and that he should slow down somewhat
yourself busy, necessary to do things with other for fear of high blood pressure, or sugar diabetes,
people. or something, there's always something to be con-
You probably have been told that you have a cerned about. And you are becoming more protec-
green thumb and that you can grow anything. That tive at this time in your life than perhaps when
you have a problem with keeping the weight off, you were a younger person.
and perhaps now that you are not as thin as you You can probably be more selective as far as
used to be. People see you as very charming, an friends are concerned. I don't think that you'd
excellent hostess, that you are not vain, that you have a problem in reading people. I happen to like
are not looking at yourself in the mirror all day, you and I would feel that you probably have a lot
that you don't try to dress like you're 20 years of different acquaintances, but before you let
old, people around you have a genuine respect for somebody into the inner sanctum of your mind to
you. be a close friend, I suspect that you check them
I don't feel that doing domestic chores or house- out pretty good. You have a tendency of going to
work is going to give you the rewards that you bed earlier now than you did as a younger person.
need in life. And I would suspect that now you are You require less sleep now than you did as a
more interested in companionship with your hus- younger person. As far as the future is concerned,
band, and maybe that you are not as lusty or feisty you can accomplish anything you want to as long
or romantic, nor he, than you were at one time. as you believe that you can accomplish it. You are
A good luck charm for you is probably a ladybug, entering into more of a time in your life when
a little orange bug with tiny black spots. And if you're seeking the balance and seeking the har-
one lands on your shoulder or one lands on your mony, and you probably need less excitement in
hand, or you find a lady bug in your home, it is a your life.
very strong sign of good luck for the following 12 And many times relatives have a tendency of tak-
month period of time. I would see you as very ing advantage of you or of your time. Not so
friendly, outgoing, and that you're not trying to be much overtly, but you're supposed to always be
the bell of the ball any longer. there, you're supposed to always be available, as a
You seem to be more concerned with your chil- baby sitter or helping somebody out. You prob-
dren than you are with yourself. It's a question of ably do more for them than they do for you, so
knowing where you want to go in life. So it may your past track record is that you've been gener-
be unlikely that you're going to be a millionaire, ous with your time, and in a way, you've sort of
yet you'll still be able to be stable, you'll still created a Frankenstein monster, because all the
have a roof over your head. care giving you do to your family doesn't seem to
be rewarded.
The cost of everything is going up, and in my
mind I can see you always relating to the cost I don't feel that you get that many pats on the
when you were a younger woman when bread was back. You are diplomatic, you are very organized,
forty cents a loaf and now it's $1.75 a loaf. When you're comfortable in making decisions. My sense
hamburger was probably sixty cents a pound and is that you are not a happy hooker, Saturday Night
now it's $4.00 a pound. You could go to the mo- Special type person. You are conservative, and I
vies as a child for 25 cents or 50 cents, and now think the majority of men that you have seen in
it's $6 or $7. And I can see you now becoming of- your life probably have not impressed you all that
fended if somebody wants to offer you senior citi- much.
zen benefits because you're not a senior citizen. You are intellectually inclined, you have tradition-
In many ways, things change within your life. It's al goals. A questioning nature. I believe that from
just a question of where you want to go and what the beginning that you have been a perfectionist
you want to do in your life. I don't sense that you and that probably is not going to change. You're
look your age, other men still find you attractive. very concerned in how you look, very concerned
with your body, very concerned with the image
You have had fantasies of a one night stand, I be- that you give off to other people, and that you
lieve you've had fantasies of having an illicit rela- probably would do much better as a professional
tionship or an affair, which is not terribly uncom- person, than as a domesticated person.
mon. And you may be more of a romantic than
your husband is, and there never seems to be You possess the equivalent of a college education.
enough time to spend quality time with each oth- I think that you have always been a dreamer, and
er. that you may well find yourself reading things of
romance and things of metaphysics. You would

have a way about you of probably having a natu- very strong therapeutic effect on other people.
ral healing talent within your hands and that it is Whatever you're supposed to be doing, you're do-
said that those that dream in color are somewhat ing it and it's therapeutic for you. Each time you
psychic. Those that have pre-cognitive dreams are help somebody else it is therapeutic for you, be-
somewhat psychic, or dreams of things to happen cause in a way you're healing yourself. I believe
in the future. that you are a beautiful person both inside and
Whatever that word means - psychic -, I think that outside, and you're going to live many years in
you're husband would be probably the opposite of good health, and you will experience prosperity in
that, because I see him sort of scientifically mind- your life, and happiness within your life. I wish
ed. He makes up his mind, and he doesn't change you good luck and God bless.
his mind. And what goes in one ear goes out the
other ear, and he can't be compromised by com-
mon sense. 50's Male Single
Once he makes up his mind, that is it, then it is a I would sense that a major concern in your life
done deal. And if you agree with him, that's fine, would be relationships. Simply put, and probably
and if you don't agree with him, well that's fine, on a logical level, if you are 50 years old and sin-
too. In that regard the future is going to be a hap- gle, that would indicate that you've already been
pier one for you, but what you see is what you divorced, separated, or currently separated, and
got. that you would be questioning yourself relative to
Your husband today is the same person he was relationships.
when you married him he has not changed. Fe- You are more concerned with bringing balance
males have a tendency of changing a lot easier into your relationships. Where earlier in your life
than men. You become more aware around you. you may have been more concerned with the aes-
As far as what's happening within your life, be thetics of the person, now you are probably more
concerned about your grandchildren. concerned with the balance, the harmony, the in-
I feel that your life is not over, there is much ex- tegrity of the individual, because I would see you
citement within your future. Again, I don't think more likely to be a one woman man.
that you're trying to set the world on fire, you just You are creative, self-expressive, and I would sus-
want simple peace of mind, and the piece of mind pect that you are more disciplined at this age than
will be there for you. you were at 40 or 30 years old. You are probably
You're always going to be the helper, you're al- more in touch with yourself. And obviously
ways going to be the person to enable others. And you've reached the conclusion that you pretty
sometimes you find yourself around negative peo- much will determine your own destiny.
ple or dysfunctional people, and you can't let that I don't sense that you're rough around the edges,
wear off on you, because if you are as psychic as I you see things very clearly, but yet you may not
think you are, it means you are somewhat sponge- be as impressed with people or situations as you
like, and when you're around positive people, were as a younger person. By your calculations
you're going to feel great about yourself. you'll probably be around another 30 years, You
I don't think you'd do well working in an inten- are at the height of your earning power now, so
sive care unit in a hospital. Simply because your that if you've done well financially in your life,
heart goes out to people, you have a love of peo- you'll continue to do well, or if you have reached
ple, and I don't think you could be cold or bitter a particular plateau, you may stay at that plateau.
or uncaring or insensitive if you tried to be. You are more apt to make changes now than you
You've always been very much people-oriented were as a younger man, simply because that you
and that's pretty much who you're going to be rel- are more in control of yourself. That you are an
ative to the future. I sense that you probably read individual that would not turn your back on fami-
more magazines now than you have in the past, ly, not turn your back on debts, not turn your back
and probably more newspapers as well, in order to on responsibilities.
keep yourself up on current events. You are one of the good guys, in that you want to
You have overcome a lot of obstacles, you've make sure that everybody else is happy, so you've
overcome a lot of things in your spiritual path, but been somewhat of a support system to those
you have grown and you have a mission to ac- around you, and that you don't want to step on
complish in this lifetime, and I would sense that toes, you don't want to be the mean guy, so it's
your mission in this lifetime is to help others, to sort of like you're the cowboy in the white hat on
rehabilitate others, to fix others, where you have a the white stallion.

You want to do good to those around you before where you can be comfortable with yourself. You
you can begin with your own existence. I would are becoming more aware of your own health and
sense probably two children around you. I don't your own health care. You're becoming a little bit
know if that would be, again, from one woman or more aware of the food stuffs that you eat, so that
two relationships or two marriages, but I would you are probably not out and about every night of
sense two children around you. the week.
You've gone through a period of time where And looking back in time, I suspect that even as a
you'd simply like to live in a log cabin out in the younger man, every weekend was a busy weekend
woods, or you'd like to live in some grass shack where you did a great deal of socializing, and you
on an island somewhere where you can get away probably worked twice as hard as a youngster in
from humanity a great deal. your 20's then you do now.
I believe in looking at your palm, or listening to I believe that you are making or trying to make
your voice or handwriting or sensing your own some sort of plans relative to the future. Probably
energy level, that you're disconcerted take the the ideal situation for you would be to live in Flor-
holiday season that in your mind you probably ida during the winters and live somewhere else
feel that it is over commercialized, and everybody during the summers. You are outgoing, optimistic,
is looking for money. gregarious. Again, I think that you are a quality
I don't feel that you trust politicians, I don't feel individual.
that you trust lawyers, and so my sense is as you Somewhat of a voyeur. You like natural beauty,
become older you become somewhat cynical in you like aesthetics. I would see you as probably a
your views. You still have the determination, the little bit more refined, again, than you were in the
ambition, the dedication. You are able to make past. My sense is that you will always make
strong judgments based on your own intuition. enough money to survive. You will always have
People's first impression of you is that you are ad- enough financial solvency to get the bills paid.
amant, that you are persistent, that you are enthu- Money is very important to you.
siastic, and that you do well in things you like and Material things are very important to you because
you may not do well in things you don't like. You my feeling is you were not born rich, you were
promote everything around you, but you don't not born out of the family of a millionaire, so you
promote yourself, so I would think that in many hold material things in high regard, and you have
ways that you should, perhaps give yourself a lit- protected yourself so that you will not go down
tle bit more space, and be perhaps a bit less judg- the tubes financially. In this lifetime you will
mental of yourself. make a fortune, you will lose a fortune, and then
You are best when you are faced with a challenge. make another fortune.
If you are retired with nothing to do, with money You will fail before you succeed, and you may
in your pocket, with no responsibilities, you fail at a career position, you may fail at a relation-
would probably drive yourself crazy because you ship or a marriage, and then you would succeed
are not being stimulated or challenged as much as and elevate in a career position and then succeed
you would like. You are a natural born leader, you and elevate in a relationship.
are not a follower. So it's almost as if you have to fail before you can
You desire to walk side by side with somebody, dust yourself off and pick yourself up and basical-
or hand in hand with somebody. You don't desire ly get on with your life. You are not terribly cau-
to walk in front of them or have them walk in tious. I would see you as an adventurous spirit.
front of you. In that regard I feel a great deal of You like to keep busy. You have a knack for do-
fairness about you. You have spirit guides, prob- ing things for other people.
ably with the Indians or an Indian Chief of some You're not going to get Alzheimer's. I feel that
sort that would guide you or give you advice. you have a very sharp mind, that you are able to
At this point in time, there would be two women see things very clearly. Once you make up your
attracted to you one older and one younger. I mind you don't change your mind. I'm not sens-
think you have a propensity of being drawn to ing a great deal of vacillation or procrastination
younger women. You are somewhat unconven- about you, you know where you want to go in this
tional in a sense that you are coming to terms with life.
basically who you are. That you may not want to You are well respected. People see you as very
set the world, on fire, or you may not want to be an honest, maybe a bit of a workaholic. Again, first
executive, and you may not want to be president. impressions are that you are in control of your
You are just looking for your niche in life as far as life. Nobody's going to tell you what to do or own

you, or possess you, or control you. You may well You are not the complainer. As long as you are
have an ex-wife that would want to come back to challenged, you'll be satisfied with the type of
you. work that you do, and along with that will come
Once she found out all the jerks that are out there the money, along with that will come the material
and ail the fools that are out there, and all the men things and the possessions, you would taste suc-
that would not commit out there, and then she has cess in your life, and I think that the sun would
thought in retrospect about you, you may get sig- shine on your shoulders, but never to give up on
nals or signs from an ex-wife or and ex-lover that yourself or your own potential.
she would want to have you back in her life. And you know sometimes when we are walking
It would be because her observations or philoso- or running we stumble and fall, but by your ener-
phies would be that the devil you know is better gy level you have the capacity of picking yourself
than the devil you don't know, or you don't want up, dusting yourself off, and then getting on with
to jump from the frying pan into the fire. your life. So in many ways you should feel very
proud of yourself, because you've gotten to where
As you try to progress in life, you'll find that there you are at this point in your life through your own
is still some unfinished business or unresolved is- ambition, and I don't think anyone has given you
sues in your past. You have pride, you have prin- anything. If somebody wanted to give you some-
ciples, and you have the respect of those around thing, you probably wouldn't want to accept it
you. You are, again, ambitious and you would anyway, you don't want to owe any person.
provide for yourself.
And I don't think that your personality is going to
If there are going to be doors of opportunity in change that much. I would sense the next three or
your life, you will open the doors. If you open a four years for you are probably going to be happi-
new bedroom door, you have to close an old bed- er than the previous sixteen years. It's just a ques-
room door. When I say you are your own person, tion of having some sort of idea and knowing
that is indicative that you do not want to be depen- where you want to go, because once you know
dent on somebody else. It's probably illogical to where you want to go in life, any road will get
say you're going to win a $10 million lottery. you there.
Simply put, the odds... statistically the odds are
very much against this happening. But that is not
to say that you cannot be happy financially. Your 50's Male Married
best investments will probably be in real estate, I would get a sense that you have accomplished a
and your biggest investment would be a home and great deal in your life, and I would also get a
a business, or both combined. sense that you have done things perhaps by the
In my mind I can see you living in a residential seat of your pants. I don't feel that you've been
dwelling that is located in a commercial area and predictable. I don't feel that you do things simply
running your business in there because you're for the sake of doing them or because it was writ-
good with people, you're good with numbers, ten on any particular page, but rather you do
you're a good communicator, that you are success things because you are strong-minded.
oriented, you're ambitious and I say success You are a good guy. You don't look your age, you
oriented rather than being power oriented. Your don't act your age. As far as the future is con-
health is not going to be bad. You act and look cerned you are going to enter into an area or a
like you're about 40 years old. transformation within your life, whereas your fu-
Things are going the way you want them to be- ture will be somewhat predictable from this point
come. Over the last 3 years you have become a on in time.
much stronger individual than you have been in You feel that your health is probably ok. You've
all your life. You have arrived. You are at the got the personality, you've got the brains, you've
edge now of becoming very successful, going for- got the charm, your personality seems to be that
ward in time. you are smooth, easy going, that you don't lose
You will never make as much money as you want your temper easily, that you are able to debate dif-
to make working for somebody else, so the obvi- ferent issues, that you are able to pretty much see
ous answer entrepreneurially is to have your own both sides of whatever situation exists.
business. And then you can be responsible for I would believe that you spoil the people around
yourself and no other person. I don't feel that you you because you seem to be the person to be the
would have 25 different job occupations in your provider. I would see you as a provider, not neces-
life. Probably three or four, because once you are sarily just in family, but to those around you. You
in a career position you like. You stay there. have overcome obstacles within your life.

I don't think that you were born with a silver competitive athletically as you once were, but yet
spoon in your mouth, I don't think that you were you still seem to have an active mind.
born as a millionaire, yet you seem to be on the Lately you've been concerned about monies or
pathway now of your financial situation improv- bills or concerned about your own demise as far
ing. In this day and age, of course, I doubt very as your leaving monies behind you for other fami-
much that we can support ourselves by being on ly members. You would be happier in the country
social security, we support ourselves on living than you would be in the city.
I would sense silver jewelry would be luckier for
That's basically what we do. We live from pay- you than gold jewelry, and I would sense that as
check to paycheck, and I would see you moving far as who you are and what you are all about, you
to a place whereas the... I think the weather will can accomplish whatever you want to accomplish.
be temperate. I don't think it is going to be severe-
ly cold, I don't feel that it's going to be severely You possess certain powers. You may not see
hot. Sort of like a middle of the line type tempera- yourself as having any particular power, but I be-
ture. lieve that you possess powers of observation, the
power of intuition. You probably have experi-
You are becoming a little bit more sensitive as far enced out of body projections.
as looking into the past. You have been somehow
on a different wave length than those around you, You would be comfortable in reading any written
and it's almost as if that you are doing a lot of works where man is going to overcome the ele-
thinking about the past rather than the future. ments, where man is going to overcome negativi-
ty, overcome the statistical odds.
You have been spending time not so much worry-
ing what lies ahead of you, but rather unresolved I feel that you will be in love with a person. You
issues of what lies behind you. If you are Catholic would be in love with a woman, and yet there
I sense that your Saint would be St. Joseph, the would be two major loves in your life. One now,
name Joseph would come to me. and one from the past. And the one from the past,
perhaps has not been resolved, perhaps has not
That would seem to be somehow significant. You been concluded, because it seems to sort of inter-
don't want to owe anybody anything. If you have rupt your thinking process, or your consciousness,
a bill, you pay the bill so that you don't want to more often than not. Perhaps a chilhood sweat-
become dependent. heart.
I would suspect as a child you may have had some The person that you would be with now, you may
desire to lean towards law enforcement. Because have begun by being in love with her, than over a
in my mind I can see you in the uniform. I don't nine year period of time loved her but not been in
know if that would be in a military uniform, or love with her, and maybe now it's all coming
police, or fireman, but in my mind I would see around to be like it was in the beginning. You
you in a uniform. don't ask the impossible.
You take reasonable good care of yourself. I don't You seem to be eating more fruits and vegetables
know that you have slowed down any. It seems to now. You seem to be somewhat more concerned
me that you're just as active now as you were 20 about your feet. I would sense that you should fol-
years ago. Probably your best investments will be low the advise of the Piscean. You should be cau-
in some form of land development. tious of the Aquarian. And if there is going to be
Metaphysically you are as old as you feel. George any head to head battles or intellectual stand-offs,
Burns sums it up saying that you are as old as the it would be with an Aries.
person you are with. I believe that you are going As a child, would have some desire to be involved
to go through a transformation where you will be with a person in uniform, such as the police or law
associated with younger people rather than older enforcement. You have always been your own
people. person. You could have gone good, you could've
You like to give advice, yet you don't like to take gone bad, and evidently you have made the right
unsolicited advice. You do not appear to be a per- decisions.
son who is going to hunt animals in the wood- The most important issue in your life is the person
lands, so you seem sort of metaphysical, or home- you are married to. That is the most important is-
opathic, or holistic. In that sense I believe you sue. You are able to look at your soulmate, look at
would protect the environment and be interested your twin flame, look at your life partner, and
in ecology. pretty much that person can make you or break
You are probably doing more reading now than you. That person can stand behind you, or they
you did as a younger person. You may not be as can self destruct the whole relationship.

I would see you as a person making decent choic- In many ways nothing will change in your life;
es. As of late you seem to be somewhat concerned your relationship, your family. I see you sort of as
with your weight. And perhaps from time to time a psychic. I feel you're somewhat sponge-like,
how long you are going to be around. You are go- and I feel somehow the name Paul comes to me,
ing to be around perhaps for another three dec- or St. Paul. I don't know if that is a Saint in heav-
ades, minimum. en or Minneapolis, but St. Paul comes to me.
You have a tendency of being a person of all sea- You are different, you are unusual compared to
sons, so I would suspect that this next eight month those around you. I would guarantee that if you
period of time that you are entering into, will be in ever had written a book and it was about your
your favor. I sense that there is somebody around own life, it probably would end up being a best
you with the same first name as you, or perhaps seller. I think now that you are embracing the uni-
even two people around you with the same first verse, you would be comfortable in dealing with
name as you. nature, dealing with the outdoors. You need things
You are able to hold your head up, you have the that are orderly, I don't think that you want things
respect of those around you. You are not going to that are all messed up.
bring any negativity or disrespect to your family. You want to be doing clear thinking and the wom-
You are very sharp. You make a very strong anal- an that you would be most happy with will be
ysis of people in situations. your counter part, will basically be a reflection of
You are clever without being sly. You sort of re- you. Somebody is going to have a background in
mind me... your energy reminds me of a Huckle- some form of human resources or public relations.
berry/Tom Sawyer type individual, whereas if you It may even well be homeopathic or holistic
wanted to, probably you could be very poetic. health care, but the person that you would be most
You have always had the confidence, you've nev- happy with would not be typical, would probably
er tried to be the machismo-type male, I don't be younger, and I would suspect even up to may-
think that's who you are. be 15 or 16 years younger.
I see you as somewhat adventurous, certainly reli- You are heading into a very good period of time
able, and probably not too proper, not too predict- in your life now, but I still sense that something
able in that sense. You sort of strike me as an indi- you have wanted to accomplish you have not ac-
vidual that could be lost in the woodlands all complished yet. So I think on some level you have
alone and somehow, some way survive. That you some secret desire that has not been accom-
are not aggressive, that you are assertive. I think plished. You shall accomplish, you shall get what
that you are inventive. you wish, sometimes we get what we wish for.
I don't think that you try to be forceful, or jealous, You will be able to accomplish what you want to,
or cunning, sly, or vindictive. You simply need and I feel it has something to do with the past
harmony, serenity, and tranquillity within your rather than the future, of making things right or
life. You give as you get. You love conditionally, making amends, or resolving a past problem. You
and you give conditionally. As long as somebody will resolve something in the past before you get
meets you half way, I suspect that you would go on into the future.
to hell and back for that person. You are heading into an exciting future. Within
Basically, if you are in your 50's now, I would the next 90 days will be the beginning. Anyway, I
think that growing up it seems to be that you were wish you good luck.
at the nucleus of everything. You will always be
happy near the ocean, be it the Atlantic or the Pa-
cific. I don't think that you would fare too well 60's Female Single
being inland, but I think the water... and also I You would be capable doing things that you did
think probably the water signs, the Pisces, Scorpi- not do as a younger woman, because we are al-
os, and Cancerians would be good for you. ways concerned with our future and your future is
Your future will be as your past has been in the going to be happier than your past.
sense that if you project your thinking into the fu- I realize the biological clock is ticking and that
ture, you personality is formed, your characteris- you may have somewhat reconciled yourself that
tics and idiosyncrasies are formed. None of these you may not remarry. You would probably outlive
things are going to change unless you change your first husband. You don't want to take a per-
them. Your weight will not change because your son into your life that is going to order you about
eating habits have been pretty much routine, pret- because you have created a great deal of indepen-
ty much the same. dence.

You've been your own person, you've set your question of taking off the weight that you have
own hours, you do pretty much what you want to been trying to take off and unfortunately as we get
do and you certainly don't want to be dependent older we have a tendency of putting on weight.
on your children. You don't want to be dependent You're dealing with cellulite and fats and all that
or co-dependent on other people around you. stuff and it makes it very difficult to lose the
You go through life and the fact of the matter is weight as it was as a younger woman.
that most of the men that you meet at church or at You don't seem to require as much rest or sleep
social gatherings probably do not impress you. now as you did as a younger woman so it gives
They are either too short or too tall or too fat or you more time to be productive within your life. I
too thin, too rough or too smooth and you are know you are faced with the question is this all
comparing these men that you meet currently with there is? Is this all there is in my life to look for-
a man that you have already known or perhaps ward to? Too collect unemployment? Too collect
have been in a relationship or been married to. social security? And sit back and knit sweaters
and afghans?
There is some unfinished business within your life
as far as relationships. You don't have time to go I don't think so. You are capable. Age is in the
to the clubs and the bars and the lounges to meet mind. A romantic relationship is 90% in the mind
people simply because everybody seems to be and whereas you do not look your age you will
younger than you. have the potential of attracting younger men to
And simply because you always feel like perhaps
I'm the oldest person in the room and I may not Even in relationships as a woman of your twen-
be the young busty blond with blue eyes any long- ties, before you have become physically active
er so I'm more moderate in my life style. with a man, there would have to be a ring on your
finger or you would have to have an engagement
Your energy level really tells me that you will not or have some formal agreement that you are going
go through life alone. That you have proved what- to be together for the rest of your life.
ever points you were trying to prove.
Now that you are in your sixties perhaps this real-
You've accomplished whatever you have tried to ism has set in or logical common sense has set in
accomplish. You've not fallen down, not gone to whereas, many men that are in there sixties are
the bottom of the barrel, not settled for second impotent, many men in their sixties are dysfunc-
best or compromised and obviously you would tional, so that it's really necessary to know about
rather be with a good book than some fool. the person and they say you don't know about a
You're going to meet a potential mate in the day- person until you live with the person or until at
time rather than in the evening and seventy per- least until you have been intimate with the person.
cent of the time it's going to be somebody you The ground rules have changed nowadays. Today,
work for or work with. if a sixty year old woman is going to date or be
You would need a companion and you don't nec- brought together by a match maker or by a blind
essarily need a person to tell you what to do or or- date, you're not going to date this person for five
der you about, but you need a lifemate, a compan- years and decide on perhaps being intimate after
ion, someone that is gainfully employed, has good five years because the rules and regulations as a
self-esteem and self-confidence and someone who young woman don't apply today.
is not abusive mentally, physically or substance So you're forced with making decisions you
abusive. Somebody who would give as they get. I would rather not make and it's got nothing to do
can see you with this type of individual. with your integrity, and it's probably been a while
Your previous husband probably didn't under- since you've been in a physical relationship and
stand completely where you were coining from, perhaps at least by the sound of your voice, your
what you're all about, or where you are going. I energy level perhaps you don't feel that you need
think that you have become more moderate in this that much of a physical relationship and you
sense that you may use less makeup now. would probably sacrifice the physical relationship
You have clothing and outfits and I believe in for companionship.
looking at you that you still have outfits in your You seem to be reasonably healthy, you don't like
closet that perhaps you have not worn in three or to take pills and medicines. You still are able to
four years although they are still very capable of look good at your age. Most people wouldn't
wearing if you can lose those few pounds that you guess how old you are. You still dress nice and
have been trying to lose. you still look great in the color purple. You are
You have the outfits waiting for you, it's just a still able to socialize and go to weddings. I think
you probably still like to dance.
The future being a reflection of your past, indi- vorced, perhaps a little bit older than you is going
cates if you do nothing, if you open no doors in to bring you together so that you don't really have
your life everything would be the same and you to go on any hunting spree, you don't have to be-
and I could sit and chat in a year or two years come the seductress to find a person, because the
from now and your life will not have changed at fact of the matter is I don't think that you could be
all. the happy hooker or you could be the one night
Everything will remain the same, so it's time to stand if you tried to be.
resolve issues. If there are any unresolved issues Simply because that is not in your upbringing.
and of course by being single you don't like to go Your upbringing is one-man, one-woman, total
everywhere alone. It gets tiresome to go out with commitment, total monogamy, and then marriage.
girlfriends to the movies or shopping. I think that That's basically how you have been and unfortu-
what you are looking for in your life is some form nately most of the men that you meet are sort of
of excitement that you have not had for a period not necessarily players, but they don't take life as
of time. seriously as you take life.
You may find yourself becoming more sentimen- It's a constant frustration and there may well be a
tal or looking back in the past with relationships professional man in your future like a doctor or
or that boy that liked you in your senior year in lawyer, because I would see you talking to a pro-
high school or that college fling. fessional man and I'm not entirely sure what the
You may be looking back in time and wondering dialog is about, but there is a certain gleam in his
how things could have changed within your life. eye, a certain little boy innocence within his eye
And it seems you like to talk, you're educated, I and it appears that he is attracted to you.
feel that you are articulate and that you keep your- If this has not already occurred, it probably is
self very busy. You handle money well, you get a about to occur. September and October are very
dollars value out of a dollar spent. strong months during the time of Libra or Scorpio
In many ways you have a lot more going for you very strong months for you too have good luck
than you think. You are not handicapped, you relative to relationships. Once the relationship has
don't have two heads. You are pleasant to be with. gone thirty months, that's two and a half years,
You are an excellent hostess, you keep a very once it has gone that far without commitment it is
clean place. In many ways you have a great deal time to change horses midstream, it's time to
to offer and you will find in potential relationships change relationships, it's time to change things.
that you probably have more to offer than a man I say this because I think the thirtieth month, once
would have to offer. You are still quite photogenic you have reached the two and a half year period
and everybody seems to like your sense of humor. of time in any relationship it's time then to be to-
It gets tiresome going to family gatherings alone. gether. You may have had feelings where as a
In my mind I see a man proposing marriage to young girl, I'll never live with somebody, but as
you but you would' refuse, simply because it an adult woman you may at least consider that,
would be a good relationship, a loving relation- because a lot of times it's less problematic and it's
ship, it would be a relationship were you would less confusing than marrying somebody.
have feelings for the person. You wouldn't be in I would guarantee you this that you will not go
love with the person, so not wanting to mislead through life alone, absolutely, it's not going to be.
him or compromise him, you would rather wait It's just a question of looking ahead to the fall, to
until the ideal person comes along. But what I the autumn months and when the autumn leaves
sense further is that you're comparing a current are falling, I think this is going to be your period
male with a past male. of time. Simply believe in yourself and have hope,
I feel that in relationships if you have three dates because without hope there is nothing.
with the same gentleman, I suspect that's serious You'll find if you truly concentrate on the future,
because if your not really impressed on the first or the universe shall provide, God shall provide as
second date it is highly unlikely that there would far as what is going to happen within your life. So
be a third date. again I wish you good luck, and God bless.
You are capable of achieving anything you want
to achieve. You have a secret admirer, somebody
you see in the daytime either a work related situa- 60's Female Married
tion or in a public place but I would feel that you [[[ I think we have to assume that a woman who is
do have a secret admirer. married in her sixty's that approaches a 900 Psy-
I would sense that a person who is widowed or di- chic or a reader, Tarot Card Reader, or somebody
that is reading into the future, may not be as per-
petually happy or perfectly happy as you would secondly, you find that any health issues seem to
want her to be. But I would give you some obser- be somehow significant with female issues. Be-
vations and some insights and some philosophies cause you have menopause to contend with, you
relevant to a woman who is 60 years old, or in her are continually bombarded with cancer scares, as
sixties and married. ]]] far as the breast cancer scare and examining your
You see yourself as a person that has been trans- own breast for potential breast cancer, so that is
formed from a younger woman into an older something always looming over one's head.
woman. Again, the typical late bloomer. You are I would think that you would be concerned about
now more capable of taking chances than you gall bladder, hysterectomy, relative to getting old-
would have as a child. You are more outspoken er. That you be concerned with female issues be-
now than as a teenager, and continually would cause things change. The body changes. And,
wonder is that all there is? Is that all there is in my again, even though you take care of yourself
life? It seems that you do not have the amount of through exercise, walking, aerobics, that you still
romance in your life that you once had. have a tendency of not being able to recapture that
It appears that your husband is not as much inter- youthful figure.
ested in you romantically as he was when you If you have an opportunity of going to a school re-
were first married. You sense that your husband is union, a 20th or 30th or 40th school reunion, I be-
moody or despondent or distracted or preoccupied lieve that in your mind you look younger than
with other things. He does not spend as much those around you. You may find the best weight
quality time with you as you would like. for you in a generalized way would probably be
He is not as complementary towards you as you between 125 and 155 pounds.
would like him to be. It appears that over the last That you are less concerned with the cost of an
several years that you have found men, especially outfit now, whereas at 20 you'd be concerned if a
younger men, it appears to be, well at least your dress was $40; that would be expensive. At 60, if
intuition is telling you, that these younger men are a dress is $400, and it is something you want, you
admiring you and that are drawn to you. They would get it. You also find that by wearing certain
don't know how old you are and perhaps you look colors when you are color coordinated, it shows
ten years younger than your age. off your complexion and your hair. Obviously, to
You dress in a youthful fashion so that you are not maintain your proper hair color you need some
dressed in dowdy, old-womanish clothes. And it sort of coloring agent to do that.
sort of tickles your fancy where as these younger And we know that nowadays, a natural blond
men appear, at least, to be very attracted to you in probably does not exist except from the bottle. As
a romantic way. Of course you have always been a wife you have always been there for your hus-
the straight shooter, you have always been the one band. You have always been supportive of your
man woman, you have always been faithful within husband, and I think at times that probably is not
your relationship, yet it does wonderful things for appreciated.
your ego to have a person that is interested in you That you find you are approaching senior citizen-
that way. ship, you are approaching collecting from social
It appears this would happen in the work place if security. And if you are over 62 or over 65, of
you are working, and if you are not working, it ap- course, you're already collecting from social se-
pears that it would happen in the daytime, rather curity. Somehow you feel that you deserve this,
than in the evening. These men will complement you don't want to be dependent on the system, or
you. You will find, also, that your peers, women dependent on federal government, but yet you
your own age, would complement you on your have worked many, many years for this suste-
grooming. Philosophically, that the next ten years nance that you get, so that you don't feel guilty
of your life will be a reflection of the last ten about that.
years of your life, where there will not be any ma- You are more apt to think about vacations and
jor changes unless you make the changes. traveling than you were as a child. You may, from
You have become aware that you do not have the time to time, be sentimental and remember your
body now that you had as a thirty year old. As first love. You may look back at this marriage and
much as you try to do it, you can't recover the determine if it was bad or good.
body you once had. It is because we are talking The biggest issue that you fear, at times, you are
about cellulite, about fats, and especially the fats taken for granted; that you are just a meal ticket,
in the abdomen, in the stomach, do not disappear that you're just a chief bottle washer and maid,
and dissipate, but rather they stay there. and mother and caretaker, and chauffeur, and
That's always an issue to contend with. I think teacher, and mentor, so that your time seems to be
taken up a great deal with family issues, rather You will hear the same old reminisces and the
than with your own personal issues. It appears that same old stories from your husband, the same old
money is not going to be a major issue within jokes that you have heard dozens of times before
your life. over the years. And it appears that he doesn't re-
The money will be there. I have never seen a member that he's already told you this joke.
brinks truck following a hearse, so I think that you He has already told you this funny story and from
should be doing something with your money to time to time you think maybe he's coming down
satisfy yourself. I know now, in what I sense with Alzheimer's because he doesn't remember
about you, that you probably could write success- what he has told you. And you find yourself with
ful children's books. a great deal of time on your hands, and that you
And perhaps even with your dry sense of humor, I should be doing something else with your time.
think that you would be able to write books that You need intelligent adult conversation.
are very comical to make kids laugh, to make chil- You don't want to be dependent on your children,
dren laugh. Because you've always been very sup- you don't want to think about moving in with
portive of children around you. your children if the situation warranted that. You
It is interesting to note as well, that you probably know in your mind that at some point in time that
need more than a dash of romance. Because life you are going to be alone.
becomes predictable, life becomes boring. And so You are taking your vitamin C's, you are keeping
I think that in many ways you would like a change ' yourself as active as possible. And it appears that
in your lifestyle. in your life there is going to be entertainment, that
You find in your work situation, if you are still there is going to be fun, and excitement, and so-
working, and I believe that you should be doing cializing. It appears to me that you're the one
some sort of part-time work, some sort of volun- that's got to create these situations because they
teer work, some sort of work to keep you busy, will not be created for you.
simply because I feel that you have become bored You still have dresses and outfits hanging in the
if you are doing the same things, again and again. closet that since you've put on a little bit of
You need new challenges in your life, new stimu- weight, that you've not been able to wear. They
lations in your life, you need new people in your are still new, and they look new, and they are very
life to keep you active. And while you still like to much in style, but they are just hanging there on
dress up and go out, I think that it's great for you the hangers. I think that you wonder if sometime
to be a person that communicates with the public. in the foreseeable future that you will be able to
You may have the potential of having a little bit fit back into these outfits.
of plastic surgery around the face; a tuck here, a My sense is that the answer is yes. My sense is
tuck there. Maybe have the eyes done. that you are going to return in some ways to your
You wonder if you will outlive your husband, youthful ways. What is needed is for you to be-
which you probably shall. And when that hap- lieve in yourself.
pens, you will wonder from time to time if you What is needed is that you can change your desti-
shall ever remarry. You shall wonder from time to ny, you can change your karma, you can change
time if you'll ever make love with another man. fate. You can make what appears impossible pos-
Is that secret admirer that you have, is he for real sible. If you desire to do so. But I think that you
or is he just in your mind? And I would say to you are heading into a very exciting period of time,
in response to that thought, that where there is where you secret wishes will be granted you and
smoke, there is fire. So that when you find your- whatever you have desired in the past, will be giv-
self second guessing yourself when you find en to you.
yourself wondering if your intuition is correct, it It's just a question of knowing that... in my mind I
probably is correct. I think you have a nice, youth- would see you living in a very pleasant climate
ful appearance about you. with a mean temperature in the 70s or 80s. So I
You seem to be a little bit more quiet now than would not see you surviving in snow or ice, but
you were as a child, you may need less sleep than perhaps a grass shack in the islands is needed.
you did as a younger woman, and you seem to be It appears that even now, when you walk from
more independent now than at any other time in room to room, you have a tendency of bringing a
your life. That you will have problems, because of pocketbook with you. And with all the stuff you
menopause, or if you're on estrogen or non- have in your pocketbook, perhaps you could use a
estrogen, because that is the key right there, that larger one.
will basically govern the moods that you have.

60's Male Single she may, in her mind, know that she cannot find a
replacement, and in your position you'd be fight-
I would think that it's fair to say you have over- ing a ghost.
come obstacles within your life. You have a way
of seeing things clearly. That you have overcome You will not be able to measure up to the previous
health issues, that you've overcome financial is- husband. Now, conversely, if the woman was
sues, so in some ways its reasonable to say that married to an absolute and utter bastard, that she
you are your own person. Your personality is not would be cautious of you being the same person.
likely to change. Your self-esteem, your self- So that you may find in a relationship with a
confidence, is not likely to change. woman of this type that you are paying for sins
that you did not commit.
You have become reasonably set in your ways.
And you probably may fall into the category of, I She may be a suspicious person, someone who is
guess, a late bloomer. That you've evidently gone wanting you, on a subconscious level, perhaps to
through previous relationships or divorces, and it make the same mistakes that her previous hus-
would be reasonable that you would out-live a band's have made. Where as if she was a battered
wife. wife, all that you would have to do is lift your
hand to her, and she would probably call the po-
It is fairly reasonable that you would probably be lice. If you are sitting down, watching television,
around for another couple of decades. Now, it al- having a can of beer, you may be accused of being
ways seems that you do not have a problem in at-. an alcoholic.
tracting women to you, but the women seem to be
interested in commitment. They are not interested If you take two or three Tylenol, you may be ac-
in a short-term relationship. cused of being a drug addict. If you look at a pret-
ty woman on the street, you may be accused of
They are not interested in simply a physical rela- being a lecherous old man. In many ways, getting
tionship, but rather seem to be in a rush to receive a relationship when you are single in your 60's is
commitment and in a rush to settle down. At this somewhat different. And yet you don't want to go
point in time, if you enter into a relationship that through life alone. I think you are set in your
will lead to a marriage, you probably will still ways.
maintain a great deal of independence in this rela-
tionship, in the sense there may well be a pre- Nobody is going to tell you what to do, or order
nuptual agreement suggested, either by your po- you about I don't think that's going to work.
tential mate or by you. But as you become older you become a little bit
secretive in your ways so that you don't have to
Because after all, you may have children in their tell a person where you're going, what time
forties or perhaps, give or take a few years. You you're getting up, what time you're going to bed,
may want to leave some of your finances, some of what time you're going to be in, who you are see-
your financial solvency, any material wealth to ing.
your children, and that may be an issue with a
new person in a relationship, because that person You have not had to do this for a period of time,
may want you to leave insurance policies, and leg- and you'd be somewhat reluctant to do it now.
acies, and properties, and investments to them, be- You may never in your own mind have enough
cause after all, if they are going to be your wife, money to support yourself forever and ever. You
they should be able to share in whatever material may be wealthy, yet you may not feel that you
things that you have. have enough money to be able to support you in
the style that you have become accustomed to.
In their mind it may seem completely logical and
sensible. But from your perspective, you've You have also become accustomed to taking
known your children a hell of a lot longer than walks by yourself, drives by yourself, without lay-
you've known some woman, so that could create a ing out any sort of a blue print to the person
relationship problem which should be resolved, you're with. In a potential relationship, I would
and basically it should be resolved in the begin- think that because you are a sentimentalist that
ning stages of serious talk. lately you may have been thinking of a childhood
sweetheart; thinking of the relationship that you
I feel that you do not want to be compared to a were involved in many years ago, that did not pan
past husband. Either in a positive way or a nega- out at that point in time.
tive way, because if a woman was married to a
wonderful man and has outlived him, she obvious- Given the opportunity, I sense that you'll be able
ly is going to compare you with the husband. And to go back to the past and look into the past, and
she'll compare any man with the husband. So it be able to find the person that you have been with
would not be a direct reflection on you, but rather before, and then the two of you separated. You
seem to have broad responsibilities. You get along

with people, you are protective by nature, you in receiving the understanding and the empathy,
may not be as competitive as you once were. and for somebody to commiserate with you,
You are a person of all seasons, you've been able somebody that's intelligent, somebody that is able
to adapt, and it just becomes more difficult to do to hold an adult conversation, someone that does
as much as you've done in the past. You certainly not abuse drugs or alcohol or other people.
can out-work younger men around you. Somebody who is self-sufficient and can take care
Actually, look in the mirror, you don't look your of herself, because as a younger man, I sense that
age. You actually feel that you are younger than you would want a woman to be dependent on you
your age, and the body may not be what it once somewhat so that you could be the hero, you
was, and for some mysterious reason, you are not could be the big brother, you could be the cowboy
attracted to women your own age or older, but it in the white hat, so that you could save the day,
generally seems that you are attracted to women you see.
that are 10, 20, or perhaps even 30 years younger But, now I feel that you want a woman that can
than you are now. pretty much take care of herself. That is not dys-
You don't want to be accused of dating a woman functional, is not co-dependent; pretty much that
that is younger than your daughter. You don't can be a self-starter. Not somebody that is a
want to be alone and single because perhaps dreamer, that's an incurable romantic.
someone's going to say that you are homosexual Not somebody who's got three inches of makeup
if you're an unmarried male in your 60s. So, it is on their face, and you most assuredly don't want a
not really easy being alone. woman who's trying to look like she's twenty
The romantic parts of your life as a younger man years old by the way that she dresses. In a sense
in your 20s or 30s, you may well have wanted to you want the proverbial, the perfect woman,
make love with a woman and spend the entire comes to mind.
night with the woman. In your sixties, you may It reminds me of a little story. These two men are
want to make love to the woman, and then sleep speaking and one man says, "I'm sixty years old,
in a single bed. Because sooner or later, all of us I'm single, and I'm searching for the perfect
shall sleep in a single bed. woman, and I've been searching for the perfect
I don't feel that you enjoy receiving unsolicited woman for ten years. I found one who's beautiful,
advice or council. That basically you're going to but she doesn't have any brains.
do your own thing, that you have survived this I found one that was beautiful and had brains, but
many years by following you're own instincts and she didn't have any body. I found one that was
intuition, and that you will survive for many more beautiful, had brains, and a good body, but really
years without somebody being the person who is she wasn't a good communicator." And he was
going to advise you to do this, and advise you to telling this all to his buddy. And he said, "finally I
do that, because I don't think that that is going to found the woman with the brains, the body, with
work. the personality, with the education, with the looks
In dating a younger woman, often times a younger she had everything. She was perfect for me."
woman may be addressed as your daughter. And his buddy said, "did you marry her?"
Somebody may think you have a lovely daughter, And the man said, "well no, because she was
when in fact it's your significant other. So, it is searching for the perfect man." So, I think that in
not a piece of cake being single in the 60's, be- many ways, there has to be perimeters and guide-
cause you have become used to being indepen- lines in the person that you search for. I think that
dent, not worrying about somebody else. you seem to be reasonably sensible, reasonably at-
Perhaps you may have children that would be tractive. I really don't sense that you're going to
somewhat reluctant in having you being remar- go through life alone.
ried. And the fact of the matter is, you may well You would much more prefer long-term relation-
be closer to your children than you would be to ships now, and it appears that women pursue you
any woman in your life. more now than when you were in your twenties. It
I believe that in a relationship you are looking appears that women see you as perhaps a bit more
more now, than as a younger man you would be distinguished now than when you were a younger
looking for a party, you would be looking for ro- man. Women are less reluctant to sleep with you
mance, you would be looking for sex. now than when you were a younger man.
As you become an older person I think that you So it doesn't really appear that it's difficult in
have a tendency of being a little bit more philo- finding a relationship. And I think that, again, the
sophic, where you're interested in companionship, women that you come in contact with now have

perfected their cooking skills, and their sewing may not last forever. The government is now tar-
skills, and they manage their time much more ade- geting the Social Security money for other things.
quately than when they were younger women, and When it's time, at 62 or 65 to collect Social Se-
that they probably love the weekends and doing curity, that is obviously a concern. We are con-
things on the weekends. They have their own hob- cerned with, based on your palm, or based on your
bies. aura, we are concerned with impotency because
In a way, they are much more in harmony with the there are many males that cannot be sexually ac-
universe than when they were younger women. I tive in their 60s, because of high blood pressure
would suspect that over this next twelve or thir- medication, because of the sugar diabetes medica-
teen months period of time you will have no prob- tion, because of a variety of medications, seem to
lem in attracting women, so finding a woman, effect us in that sense.
finding a mate is not the issue. Your concern, off and on, would be prostate can-
But finding a mate that fits into the matrix of who cer, because men in their 60's obviously have a
you are looking for, somebody who is not com- higher degree, I think it is about 2 out of 10 men
plaining, not nagging, because you have been in their 60's develop some sort of an enlarged
there and done that. You don't need a nagger, and prostate, or prostate cancer. I would advise you,
a complainer. In my mind, I feel that you will find and I'm not sensing there is anything wrong with
your soulmate. you. but I would certainly advise you to have your
You'll find the person that you will spend the rest yearly checkups with your urologist, and today it
of your life with. And I believe that your next is a simple blood test. I think it's an PSA test rela-
marriage shall be your last marriage. And I think tive to a blood test that tells you exactly what kind
that again, it's just a question of you looking for a of condition the prostate is in.
person that reflects upon you a person that has You may not be as romantic physically as you
the same philosophies and ideologies, a person would like to be, but I sense that you are still ro-
that is much like you in many different ways. mantic mentally as you would like to be. And I
Most assuredly one that is not one dimensional. would think that you are probably not as good as
There has got to be many dimensions to this per- you once were, but you are probably as good once
son that you will be happiest with. I feel that she and you once were.
will probably be the most unusual woman that Seems to me that as of late you have been doing a
you have yet been able to meet within your life. lot of reminiscing, a lot of thinking about your
childhood, how it wasn't easy, how you were not
born with a silver spoon in your mouth, how you
60's Male Married had to struggle, how you have had to go without.
You are looking at your own future, wondering It appears to me that you have given your family
occasionally how long you will be alive. Will it be what you did not have, so that you are by nature a
another five years, ten years or twenty years? That provider, and that you can't understand your chil-
you may have a tendency of thinking that you are dren's disregard for money, because money has
probably healthier than you actually are. always been important in your life, especially by
being born without a great deal of money, money
You try to fight the biological aging process by has always been the significant thing to have, be-
acting younger, being younger, and wondering is cause money cannot buy poverty.
this all that there is? You've been the married per-
son. You know your mate probably better than Money does buy power, and I don't feel that
any other person knows her. It's not been a totally you've had a rash of different jobs within your
easy marriage. It's had its ups and downs. There life. I think that you would start out in a job and
are no relationships born in Heaven. maybe using physical labors. And then ultimately
you would gradually climb up the ladder to be
You understand each other, you give each other successful. And even in your youth, you may have
the space that you need. Money always seems to had to drop out of school, or postpone school, put
be of some concern, at least I sense about you, be- it off in order to support the family.
cause when is enough enough? And of course, be-
ing born during The Depression, or before The You are a dreamer, you are looking back over past
Depression, we always have a concern do we have experiences. You have looked back over past rela-
enough money? tionships, you've second-guessed yourself, won-
dering if you've made the right decisions within
Are we going to be able to make it on social se- your life. It appears... what I sense about you, you
curity with all the scandal of Medicare and Medic- become somewhat offended if you go into a store
aid. We are being told that the Social Security and they offer you a senior citizens discount,

when you have not indicated that you are a senior never marry again. And by the same token, your
citizen. wife would wonder if she dies first, would she be
And of course you have always felt that you look replaced by someone who is twenty or thirty years
younger than your years, you feel younger than younger than you? Because in her mind, there is
your years. So when somebody wants to give you no fool like an old fool. So these are things that
a ten percent discount because you are a senior you would be dealing with in your life.
citizen, that is somewhat offensive. I think that you'll find perhaps an interest in more
You might even be out with your own son or of a philosophic or metaphysical interest in con-
daughter and somebody says to you, "You have a juring up books about reincarnation, of future
lovely grandchild, or grandson or granddaughter," lives, of past lives, and things that most assuredly,
when in fact it is your son or daughter, not your if you are going to be around again in a future life,
grandson. That becomes somewhat offensive as this has a tendency of perhaps giving you some
well. So, what is going on here? hope relative to the future, or being around again.
Do you actually look older than your years? You In my mind I feel that you are getting on the
seem to be spending more time reminiscing about scales and weighing yourself more than you nor-
the past, and things that might have been. You mally would. Because as a child you would either
seem to have become a little bit more philosophic, walk every place or you would ride a bike. As a
that you don't have as much energy as you would youngster you can remember a loaf of bread being
normally have, although you try to act like your 12 cents. A pound of hamburger being 25 cents.
thirty years old. During the 40's waiting in line for butter. A pound
You're no longer thirty years old. And we are of butter was rationed during the second World
faced with our own demise. We are faced with War. And it's just a question of waiting in line for
how many years do we have left? Will we live to nylons. Nylons were rationed during the 40's. And
80? Will we live to 70? Statistically, they say no, really not being able to understand as far as you
that we are not going to live much more beyond were too young for the second World War, and
69 years. So as of late you are paying more atten- probably too young for some different things that
tion to your health, more attention to vitamins, the go on in your life.
vitamin C, and vitamin E. You are paying more I suppose as far as thinking about the future, that
attention to these things now. I think people have you still have many shirts in your closet that you
a tendency of treating you with a little bit more have not even worn in a year, but they are hanging
deference. Many times in a gathering, a birthday on the hangers in your closet; you have not worn
party, a Christmas party. them. It would appear that even some of your
You'll sense all of a sudden that you're the oldest pants, the back of the pants have become a little
person in the room. And by being the oldest per- bit shiny and need to be replaced, but it doesn't
son in the room, it sort of makes you feel a little appear that you care as much as you once did.
bit vulnerable. You wish that the relationship be- I believe that you are clean, you're well-groomed,
tween you and your wife had been closer, and you're articulate, and there never seems to be
looking back over the years, the most difficult enough time to do that you have not done yet.
years of your marriage was the seventh year, the There is always something left undone. Your wife
fourteenth year, the twenty-first year, the twenty- is the most difficult person to shop for, you never
eighth year, all sequentially the seven year cycles. know what to get her because she's got about
Each seven years of your marriage will be signifi- everything.
cant in your life. You may have dialogue with She becomes offended if you try to give her mon-
your wife, whom is going to outlive whom. Am I ey because that is so cold and uncaring. I would
going live longer than you, are you going to live think the most difficult days of the year would be
longer than me? And you would think that if your your wife's birthday and Christmas, or your anni-
wife does outlive you, she is probably younger versary, which you have a tendency of getting the
than you. days mixed up.
You were probably married on a weekend and the You can remember the month, but you have a ten-
thought would cross your mind, that if, in fact, dency of inverting the days. I think that as far as
your wife outlives you, will she marry again? Will what I sense about you as a person, my feeling is
she be alone, will she stay in mourning? Will she that you are going to be around for another couple
be financially stable? Is she going to give another of decades. My sense is that you'll be around
man your property, your material wealth. probably into your 80s or late 80s.
She would probably assure you that she would I feel that you probably have the power to be able

to control your own health. Because there is dif- It is interesting to note as well, that usually when
ferent methods, different breathing exercises you a person is overweight, something of a traumatic
can do, there is different biofeedback techniques nature has occurred in their life to make them
where you can lower your blood pressure, and overweight. So if you can think of the bear hiber-
lower your tryglicerides, lower your blood sugars, nating for the winter, and they eat and they eat,
basically to heal yourself. and they get big and plump, and then they sleep
You find yourself from time to time studying your all winter. It sort of protects them against the ele-
image in the mirror to see if you actually have ments that will happen in the future.
aged. And then you think, well, I don't want to By you being overweight, and I think basically
grow old rapidly, and I don't want to die young, you're a very attractive person, you know you've
but if death takes movie actors and movie actress- got the brains, the personality, and simply by be-
es and politicians and holy men, and very special ing overweight I realize that you are the same per-
people, no matter how much money you have or son as you are outside. I know there's not any
who you are or how famous you are, ultimately change there. And I know that by being over-
one day you die. weight that you, in a sense are overtaxing your
And it's going to effect everyone else, it's certain- body.
ly going to effect you. My sense is the message What happens is when you go for a medical
from the universe to you is enjoy each day as it checkup, no matter what the reason is for the med-
comes, enjoy each week as it comes. Resolve any- ical check up, they are going to say well perhaps
thing in your life that is left unresolved. you could take off some weight, you're going to
If there is any distance between you and a sibling, feel better. And that's probably rightly so, because
or distance between you and a child because of a by being at your proper weight, and I would sense
misunderstanding. I think now is the time to re- that your proper weight is probably going to be a
solve all those issues. But I think you'll be around few pounds less than you weigh now, but you did
into your eighties. I sense when reading the news- not put on all of the weight at one time.
papers you always read the obituary column. It took a pretty good time to put on the weight and
you can't take off the weight all at once. But I feel
in my mind that it will come off. I feel that you
Overweight Male or Female will be able to maintain your proper weight. And
I perceive you to be a decent individual and usual- there is probably two or three things that you can
ly I can tell if somebody is an overeater. Usually I do that I can share with you to help in your goal.
can tell if someone is really doing themselves a One is, several times a day to visualize in your
great deal of damage by impulsive eating or com- mind, you know, just sit in a corner somewhere
pulsive eating. I really don't sense that with you. and close your eyes, and just... it's not meditation
I feel that what has happened is that your subcon- and its not hypnosis, it is more or less guided im-
scious mind has sent a message to your conscious agery, but you sit down and you close your eyes
mind for you to put on some weight. And it will and you visualize yourself standing on your
be sort of like insulation, if you will. It is sort of scales.
like a protective security blanket. By being over- In your mind you look down at the scale and try to
weight it may keep you safe. visualize your proper weight. Not necessarily how
And the psychological reason for this is that you much you weigh now, but whatever your proper
are probably not ready to move on to the next lev- weight is, you try to visualize this in your mind,
el of your life. So unconsciously you are keeping and these numbers become your lucky numbers.
yourself status-quo. And the message is, well, if I And so that by doing that you are sort of reinforc-
am overweight I am probably not as attractive as I ing who you want to be and what weight you want
normally would be. And if I am not as attractive to be at. It is sort of like planting positive seeds.
as I normally would be, perhaps the opposite sex That is one visualization that you can keep doing.
would not take notice of me, and it will give me a Another visualization is to look in the past at a
chance to resolve what is left unresolved. time in your life when you really felt good about
Statistically, people that are overweight are usual- yourself, you really felt good about the way you
ly not overweight because they are compulsive looked, the way you felt, and how much you
eaters, or addictive eaters. It is usually because of weighed, and it may be two years ago, or it may
some unresolved emotional issue in their life. And be twenty years ago. It really doesn't matter.
it may well indicate that you have gone through But it should be a time in your life when you real-
some unresolved, unrequited issues, in your life. ly felt pretty much in balance with the universe,
and in harmony with the universe, and in harmony
with your own body. You can make that visualiza- logical factors involved there. I believe that you
tion within your mind. An affirmation to go along are at a crossroads within your life where it's nec-
with the visualization is that I possess the power essary for you to make a determination and make
within my own mind, to make what seems impos- a decision.
sible, possible. That is one affirmation. Because obviously if you continue in your current
Another affirmation to give yourself is if in my eating habits I think that you will always be over-
life there have existed any reasons for me to be weight. Which has a tendency of affecting your
overweight as of this moment those reasons no self esteem, which has a tendency of affecting
longer exist. These are two very strong affirma- your ego, your psyche, the way you interact with
tions relative to weight loss. I am not a doctor, I people, your interpersonal relationships, your ca-
cannot prescribe medications, and I can't even reer. It really has a tendency of effecting a lot of
prescribe medical procedures, but what I can do is different aspects within your life.
intuitively say to you that you hold the key to My personal feeling is that you have been in hid-
your own happiness in your life relative to weight ing. It is almost like you have been a split peson-
loss. ality. There is two people that I am talking to.
By getting down to your proper weight you are And you have the option. The choice is yours. As
going to pretty much add an additional 20-25 I have said throughout my teachings, that your life
years onto your life. I believe you can live 20-25 is by choice, not be chance. Nobody forces you to
years longer than you ordinarily would. I believe ' eat. I am not standing in judgment of you, and I
that you'll look healthier, I believe that you will am certainly not being critical of you, there may
look younger. You will look more vital, you will well have been reasons in the past for you to be
look more attractive. overweight.
Your clothing will fit you better, and people will There may well have been reasons for you to keep
have a tendency of accepting you as an equal rath- the security blanket, to keep yourself insulated. I
er than you feeling stigmatized, and I think all don't want to say there's been no reasons, but
things considered, I think it's the proper direction there may well have been reasons. What I am say-
for you to go. Think about eliminating eating any ing to you now is I sense at this moment, that
junk foods that begin with the letter 'C those reasons no longer exist.
That would include cakes, cookies, chocolate, car- So it is time for you to move on. There will be a
amels, cupcakes, chips, cheeses, Cheeto's, and point in time in your future when you walk along
whatever junk foods. Obviously I am not talking the street there will be old friends of yours that
about cabbage, carrots, and cauliflower. I am talk- will probably not recognize you.
ing about junk foods that begin with the letter C. Friends that you have not seen for a period of
It is widely believed that if you can ingest a half a time, I don't think will recognize you. Any weight
gallon of water a day, for some people it might loss should, of course, be in conjunction with doc-
even be less. That's- going to rinse the salts tors visits and any weight loss should be really a
through your system. joint venture between you and your physician.
I believe there is another psychological factor that I don't want you to take what I say as Bible truth,
is involved here. My sense of you as an entity, or I am simply giving you intuitive feelings. I have a
my sense of you from your voice, from who you deal with the American Medical Association, I
are, I would almost think in a previous existence, won't prescribe medicine and medical techniques,
in a previous lifetime, I would sense that you were and they won't do psychic readings. But my sixth
probably Indian, and I would think that your sense is usually very acute and very accurate.
whole tribe died of starvation.
I sense within you there is a person wanting to
I would see you being of the opposite sex in this come out. There is a person deep within you that
past lifetime, but something went wrong, in the wants to come to the surface because they are
winter time, there was just not enough food for tired of being the person that they have been for
you and your tribe to get through the winter. And such a long period of time. And I do say to you
I sense that you died because of that. that medical studies have shown that by being at
Now, if you believe in fate and if you believe in your proper weight, your heart beats normally,
reincarnation and past lives and future lives, that that your blood pressure has a tendency of being
would indicate that in this lifetime you may be normal, that your moods, there are no super highs
overcompensating for the past lifetime when you and super lows.
died of starvation, and in this lifetime you want to By being at your proper weight there is a lack of
sort of insure that you will not die of starvation in depression and despondency. You simply look
this lifetime. So there may well be some psycho-
healthy, feel better, and obviously you get a great It is believed by handicapped people that if you
many compliments from people around you. That believe that you axe handicapped, you are handi-
is certainly a challenge, but based on your past capped. I personally have worked with paraple-
track record I think that you would do well in ac- gics and quadriplegics, and to some degree helped
cepting a challenge. them through meditations and through guided im-
So it's a question again, and I believe we are gov- agery and visualizations.
erned by fate and Karma and the universe, but I It reminds me of when I was a very young child,
still feel that some of the times that we have the about fifteen years old, I had an occasion to speak
determination and the decisions to pull ourselves with this doctor, and I sat in this doctor's office
up by our bootstraps and get on with our lives. for about 15 minutes, and it was a nicely decorat-
And I believe you have been in a holding pattern ed office, and we had this conversation. I was sit-
too long. ting across from him, and at the conclusion of the
You have been in this limbo situation too long, conversation I was informed by one of his assist-
and I believe now that it is time to move forward ants and by him also that the doctor was blind.
and I think that... my sense is, at least my psychic He couldn't see, stone cold blind and he walked
sense is, that you can accomplish whatever you around with a cane, yet we sat in that office and
want to accomplish by believing in yourself and talked for 15 minutes about a variety of subjects,
knowing that you can do this, because basically and I never had a clue. I never could guess. I con-
you are a very attractive person. sider myself a reasonably intuitive person, to be
Basically, you're a nice person. You've got the able to sense these things about others, but I
brains, the personality, a likable individual. And if didn't have a clue. He explained to me later that
you were short, fat and ugly, well, and you lost a that was one of the handicaps that he was able to
bunch of weight, you'd end up being short, thin overcome simply because in not acting blind.
and ugly. You see. But that's not the issue here. I You see, it worked for him. It is also widely be-
think you are a very attractive individual. lieved amongst handicapped people, as well as the
I think you've got a lot of charisma, a lot of mag- medical fraternity, that when one of your senses
netism about you, and I think that the timing is goes down, the other senses come to the fore. Peo-
right, because timing is everything. And perhaps... ple that have a handicap in the hearing usually
I realize that you have thought a great deal about have excellent eyesight, and usually the people
weight loss and I realize that you've thought a that have a problem with one of their other senses,
great deal about getting down to your proper all the other senses seem to bond together to make
weight, and there never seems to be enough time. them stronger at what they do.
Or you don't have the consistency to stay with it, In dealing with handicaps I think there are certain
but what I am sharing with you, these things that I ground rules or parameters to be aware of. One is,
am sharing with you... we are not talking diet, we if you take ten people with the same handicap
are not talking diet control, we are simply talking there will be degrees, there will be differences, be-
about visualizations that will work for you. tween all the ten people. You read in the newspa-
pers, the magazines, about people putting a paint-
By visualizing these different scenes, how you brush between their toes and painting murals and
looked in the past, how you want to look in the fu- masterpieces, and that's just one way to overcome
ture... If you do these several times a day, things a handicap, using different limbs, using the feet
will kick in to make this happen. In any event, and the legs to do what normally the hands and
hopefully when I see you in the future or talk to arms would do.
you in the future or hear from you in the future,
you shall be a much happier person because of the If you're incapacitated with the right arm, usually
words that I have shared with you. Good luck and your left arm becomes the tool. The utensil. In
God bless. people who are normally right handed that have a
problem, they use the left hand.
It is the same way in life then if you have a handi-
Handicapped Male or Female cap with your personality, if you have a handicap
I believe that Plato said know thyself, heal thyself. with the way you speak or the way that you inter-
As a special person you have the ability of over- act, or the way that you see yourself, these things
coming handicaps, overcoming obstacles, because can be worked on to be made better.
if you stop and think that in your life you have If a person has a stuttering problem or stammering
overcome a lot of negativity, you have overcome problem it will usually happen when the person is
a lot of obstacles, and it's just a question of over- under tension, what we call being under fire. I
coming as many obstacles as you can. would say to you that it is necessary to have some
piece of mind or some harmony in your life, and off and on for the better part of the year, and the
by so doing, that you will be able to overcome a doctor's had felt that it was something psychoso-
handicap. matic, but she consciously said she could not use
People who have agoraphobia, people that are the arm and it would not function for her.
handicapped by being house-bound, or keeping I placed the woman under hypnosis and the arm
close to the house, and maybe not going beyond was working fine. I had her open her eyes when
the back yard, I have been aware in my studies of she was under hypnosis and again, once she rec-
people who have not left their house in 20 years. ognized the fact that she could move the arm, and
Maybe would walk to the corner mail box, but that she allowed herself to use the arm, then the
most assuredly would not get in a car to drive arm moved.
somewhere. I'm not saying that a person that has problems
And if they do, they force themselves to do this, with their legs is going to run 100-yard dash, be-
they end up with arrhythmia and hyperventilation, come an Olympian. I'm not saying that, and cer-
and they end up with some sort of attacks because tainly I am not taking this subject lightly. But
in a sense they feel handicapped. The key, of what I am saying to you is to reexamine this hand-
course, is if you feel handicapped, you probably icap, and to overcome as much of it as you are
are. If you feel that you will always will be handi- able to do.
capped, you probably always will be. And in my lifetime, I've seen some phenomenal
There are three things that I would introduce into things that people are able to accomplish with
your thinking. One key is to believe that you can their handicaps. And of course, we're dealing with
be healed. Secondly, to believe that something or physical handicaps and we're dealing with emo-
someone out there that can heal you. And thirdly, tional handicaps. I believe, as far as the emotional
to believe that you want to be healed. There are handicaps, you have a shot, you know. Each day
several very good books on the market relative to through the age of electronics and through the age
handicaps and relative to overcoming handicaps. of medicine new things are being developed, new
One is by Deepac Chopra, and the title of the cures are being developed, and even as I speak
book is Quantum Healing. The second is by Ber- they are working on a cure for AIDS.
ney Seigal/How to Live Between Office Visits, They are working on cures for cancer, and in our
and the third is by Louise Hay, How to Heal Your lifetime there will be a lot of people that see them-
Life. Because everyone's handicap is different. I selves as handicapped that will no longer see
find it interesting... I have talked to people over themselves as handicapped. But I think that ini-
the telephone and really not been aware that they tially I feel that it is a question of emotional hand-
we're handicapped. icaps that can be dealt with. They can be dealt
And yet they may be without limbs or they may with through counseling, through personal thera-
be quadriplegics, or they may have problems in py, physical therapy, occupational therapy.
their life... dependency problems and handicaps. There is a way of overcoming handicaps. Now, it
Because one can be handicapped by cocaine, one is all a mind-set. I saw a gentleman the other day
can be handicapped by heroin. that had on this T-shirt. And on the front of it, he
One can be handicapped by bad self-esteem, bad was a black man, and on the front it said "The
image, how they feel about themselves. A bad up- most difficult job in the world is being a black
bringing, a child of alcoholic parents, a child of man.' It really made me think. I engaged this per-
incest, a person or victim of rape. There's many son in conversation after meeting him, and I came
things in our lives that handicap us, in a sense if to find out that he really saw himself as a victim,
we allow them. you know, woe is me, the world is against me, I'll
never accomplish anything. He had a job as a la-
The key word here is 'allow', and it is much like borer and he just felt sorry for himself, he was
in one of my lectures I may be asked, Can you somewhat masochistic.
place a curse on a person? Can you use voodoo on
a person? My answer is normally that yes, if a I spoke to him at length, and I said, "well look at
person believes that I can put a curse on them, all the supreme court justices, look at all the law-
then I can. If they believe I am not capable of put- yers, look at all the judges, look at all the politi-
ting a curse on them, well then I can't. cians, look at all the very successful men that are
millionaires that are black men."
So the key word is 'allow', and if you allow your-
self to be handicapped, you can be handicapped. I He told me he was talking with a politician in Cal-
can remember a young woman coming to me with ifornia, a black man, several years ago. He said to
her arm in a sling, and the arm had been in a sling the politician, "you should be very proud of your-
self that you have been able to overcome all the
handicaps in your life, because after all you're a generation in this country, they were brought up
black man and it's been difficult. How did you do to study and succeed.
this? How did you overcome these handicaps?" In school, A's were acceptable. B's, C's, & D's
He looked him straight in the eye and he said, were not acceptable. They were expected to al-
"what handicaps?" ways be in the top ten percent of their class. Let's
Handicaps are there. It's almost like a negative assume that an oriental lady, she may be Vietna-
seed that has been planted in your mind. If you're mese, she may be Korean, she may be Chinese or
told as a young person that you'll never accom- Japanese, comes to me and she's anywhere from
plish anything. Well, perhaps you won't accom- 20 to 40 years old. ]]]]]
plish anything if you absorb that negativity. The
word handicap has a variety of different classifi- I would sense you are good with numbers. In your
cations and there are many different elements rel- classes in school you always would be decent at
ative to handicap. numbers. Speaking of numbers, you would live a
A person who's an alcoholic in a sense is handi- life being somewhat supportive of a gambling
capped. A person that is impotent is handicapped. male.
A person that is manic depressive is handicapped. I would see you as having a burden that you
And you might say, a person who takes pills and would carry on your shoulder. It would be of a
medications in a way is handicapped, because gambling male.
they will not function properly without the medi-
cation. I feel that in this world, that in this universe, you
shall be treated probably better by males not of
So again, there are many different classifications. your background, not of your culture, because
What I am saying to you is don't be too quick to simply put, the males of your culture want to be
see yourself as handicapped, simply because I the leaders, they want the females to be the fol-
think there's been stories upon stories about peo- lowers.
ple that have overcome all sorts of negativity and
all sorts of handicap within their life. Don't be They want to walk ten paces ahead, and have you
your own worst enemy, don't be judgmental of walk ten paces behind. They want to be able to
yourself, don't be critical of yourself, and concen- make the decisions, they work when they want to
trate on what you want to do and where you want work, and not work when they don't want to
to go. work, so in most Asian relationships, and some of
them of course it's still standard practice of
In the beginning you crawled and you walked and course, to have arranged relationships, or arranged
you ran, and perhaps you'll fly, depending on how marriages.
you believe in yourself. You can change things,
you can modify things, you can alter things. And probably 70% of the time they fail and each
participant grins and bears it. I would see you
Don't accept everything at face value. Get differ- probably about 5' 3", tops 5' 4", 120-125 lbs, ei-
ent opinions of your situation. People have differ- ther with a background in computers or education,
ent opinions of this particular 'handicap.' You not liking to take pills and medicines, and some-
may find many times a handicap may be some- what frugal. I would see you very good at saving
thing temporary, it may be a for now situation, or money.
in fact a for now handicap, but perhaps it won't be
a forever handicap. Good Luck. You are able to sense a sale to save money. And
that you would even have money that nobody else
would know where it is. You would be very re-
Asian Female spectable of your mother, probably of your moth-
[[[[[ Asian people, when read, do not really care er more so than your father, because even though
for strictly straight psychic readings or clairvoyant your mother is strict, she was less strict than your
readings, meaning simply, holding their hand and father was.
talking is not their cup of tea. They would rather Your mother probably didn't want you to marry
use rune stones, I-Ching, Tarot, palmistry, astrolo- until you were 30 years and probably have no
gy, numerology, because that's the way that they more than one child, and hopefully that would be
have been taught. a boy child. I would feel that somehow, I would
It goes without saying that any Asian female be- sense in your language your name would be the
lieves in reincarnation, believes in past lives, but name of a bird, I don't know if that would be a
interestingly they believe in future lives. They are hummingbird, or that would be a whippoorwill, or
more concerned with future lives than past lives. a nightingale, but I think that somehow your eth-
They were brought up, even if they are second nic first name would be a derivative of a bird.

You show respect, you don't wear an excess of many acquaintances, and I think probably you
makeup, and in my mind I think that you propa- would be very fussy, as far as who you would in-
gate your own language by speaking your own vite into your home. You still eat the ethnic foods.
language in the home. It is fine to learn English, You would still have a liking for duck, maybe
and it is fine to learn the English language, be- duck more than chicken. You are very neat, well-
cause you would be in this country, but it is also groomed and articulate. You save everything, so I
to show respect to your own heritage. think that you would be a pack-rat. I don't think
It's important to be able to propagate what you you throw away anything, because that is basical-
have been taught as a child. I feel that you are ly not your nature. Very clean as well.
able to figure out the paradoxes, you are able to With your being frugal and with your working,
figure out the puzzles very easily. That you are because it would be typical for you to work six
not the back slapping, gregarious politician. You days a week. It would be typical for you to have
are not loud, you are not boisterous, you are not more than one job. And even though you would
flamboyant, that you keep to yourself, that you have a good education in this country, it may not
certainly are very creative and very artistic. be recognized as much as you would like.
I don't feel that you abuse food stuff, so that you I think that people, Americans, see you as very
would not be a compulsive overeater. That you quiet, very together, very intense, very deep, and
would have the capacity of designing. I see you studying everything and procrastinating about
with the mind of a designer, and that may mean things. You may even be a little bit concerned
interior decorating, it could mean jewelry design, about your own pronunciation of the English lan-
but that you are always thinking and that you are guage, because as perfect as it may be there are
always somewhat preoccupied with many differ- still times when you think that perhaps you have
ent things at the same time. too much of an accent. I believe that the best color
I believe that you show respect. You are very for you is pink, the best flower or tree would be a
creative in your own way. That you are color co- cherry blossom.
ordinated when you dress, and that you are soft- You don't normally take alcohol or liquor but
spoken when you speak. I would sense that you would probably like plum wine. I would feel that
would be college educated, and a degree above on social occasions that you would take the wine
college education, so it wouldn't surprise me if when you go to public gatherings or holidays you
you had your Masters, it wouldn't surprise me if would mix basically with other females and not
you had your doctorate, because you are capable mixing with males. I feel that you are a 20th cen-
of these things, you are capable, also of paying at- tury person.
tention to commitments.
I think that you are old fashioned, straight, and
You would not believe in pre-marital sex. That traditional relative to your family. So that you
you make a commitment, you keep the commit- would be a new breed. And your mother, your
ment, so that I think that you have always been a aunts, your grandmother would see you as too as-
monogamous person. And for many years you sertive, too aggressive, too much Americanized,
would be told that you should marry a person of so that you would perhaps not be the person that
your own race, of your own culture. they would want you to be. I believe that in a rela-
Probably within the last four to five years, perhaps tionship that you give totally, unconditionally.
you would be thinking that maybe that's just the Once you take the vows it is necessary for you to
condition reflexes and maybe you should be look- be self-employed if not working for someone else.
ing for another person. Because century, upon And your basic nature is to save the world, to ena-
century, upon century, the males in your heritage ble the world, to save the universe. I think that is
have been the leaders, have been the bosses, have pretty much how you were brought up.
been the decision-makers, have been the ones in
charge, never the female. In many ways I don't see you as a combatant, but
I would see you as very strong-minded. Once you
The female is given a certain amount of money make a decision you stick to your guns and you
and expected to get the bills paid, expected to keep to your decision. You are not the complain-
keep coming home, expected to take care of the er. If somebody does you an injustice, I really
children, and I think that if you are looking for don't feel that you are crying about it or making a
equality I would suspect that probably dating big scene about it. You simply resolve the issues
somebody of a different ethnic background than yourself.
You need your space, you need to be alone, you
I feel that you dress very neatly, and I would need to have your time to meditate. You need
sense a bit on the conservative side. You will have
your time to think things out, to end up with the need all sort of make up, or wear a bunch of make
proper answers. But I would see you as soft, femi- up to look attractive, because you arc basically a
nine, attractive... and the most significant thing naturally attractive woman. Whatever you do you
about you is your eyes. You have mysterious do well, or you won't do it.
eyes, or even psychic eyes. There is a philosophy that most of us in life are
Your future lifetimes are going to be much happi- given a choice, and the choice is to be a little fish
er than the past. It's just a question of knowing in a big pond or be a big fish in a little pond. What
that things will work out for you. And we have in that means is if you surround yourself by the His-
this country good luck charms, you know we have panic community, if you surround yourself by
four leaf clovers, the Egyptian ankh, and we have Hispanics. I don't think that you would be noticed
a variety - rabbit's feet, good luck talisman, your as much as if you were to surround yourself with
good luck talisman, you would have two actually Anglo's (Americans).
one would be the cricket and the other would You have an above-average way of presenting
be the grasshopper. yourself. You seem neat, clean, well-groomed, ar-
You may have some basic knowledge of martial ticulate, and I would sense a lot of books around
arts, either karate or tai kwan do, or even shadow you which would indicate an education.
boxing or shadow dancing, tai chi, you may even But I also would feel, and I am not sure if I am
have a knowledge of acupressure or acupuncture. sensing from your voice or from your touch or
But certainly you are metaphysical, certainly ho- just the essence of you, but I feel that you are go-
meopathic and holistic. I know the next ten years ing to accomplish many things in your life that
for you are ten years of brightness and sunshine. perhaps you don't think are possible.
I think your Saint is going to be St. Joseph, or
Hispanic Female Jose, or Jesus, if you will, but the letter 'J', even
as you look around you, is going to be very signif-
My sense is that you are different than your moth- icant. The reality of your life is that you can't be
er, your grandmother and your great-grandmother. coerced, you can't be forced, you can't be over-
I believe that in many ways you will not put up come, you can't be under anybody's thumb sim-
with what they have put up with in their lives, be- ply because it is not going to work.
cause I know that your father and your grandfa-
ther were probably very assertive and very out- I feel that your past track record is that you love
spoken and conceivably could be physical with about 70% and not 100%. So that you don't give
your mother. totally of yourself, for fear of vulnerability, for
fear of somehow somebody taking advantage of
Somehow I don't see you that way, so I feel that you. The major issue in your life is that you are
you are liberated. You've got the looks, you've fearful of letting your guard down, letting your
got the personality, you have the mahogany eyes defenses down, when a person says that they love
that certainly I think men are attracted to those you or that they care for you, you may take that
eyes. with a grain of salt.
It will be interesting as you go through life, be- Based on your family tree you will have more
cause especially men, they won't know if you're than one child, and I would suspect probably three
Hispanic or if you're from Nicaragua or you're if not four children. You would always be suppor-
from Chili or Mexico, they'll simply know that tive of family members around you, simply be-
you are different and unusual. cause you are a natural caretaker, doing things for
I would sense significant names that would come others, picking up the pieces for others, maybe be-
to me, first of all I get the name Maria. I feel ing treated as a mother before you would actually
somehow that will be significant in your family, be a mother.
and I would get maybe three or four other names, I don't see you as being an only child, I feel that
but strong names that come through would be Mi- you are perhaps not terribly shy, but you are sort
guel, Roberto and Ricardo. of laid back. I don't think that you are aggressive,
You'll have many obstacles to overcome in your nor would we want that.
life, but the major obstacles are your self-doubt, The one word that comes to me is the word natu-
or your lacking of self-assurance or lacking of ral, and in my mind I would see these three ini-
self-confidence, because the older you get, the tials, and I have scribbled them on a piece of
more confident you will become. paper here, the M, the A, and the R. And the M is
The older you get the more in control of your own maybe for Miguel, the A for Anna, and the R for
destiny. You've got that look where you don't Roberto, MAR, and it maybe part of a word.

I think that they are of some significance to you. I That means two significant relationships, two
sense that you are an earthy individual, and that men, that are equally interested in you. I don't
you have tunnel vision. You are able to concen- feel, based on your personality, based on who you
trate on a particular obstacle if you will. You can are and what you're all about that you have to set-
overcome whatever obstacle that you want to. But tle for second best, or have to compromise, or
the main issue in life is for you to maintain your have to give in or have anybody call the shots.
independence to retain your independence. That would probably be a mistake. Remember
I think that men are attracted to you because they that you're mother wanted you to be somewhat
see you as a little bit different, a little bit unusual, different than her, relative to compromise, and not
and that the springtime flower, the yellow, the to settle, not to give in, like a 'don't sit at the back
gold's, the purples, would be very good for you. of the bus' type philosophy. If you see yourself as
As a matter of fact, I would suggest as an antide- the new person moving forward, you will be suc-
pressant that you surround yourself with flowers. cessful in life.
You will always be a romantic. You are certainly You would always have a strong desire to be close
monogamous a one man woman, if you will. to your mother or to be like your mother and have
Many people in your life that you meet will not empathy with your mother, and sometimes the
turn your head. Your voice would indicate a sultry males in your family are a little bit rough, a little
personality or a sensual personality. I don't think outspoken, a little too demanding, or too moody,
that you are going to be prematurely gray. The really different than you.
darkness of your hair is probably going to be with I would feel that you are musically inclined, that
you for many years. you like to dance, that you have a knowledge of
You want to do things yourself, and again that's fashion, and secondly, I think that you have a very
the independence. You don't want to be beholden good way of handling money.
to another individual, you don't want to owe any- I don't know if that indicates in your youth that
body anything, and if somebody does you a favor there was not a great deal of money, perhaps, per-
it seems to be important to you that you are able haps not, but I feel that you are not frugal, that
to repay the favor. you like, enjoy having material things and that
And so, it's always... as you go through life you really don't have to... you save, so you are not
you're always balancing the scales. Because you a person wasting money, you are able and capable
were able to overcome negativity in your life, I of saving money. I don't feel that in your future a
would suspect that you could do well in business. lack of money is going to have any negative effect
You could do well making your own money. on your life.
Where you are people oriented and you probably I am not sensing negativity relative to education, I
have strong counseling skills, perhaps even with- am not sensing negativity in health, because you
out noticing it. Obviously children like you, obvi- are healthy and that you are going to live many
ously you could probably be a prolific writer and happy years. You have overcome a lot of other
write children's books. But there is an interesting problems, a lot of negativity within your life. It
thing, sort of a parody, it's different in my mind, would have to be relationships. And you may go
because when I think of you and romance, I sense through life looking for the rock, looking for the
.... I can see two people, two pursuers. shoulder to lean on, and yet looking back over
It's called an inverted triangle. You at one point your past track record, that somehow you have
of the triangle, and I would see two other individ- men becoming dependent on you.
uals at the other points. One in my mind, has ma- The negative personality, the type of person, the
hogany eyes as you have, dark brown eyes. And antithesis of who you, the type of person you
in my mind he could either be Hispanic, he could don't want to be with, is somebody that is control-
be Italian, but he would be with dark eyes. ling somebody that is jealous, somebody that is
Interestingly, when I focus beyond that, I see a either physically or mentally abusive. Somebody
male with light blue eyes and a fair complected that is going to try to own you, possess you and
male, or an Anglo, or a, as I would refer to non- control you, and tell you what to do. Somebody
Hispanics as Anglo's, and I would see that you that is selfish.
would have the figure two is going to be signifi- You need to have the person in your life that is
cant in your life that the sign of Taurus is the sec- reasonably easy going, reasonably non-
ond sign of the zodiac, and I would suspect that controlling, and would let you to fly like a butter-
you will have two people in your life at the same fly, to let you be your own person. And I believe
time that shall pursue you. that it is going to happen.

And my sense is that you would be with an indi- Through no fault of your own you have attracted
vidual that will overcome a fear of commitment losers, and again I say through no fault of your
on his part. He would probably be reluctant and own. I don't believe that you are manipulative or
back away somewhat, and at that point in time, a game player.
you have to stand your ground. You should not I simply feel that you were bored with men be-
compromise, you should not give in. cause they live by patterns and routines and some-
At that point in time you basically put your cards how they feel it's their mission in life to pursue
on the table and don't short sell yourself. Stand up you. Granted, many men would see you as a fan-
for yourself. You're self-esteem is getting better, tasy or sexual object and I may go out on a limb
your self-confidence is getting better, you don't by saying this but I feel you're a one-man woman.
lack in looks, you don't lack in style, and you It doesn't matter how many men you've experi-
have a knowledge of good grooming, and fashion. enced in your life. I still feel you are a one-man
Things are going to be good for you in your fu- woman. I feel you search for your soulmate, you
ture. But again, don't try to be like your mother, search for your twin flame or lifemate that is out
your grandmother, or your great-grandmother, be there.
the new person and to move forward and don't Other women would either hate you or love you
settle, you know don't compromise your own because you come across as a threat to them as
ideals. If you do these things, you are going to be they may lose their husband to you or boyfriend to
very happy within your life. you. I believe that you are mentally preoccupied
with a man who is comfortable to be with, one
Physically Attractive Female that is non-threatening and probably one of the
few men that you would not intimidate.
You will always be on a different mental level. In
dealing with men it would be very difficult for a Based on your name I feel you would be compati-
man to work with you or have you as a co-worker ble with the J's, the R's, the M's or the D's.
without that man attempting to cross the line to James, John's, Joseph's, Robert's, Richard's,
make the relationship closer than perhaps what it Marc's, Michael's, David's or Donald's. Any sig-
would be. nificant relationship that you have will be differ-
You may find as you go through life that you will
have many first dates and that if you're not im- It will either be an ethnic difference, or cultural
pressed by the first date there won't be a second difference, or age difference, or geographic differ-
date. I believe that many men bore you because ence. I doubt very much if it would be two peas in
they come across as being one dimensional so a pod. I don't believe that your mother raised any
they're drawn to the aesthetics, they're drawn to fools, you have above average brains and above
the face, the figure, the complexion, the hair. average mind. You have above average intuition
in dealing with people.
You will always intimidate males and they will al-
ways see you as having an invisible chip on your Deep within you want to be desired for your per-
shoulder. It's reasonable to say that no man shall sonality, character, your soul, your spirit, and it
own you, possess you or control you. No man is gets very old and tiresome and very boring to con-
going to have you jump through hoops at the tinually have men at your fingertips. I know it's
count of three. pleasant to be pursued, great for your self esteem
but as we realize it won't last forever. I think you
You are not the typical bombshell with no educa- would have two significant love relationships in
tion. You are educated and certainly the major is- your life.
sues in your life would be men. And if nine out of
ten men do not impress you the one that does You will attract Whites, Blacks, Hispanics, you
would be the challenge. will attract heterosexual males and even homosex-
ual males, simply because your aura is one of ro-
Obviously you are comfortable in dealing with mance. The energy level that you give out is one
players. A potential relationship or husband would of romance.
be a professional person, doctor or lawyer or
stockbroker, somebody that would own their own The major issues in your life, the major accom-
business. plishments, or failures will be contingent on a
love relationship where you have to be in love.
It would probably be unlikely that you would be- You are physically capable and emotionally capa-
come involved with a truck driver or someone that ble of loving a man. Finding a man is not the
works in a factory because they would not mental- problem. To be 'in love' is the secret.
ly challenge you.
Very few times in your life you would be 'in

love.' I do think you've gone through an abusive, You can look ahead two years and logically it will
either mentally or physically abusive relationship be a reflection of the last two years. You've seen
with a man who did not have the loyalty, did not the best and you've seen the worst of what goes
have the respect, did not have the compassion that on around you. For you especially I say these
you need. words: I believe that our lives are governed by
You search for a chemistry, or a synchronicity be- destiny, by fate, by karma, by the universe, about
tween you and that person. There has to be that eighty percent of the time.
chemistry. You're able to close your eyes and just But yet the remaining twenty percent is our free
detach yourself from somebody that you would choice. Your future is by choice, not by chance. If
perhaps like or be fond of, but not in love with. I you allow yourself to compromise or settle for
don't feel that you like to have your hair touched. second best or allow yourself to be subjugated to
You take great care of your hair and I don't feel another person, intimidated by another person,
that you like it to be touched or messed up. you must change that.
You would have a talent for aerobics or exercise Because in a sense, and it may sound somewhat
or doing video exercise. You obviously are a ro- old fashioned but you are a late bloomer where
mantic. You would never look your age, you the inner beauty is now rising to the surface,
would always look to be eight to ten years young- where the inner you is now being seen. You may
er than your actual years. be more spiritual than actually religious, but you
The basic problem you've run into is that if you seem to be of a spiritual nature.
were to get a raise, or promotion, receive an You have a knowledge of food and nutrition, you
award for some service, other women around you have a knowledge of exercise. Otherwise, of
would not give you credit for having the brains course you wouldn't look like you do. In many
but would rather say, "well, you're the bosses pet ways you need to have a plan for the future. Any
or you're special, or because of your looks, or that plan is a good plan, even if it fails it's a good plan
you're sleeping with the boss." because you identify where it fails, you construct
So it would be very difficult for you to receive ac- a new plan and eventually you end up with the
tual applause or acknowledgements for what ideal plan.
you've accomplished in your life. It's not easy be- You'd be happy living in any state in the country
ing beautiful. On a scale most people would see that ends in the letter 'A' such as Virginia, Cali-
you as ten plus. fornia, Florida. I believe you would have the po-
You are in control, well balanced, you are in har- tential for having two children and I would almost
mony with your existence. But unfortunately be- sense that you would have a fear of pregnancy and
cause of your work venue, it's very difficult to then a desire for pregnancy.
trust a man, and I think that this may go way back As I indicated earlier, I feel you have unfinished
to the pre-teens. There may have well been an in- business with an unrequited relationship and prob-
cident in your pre-teens that because of your beau- ably in a unique sense it would be the one man in
ty you attracted a male to you for the wrong rea- your life that cut you free, one man that would
sons. have abandoned you, because obviously in the
You're not able to let your guard down. You're majority of relationships that you've experienced,
not able to really have a complete trust with a if someone is going to pull the rug out from some-
male. Logically you would be attracted to older body else, I would assume you would be the pull-
men, but because you don't look your age and you er, and not the pullee.
don't act your age, you will continually attract With one exception in your life, and that would be
younger men to you. the one man that would not be intimidated and
There will always be a wide spectrum relative to probably would not spoil you. I think you are
ages, there will be very few men your age. You've more intrigued and bewitched with this person
marched to beat of a different drummer. Although than anyone else.
we like to believe that we're different, unusual, Money or finances will not be a major issue in
unique, in some ways we are. But you are strik- your life. Healthwise you'll live well into your
ingly different. eighties. You will not die of cancer or some mys-
But we still live by patterns and passages and rou- terious medical malady. You're not going to be-
tines. You can look around you in your work situ- come obese. It's just a question of interpersonal
ation or you can look around you in a relationship. relationships and for someone to discover you
Let's say you have a two year relationship, or have a mind along with everything else.
you've been in it for two years.

ple or take advantage of them. You simply want
Gay or Lesbian to be left alone. You are not introverted, but rather
My belief is throughout your life, you've had to a bit introspective. You would have the equivalent
overcome adversity. I think you've always been of a college education, that you would be sur-
sort of outside the loop, on a different mental lev- rounded by books, that you would like fine foods.
el then people around you. You have deep feelings. You would like things
Very rarely have you been understood completely made out of wood or brick rather than plastic.
as far as who you are and what you're all about. You're somewhat old fashioned, somewhat tradi-
You will have faced a great many obstacles within tional in your likes and dislikes.
your life, a great deal of adversity within your life. You would perhaps like antiques, things that have
Yet you have the strength to overcome all obsta- character. You don't like to fight or argue, you
cles and adversities in your life. Because you have don't like to upset the applecart.
this male-female side of you, it would indicate
that you would be ultra-sensitive to the needs of You would probably be telepathically connected
others, that you would be in many ways a caretak- with someone who's impressed you in your life,
er, where you would draw people to you and may- and I don't think many people will. You will
be try to fix people, you know, try to make them probably encounter over this next seven year peri-
od of time true happiness in your life.
I think you have an extremely strong therapeutic You seem to fit into the category of being the phi-
touch or therapeutic way about you. In several of losopher, the storyteller, the conversationalist.
your previous lifetimes you would be of the oppo- Many times in your life you will wonder if people
site sex. So if you are a male in this lifetime you will know what you are really all about.
would be a female in your past life and visa versa. You march to the beat of your own drummer. You
It means that you have a much more profound un- could accomplish anything that you want to ac-
derstanding in this lifetime of the opposite sex, complish in your life and you have the willpower
because you already experienced what they expe- to do it. You have survival instincts.
rienced. It's sort of an androgynous syndrome. You have a touch of class, you have integrity, you
You will go through your life never being at a are fiercely loyal to those around you. If you
hundred percent total peace, because it's always make a commitment or a promise to somebody
like you're waiting for the other shoe to drop. you will keep that promise.
You're always looking over your shoulder. I don't feel that you are lacking knowledge in life.
Doesn't matter if you're in the closet or out of the Your life from the very beginning has been differ-
closet. ent and there may well be unresolved issues be-
My sense is that you would not die of Aids. Be- tween you and your father or mother.
cause of your ability to think and your ability to You have a way about you that people like, they
understand life and what goes on around you, see you as outgoing, but by the same token a little
your desire is to be in a monogamous relationship, bit aloof, a little bit unreachable, a little bit un-
a one-on-one relationship, and the significant time touchable, because in this lifetime you will attract
frames in a relationship is probably about the thir- people of your own sex, but you will also attract
teenth week. people of the opposite sex.
Whereas if you were still in a relationship after You have the ability, and it's stronger with you
the thirteenth week, that would qualify the rela- than a lot of people, of being able to compartmen-
tionship for being long term. talize people in your life. You have different cate-
You seem to be more compatible with the profes- gories within your mind where you are able to put
sional person, the artist, the doctor, the lawyer, the these people in different categories.
business owner and that you are not dealing with You would enjoy spending time with people that
the dregs of society. have integrity, that have class, that have loyalty,
I don't feel that you settle or give in or compro- that believe in ethics. You would function much
mise in your quest. It's much like Jason's quest in better with them than the person in the street.
greek mythology for the golden fleece. You can be outspoken, fiercely jealous and that's
I think that you keep on searching and searching why you would do best in a monogamous rela-
and searching until you find what you are looking tionship. As far as the future is concerned you can
for. really accomplish whatever you want to accom-
You keep yourself reasonable trim, that you
would like exercise. I don't feel that you use peo- You have a very analytical mind, you see things

very clearly. The time frame of inspecting your Black Female
own life would probably be early teens, you
would have been at a crossroads. Perhaps a deci- I sense that although you would be black in this
sion was made then to go along the path that lifetime, in several past lifetimes your heritage or
you're on now. your family tree would indicate Cherokee or
Blackfoot indian. I also sense you had a great
You'd be compatible in the fields of hairstyling or great-great grandmother who had blue eyes.
the field of art simply because of your enabling
characteristics where you like to help people and You are somewhat different than your mother or
like to work with people artistically. grandmother because you have a tendancy of put-
ting up with less foolishness than they would per-
You are probably more knowledgeable about haps put up with.
world events than your peers. You would have a
tendency to be a prolific writer, and I would sus- I feel that when you are dealing with your main
pect you've always thought about writing your man it is a monogamous relationship. You'd go to
own autobiography, because if people could see hell and back for the right person. As long as there
what you've been through in your life and what is no physical abuse or mental abuse or emotional
you've had to overcome in your life, they would abuse, you would do whatever is possible to keep
be very impressed. the relationship happy.
If you were going to commit suicide, or have a You would probably live with him before you
nervous breakdown, or be a drug addict, or go to marry him. He may not be the typical male to
prison, it already would have happened. send roses. I don't sense that he likes to send
flowers or would be a great communicator relative
My psychic sense is that the past is behind you, to the affectionate things that some people say.
although it might have been somewhat of a pain-
ful past, I believe that is behind you. Your future, He would have a tendancy of calling you "baby"
the sun will shine on your shoulder, because you rather than "I love you." It's possible that you
will not go through life alone. would have a child or baby by this man before
you get married to him. It's possible that you
You are more akin to longterm relationships than would break up three different times before you
short term. You would probably have had two would ultimately be together.
longterm or live-in type of relationships, and from
this point forward, you will not be burned. You would do well with men, you would be com-
patible with a black man or white man or hispanic
You've had the proverbial rug pulled out from un- man as long as they are decent men.
der you, but that is in the past.
Your soulmate would be someone who is not into
There will always be somewhat of an age differ- drugs. He would be drawn to you because you
ence, either older or younger than you up to ten represent someone that is different. You represent
years older or down to ten years younger, most of being a good mother, being a good person.
the significant relationships in your life are going
to be different and unusual. It's not going to be Your aura color would be shades of violet. I feel
even-keel. that you've always been a romantic. You'd be
compatible with big men, over 5'11" or six feet,
The best colors for you to wear are purples and someone who is a gentleman, not someone who's
light pinks. Light pinks actually being the color of going to be abusive with you.
healthy tissue and purple being the color of loyal-
ty, so if you ever wanted to heal yourself, wear The male that you would most likely be with, ini-
light pink shirts, undergarments because that has a tially you may not have even liked him. You may
tendency of interacting with your subconscious to have thought, "well, he's too smooth, he's too
heal your body. much of a womanizer, he's too good looking, and
initially upon meeting the person you may not
Based on your past I think you're a survivor, you have been turned on by him.
have the ability of overcoming negativity and
once you set your mind to something in business I sense a female child. She would be an excellent
or in romance or in wealth, you can accomplish dancer, and not very shy. She will have long hair,
much more then you even think that your capable and as she grows older will do a number of fantas-
of. tic things with her hair. She will have a knowl-
edge of makeup of skin, nails and might lean to-
It's a question of you believing in yourself half as wards being a beautician or owning some sort of
much as I believe in you. If you do that, that will beauty parlor. I sense the name Ashley around
be the solution to the puzzle. you.

The two initials that come to me would be 'C's and it's important for you to hold your head up
and 'H's. C as in Charles, H as in Harold. It high and to look into the eyes of anyone that
would somehow be significant. you're speaking to. You're unique, you're differ-
Through no fault of your own, you've attracted ent, you can accomplish whatever you set your
the wrong type of males to you. You could be a mind to. I don't believe that staying home, doing
whistleblower in the sense that you don't put up domestic chores, raising children or doing dishes
with any discrimination in the workplace or social is going to be terribly exciting for you.
life. You put your cards on the table and pretty You would be introduced to men in life probably
much call them like you see them. at a young age, possibly thirteen years old you'd
You don't have to change who you are and what start to notice them. I think that you would have
you stand for. I don't believe that in the future always been attracted to the wrong type of person,
you're going to be alone or without money or hap- because I sense by your energy or aura that you
piness. All this is there for you. are into long term relationships.
You may well have found that your grandmother Because of being a Cherokee or Blackfoot indian
had more of an effect on your life than your moth- in your past lives, you may have an attraction to
er did, because your mother was very busy in do- early American folklore in this particular lifetime.
ing a lot of things. I don't believe you would bring It's a question of having some sort of plan for the
your family any problems. Your mother raised future as far as what you want to accomplish. So
you to be a polite young lady. if I had to fault you, it's that you spoil your man,
But even with that, I sense you can put anybody in you pamper him, you probably give him the best
their place in a short period of time. I think your sex he's ever had in his life, but you don't get
reputation is that you have a mouth, you can upset back the energy that you're giving out. A good
the apple cart, you can be antagonistic should you perfume for you would be by Estee Lauder.
choose. I think you are physically strong, you are As you go through your life you're probably al-
mentally strong, and as you go throughout life you ways gong to be your brothers keeper, picking up
would give more energy than not. the pieces and everything. But always remember
You would probably at different times in your life that you are the 'Dear Abby.' People will always
be overly critical of yourself, you put on weight come to you with their problems.
probably a lot easier than you would take it off. I I think you're going to be very successful in life. I
would suspect that you would have your mother's sense that you are much more attractive than you
eyes and your fathers nose. You will live into give yourself credit for being. You're probably a
your eighties perhaps even nineties and it appears little overly judgemental of yourself, too harsh
that the women in your family lived to be very with yourself, and you have always feared putting
elderly. You will not die of sickle cell anemia. on weight in the butt.
As far as this coming six month period of time is
concerned it will be better than the six months
past. I feel that you save everything, you save let- Answers to common questions
ters. You are a self-educated person. You come [[[[[ This segment is on commonly asked ques-
across as being very intelligent and very articulate tions and answers. The first questions are not nec-
but I almost think that the majority of your educa- essarily more important than last questions. I have
tion comes to you from being self-taught. simply written down what I feel is probably the
You may not have a great many degrees and you most commonly asked questions, one has no par-
may not have that level of formal education, but ticular importance than another. They just happen
women that go through four or six years of col- to be in this particular sequence. ]]]]]
lege probably would want to be like you, being
able to handle yourself because you come across Will I win a lottery?
as being together and well balanced and in harmo-
ny with the universe, you have paid your dues. My sense is that the statistical odds of you win-
ning a lottery are nil. The odds are, at most lotter-
It's unlikely that you're going to be unhappy. I ies, 7 million to 1, or 12 million to 1, I would
mean, we all have unhappiness in our life. Any think not. I know that you fantasize and I know
unhappiness that's occurred in your life, my sense that you have had dreams of feelings that in some
is that it has already occurred. point in time you need to win the lottery. But to
The most important issue is in a relationship. But answer the question, I would say I can see you
you don't want to be dependent on a person be- winning money from some source, I don't know if
cause you've always been fiercely independent it's from a lottery or not, but I can see money.

If it's meant to be, if the plan of the universe has Will I travel?
in store for you; if it's your fate or your destiny to In my mind, I would say yes. I would say a long
win lotteries with numbers you would probably trip and a short trip. One by air and one by car.
win with the numbers that I am about to give you. The long trip by air and the short trip by car with-
I will give you six lucky numbers, four lucky in this next twelve month period of time. And as I
numbers, and three lucky numbers, because each try to visualize you in my mind, I feel that I see
state is different in the amount of numbers being you with passport in hand, which would indicate
played. Again, if it is meant to be, it shall be. intercontinental/international travel in the future.

Will my lover return? Will I have children?

In my mind I see three children. I see two to the
I would suspect that if the relationship goes be- left, and one to the right. I don't know if that's
yond the seven to eight month period of time, more than one marriage or adopted, you know bi-
within that period of time you planted a great ological children. But, yet, in answer to your
many positive seeds, so I would say the answer to question, yes I can see the children there, but I
that question is probably yes. don't know if it's from the same husband.
Now in most successful relationships, two people That's why I see two to the left and one to the
plan together and then for one reason or another, right. That could be two girls and one boy, two
one person backs away, usually because of the re- boys and one girl, two children from one mar-
sponsibility and commitment, and then they come riage, a third child from another marriage. It could
back together, so I would answer the question yes. mean two biological, one adopted. Yet in my
mind, and the more that I concentrate on it, again
Will I get a raise? I see the figure three, three children. Three young-
I think that you are probably over-qualified, un- sters around you. I think you have had dreams of
derpaid for the work that you do. I think that you having more than one child.
show a great deal of promise with your potential, Is my husband cheating on me?
and I think that you do not sell yourself as well as I am going to be very careful in answering this
you should. question, because I don't want you to go out and
I would answer the question yes, but I think that purchase a gun and shoot him in the head. I would
any financial doors of opportunity that are going answer the question this way. I think that you're
to be opened, are going to be opened by you. intuition in good, your perception is good, you
may have a tendency of being a bit too overly sus-
Nobody is going to come and tap you on your picious.
shoulder and say, surprise, surprise, you're mak-
ing more money. You have to seek out what you I think your husband is a flirt, so he may be just
think that your value is. A whistling tea kettle gets bluffing. He may be just looking at the menu
the attention. without ordering from the menu. You want to
make sure that your intuition and your perception
is followed by hard evidence. There is a chance
Will I marry? that you could be right, a chance you could be
In my mind, I see you in a marriage. Of course wrong, but I think it's question of taking time to
that statement in my mind I see you in a marriage analyze the whole situation.
could refer to past, present, or future. And I would
suspect that you will have more than one marriage
in this life time. And I suspect that your second Am 1 psychic?
marriage would be the one that you would stay in. If you feel you are reasonably intuitive, reason-
Perhaps there is a third marriage, if you live be- ably perceptive, if you dream in color rather than
yond 60 years old. in black and white, if you are able to sense or feel
a person's aura, or the color of the person's aura.
If you know something is going to happen before
Will I be healthy? it happens, such as a strong dream or feeling.
Your physical health is contingent upon your If you experience out of body projections when
mental frame of mind. Eighty-five percent of you're sleeping, if you feel your spirit is leaving
physical ailments, agreed upon by doctors by the your body. If you're able to sense when the phone
way, 85 percent have physical disharmony, debili- rings who it is on the phone. I would sense if you
tating effects, is based on your mental frame of are able to pick up on people's moods. You would
mind. So keep mentally happy. be psychic, to some degree.

Why do I attract losers? you that are negative and depressing, try to alter
The key word is allow. If there is a person in your the way that they affect you.
life who has abused you, mentally, physically or It's a question of you being in control of your own
emotionally on some level, you have allowed that. destiny. It's a question of you being in control of
And always remember the words that the first your mental frame of mind. I would say to you,
time you are a victim, and the second time you are yes, the depression can end, but you're the only
a volunteer. I have never heard of a man hitting a one who can end it, nobody around you can end it.
woman just once. You're going to make some minor modifications
I never have heard of a man cheating on a woman or changes in your life. We are not trying to
just once. I have never heard of a man treating a change your personality or make major changes in
woman with disrespect just once. It is usually a how you perceive yourself, but yet I think we can
continuation. I think with your looks, your brains, make minor changes and minor alterations.
your personality, you should allow no person to
use you, manipulate you, control you, compro- It's unlikely you can change an introvert into an
mise you, in any way. The key word is 'allow.' extrovert, or black into white, but I think that if in
your life there have existed any reasons for you to
experience depression, as of this moment, those
What is the best zodiac sign for me to reasons no longer exist.
search for in a relationship?
For an Axies, it would be Libra. For a Taurus, it How long will I live?
would be Scorpio. For a Gemini it would be Sagit- I suspect everybody thinks that they can probably
tarius. For a Cancer it would be Capricorn. For a live a hundred years or longer. That is not the
Leo it would be Aquarius. For a Virgo it would be case. Statistically you'll live beyond your 70th
Pisces. For a Libra it would be Aries. For a Scor- year. Intuitively, I think that you will live beyond
pio, Taurus. For a Sagittarius, Gemini. For a Cap- your 80th year.
ricorn, Cancer, and for a Aquarius, Leo. For a Pi-
sces, Virgo. Each sign of the zodiac has an
opposite sign. Will I stay with the person (or) lover (or)
husband I am with now?
Will this depression ever end? And my sensing on that is, you've seen the best,
I think that you've got to look forward in time, you've seen the worst, the person is not going to
look ahead in time, and acknowledge the fact that change, you've experienced the person's good and
if we all had good luck and bad luck in our lives, bad, high points and low points, and the choice is
and my sense is that you've already experienced yours.
the bad luck. I believe that when you find yourself in a relation-
There is such a thing as energy, and if we send out ship that you stay in, as in most marriages, if you
positive energy, we normally get positive energy stay in a marriage or relationship beyond the sev-
back. If we send out negative energy, we get neg- enth year, it would indicate that it would be long
ative energy back. I have got to be careful in any term, because most marriages and relationships
dialogue that you medically question. end before or during the seventh year.
I have a deal with the American Medical Associa- If you can progress beyond the seventh year, I
tion that I won't prescribe medication and they think that then you would be... it's fairly accurate
will not do readings. I don't feel that your depres- to say that you would stay in the relationship.
sion is of a classic manic sort. I feel that your de-
pression is environmentally produced, rather than Are my dreams meaningful?
physiologically produced. Well, dreams basically are symbolic. And any one
But I would sense that you control your own emo- dream can be interpreted a dozen different ways.
tions, and I think that you've got to think more of If you buy a dozen different dream books, dream
the future and less of the past because you may interpretation books, for that one dream, you
not be able to change things that have happened in probably would get ten different solutions, or a
the past dozen different answers.
The best advice I can give you is if you are sur- Usually we dream of what we fear most. We very
rounded by negative people, you will absorb that rarely dream of our enemy dying. It is usually a
energy. If you are surrounded by depressing peo- loved one dying. We will very rarely dream of
ple, you will absorb that depression. The only way something bad happening to someone we don't
you can change that is to leave the people around like, it's always somebody we do like.

Dreams axe symbolic. They are signals picked up and you've got to change the way you see your-
by a conscious mind that are transmitted to our self, change the way you want to perceive your-
unconscious mind. self relevant to the future, and then, yes, you can
And when dreams are symbolic, they usually have get down to your proper weight, and I would sus-
a message to do something. Dreams normally pect that it is probably going to be about 134
give you a tap on the shoulder to get you headed pounds.
in the right direction. Again, they are symbolic.
Will I find my soulmate?
Will my husband or lover change? Usually what my experience has been in soul-
Again, I don't really think so. If you are with a mates, is that you may meet the person, and
person that's a mediocre lover, he probably will months or years later may separate, and then you
always be a mediocre lover, unless you change, re-meet the person once again, and that person
unless you teach him or modify him. As far as will come into your life. And he will be an exact
changing from black to white, I don't think so. counterpart of you.
I am reminded of the woman that said, "Well, my It will be much like you in your own image as far
husband has changed over the last ten years. He is as your philosophies are concerned, as far as how
now insensitive, he is now uncaring, he has some- you perceive yourself, as far as how you want
how desensitized himself to me. I think he has things to go in your life relative to a relationship.
changed quite a bit." You'll find you will meet your soulmate, and I
suspect we all have two soulmates. My answer is
Realistically, he is probably the same person he yes.
was ten years ago. Realistically he has not
changed, but perhaps you have somewhat out-
grown him. Logically people don't change all that
much, and normally we see what we want to see
in a partner.

Am I in the ideal relationship?

If in fact you feel good about yourself, you look
at yourself in the mirror and like yourself, and
you feel comfortable with the person, and he sat-
isfies your needs, emotionally, physically, mental-
ly, physiologically, philosophically, or sexually,
you are in the right relationship. If none of these
things feel comfortable for you, then you're in the
wrong relationship. The word 'ideal' is a tempo-
rary word.

Will my career advance?

I would think it's realistic to say that next year
you'll make a little bit more money than this year.
Next year, potentially, you could have an upgrade
or transfer, but your career advancement is pretty
much contingent upon you. I think that you have a
tendency of being too much the nice person, too
much the giver, too much the enabler, and I think
that you've got to stand on your own two feet
more and be a little bit more competitive relative
to your career. Stand up and be counted!

Will I lose the weight? Will I get down to

my proper weight?
I would sense that probably your being over-
weight has got nothing to do with overeating, or
compulsive overeating, or addicted to overeating.
I think it's actually a security blanket around you,