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eCommerce in Numbers

Internet penetration (% of population with 85.1% of population above age 3

internet access) Source: KISA (Korea Internet & Security Agency)

Smartphone penetration (% of population 83% of adult population (2015.03)

with smartphone) Source: TrendSpectrum

eCommerce market as percentage of total B2C e-commerce as percentage of GDP in South Korea: 2.53% (2015
GDP est.)
Source: Statista,

Annual growth in the eCommerce sector 2.0% (2015 est.)

Source: KISA

Annual growth in mCommerce 4.0% (2015 est.)

Source: KISA

Number of online shoppers 53.6% of population above age 12

Source: KISA

Market share for eCommerce for B2B vs. B2B 91.0%, B2C 2.0% (2013)
B2C Source: KOSTAT (Statistics Korea)
Average spending per online shopper Average revenue per user in the eCommerce market: USD 790.91 (2016
Source: Statista,

VAT-rate on eCommerce 10%

Source: National Tax Service,

Specific rules regarding company No

establishment in relation to online export

Key eCommerce platforms

Top 5 platforms in terms of annual volume of business:
11th Street, G-market, Auction, Interpark, Domeggook (primarily B2B)
Source: Money Week,
Logistics Key logistic and distribution operators in the eCommerce market
Top 3: CJ Korea Express, Hyundai Logistics, Hanjin Transportation
Source: The CEO Score Daily,

Key product categories in the eCommerce market

In terms of number of transactions: culture contents 86.0%, clothing & accessories 82.7%, food & dining 78.2%, daily &
home supplies 66.3%
Source: KISA

Types of payment
Preference by shopper: credit card 72.5%, debit card 42.9%, bank transfer 38.9%, small settlements charged to cell-phone
Source: KISA

Return policy/ Consumer rights

Source: National Law Information Center


[Enforcement Date 14. Jul, 2011.] [Act No.10854, 14. Jul, 2011., Amendment by Other Act]

Article 17 (Matters to be Generally Observed by Business Operators of Electric Commerce)

Business operators of electric commerce shall observe matters falling under the following subparagraphs, in order to
protect the consumers relevant to electronic commerce and to secure the safety and reliability of electronic
commerce:<Amended by Act No. 8932, Mar. 21, 2008>
1. Provision of correct information on their trade names (including the name of representative, in the case of a
corporation), on themselves, and on goods, services, terms and conditions of contract, etc.;
2. Provision and preservation of the standard contract, so as to make it easy for consumers to gain access or acknowledge;
3. Arrangement of procedures capable of cancelling or altering consumers' orders by themselves;
4. Arrangement of procedures for easy withdrawal of an application, cancellation or termination of a contract, exchange,
return of goods and reimbursement of price paid, etc.;
5. Arrangement of procedures for dealing promptly and fairly with dissatisfaction of and matters requested by consumers;
6. Preservation of transaction records for a specific period, which are required for the verification of transactions.