Lullaby of an Insomniac

12:18am All the world has gone to bed While I'm stuck staring at my ceiling, So what's the agenda for tonight? Overwhelm myself with the sneering silence or drown in those jagged memories of you? It's a tough decision. 1:24am Pushing away the budding tears, that arrive when I think of you, I make my choice and envelop the deafening lull as my world becomes cold Dead And mute. 2:55am The dead air makes a mockery Of my heavy lids, And I pray for sleep to wash over me like the foamy white waves of my dreams. 3:43am Unable to bear the noiseless comatose My eyes open to the pigments of you And I feel that recognizable choke As the empty walls collapse Onto my insomniac heart. Soon, Undisguised and aquamarine, I feel the poxy digital glare of the clock As it picks upon what is left of me. 4:36am Shit. 5:07am And I often wonder what causes my restlessness, Why can’t I embrace sleep like those around me? But as a reminder I am smacked in the face by my hyperactive mind. My head is whirring. Stop I beg of you...

6.59am The sunrise draws near as I watch on bitterly, and ready myself for what I think is just a short while, of aching slumber. But As I sense the approaching blackout and closure of my burdening lids… I am woken by the familiar chilling buzz of the same upbeat tune that I set as my morning alarm. Typical.

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