Name = Word, label, or brand by which a person or thing is known; The artifice by which a contract is made. CAfV = Conditionally Accept for Value Bona-fide = genuine, real; without fraud or deceit. You can CAfV an indictment / warrant / traffic stop, etc. 'upon proof of a bonafide claim.' You can CAfV a public defender, upon condition that: 1) he accept private compensation payment; and 2) he accepts liability (surety) for the defendant & the court approves it in writing. They want your name (label / brand) so they can open an account to lodge pecuniary damages, but your name is YOUR property. Let's say some law enforcement official or bureaucrat knocks on your door & begins to ask questions... BUREAUCRAT: "We're / I'm looking for John Doe. Are you John Doe?" YOU: “I’m the "agent" for John Doe – How can I help you?” [confession & avoidance] BUREAUCRAT: "Whatever. You need to come with us / me." YOU: “Well, I accept your offer to come with you, conditional upon presentation of a bona-fide claim, subscribed on the undersigned’s personal unlimited commercial liability in accord with HJR-192 and upon written proof of claim that you have authority over me.” After an arrest, they need to book you (charge you with a legal offense). BOOKING = Administrative steps taken after an arrested person is brought to the police station and involves entry of person’s name (label/brand), the crime for which the arrest was made and other relevant facts on the police blotter. This may also include photographing, fingerprinting and the like. BUREAUCRAT: "We need to get your fingerprints to re-LEASE you." YOU: “Why do I need to give you my private property to disCHARGE me?” Fighting is considered arguing, explaining, justifying & reasoning. They NEED you to argue, fight, go silent or answer questions. Continue to ask questions, even if they persistantly ask you the same questions over & over! This can go back & forth for a long time, but usually depends on the particular officer / bureaucrat and how much time, patience, and energy they want to devote to the matter. If needed, you can also use CAfV (Cond. Accept for Value) "upon proof of a bonafide claim" during this contractual time. DID YOU KNOW... Police are REQUIRED to show you their I.D. ?

OFFICER: What’s your name? YOU: “Who are you and why do you want to know?” OFFICER: Are you John Doe? YOU: “Why do you want to know?” OFFICER: Are you John Doe? YOU: “How can I help you, officer?” YOU: "May I see some identification, officer?" More questions you can ask.......... YOU: “Are you threatening me?” YOU: “By what authority?” YOU: “Is it a problem to reserve my rights?” YOU: "Why are you accosting me, officer?" YOU: "How do I know that you're not an interloper?" (lets hope Officer BusyBody knows what interloper means!) Interloper = Someone who intrudes on the privacy or property of another without permission; One who interferes, intrudes or gets involved where not welcome. Accost = Address; greeting; To approach and speak to boldly or aggressively, as with a demand or request. Pay more attention, perhaps, to what they do, rather than what they say.

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