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A Star
Frontiers Alpha
Dawn Adventure


The cover for Balneum
BALNEUM BLUE Blue was done by Khairul
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EPSILON SECTION: ......................................... 27 FOREWORD
ZETA SECTION .............................................. 28 Welcome to Issue #25 of the StarFrontiersman.
ETA SECTION: ............................................... 72 You may have thought that the VOID swallowed us up or maybe
FINAL WORDS FROM THE EDITOR….. ................. 72 Sathar agents destroyed us. But no, in reality, life happens and
so there have been delays in getting this Amazing issue
A CHANGING FRONTIER.............................73 published. But have no fear, things are changing.

Thank you to Ben Gorman for the adventure, his lovely wife for
proofreading, all of the great artists and everyone else who had
input into making this adventure happen.

You should be familiar with the article “Going for a Swim” from
Dragon Magazine #110, or the remastered one from Star
Frontiersman #24 before playing this adventure. Enjoy this
great underwater adventure and hopefully your players won’t
drown in the process.

There are major changes going on in the Fandom of the
It was just supposed to be a job. Frontier. For more details, see Tom Stephens’s article at the end
of the issue. This was going to be the final issue of the
An easy paycheck. StarFrontiersman but a new and exciting path is being created
and all of us at the Star Frontiersman and Frontier Explorer look
You show up, take a few samples and forward to many more exciting issues in the future.
go home. We ask often and so please take us seriously: If you have any
What could possibly go wrong? creations, ideas, or art you would like to submit, please do.
Even if it is an old file on that ancient media “paper”, email me
How does that old saying go? and let me know and we can see about getting it published. This
has and always will be a community magazine.
When something seems too good to
“To the Frontier!!”
be true, it usually is.
William Douglass

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Balneum Blue Any technical information presented within the context
of this work is intended solely for the purpose of playing
a game and is not intended for use in any underwater
A vast array of waves dance, situation. This work is not intended to be an instructional
sapphire and pearl; shimmering green, textbook. Technical information presented herein is
whitecaps crest upon the expanse, simply intended to work within the confines of an
imaginary setting and has been condensed to include
intermixed, swirling; serene. only those aspects that are important to the game
mechanics. This means that if practiced in an actual
underwater setting, vital information will be left
Such beauty breathtaking to behold unexposed to the reader and as such, life-threatening
as yet by mortal voice untold. situations could result. It is the advice of this author that
anyone seeking to learn how to operate in an
underwater environment, do so by learning the
But eyes turn aloft to the amber sky appropriate skills as taught by an accredited instructor.
where in ghostly silence, mist-enfurled,
immense tentacles drape from on high Author's notes:
and slowly drift about this water-world. This outline is intended to familiarize the Game Master (GM)
and players with this previously unknown part of frontier
space. A basic adventure is outlined herein to get things
Such is this place as seen by this crew; started, but once started there are several avenues that can be
considered for future play and it is up to the GM to develop
such that I now christen it 'Balneum them further to fit into their universe.
Blue'. This adventure can easily be incorporated into any existing
campaign or used as a stand-alone adventure, whichever the
GM wishes. Unless otherwise noted, this adventure was
Entry from the log of Capt. Farley of the Exploration created with Star Frontiers Alpha Dawn Remastered in mind
(which can be found at its new home on the web at:
ship 'Wanderer'. Any rule-
related questions concerning this adventure can be answered
Picture by BlackArroquill @ by consulting the aforementioned work.

Perhaps the NPC(s) Non-player Character(s) employer is somewhat eccentric and wishes to use only PC(s) The Player's Character(s) older tech during the exploration of Balneum Blue out of a PS Punch Score sense of antiquity? Or perhaps the employer is poor and can only afford older tech? These are questions that are PER Personality being left up to the GM to answer. especially at the outset. One of the LOG Logic purposes of this adventure is to delve deep into the notion M Meter(s) of extraordinary and astounding science fiction. 'Going For A Swim'. the numbers presented below will FEV Freelance Exploration Vehicle all be off from standard earth calculations by 10 m (33 ft). it is assumed that the standard underwater some guidelines for continuing the adventure modifier for working with alien technology will be -20%. But those are issues for other bodies of work and YRD(S) Yard(s) fall outside the scope of this document. the reduction in pressure can cause the nitrogen to STAT(S) One (or more) of the base character form bubbles within the diver’s bloodstream. . IM Initiative Modifier IN Inch(es) Alpha Subsection 1a: INT Intuition Specific Environmental Hazards: IR Infrared Some words on 'old-school' (current) dive gear: KGS Kilograms If the GM plans to use current dive technology in this KM Kilometer(s) adventure. by William Tracy CR(S) Credit(s) See previous article.All conversions from metric to American units of Alpha Subsection 1: measurement have been rounded to the nearest whole Adventuring Underwater: number. STR Strength This condition is not particular to underwater activity and UPF United Planetary Federation can be a factor in other environmental situations where UV Ultraviolet breathing compressed air in pressurized environments is VLF Very Low Frequency necessary. EXP Experience Points Note: Since the gravity on Balneum Blue (Ball-knee-um F Fahrenheit Bloo) is 1. it is recommended. there is no way to cover every possible situation that can Alpha Section: arise in an underwater setting so it will be incumbent upon the GM to use his best judgment when ruling upon Abbreviations situations outside the scope of this work. When the diver returns to the STA Stamina surface. LBS Pounds It should be mentioned that this information is purely LDR Leadership optional and for informational purposes only. then some information is being provided below KPH Kilometers per Hour. AGS Artificial Gill Suit C Celsius Some of the information presented below relies upon COFE Central Office of Freelance Explorers information presented in the 1986 article from issue #110 CM Centimeter(s) of Dragon Magazine. FT Feet As a standard rule of thumb. This condition statistics can be deadly if it is not properly managed.1 will change the HAGS Hard Artificial Gill Suit depths associated with underwater operations by + or .10 HR(S) Hour(s) m (33 ft). respectively. MIAGS Military Issue Artificial Gill Suit If the GM so chooses this information can be incorporated MIHAGS Military Issue Hard Artificial Gill Suit into this adventure. it can be assumed that each GM Game Master increase or decrease of atmospheres by 0. particularly MI Mile(s) the exotic technology that is presented within this work. Since the vast majority of this adventure takes place Unless otherwise stated.1 atmospheres. beneath the waves will be presented below. PTS Points RND(S) Round(s) Decompression Sickness (the Bends): RS Reaction Speed In the real world. This can be SQ Square an issue if the diver remains underwater for lengthy periods SEU Standard Energy Unit of time or at great depths. Though it is not critical that the GM DEX Dexterity and PCs have access to the aforementioned work by ELF Extremely Low Frequency William Tracy. in order to incorporate such 'old-school' tech in this setting. However. the body absorbs nitrogen from breathing RW Ranged Weapon Attack Score compressed air (or from holding one's breath).

This usually involves ascending in 10 m (33 Subsection 1b) as this technology does not use compressed ft) increments.found in 'Going For A Swim') usual. Records (on earth) having been noted for dives as deep Time at depth table: as 304 m (1. This depth (36 m) can dramatically decompression sickness. as with decompression sickness. Depth in meters (feet) 1 Depth in meters (feet) 2 Max time spent at depth without decompression: 9 m (30 ft) 0 m (0 ft) No Limit As a rule of 15 m (50 ft) 5 m (16 ft) 100 minutes thumb. breathing normally during the even when using an AGS. This Maximum depth: should be sufficient to allow the GM to calculate a For the purpose of this adventure setting. Euphoria can set in the injured PC can be treated properly as detailed in. combative toward friends attempting to help or may become completely disoriented and simply Generally. this malady can also the diver. whatever reason and the PC in question must hold their breath for a prolonged period of time while rapidly reaching Nitrogen Narcosis: the surface to take a breath. the maximum reasonable passage of time to simulate the experience depth that a PC can go (unless otherwise specified in their within the confines of the game. for an additional 5 minutes as a safety precaution in case there was a malfunction in his timing equipment. descent meaning that the average PC can withstand 4. 'Going causing the diver to act recklessly. overconfident. This time varies and is subject to complicated condition completely.1 atmospheres reduces translates to 36 m (118 ft. In situations where a diver descends beyond 20 m (66 ft.In Star Frontiers this situation is circumvented by the use of eliminate excess nitrogen from the body much faster than an Artificial Gill Suit (AGS . At that point. They may become wildly For A Swim'. This depth (36 m) is assuming that the diver in question is using Below is a table detailing how long a diver can stay at the standard compressed air (no exotic mixtures) and standard listed depth without having to take steps to counteract (current) equipment.1 atmospheres of pressure at 46 m (150 ft.). even if a rapid ascent (emergency) Drowning: is required. the AGS. if the AGS malfunctions for process. every task underwater is fraught with peril and is .) on earth which (notice that the adjustments of 0. Decompression can still occur slowly with frequent breaks.000 ft) using a 'hard suit'. this depth is increased to 100 m (328 ft. then stopping for 1 minute and repeating air.0. they must spend time gradually coming back to the surface in order to The simple act of returning to the surface will reverse the decompress. and as this where the environment is as dangerous as or even continuously during.) on Balneum Blue.) with standard (current) equipment. the diver will usually stay there wish to use 'old school' (current) dive gear. It is possible to protect oneself from the effects of decompression sickness. This is not a fool-proof fix however and the best which filters breathable air directly from the water and method of avoiding decompression sickness is to ascend does not use compressed air. suffice it to say that Again. the ascent to the surface. Both decompression sickness and nitrogen narcosis until the diver has reached a point about 5 m (16 ft) from have been presented here for the benefit of those GMs that the surface.000 ft) and one for 610 m (2. algorithms that will serve no real purpose in this game setting.6 2 = Depth in meters on Balneum Blue with a gravity of 1. increase when specialty gas mixtures and gear is included. If using on the world where the divers are operating. As in mediate the effects of decompression sickness by helping to space. should return to the surface no faster than 10 m (33 Frontiers (the AGS or other such equipment listed in Zeta ft) per minute. For the purpose of the game. (see table below) than is considered safe. This affect manifests in the recompression chambers or the use of a freeze field until form of mild to severe intoxication. This is accomplished by breathing compressed Obviously drowning is a very real possibility in a setting such oxygen (rather than compressed air) just prior to. the nitrogen in compressed air can have a detrimental Treatment involves the use of hyperbaric oxygen therapy in effect on mental processes. This helps more dangerous than the creatures that occupy it. having spent more time at depth than he should be circumvented by using the advanced technology of Star have. the 30 m (100 ft) 20 m (66 ft) 25 minutes pressure 37 m (120 ft) 27 m (89 ft) 15 minutes increases by 43 m (140 ft) 33 m (108 ft) 10 minutes one 46 m (150 ft) 36 m (118 ft) 5 minutes atmosphere for 1 = Depth in meters on an earth-like planet with a gravity of every 10 m of 1.). if the diver spends more time at a certain depth wander off. This standard the depth by 10 meters!) rule of thumb translates directly to equipment and vehicles as well. The numbers presented in racial description or detailed in 'Going For A Swim') will be this paragraph shall remain constant no matter the gravity 36 m (118 ft.

This could be simulated in the game by applying minute' categories. . The following table is considering PCs that are completely Hypothermia: or mostly submerged and that have no protective covering Hypothermia is a condition in which the core body or a protective covering that is malfunctioning and no temperature of an individual drops to a point below that longer adequately retaining or producing heat. The negative modifier given for all actions if tachycardia and mild mental confusion. reduction in blood pressure. This could roll a current STA check each hour to determine if the PC be simulated in the game by applying a -30 to all actions. own guidelines if the situation ever arises in his adventure. This is unlikely to happen in this setting because Hypothermia table: the PC's equipment is generally artificially warmed by the power regulators of their various suits. upon a number of factors. It all depends upon the degree of extreme malfunction in a critical piece of gear separating the temperature that is being encountered. In those areas that say. However. Once that criterion has been met. The Moderate onset hypothermia: following hour the GM rolls to determine if the Moderate hypothermia is usually distinguished by violent hypothermia advances to moderate. each race would be different and the GM (40F) per minute per minute minute should feel free to adjust these guidelines as he sees fit to -01C -40% Roll STA Roll STA Roll STA per better differentiate between the various races. loss of 1 STA per minute until such time as the victim is able How long does it take for hypothermia to take hold? This to raise their core temperature. In a worst case scenario. In 04C -30% Roll STA Roll STA Roll STA per reality however. 'Roll STA per minute'. This could be hypothermia is present does not apply to the hypothermia simulated in the game by applying a -15 to all actions. 27C +10% Roll STA Roll STA --- this information would be helpful and so. For the purpose of this work. drowning shall begin to occur whenever a PC finds himself without adequate air to Since there are so many variables. Even the new. Example. walking/swimming will should roll a current STA check each minute to determine if be difficult if not impossible and they will become the PC begins to become hypothermic. it is being (80F) per hour per hour included. (60F) per hour per hour hour For the purpose of simplicity. the following table will breath. In all the 'per incoherent. falling victim to hypothermia equals the a -60 to all actions. labored movement and obvious coordination -15% to all actions from the mild hypothermia. difficulty speaking and amnesia. the PC will be attempt to condense it all into a relatively simple mechanic able to hold his breath for a number of turns equal to the to approximate this dangerous condition. each race will be treated the 10C -20% Roll STA Roll STA Roll STA per same in regards to the disabling aspects of each level of (50F) per minute per minute minute severity (as described from a human point of view). In all of the 'per hour' Severe onset hypothermia: categories.magnified many times in difficulty. It will not. a PC can they will begin to regain STA at a rate of 1d10 per hour. bio- engineered power armor has its own source of warmth (it Temp Modifier Mild: -15 Moderate: Severe: -60 is a living creature) to help keep the PCs warm. mental confusion. gear that is being used to insulate the body and the physical condition of the victim. the PC will begin course. but does not apply the shivering. As a result. 'Roll STA per hour' the GM should toes and lips) may become blue in appearance. the GM victim will lose most motor control. In the latter stages the In those areas that say. time of rolling. their core temperature. roll itself. question is impossible to answer definitively as it depends Once the core temperature of the PC has been stabilized. Water actions actions actions unprotected for a period of time. of character's current STA/5. of to all -30 to all to all situations could arise that find the PCs in the water. pale skin and extremities (fingers. 21C +00% Roll STA Roll STA Roll STA per (70F) per hour per hour hour Hypothermia is divided into differing degrees of severity 16C -10% Roll STA Roll STA Roll STA per which are associated with very specific sets of debilitation. the quality of the individual from direct exposure to the environment. In a case such as that. (30F) per minute per minute minute Mild onset hypothermia: The modifier column is the bonus given to the STA at the Mild hypothermia is usually distinguished by mild shivering. a simple go from normal to severe onset hypothermia in a matter of accident can prove fatal if it is enough to cause a minutes. begins to become hypothermic. issues. After that. falling victim to hypothermia equals the loss of 1 Severe hypothermia is usually distinguished by decreases in STA per hour until such time as the victim is able to raise heart and respiratory rates. which is necessary for normal metabolism and body functions. be perfect and the GM is encouraged to consider his taking 2d10 points of damage each turn until death. a PC becomes mildly hypothermic.

lighting conditions are directly affected by properties are no longer functioning or if they are out of turbidity (water cloudiness). --. It can be the result of sediment Bathypelagic 1.0F) Degrees C: 25-28/21-25/13-21 A PC can see with only sunlight as their light --. range will be about 10 m things are not being addressed in this section as that falls (33 ft). though Racial body temperature table: the viewer is still limited by light sources and water turbidity. visibility will be non-existent. Clear turbidity will not change power to supply their artificial heat source). For the purpose of this document. Low turbidity will reduce visual ranges by 10 m (33 ft). moderate Average Water Temperature at Certain Depths: turbidity will reduce visual range by 20 m (66 ft) and high turbidity will reduce visibility by 40 m (131 ft). Vision: When attempting to visually perceive the world below the Though this information could be similarly applied to out. However. These within 10 m [33 ft] of the surface).6F) Degrees C: 32-35/28-32/20-28 deep and about 1 meter (3 ft) away at 60 m (197 --.4F) Degrees C: 33-36/28-33/21-28 but natural lighting.000 m or more 1C (34 F) bringing particulates into an area and increasing the turbidity for an extended period of time or even indefinitely. --. It is a word used to describe the suspended Mesopelagic 200 m . it is more complicated than this and Underwater Perception: indeed. this will suffice. Degrees F: 91-96/83-91/69-83 If the PC is using flood lights.1. even though no fine details will be discernible. Under ideal conditions (crystal clear water on a The following table is being presented to allow the GM to to bright sunny day and within 10 m [33 ft] of the surface). Degrees F: 90-95/82-90/68-82 ft) deep. When attempting to visually survey an area underwater with goggles or a mask things improve considerably. but under ideal modifiers. dense schools of fish. their visual range Yazirian 39C (102.000 m . This table can be likely be correct (perhaps 75% of the time). Visual range underwater is limited depending things that could happen or that could impose other upon light sources and water turbidity.000 m . at 10 m (33 ft) only indistinct blobs will be outside the scope of this document. It will be left up to the GM to determine the the viewer will be able to make an educated guess and specifics of any other races if he wishes to. Degrees F: 77-82/69-77/55-69 source about 3 m (10 ft) away at 30 m (98 ft) Human 37C (98.Simple warmth and rest is enough for them to quickly Alpha Subsection 1b: rebound. That object seen 10 m (33 ft) away could be Fred the jolly Some temperature ranges for the core four races are dralasite or it could just be a lump of coral. At 2 m (7 ft) the utilized if the GM wishes to go into detail for the benefit of viewer will be able to accurately see things and know what a medical PC in order to heighten the RP experience.000 m 2C (36F) dissipate. Dralasite 30C (86.6. essentially just movement and shadow. Beyond 60 m (197 ft) deep with nothing Vrusk 38C (100.2. agitated sediment. wind chill and frost bite (which could cause conditions (crystal clear water on a bright sunny day and lasting or even permanent damage) for example. there are further complications that could occur but for the purpose of this game. --. - anything that reduces vision (even though that is not the traditional definition of the word). It will be left up to the GM to determine what level of turbidity exists in any particular area when visual range becomes a question. Or it could be the result of a current Hadalpelagic 6.000 m 4C (39F) stirred up on the bottom and could quickly Abyssalpelagic 2. At 5 m (16 ft) detailed below. there would be some very different indistinct. etc. see what temperatures to expect at particular depths in visual range will be about 40 m (131 ft)*. images will be blurry and of-water situations. The Race Average Body Onset of Hypothermia viewer will be able to see clearly enough at 40 m Temp (mild/moderate/severe) (131 ft) to accurately identify objects. In reality. waves without goggles or a mask. not adequately protected from the cold (this can occur if their suit/vehicle is damaged such that the heating However. the maximum ranges of visual perception listed above. Oceanic Zone Depth Average Temp What is turbidity? Turbidity is akin to smoke in Epipelagic 200 m or less 38C to 15C (100F to 59F) air. . they are. turbidity will include such things as high concentrations of algae.2F) Degrees C: 34-37/29-34/22-29 will increase to the maximum of 40 m (131 ft) --. discernible.000 m 5C (41F) solids in water. Degrees F: 93-98/85-93/71-85 while a flashlight will allow them to see a order to aid in determining adverse effects on PCs who are maximum of 20 m (66 ft) regardless of depth. --.

cheap as their effectiveness is questionable.640 yrds). As such. during the night or at depths greater than 275 m (902 ft). it will not be able to detect objects under the water. sonar uses If only using natural lighting. Ultraviolet detection devices: Underwater Radio Communications: These devices are unaffected in their standard operation by Traditional radio waves do not work well underwater at all - underwater environments but only to a maximum depth of to the point of being worthless. Such radios are extremely ft). therefore allowing the device to If the sonar source is projecting from a position out of the perform its standard function at any depth. However. would also suffer a -10% modifier to all actions associated with vision as their depth perception would be off. They are however. (aquatic caverns either wet or dry) without the aid of a UV laser. ft). these devices are only useable sound waves. such as However. distance is also audibly distorted. HAGS and civilian submersible craft. sonar is perfectly designed for use if within 3 m (10 ft) of the surface and are subject to the 40 underwater. On the source transmitting or receiving to/from an underwater one hand. distorted depth perception. Standard radio waves do not Infrared detection devices are completely impractical to use transmit well through water. Sonar: Radar uses detection techniques based on the sending and Infrared detection devices: receiving of radio waves. Such objects can be mistaken for the green laser that is designed to put out a broader beam. the direction from which the sounds come constructed so that it enhances visual acuity and corrects can be difficult to discern. However. Their only value is if the PC has no artificial light source and would otherwise be completely blind. This is because hearing (from a (about one third of a mile or 1. they would Extremely low frequency (ELF) radio waves are a different require the additional use of a UV laser designed to put out story however. extends an antenna to within much greater speed and distance than air. greater distances underwater. at least 20 m (66 ft) of the surface or releases a tethered however.*Note: The quoted 40 m (131 ft) visual range is when using Therefore. detection. Militarily speaking. Radar vs. they are so poorly underwater as their detection range drops to a mere 1 m (3 transmitted through water as to be virtually useless. Sonar uses a similar principal as radar. not in water. water. To further complicate matters. This does not. large schools of fish. sound is transmitted through water at a underwater source surfaces.5km (about one third of a mile or 1. These ranges can be extended considerably between an underwater source and an above water source if the On the other hand. They allow frequency (VLF) radio waves are capable of transmitting the wearer to see visually to a maximum range of 40 m (131 about 20 m (66 ft) underwater. A sound could seem far this range would be 30 m (98 ft) maximum and the diver off.094 yrds) underwater utilizing ELF radio waves and such devices Ultraviolet detection devices will not function underground can be applied to AGS. The AGS' mask is readily enough. though sounds will still be able to be perceived the AGS from 'Going For A Swim'. during the day as previously described. it does provide enough light for a night vision detection device to collect. Civilian markets are capable of achieving a a broader beam in order to function. these devices can be outfitted with a small blue. it is muffled and this would seem to make sounds radio source the maximum untethered range will be 1. range of about 1km (about one fifth of a mile or 1. Though an excellent tool for 'seeing' over m (131 ft) maximum visual range. the surface. The figures presented above are for radio communications from one underwater radio source to another underwater Hearing: radio source. very low 275 m (902 ft) and only during daylight hours. Any of these actions taken by the underwater . Though it does next to nothing to allow unassisted visual they are simply small fish. But instead of transmitting radio waves and measuring the distance Night vision detection devices: between the transmission and the reception. the range has been extended to 1. In fact.640 yrds) and an encryption Unless noted. translate into sounds being better perceived by antenna buoy that can get to within at least 20 m (66 ft) of the auditory senses of beings adapted to life above water. fairly popular in recreational diving gear as they These devices can operate independent of any light source are inexpensive and readily available. For the purpose of an above water radio Hearing is a tricky proposition in this environment. but be close or the other way around.5 km more difficult to perceive. sonar can still be fooled by large numbers of small objects in close proximity. human perspective) is adapted to sensing sounds in air. other visual devices that enhance vision will unit has been added. If using old school technology. function under the constraints of the maximum visual range of 40 m (131 ft) detailed above. sea floor or even larger objects moving about when in fact.

This This adventure module has been written with this in mind. that is a decision that will be left up to the GM However. projectile weapons suffer dramatically from the Punching Table (page 25. except that the damage would be per turn regardless of race or ability and begin losing STA impact-related rather than shrapnel-related. the movement guidelines set forth in the work of and is being expanded upon here simply to supply the GM Charles A. If a target is physically grappled. it is general terms in order to give the GM some footing when recommended that they print off a copy of his work (which attempting to convert some items that have not been can be found at http://www. Regardless. slashing strokes or stabbing actions will be capable of really accomplishing anything. At best a PC might be able to lob an object a None of this is applicable if the sender and receiver are meter or so assuming they are properly braced against tethered by a radio cable. all PCs swim at 10 m it would above water. don't fail me with another option to choose from. cause considerable damage through concussive force. properly sealed PCs whose racial description notes their ability to breathe grenades could be dropped upon an enemy below and water. If any reader would like to The technology addressed below will be spoken of in incorporate these guidelines into their game as a whole. all weapons that rely upon forced air or spring tension in order Character stats: to propel their damaging component downrange will be As noted in 'Going For A Swim'." leaves them with an extremely short range and decidedly reduced power which directly affects their lethality. This minimum score of 10 applies in all cases. Expanded Games Rules). further information.source will allow it to conduct normal radio operations and Throwing Things: should be handled as usual. But the concussive Alpha Subsection 1c: Underwater Movement: force would be doubled. after swimming for 1 hr). also. Pneumatic/Tension (devices which throw stabilized Alpha Subsection 1d: projectiles like arrows): Underwater Combat: Unless designed specifically for underwater use.spy. . Fire: Unless the source of the fire is some sort of chemical Melee Combat: reaction as can be found in underwater welding (or Any melee attacks that rely upon impact in order to transfer hyperbaric welding). A the resistance applied to their projectiles from water. the full STR of that target may be used to stave off the grappling attack. In this way. As such. flinging that object. only bladed weapons intended for short.htm) for covered either in 'Going For A Swim' or in this work. Unlike what is stated in 'Going For For the purpose of simplicity. It should be noted that the gnatha carapace power armor found in Zeta Subsection 1 nullifies this effect. Throwing attacks are all but useless in an underwater environment. The shrapnel from a fragmentation grenade won't be nearly as effective as it would be above water. in which case the range is only something solid and exert all their effort toward the goal of limited by the length of the cable. This amphibious or aquatic. unless the PC's race is affected adversely by the resistance of the water. Scent and taste perception: More likely is the notion that the PC will drop an object Perceiving scents and tastes may only be accomplished by from a shallower depth. makes them all but useless underwater even if they have been adapted for underwater use. distribute their damage simply are not possible underwater. 'Jetboots. all of the Star Frontiers Alpha A Swim'. weapons that use flame in order to damage to the target will effectively be useless underwater. "A character’s Dexterity and Reaction Speed scores are Explosive Projectile (devices which throw solid slugs like reduced by 25 points. a character’s Strength score is bullets): reduced by 35 points when figuring the effects of melee on Unfortunately. now!'published in 1988 in issue #139 of Dragon Magazine Technology: could be used if the GM Vanelli in his article. their statistics will be adversely adverse effect will manifest as all ranges and damage being affected in this environment: reduced by 75%. it seems more likely that the fragmentation Dawn rules for swimming will be employed within the grenade would effectively work in a very similar fashion as context of this adventure module (ie.

the immediate area Balneum Blue is a 'super earth' planet comprised mostly of will begin to boil. The universe. fluid environment. Both Farley's Star and Balneum Blue have been previously discovered by Captain 'Smilin' Jack Farley. Unfortunately titles within the GM's universe if the PCs would like. Wanderer (or so he claims). will act as a burst weapon doing its damage to everything (including the operator!) within a given area every time it is Beta Section: activated. range. as soon as the user stops surface water. The names of the star and the Traditional laser weapons are next to useless underwater as planet have already been assigned by the explorer that the light gets diffused quickly and renders the weapon discovered the system. there are two concentrating. Blue have only been assigned names using a descriptive naming technique for ease in identification for the GM There is a solution however. If this they cost 50% more to purchase. Blue-green lasers. of course. Mental powers (Mentalism/Psionics): man In the Sheets & Stuff category under the heading July Mental powers would work as well beneath the waves as 04. of course. An exception to this would be any pyrotechnic mental abilities. PART I Electricity: Unless the operator of the weapon is somehow properly insulated. G (y-axis) on the Star Frontiers advantage basically moot. thereby Beta Subsection 1: causing their damage. The GM other planets in the system. captain of the freelance explorer. Captain Farley landed upon the planet. etc) to standard lasers except that they they interact with to forevermore be known by those new are specifically designed for underwater use. This type of while reading this work. The GM should feel free to above them. meaning that his claim was secure so long as he could get back and properly post it. Balneum Blue. this scenario takes place on a 'water Light: world' called Balneum Blue. the creatures on Balneum ineffective. 3. called Farley's Star. both unnamed. The one closest is. free to rule on this differently as fits into his to the star is a Mercury-sized ball of super-hot rock. Neither of these bodies has an atmosphere nor do they contain any minerals worth taking the time to mine. and took stock of the planet over the course of a couple days. Furthermore.01 Map Grid (located at: http://www. Furthermore. They would still work on a molecular level. using a weapon underwater that damages targets using electricity is never a good idea.starfrontiersman. 2007). path is chosen by the GM perhaps all of the creature names should be completely withheld from the players so that Sound: their titles can be imparted without bias later during the Sonic attacks have the benefit of interacting well with the course of play. In addition to Balneum Blue. This doubles the range of all sonic weapons when used underwater. It is Frontiersmen to explore this planet it is suggested that the identical in all respects (relating to damage. However. . their universe. other one is a Pluto-sized ball of frozen rock. General Adventure Background/Introduction: For the most part. Unfortunately. it showed no signs of civilization. Since the PCs will be the first laser is specifically designed for underwater use.which strongly suggested that the planet was a veritable gold mine of extremely rare ores. the affect would immediately cease. though the planet is teaming with life. Instead. no matter what it is (unless otherwise noted). GM allow them to name all of the creatures and plants that accuracy. The only difficulty may be in acquiring a line of move this system's location wherever it would best suit sight and holding it long enough to use the ability. He was able to take some rudimentary core samples and discovered trace amounts of various hard minerals in his first few test samples . visibly is Balneum Blue is located in the largely unexplored system rather low even under the best of conditions rendering this located in sector Z (x-axis). As the weapon in question. but they will not cause nearby System Brief: flammable objects to ignite. Upon discovery.

every day!) and in the mornings and Moons 2 throughout the nights. Balneum Blue is a water world. +/. The atmosphere is thick with moisture. (at least twice . The atmosphere is non-toxic by human standards.673 km/ (12.7% land. System: Farley's Star (mostly unexplored) Most of the planet enjoys a summer-like season resulting in Star Yellow-Orange (K0) average temperatures reminiscent of tropical climes on a Total # of planets in 3 year-round basis. it often rains ocean depth 15km [9mi]).deviantart.6 days/month) Seasons Mild Balneum Blue is indeed loaded with hard minerals as Average Temp 20 degrees C +/. there are many thousands of very small.5 degrees (68 Captain Farley suspects. Even throughout the warm days the atmosphere is Gravity 1.75%. Unfortunately the Prevalent Race None geochemical properties of these elements typically mean Population None that they are widely dispersed and not found in deposits Trade None that are economically viable to extract. atoll- like islands that dot the surface. Though the planet is comprised mostly of salt water that does not mean there is no fresh water to be Composition 9.1 shrouded in a hazy cloak that looks something like smog on Length of Day 37 hrs planets with heavy industry. Length of Year 200 days (16. in salt water. These types of ores are often degrees F.7% of the planet's surface.9 degrees F) located in oceans on earth-like planets. down to about 14 degrees C (58 Habitable World Balneum Blue degrees F).3% salt water (max found. Though it is mostly covered Art by sgste @ http://sgste. the deposits on Balneum Blue are heavily concentrated making the planet extremely valuable for mining operations.846 mi) sea. making Artificial Satellites None freshwater pretty easy to come by above the surface of the Diameter 20. most of which are 3 sq km And post it he did. The atmosphere is mostly Explorers (COFE) located in Gran Quivera in the Prenglar nitrogen and oxygen but there is also a fairly high system. unlike most other sources of these ores. This fact makes them somewhat rare. . All together these small islands make up time he filed his claim at the Central Office of Freelance only 9. 90. Temperatures at the poles of the planet the system are generally a bit cooler. naming both of his discoveries at the or less (2 sq mi). concentration of hydrogen at about 3. dense fog banks develop.

lithium. While the aerial hydrozoan uses the gas to elevate its immense bulk just above the waves where it can Chronocom Subspace Relay# capture its prey in the water below through ambush. but As well as being rich in hard minerals. Of 736529810052017 course. approved of or animal life can be found at all depths. condoned. the planet also boasts they aren't out in the black! a dense array of lifeforms. thulium. presumably being carried to other islands around the globe. Are you stuck in some office cubicle. lutetium. aquatic in nature. or they are more primitive life forms like insects. but not limited to. bacteria and the like. freelance explorer: It's well as a source of buoyancy which enables the creature to out there. Dry land on Balneum Blue. Tired of Starlaw telling you what you can masers and various alloying agents. the vast majority of which are Captain Farley has a strict 'Don't ask. . just waitin' to be found and I remain aloft at the higher altitudes where it can feed in know where to look! relative peace. holmium. At all times of the year some species of bromeliad can be seen floating in the hydrogen-rich air. samarium. the vast majority of which is innocuous and unexciting. praseodymium.the largest of which may grow to a height of 3 m (10 ft). Join my crew and expand your mind! dysprosium. lasers. There is however. Most of these creatures have either risen from the waves or adapted to life on land or in the air. Pursuant to frontier code #7864356912- 86713-79B. They tend to be smaller plants . terbium. a small percentage of don't tell' policy. it relies upon the gas as a food source as Smilin' Jack Farley. Balneum Blue has a vast array of bromeliads (air plants) that could keep a botanist happy for years examining and trying to identify them. and can't do? Stims may be illegal on most worlds. At that depth agency in any fashion whatsoever. neodymium. it goes without saying that hydrogen is equally VidCom me baby! important to the aquatic creatures of the planet for obvious reasons. Most of the vegetation that can be found on these islands is adapted to life in a tropical climate and to silica-rich and/or limestone-like soils. Two of the largest creatures on the planet have adapted a very Captain Farley's ship. worms. erbium. nuclear batteries. europium. In the case space and see what's out there! of the sky grazer. is also host to some plant life. scandium and yttrium. but also allows them to photosynthesize in the dim light conditions that exist at that depth. Please the flora is exclusively comprised of various species of red. endorsed. phycoerythrin pigment which makes them red in color.The hard minerals in question are: promethium Captain Farley's classified ad: (radioactive). lifeforms that lives on the atoll-like islands that can be Come fly with me and be free! found here and there around the planet. cerium. see our legal disclaimer for further algae kelp and seaweed. the 'Wanderer' close relationship with the gas. Gaseous hydrogen in the planet's atmosphere is an important part of the ecosystem on Balneum Blue. The aerial hydrozoan and needs a crew to check out the vastness of the sky grazer both rely on hydrogen to survive. Plants meanwhile are otherwise supported by this advertising restricted to depths of about 275 m (902 ft). this advertisement is not In the vast expanse that is the ocean of Balneum Blue. They are infused with information. These elements are typically utilized dreaming of the stars? by the UPF industrial block in various critical items The man got you down? including. lanthanum. what little there is of it. gadolinite.

To date. happy- contact Smilin' Jack Farley. Perhaps he has "[garbled voice in the background]" it laminated on a plaque that he keeps on the bridge of the "Switch? This switch right he. For the purpose of this writing "[garbled voice in the background]" however. meteorologists. Prenglar . astronomers. oceanographers.they have a most Employment: excellent hookah bar baby!" The GM is. They are cold-hearted adventure as he sees fit . physicists. He prefers to be "Well smack my bum and call me Nancy! Someone actually called Cap'n Jack or Smilin' Jack. this operation will be the biggest payday that these two have ever received so they will be more than happy to lie. of course. This is all part of the creative license of the GM and is being left up to him.whether en route to Gran Quivera sociopaths and have no moral issue with disposing of the aboard a ship or kicking around Gran Quivera before or characters in order to insure that they get the pay they were after the interview. But this is an important facet of CLICK the NPC and plays a role later in the adventure since Captain Farley is actually quite duplicitous. Beta Subsection 2b: The Interview: Once the PCs find the Subspace Bar and Grille. There is always a cigarette If the PCs use the chronocom subspace relay number to or cigar dangling from his lips. Simply asking around Placing the call: will cause knowing smirks and the occasional chuckle as the At some point in the game the GM should bring the informants point him out.someone who couldn't possibly be nefarious.. Um. they will Beta Subsection 2a: easily be able to locate Captain Farley. yeah . will that trouble catch up with them on his ship? join my crew I'll be holding interviews at the Subspace Bar and Grille located in Port Loren on Gran Quivera. called this number? Hello? Helllooo? Is anybody there? Oh - wait. Once on Gran Quivera the losers who would be barely capable of doing their jobs as all PCs can use the local directory to find the Subspace Bar and he needs is a disposable workforce to fulfill the Grille easily enough. tie-dyed treatment). It He perpetually wears a pair of Bermuda shorts and a can be found pasted on the side of a building on an old. wherever the PCs happen to be hanging out at the time). happy-go-lucky sort of guy qualifications get to go! We'll discuss the terms of and wannabe poet who would give you the shirt off his back employment at the interview. Some words concerning Captain Farley: zoologists. likely related to past (or present?) drug use. it will be assumed that the GM is utilizing the outline being detailed here. they will be treated to a go-lucky sort of person that seems to have some minor recorded message that states: mental issues. a free wheelin'. To that end. attention of the PCs to the above classified add which will be printed in the local news vid and can also be heard on Smilin' Jack Farley is a 50-something human male with a any of the pedestrian monitors scattered around the city (or receding salt-and-pepper hairline and a graying mustache. engineers and maybe a being or two who knows their way around the business end Captain 'Smilin' Jack Farley is intended to be portrayed as a of a blaster! I need ten people . free to involve his players however he wishes in this adventure. stoner persona is designed to draw in course of the next 30 days GST. See ya there baby!" if you were in need . geologists. cheat and/or kill in order to attain it. what science? Can they handle themselves in a firefight? Fistfight? Are they currently running from Starlaw "Yeah? It's recording? Oh! Okay. garishly colored loose-fitting.right.Beta Subsection 2: for the next 30 days GST. the GM should feel free to use [long.. well-practiced in this type of deception as they have The GM is encouraged to fill the intervening 30 days with conducted similar operations before. Assuming the PCs decide to follow up on this potential job. "Oh . in fact. Farley and Holmes are. requirements of the COFE. He is an easy going. short-sleeved fashioned poster and can also be picked up on any of the shirt that is usually some odd pattern (it closely resembles a subspace advertisement or entertainment channels." Wanderer. He also likes to imbibe heavily of alcohol. static-filled pause] Farley's poem from above in a creative fashion in order to garner the sympathy and support of the PCs. the job. even when they aren't needed. they should make their way to Gran Quivera over the Farley's friendly. I need a crew! I need scientists. He almost always wears sunglasses. button-down.those with the best loveable rogue. is this thing on?" During the interview he is only interested in a few things: Can the PC read? Do they have a scientific background and "[garbled voice in the background]" if so. promised.if you wanna and if so. botanists. Look 'em up .

all crew members will to include a number of slots needed to encompass his be eligible for a share of the sale of the claim once the group as the ship's life support is capable of handling 24 planetary survey has been completed.not rated for expertise. They will be taking core ADF 04 samples from here and there around the planet. The share will be a percentage equal to the are two NPCs that will be along regardless (for a total of at number of crew members. If he has fewer players than needed. oceanographic. research and studying specimens that are collected by the Videocom Radio (civilian ELF capable). Unfortunately the NPCs are all fairly mounts*. Something on the order of perhaps 100cr per degree view) & life support for 12 day (+/-) seems appropriate.100. size A) Captain Farley and Wendal Holmes will always remain with Weapons None the ship. Radar. pertaining to their respective scientific fields. Freelance Exploration Vessel (FEV). they will be Energy Sensors. 8 very powerful floodlights capable of penetrating clear water to a range of Beta Subsection 2d: 100 m (328 ft) with a 50 m (164 ft) Pay: diameter flood effect (the mounts are Daily pay will be left up to the GM to determine based upon such that four lights can be swiveled to the pay/employment and monetary system that he uses in cover the same area within a 360 his universe. prospecting and doing a full survey so that they can sell the claim to a large corporation and turn a nice profit. If the GM has more PCs than the ten available slots he can simply modify the recorded message And finally. PCs. they will DCR 29 be conducting full meteorological. Subspace Radio. Since the ship is fully equipped with various labs underwater operations). Sonar. each one will The Job: get 100. the PCs will be eligible for qualifications' to fill the job slot. Captain Farley will get 50% and the remaining monies will be equally distributed to the rest of the crew. in addition to the above. 'Wanderer' HS 03 The Wanderer (Captain Farley's ship) is fully equipped to HP 20 conduct underwater operations.000cr after Farley's share has been deducted. blown starship weapons and any weapons that can fit in these mounts are effectively worthless for use in space. people. Skin right at home running the core sampler or in the labs doing Sensors. dorsal and ventral heavy weapon undertaken by the PCs. Hull Cameras. The captain and the first officer (Wendal Holmes) might uncover. Crew Size 12 geographic.just in case heavy (small) arm. The system to be explored has been previously discovered Beta Subsection 3: and subsequently claimed by Captain Farley.000cr from the sale of the claim. maintenance and jump overhauls. Beta Subsection 2c: Assuming that there are 11 crew members. useless except as pertains to their scientific field of Other Equipment Workpod (x1 . he can fill the empty slots with whichever NPCs he wishes (except Jack This pay schedule will be as follows: Farley and Wendal Holmes of course). The GM should be sure to give the PCs plenty of Length 40 m (131 ft) time to play up this aspect of the adventure as scientific Diameter 16 m (52 ft) exploration is what they signed on to do. analyzing MR 04 those samples and recording their results. He assures the Employer Provided Equipment: prospective employees that he is certain there is rare ore to Captain Farley will be covering all of the associated ship be found on the planet but they need to spend some time costs. . least 12 beings). Hatches 01 Engines 02 (Atomic. zoological and botanical surveys as dictated by the COFE and their claims division in order to fully certify Ship Dimensions the claim. fuel. Any missions away from the ship will be Defenses RH. As well. These mounts are not designed for full- something catastrophic happens. people (with backup LS for 12 people if both systems are employed at the This is what the PCs will be told: same time then 24 people can be The PCs will be furnished with basic equipment. There are ten open slots to a share of any extraordinary finds (if any) that the survey be filled. housing as part of the employment package. This sum will be 1.Of course any PC will be accepted as having the 'best In addition to standard daily pay. The job is to fill a slot as a crew member aboard the Wanderer on an extended freelance exploration mission. food and sustained). Intercom. They will also be temporarily added to Captain Farley's insurance policy * The heavy weapon mounts are suitable for mounting any for as long as they are part of the crew .

the mounts task. It carries 500. function whether the external hatch is open or closed. on the bridge.500kg (5.These mounts are intended solely for ship defense after it zoology. There are 24 total seats on the bridge though those that the hull is purposely targeted for that reason and that seats located in the alcoves are simple 'jump seats' sustained fire is directed at the same spot. has landed on a planet during exploration and prospecting meteorology and astronomy). When maneuvering in an atmosphere. Each pipe weighs 5kg (11lbs). 360 degree view. most of which will be strapped into seats in Specifically targeting the hull with small arms (or other. from incidental fire will effectively cause no damage. will have a 65% chance to hit. The drill rig can instead. Random shots designed to be folded into the hull until needed. If left to automatically target hostiles. making it capable of taking core samples from a planetary body. drilling rig. It extra bulkheads around the inside of the ship comprised of locks in the vertical position for space flight and in the federanium for additional depth-related crush resistance. horizontal position for atmospheric flight. They can be manually operated by a gunner which will override the automatic The core sampler is a drill rig that is permanently attached targeting function and rely upon the gunner's skill to hit to the ship in the engineering section. Because of this design. Note: This ship is a special design and functions as an The ship also has an e-clip recharging unit built in. the hull is extra thick (providing extra structural points for the purpose of The Wanderer boasts a gimbaled bridge meaning that it resolving small arms damage). medical. botany. oceanography. It also has 2 ports in the side so that it can .609 m (1 mile) on a standard utilize some external source of ammunition will be able to earth-like planet with a gravity of 1.500m (4921ft). Balneum Blue). Weapons that withstand depths of up to 1. with four slots). one of the two rounded alcoves behind the flight crew similar attacks) in order to breach the hull would require seats. physics.512lbs). There are also numerous rotates to facilitate both space and atmospheric flight. It has a full laboratory section that 4 long e-clips to be charged per 20 minutes (one charger encompasses several scientific disciplines (geology. the drill shaft operates through a sealed aperture in the door. 3m (10ft) drill pipes.0 (or 1. It allows exploration craft. with one mount covering the dorsal part making the entire bundle weigh in at 2.599 m on be reloaded from inside the ship. It is also equipped with a operations. enough These mounts are capable of acquiring any target within a pipe to drill 1. It of the ship while the other mount covers the ventral routinely carries 6 rotary-style drill bits designed for the portion. all crew members must be This ship has a structural hull capacity of 450 pts. Weapons placed in these mounts that require energy to fire It has been designed for underwater operations and can will draw that energy directly from the ship. chemistry.

but not much. They can therefore. they will have some time in Port Loren to do member with 8 extras (two per core race) in case some shopping if they wish. His first officer. The inventory of supplies is as follows: Once the PCs have finished their shopping spree in Port Loren it will be time to board the Wanderer and get Emergency Equipment underway! 1 Standard sea survival pack per crew member 1 Emergency rebreather mask per crew member The PCs may encounter some difficulties en route to 1 Life bubble per crew member Farley's Star if the GM so wishes. It is therefore incumbent upon the PCs to let the GM know if/when they will take the pack with them. the ship also has: Gamma Section: 1 Manta mini-sub (equipped with a civilian ELF radio) The Adventure Begins! 2 Hand-held sonar scanners Once the PCs have had their interview and been hired by 1 AGS (equipped with a civilian ELF radio) per crew Captain Farley. Those details will not be 4 Medkits (waterproof) addressed in this work. Wendal Note: The standard sea survival pack and the life bubble are Holmes. they should consider buying are likely to remain intact for use in an emergency situation. Happily he doesn't always stored together in a hard backpack that is capable of seem to have Captain Farley's mental deficiencies and tends being integrated into the HAGS and can be attached (in a to pick up a lot of Farley's slack.recharge beltpacks and backpacks if needed at a rate of 1 HAGS as standard emergency gear and would have to SEU per minute. Emergency Equipment and Weapons Lockers: The emergency equipment and weapons lockers aboard the It should be noted that there are no weapons adapted for ship have some basic supplies provided by Captain Farley. The GM 6 Months of food for the entire crew (mostly in the should use the guidelines presented in section Alpha form of self-stable rations) Subsection 1 above and in the 'Going For A Swim' article 1 HAGS (equipped with a civilian ELF radio) per crew from Dragon Magazine to help determine what can and can member with at least one suit available for each PC not be adapted to underwater environments. leaving everyone aboard to do 12 Power Belt Packs as they please so long as they aren't harming anyone else or endangering the ship and/or job. underwater use stored in the ship's weapons locker. He 75 Long e-clips (for use in powering suits. purposely be removed before each dive. long e-clips each) purchase specialty gear for the environment. They have already gotten a some get damaged briefing about their upcoming job so they are fully aware 1 Personal watersled per crew member (with two that they will be going to a water world. Though it is common practice for this 'pack' to be taken on every outing away from the ship. etc) claim on his classified ad as running his ship with a 'don't 6 Power Back Packs ask don't tell' atmosphere. is a bit sterner . straps. It is assumed that the emergency rebreather mask is always taken with the PC(s) as one is attached to every AGS and . Beta Subsection 3a: Weapons Lockers (all weapons are standard Ship Equipment: weapons . watersleds. They are on good terms backpack-like fashion) to any AGS or HAGS using Velcro and seem to be very good friends.not designed for underwater use) The Wanderer has two blue-green heavy lasers stored in 2 Auto-pistols with 100 rnds of ammunition for each cargo storage bins. Captain Farley will immediately be recognized as a happy-go-lucky roguish short of fellow. is a bit forgetful and easily distracted. the GM should consider increasing the price ranges for such Beta Subsection 3b: equipment by perhaps as much as 20-30%. dorsal and ventral sides of the ship once the planet has 2 Gyrojet pistols with 100 rnds of ammunition for been reached. They are identical to standard heavy lasers each one except that they will function underwater and they cost 3 Pump action scatterguns with 100 rnds of 50% more than a standard heavy laser. Since such equipment is not a terribly common request. something that will function underwater. These heavy lasers are intended to be one mounted in the external weapon mounts affixed to the 5 Laser pistols with 3 long e-clips for each one. ammunition for each one In addition to the heavy lasers. If any These lockers are designed to withstand a severe impact PCs are concerned about defending themselves while event in the case of a crash landing so that these supplies working for Captain Farley. the pack can be cumbersome. He lives up to the hand scanners.

white and blue GM chooses to have the PCs placed in such peril.640 piercing cries.Gamma Subsection 1: some mild turbulence and with some repairs needing to be Balneum Blue: conducted upon landing. no wings. On around to port and we'll take a look.] gets. Most viewed. Every now and then the creature lifts a tentacle with something in the atmosphere. it is not blazing hot as the sky is somewhat flight path Holmes . bearing 31 degrees port. Flashes of what unclear exactly how the thing is staying aloft. Meanwhile.) in height. "Contact explorer. perhaps 3 square kilometers (1. filling the air with their strangely lazily floating in the air. moist air to rush into the Wanderer as the crew uses the hydraulic lift. Captain Farley begins explaining the landing. Looks like its going to transect our Though warm. mi) apparent. have portholes and moments longer and the whine of the engines ceases as he monitors that can show live feed of the surroundings from powers down.640 ft. short order. the Wanderer rotates to point its engines toward the planet and begins its deceleration.5 km (1. The thing is easily 1. rolling gently to the right before Holmes changes the cloud cover. 2 m [7 ft. Gamma Subsection 2: At first the images viewed are of nothing more than thick Land Ho! clouds and condensation building up on the portholes and The seal around the tail hatch releases. The ride is a bit bumpy. From "There is some land here and there. warm." occasion the dim outline of one of the unnamed moons can be seen hanging large in the daytime sky as it peeks through First Officer Holmes nudges the yolk and the Wanderer responds. The trip from Prenglar to Farley's Star will take 33 days assuming the GM doesn't waylay the Wanderer somewhere First Officer Holmes gets the Wanderer back on track in along the way. then grinning widely he winks and adds. allowing a gust of camera lenses. A handful more of these odd creatures can be seen here and there around the blow your mind man!" area in all directions. They are light blue in color with no feathers and they could result depending upon what the GM wishes to do. except that they are not moving.) in length marvels that we're gonna find here I am sure!". A few moments later the ship drops The air smells strongly of the sea and overhead fish-like below the cloud cover enough to see an immense creature 'birds' wheel and dive.281 ft) off yrds) in length and half a kilometer (547 yds. Balneum Blue can barely be seen beneath a cloak of really.] wing span). some other creature clutched in its grasp and brings it to its 'bell' where the other creature quickly disappears. to lower everyone down to the sandy island. " plotting the course vectors. The seating galleries. of our stay on this planet will be spent underwater and it'll take as long as it takes! We've enough food and supplies for The ship enters orbit and after a short while preparing and 6 months so settle in and plan to stay awhile if need be. At the fore appears to be electrical energy can clearly be seen coursing end of the creature is a three-jawed orifice that is gaping along the tentacles and dancing about on the surface of the wide open as it drifts along. We're gonna land on some of these fluffy clouds. broad-leafed trees only about 3 m The sky is very crowded the closer to the surface the ship (10 ft. though it is giant tentacled creatures hovering over the ocean! That'll difficult to tell for sure at this range. perhaps 1. where the non-flight crew sit sets it down on one of the small. There are millions of avian creatures flying every long. though occasionally the surface can be islands and spend a few days collecting some samples. presumably feeding on ocean. In the distance. nothing major.3 sq. though a couple odd-looking appendages look Its tentacles dangle down into the water and periodically something like wings. The anytime that the ship is airborne. "Fascinating! Just a sampling of the jellyfish-like thing is perhaps 1. the ship's hull cameras. that the designs left by their excrement. even roosting This will be left entirely up to the GM and could be a factor upside down by using their feet to grasp their perch. and is covered in squat. The huge Captain Farley calls out. sandy islands. just a bunch of islands space. direction back to port. A few during atmospheric operations.500 m (4. no signs of any civilization are The island is small. Throughout the flight. damage to the ship be minor . It is suggested that if the island is covered in the tell-tale.perhaps resulting in only Captain Farley plans to start with his project by collecting . splattered.roll starboard 6 degrees then swing overcast. the ship begins its decent into the atmosphere.000 m (3. a huge jellyfish-like creature seems to float in the air.) wide! It has shore. seem almost bat-like in their mannerisms. ray-like avian creature can be which way and a potentially damaging mid-air collision found. In almost every tree a small (1 m [3 ft.) wide. lending a bit of relief from the distant star. gleaming brilliant blue. It is the water churns and boils beneath it. but nothing A few minutes later Holmes aligns the craft for landing and unusual. Once in the system.921 ft. "Just wait till you see the with a 'bell' that is about 500 m (1. which is large enough to manage an But then Captain Farley can be heard saying.

First Officer Holmes claims to have seen that written language before when he was serving in The rain on Balneum Blue comes every single day and the armed forces. whatever). If ever such a thing is canister which is also not visible to the naked eye. PCs) . However. they will spend 12 hrs the object at the crater will show it to be free of any collecting samples and taking the core sample.e. Furthermore. it will that the Wanderer takes to the air the GM should allow for reveal that about 13 cm (5 in) from each end is a seam that a 10% chance that someone looking out a porthole or runs around the entire circumference of the canister. which also includes packing and unpacking the drill metal that the container is made from does not exhibit any rig and pipe. Captain Farley will make note of its position and announce that they may come back to that location once The script is alien in origin and consists of glyphs comprised the planetary survey is complete in a few months. crater that measures approximately 10 m (33 ft. Once there. There seems to be no way to open the and fly to a different island some distance from their canister. What has of geometric shapes. This language can come from been spotted is the top of one of the many underwater whatever 'bad guy' race the GM wishes (existing or gnatha cities. After that.and analyzing samples from dry land before moving on to is known to the worlds of the frontier). the PCs will be split into If the PCs dig the object out of the sand they will find a groups with some being tasked with collecting samples of metallic canister that is about 0. Furthermore. you could almost set your whatever race the GM wishes to use instead). This could force the bring it back to the ship for further examination. the sathar were intended to have been the 'source' of this canister.) north of the frequent dry land on Balneum Blue. Now that the canister has been disturbed.if they do collecting specimens will stumble across an old impact then the GM should confirm what it is). Each time If a microscopic examination of the canister is done. When this happens is up to the GM 25 to 35 years old. harmful radiation. spotted. the GM may the same. Captain Farley will have them avian-like life forms if he so chooses. He identifies it as sathar script (or nearly at the exact same times. There is a series of 6 oval their plans for the next day. Any scans (using portable scanning devices) run on current location.or perhaps the GM isn't even using the sathar in his universe.) in diameter and 5 m (16 ft. (based in geological sciences). .each depression is about 3 cm (1 in) long and The plans for the following day will be to secure the ship half as wide. it is well At night both moons become visible. For the purpose of this work. chemicals or poisons. quarantined and when it will affect a maximum number of molybdenum. the team responsible for to a data base aboard ship that can identify it . heat-resistant alloy that is not terribly common. one much smaller than understood that the sathar are always poking around and the other. It will take the crew 12 hours to collect scattered around the crater appear to have been some sort their specimens and take the core sample at the desired of containment vessel or vehicle for the canister). the encounter tables below (Zeta Subsection 1g) for further information on them. The GM should consult center of the crater and about 1. Meanwhile. There are scanners will pinpoint a high concentration of that same only a handful of dangerous/semi-dangerous creatures that metal in a specific location about 3 m (10 ft. If the PCs crew to have to spend a day or more working on ship just bring it back. Captain Farley will have them take it to repairs and slow up their time collecting samples. depressions spanning the circumference of the canister at both ends . the lab for further examination. It Gamma Subsection 3: will also be left up to the GM to determine whether this Hello. the beneath the surface of the sea.preferably when being taken analysis in a laboratory setting will reveal that this is a aboard the ship to be examined in the lab or even upon strong.) deep. If the PCs use a magnetic or geological but it should occur at a point when the canister is not being scanner (or both) they will find a high density of metals. etc. What's This? written language is known to the PCs (or if they have access Upon landing on the fourth island. The larger one is the one that can be viewed sometimes a GM may wish to have a bit of diversity in his during the day. it will inform the PCs that the small crater appears to be between eventually spring open. the crew will turn in to discuss signs of oxidation or corrosion. adventures . iridium. homegrown. It is apparent that the analysis will reveal that there is a microstamp on the object is circular and stationary. nickel and chromium (further crew members (i.) beneath the soil. The depth.. The GM is free to allow for mid-air collisions with the local If the PCs report the object. The captain plans to repeat this process 5 times. For those reasons the 'source' of this mysterious canister is being left entirely up to the GM. the results will be skill checks.6 m (2 feet) in length and everything they see and others being tasked with operating about 12 cm (5 in) in diameter (the metallic fragments the core sampler. After a series of successful Regardless of the source of the canister. This viewing one of the monitors spots a huge shadow just seam is not visible to the naked eye. chronograph by them (usually by midday and then again about two hours later). but initial discovery at the crater. these the underwater portion of the planetary survey.5 m (5 ft.

The GM should only reveal this if the PC in have been contaminated. rupturing the pipe and fatally skewering the many and that the majority of life on this planet is likely a aforementioned NPC. a If the medical scientist doing all of this sleuthing is an NPC. they may be able to find the remaining parts of However. closed. It takes 6 days for the crew to finish the land survey since much of the day was lost after the encounter with the What the PCs do with this information is up to them of canister and the subsequent personnel examinations and course. When the canister 'springs open'. Banrog if he's available). this will translate into an oval-shaped area core sample per day and needs to complete 100 core extending downwind. The valve is presumably in the possession of turned up in everything they have sampled and it will Captain Farley and no longer available to the PCs unless the continue to turn up throughout the process. further tests on any one of the PCs. So far the pathogen has friction welded due to galling and that the investigation has been closed. . During standard core sampling operations. If it is calm this will translate into a circular area. it was likely an the valve. This would be a difficult thing to find unless the PCs knew exactly what to look for. GM allows otherwise of course. The reason will become apparent later. one operating the drill simultaneously and instantly rotate. opening the oval rig and one that is outside the ship collecting samples. depressions near each end of the canister. thank the PCs have arrived at their conclusion. When this Depending on the depth at each sampling site. By the end of the 6th day the NPC (or PC. If The crew of the Wanderer will be able to complete one it is windy at all. carriers of this prionic pathogen. but never really prionic pathogen was designed to target. they will be distraught.04) into the rebreather mask carrying case of medical scientist knows what to look for. though the alien look at. This pathogen seems to have been purposely tailored to act this way and does not Gamma Subsection 6: seem to pose a threat to the carrier. the team in happens. samples in order to form an accurate profile of Captain Farley's claim for the bean counters back in Port Loren. In the atmosphere (or inside the ship). Gamma Subsection 4: If the PCs ask after the investigation at any point thereafter Day 7: they will be informed that the metal inside the valve was Day seven comes around and the crew of the Wanderer has finally finished their land survey. equipment. the gas GM should roll for encounters on the appropriate will immediately affect an area 5 m in diameter (16 ft) and encounter table. pressure release valve will become overloaded and cause a their theory will be that this canister was likely just one of blowout. Now that the Magazine. will expand to encompass an area of 500 m (1. mechanism of the valve has somehow become welded This makes the NPC wonder what will be found underwater. will find that the canister set and personality is applicable) slips an advanced contained a weaponized prionic pathogen that had been chronocom (found in issue #08 of Star Frontiersman engineered to target a specific DNA structure. Since this is an emergency piece of the crew members that have been affected by the gas will equipment that everyone is likely to take with them show that their bodies now contain the same DNA that the whenever they venture out of the ship. wiser. While conducting core sampling operations underwater. this small chronocom is likely to go unnoticed for DNA is completely inert in all of the crew members that some while. since this planet is mostly water. odorless gas will be expelled from the the water will be wearing either their AGS or HAGS and the container. Upon closer inspection it appears that the release accident that this particular canister landed on an island. It is important that the Day 93: GM note who has and who has not been infused with this On the 93th day of underwater operations an accident will inert gnatha DNA. those same tests question specifically looks through the rebreather's carrying will show that all of the crew members affected are now case.640 ft) within 10 turns. both end-caps there will be two teams as before. Checking the samples already collected confirms that everything currently in the If any of the PCs get curious and poke around the ruptured inventory is contaminated with this prionic pathogen. claim the life of one of the NPCs (GM's choice. an invisible. NPC detailed below in Gamma Subsection 6 (if Banrog is an A proper examination of the canister as well as an analysis available NPC it is suggested that he be used here as his skill of the gas residue inside. If they keep it quiet then no one seems to be the medical testing. Furthermore. If they bring it to the attention of Captain Farley or whichever the case may be) in charge of the medical lab will First Officer Holmes. carrier of this engineered pathogen. Once the crew (or portion thereof) has been exposed to the gas they will be relieved to find that they seem to suffer no immediate ill effects from it. A subsequent examination by Gamma Subsection 5: Day 90: a medically-trained PC or NPC will find no forthcoming ill At some point during day 90 of underwater operations the effects either. p. for their diligence and explain that they will make a note of it in the log and start an investigation immediately.

Captain Farley clears his throat and sets First Officer Holmes switches the flood lights off and down his coffee mug." A quick glance at the sonar shows the depth at about 900 m (2.. "Suit up people! Let’s go see what that thing is.281's off the screen.). with another 100 m (328 ft) to go to get to the sea floor. floodlights forward then moves the Wanderer to within 40 If the PCs take this information to the physics lab and m (131 ft.000 m (3. inquire after the veracity of the claim.953 ft. they will find that it is an entirely possible explanation. Four of the powerful floodlights mounted on the outside of the ship are able to swivel around and light up the area out to 100 m (328 ft). Captain Farley says making it nearly impossible for anyone on the bridge to to Holmes. Those on the bridge are treated to what Gamma Subsection 7: appears to be a huge coral column. They cannot see the Day 99: edges of it in any direction at the moment. so "Find a flat spot and set 'er down Holmes. First Officer Holmes glances at Captain Farley who nods Art by Khairul Hisham slightly. Holmes shrugs and positions two more of the ship's . field of some kind. "Station-keeping Holmes . what's this? Looks to be huge . and kill the lights for miss seeing it unless they are simply not paying any a second.000 meters man!" Farley. The glow looks strikingly similar to an energy reaching up to silence the 'chirping' alarm. Then he turns to those on the bridge and says. the structure. "Ehm. when an alert sounds from the sonar unit. blue glow can be seen emanating from present and then returns his attention to the display.). They look and the Captain as the ship is being moved to a new drilling amazingly enough like doors or windows! location. The console shows something huge looming in the inky distance. What they can On the 99th day of underwater operations any one (or all) see though are numerous irregular openings that appear to of the PCs happens to be on the bridge with the First Officer be covered in a clear film or membrane. He glances over his shoulder at those immediately a soft." attention to it. The range to the target is currently at about 1. The unit has a heads-up display console just above the pilot's seat With a furrowed brow of consternation..) for a closer look." says Captain more than 1.

They see huge profits over the course of many investigate the structure. Hopefully the PCs have been in the practice of taking their Why Farley kept these documents is unknown.which crushing depths. The company in question can be whatever mega corp the Delta Subsection 1: GM wishes it to be with the understanding that this mega Video Conferencing: corporation will have participated in genocide. There would be new and First Officer being 'on to him' and 'out to kill him'. 2) The company created the bio-weapon and attacked this on the back side of the structure is a sheer cliff wall that planet with it. corporation. it took a while for the victims to be structure they may be able to look over vast fields of red kelp that are rooted to the sea floor and that stretch all the . Perhaps he was able to hack into the fraudulent claim so that they could sell the claim to the Captain's personal logs. the PCs will need to be wearing the HAGS never figure them out. But it is hoped that they will not find it until can be an existing mega corporation within Star Frontiers sometime after they have left the ship to investigate the Cannon. In addition. The plan was to plant evidence and pin the attack on the sathar. 'Video If it is one of the cannon corporations. leaving a canister on a specific island a couple stretches toward the surface to a point at which plant-life decades ago at the time of the attack specifically to be can grow. The corporation would then be free to mine to their heart's content having done away with the indigenous Delta Subsection 2: population (as they would never have been granted What's Behind Door Number One? clearance to mine on a planet with an advanced civilization Once suited up. He (or she) starts out with a handful of made an example of while the corporation itself would videos that seem like paranoid ravings about the Captain probably continue to exist. genocide on the sathar (or whomever the GM decided to use as the scapegoat). are to be disposed of. that the 50 short videos recorded by the NPC detailed in Gamma current corporation management would be put on trial and Subsection 5-6. if the PCs are able to Stored in the video memory of the chronocom is a series of get this information to the proper authorities. underwater systems in order to survive. It takes them several moments to reach is properly filed back at COFE in Port Loren and blame the the structure. take a decades just from the mining and figure that the artifacts couple NPCs along with them if they wish. there will be a small red LED that this situation will cause a great deal of turmoil within flashing on the side of the device. The PCs can of course. When they do they will find it alternating between the time and a message that reads. murder and At some point the PC with the NPC's advanced chronocom fraud. it should be realized Memory Full'. structure. 3) The company has had a team of scientists attempting to figure out the artifacts found in the now-vacant cities for Delta Section: some time. It can be one that is of the GM's own devising or it will find it. management and perhaps that would mean that the Buried in the video files toward the end of the memory corporation would become a changed entity (working content are digital downloads of a handful of letters sent on within the law or maybe even become a force for good in company letterhead directed to Captain Farley. So they collected samples and took them back to their Into The Unknown: corporate headquarters and have written off the vacant Of course the PCs are the ones chosen to suit up and cities.PART II completely eradicated. The area where this structure is located is devoid of plant- life as light is unable to penetrate to this depth. the PCs (and NPCs if any were taken along) residing on it). the frontier). are minor and secondary to that. them as this will be the last time they see the Wanderer on Balneum Blue. but all of this is up to the GM to decide. If the PCs ever find themselves at this level of the found as 'evidence'. These documents prove that: How the NPC came into possession of these documents is 1) Farley and Holmes had been hired to conduct a false never divulged in his videos. but he had a lot of expertise survey mission in order to complete the filing of a with computers. perhaps as emergency equipment and backup power supplies with insurance in case things went sideways with the company. but they could never figure the technology out. the various branches of government and with a number of mega corporations. It is likely though. then good but it's no big deal if they At this depth. If the issue ever came up they could simply enter the airlock at the tail of the ship and head out into the cite the 'found' canister by the original survey team . However. They are nearly at the extent of the depth that the suits are capable of 4) If any of the survey crew finds out what's going on they protecting against. If they're eventually able to figure them out.

they will eventually have to pass through it as The radio crackles for a moment then goes silent. Our scientists have been playin' Once the PCs have entered this chamber and passed with that stuff for a while now and have nothin' to show for beyond 1 m (3 ft.. There is a similar membrane-covered opening on the opposite wall. Peering into the chamber beyond this He keeps the mic keyed and he can be heard chuckling membrane reveals what appears to be a room that is before he begins speaking again. Passing through the field is not difficult at all as it fire) making it difficult to tell who was screaming into the provides no resistance to their passage. Almost at the same time that the membrane covering the internal doorway retracts. the membrane will it. . by 20 ft. the room is empty of water except for shallow voice sound a bit farther away. you can swim all you egress) to the chamber beyond. It also seems to completely envelope the structure . if the PCs wish to continue their investigation they corporate have it in for ya. As it turns out this is it's been fun workin' with y'all but there's a few good lads not difficult at all.) thick. discover that the air in the room is breathable and actually fresh as though it has just been pumped in. "The Captain and Holmes have gone crazy! They're shooting anything that moves! They're . will have to pass through this opening. Within moments the room begins to There's a pause in Farley's speech as he keeps the mic empty of all water.) in front of the coral monolith. senses register it. approximately 12 m by 12 m (40 ft. me and Holmes have got an appointment to quickly re-cover the opening and the room becomes keep and time's a wastin'.) thick. That's something right? But the guys back at Again.000 m (6. but remains exposed upon the inner wall of the chamber as the First they come to the gently glowing energy field. bodies out of the airlock.). The energy field does indeed envelope the entire structure. You lot did all this work for us. They'll to within 1 m or 3 ft.) in diameter and equipment crackles to life. The membrane retracts upward. just below the One of the NPCs is screaming into the radio: surface (about 1. ascends all the way to the surface . Anyway. coral-like floor. This membrane seems organic in nature visually perceiving its proximity.000 m or 3. pools and puddles scattered here and there around the irregular." a clear. The energy field seems to extend about 20 m (66 ft." If the PCs remove the dive helmets of their HAGS they will Click. too Once beyond the energy field they are quickly able to locate much at stake. but at keyed but turns his face away to address Holmes making his the end of it." As cautious as the PCs may be when interacting with this energy field. There was they cannot enter the structure without first passing this an awful lot of background noise (screams and weapon's field. Simply swimming past at a leisurely speed will not After a few moments. x 40 ft. "Hey.) of the doorway. velocity threshold or presenting a specific application of force. The radio mic is released and all goes quiet. I'll go dump the another room beyond. The GM can pick whomever he wishes of the resistance because it is attuned to react when presented remaining NPCs to have made the transmission and allow with a specific external inertial force traveling at a certain the PCs a roll to determine if they can recognize the voice. "Aw man what a friggin' mess! Had to be done though..). Captain Farley's voice comes over the radio. This process takes about 10 turns. vibroknife will.or rather. I really gotta thank you grunts. want but you'll just die tired! Don't think you’ll find anythin' to help you in there either. These fields are all encompassed in It is obvious after having passed through the outside square rock walls on the sea floor that are about 2 m (7 ft) doorway that the external walls of this structure are about high.). other than they move past. while the PCs are considering their cause the field to react but violently stabbing it with a options. The goons will take care of these guys.) causes the membrane to retract be along shortly with your severance and don't think you beyond the top of the 'door frame' allowing access (or can hide from 'em in that structure.way to the surface. 6 m (20 ft. the PCs communications The structure is about least that is the Delta Subsection 3: obvious assumption that can be made judging from the Left Behind: available information. none of the PC's other and is also about 6 m (20 ft. Nothin' personal yeah? Oh well. It provides no radio. allowing access to here. Simply approaching the opening (coming from corporate security that want to speak with ya. As soon as the water recedes the "Wrap up that launch sequence Wendal and let's get outa membrane of the opposite wall retracts.281 ft.562 ft. membrane-covered opening that is roughly 6 m by 6 m (20 ft. Touching PCs enter and it can be seen re-covering the opening after this field causes no harm whatsoever. In fact. bio-luminescent light emanating from the ceiling." flooded with a pale green.

The PCs were sent on what they believed to be a standard exploratory mission The ship is a starship designed for underwater operations to investigate the structure and they may have elected to like the Wanderer. corporate security) to clean up the stragglers from Farley's There is really only one practical method by which the PCs ship (any surviving PCs and NPCs). the ship rapidly ascends and quickly leaves the area.25 gal]) for Hide & Seek: about 4 days if they ration it. PCs can pass into while evading the mercenaries and leave all the fine details to the whim of the GM. they can't dropped by the ship are more than adequate for UV or know that and if they attempt to make a dash for the ship night vision goggles to gather the light and function as they will ultimately fail to arrive before the ship speeds normal). A few moments will pass will not starve . They can even stay and then the sonar unit will suddenly register 20 new nutritionally balanced if they eat the kelp from the kelp objects in the water (roughly human-sized). targets are approaching the PCs at a speed of about 10kph seaweeds and algae that can be found at the top level of (they are using personal watersleds). and they will have to have a way to collect decrease the number of mercenaries as appropriate for that steam so that it can condense and be captured as their PC group size. so they halt about 100 m (328 ft) away. Farley has either turned off the radio then none of this will be visible in any detail until either the or is ignoring them. Assuming the PCs head into the structure to seek shelter If the PCs do go back outside of the structure they will from the incoming mercenaries and that they intend to flee eventually be able to see numerous class E chemical light from the overwhelming odds. These chemical lights are moments head start and will be able to enter the structure emitting a green light that is fairly effective at illuminating a as before. Water will eventually become a concern. but it has military-grade weapons intended for use in space and is capable of carrying and leave their emergency pack with their survival rations and deploying a couple squads of soldiers. It is capturing the steam). They can desalinate Their orders are to eliminate any non-company personnel the water using evaporation (boiling a pot of sea water and found in the vicinity of the Wanderer's last coordinates. bear in mind that this force is purified. There are no sources of fresh water inside this structure so the PCs will have to use their wits to in the process of doing. away. even in the structure. survive since. Other than plant matter. which it is currently water on the ship. The Wanderer is in the final stages of PCs or the mercenaries are within maximum visual range as the launch sequence and the PCs have absolutely no hope detailed above in Alpha Subsection 1 (the chem lights of reaching the ship before it takes off. If the PCs are outside of the structure and using a portable food will also become a concern. It is perfectly fine for the GM to increase or produce steam. The corporation has sent 2 full squads of mercenaries (ie. It is obvious that General Conditions Throughout The Structure: some kind of corporate paramilitary group is about to be close on their heels. They could use parts of their HAGS to intended to be overpowering in order to to herd the PCs do this but the process would be tedious and slow.just not in any detail. In order to accomplish this they will expected that the targets will seek refuge inside the need to have a heat source in order to boil the water and structure. before the mercenaries can reach the outer doorway. All of these lights are Since this situation can play out numerous ways. Though they have plenty sonar scanner they will be able to see the ship come to a of food sources around them. there are plenty of human-sized targets enter the water and begin moving fish or other creatures readily available for protein sources. toward the PCs. even if they brought their emergency packs Delta Subsection 4: along they have only enough water (10 liters [2. Each squad consists of 10 can drink the sea water around them given the equipment mercenaries (see Mercenaries below in the NPC section). Of course. then they will have a few sticks drifting down toward them. into the structure where most of the action will take place. Once whatever rations they have with them are all used up. .or even come close. As soon as these 20 the structure. several floodlights come into view as a ship rapidly approaches their position from above. moving past the airlock room a short while large area (each one illuminates a 40 m [131 ft] area). and tools that they (will) have at hand.If the PCs try to contact the Wanderer via radio they will be If the PCs don't happen to have a portable sonar scanner. fresh water. this far off (in respect to visual ranges underwater) but they are writing will focus on some of the intervening rooms that the bright lights and can be seen . If the PCs happen to have a sonar scanner and use it to scan the incoming vessel they will be able to determine (from its Delta Subsection 4a: dimensions) that the ship is hull size 3. However. Then. unable to get a reply. These new fields near the structure or eat some of the sea grasses.

Gangrene is the end result which can be life threatening.even entire them. They will also be prevalent out in the kelp 'fields' as the naturally clear sea floor is ideal habitat for The GM should feel free to have random areas . therefore. holding tanks. described coral nodules can serve this purpose if they can find ones that are large enough to accommodate whichever Sea fleas will be more common in the lowest level of the PC is attempting to stay dry. This hallway is representative of all the around the globe and now call them home. They can freely roam in 'dry' areas or flooded areas and can Immersion injuries are also a concern since the PCs will be pass through airlocks or other gnatha barriers with ease. Some of the below. Of wet most of the time. living in the sediment at the bottom of the Subsection 1 below could be particularly helpful here. It is about 6 m (20 ft) wide and about 6 m (20 ft) high. Creature like the clawed worm. about 15 m tunneling worm have invaded the vacated structures (49 ft) in length. Tunneling worm segments can filter into the Aside from mercenaries. The kinetic algae from Zeta structure(s). They cannot survive in dry areas to the whims of the GM how wet or dry the inside of this and cannot. pass through airlocks to infest a structure will be. flooded chamber that has no other access to water otherwise. earwig. hallways that will be found throughout this structure. sea flea and the Beyond the airlock room will be a short hallway. All of the Clawed worms can move freely anywhere they wish inside surfaces in this structure (unless otherwise noted) should the structure(s). . the PCs will also face a few natural structures and end up in pooled water here and there. levels . This can be avoided if the PCs spend as much Earwigs will be able to be found only in areas of the time as possible out of their diving suits and resting structure where natural light can penetrate and will be somewhere that is actually dry. blister and die.Art by Khairul Hisham uppermost levels wherever natural light can penetrate. If allowed to remain wet for all the natural hazards within the structure(s) these will be prolonged periods of time their epidermis may begin to the most common and the most fearsome. though they will completely avoid the be assumed to be rough and coral-like from floor to ceiling and wall to wall. hazards that have taken up residence inside the structure. especially common on the uppermost level. It is therefore being left up has access to open flooded as this structure is designed to be completely flooded or completely dry or have absolutely Tunneling worms can be found in any flooded space that random areas flooded willy-nilly.

Along the ceiling of this human standards. membrane- can be seen positioned in about the center of that wall. yellow panel In larger rooms coral-like nodules grow right out of the that seems to serve no other purpose than to be a color- floors. They range in size from office-chair hallway are bio-luminescent bacteria colonies that glow dimensions to something more like a large couch. walls and ceiling. Oftentimes these placards can (33 ft.) high and 5 m (16 ft. Water even drips randomly The reception room is quite large . the placard will be in the shape of a wedge. or along the walls and floors. glowing placards and the bacterial there isn't much to see. .) wide. The entire room is bathed in the soft. primarily over the floor. Occasionally a bio-luminescent colonies on the ceiling are glowing green. these pools have small squid-like creatures area that corresponds to the color on the placard. The floors and walls are seemingly like rooms. In these swimming around in them and snail-like mollusks creeping cases.shops. but of a similar size at about 24 degrees C (75 degrees F). These hallways have a 5% slope leading down and are marked on Orange Private housing either side of the entrance by a sickly looking. like. the soft glow of bio-luminescent light emanates There are hundreds of coral-like nodules scattered around from some strange bacteria-like growths that cover much of the entire room. triangle that points in the direction that needs to be traveled in order to reach the area indicated by the placard. maintenance. This glow is usually limited to a certain color in any covered. green about. though the ceiling. walls and ceilings and almost appear to be furniture. flanked by green. This makes for a 'dry' environment that is it at about 300 m (984 ft. etc. These hallways are obvious because Red Administrative they break up the pattern of cave-like rooms. Most yellow rather than the green that the PCs have been used have a similar shape.There are constant rivulets of seawater running down the Delta Subsection 4b: walls and trickling over the floors to disappear into drain Reception Room: holes at the base of the walls. They appear to be shop-like The air in these 'dry' areas is warm and very humid but stalls. the air temperature bacterial colonies living on the ceiling overhead.) deep.) long by 6 very damp with the sounds of gurgling water echoing all m (20 ft. 3 m (10 ft. something like what a door knob looks to in the other areas that they have visited. These colors are significant as they denote specific areas within the city and always correspond to a Occasionally a recessed area is found in the floor that is similarly color-coded placard which can be found marking filled with water at about 3 m (10 ft. unfortunately without any light sources outside. About halfway across this room will be a hallway to the left Yellow Bio-tech workshops. This is a way of pointing the direction to the bottom. Some floor space is devoid of but it is dim and can cast odd. coded placard.) square. This area could easily be likened to the food court of any large shopping mall.) high.) by 10 m (33 ft. As well. The colors of the placards are Green Public areas .a rough estimate placing from the ceiling. keeping them all These cave-like rooms are all irregular. This soft glow provides adequate light to see by. Occasionally a wall will be broken by what seems like a On the opposite wall (from the entrance) another hallway window that is covered in a thick. very dark shadows here and these odd coral-like nodules but most of it is densely there. If it weren't for the enormity of the situation it would be beautiful. As well. heated as is the water trickling along them. food courts. These odd pools have the also be found in areas that are lit by a different color than aforementioned coral-like nodules evenly spaced at the the placard. from the walls here and there or odd coral-like nodules (detailed below).) wide by 300 m (984 ft. and basic shape. They are about 3 m (10 ft.) deep and about 10 m the entrance into such areas.). one area. etc. As far as inside this structure is maintained at about 16 degrees C the PCs can tell there appear to be open doorways. It like barrier. over the floor. In most areas (an area being defined as a length of hallway or a room). though all are empty except for coral-like protrusions completely breathable by human standards. These openings provide a view of the sea has a 5% slope leading up. The placard glows from within (all such though they certainly would not be terribly comfortable by placards are bio-luminescent). creature of some type or another will pass by. This gurgling effect modifies all hearing related glow of bio-luminescent light filtering down from the perception checks by -10%. The entrance to that hallway is beyond. spaced fairly evenly apart at about 3 m (10 ft. or cave- (about 60 degrees F). and one to the right. transparent.

almost as if in time with wave action specimens will be housed in the tanks to the extreme right generated at the surface (If they ever go higher in the side of the chamber. Every now and then something breaks the wish. mesh and into the adjacent tank. They can be somewhat minute. However. depending upon the size of the has some form of cuneiform-like symbology inscribed on it.164 ft. the PCs may end up coming to these chambers first as the hallways leading here are also the first hallways they will find leaving the Reception room. Though it is determine that the spacing in the coral-like bars that make extremely difficult to ascertain. the group finds themselves Any interaction with these alien 'computer consoles' will be traveling in a straight line. any creatures that have been bio-engineered and that reside in this area will be completely docile to the PCs (more on this below) but not to the mercenaries. with no guardrails.only biological in nature.some of these things are large and larger parts of their HAGS in order to capture the steam for some are small. more or less. It is circular in nature with a honey comb-like water that is about 40 m (131 ft. As with everything else in this place.000 m [6. Example of gnatha cuneiform Heading down the ramp. It regenerates its damage capacity by 100 points per console of sorts associated with it. This could be a stroke of good luck for the PCs as most of what they will need to survive in this structure will be found here. In addition to the color variations. The walkways between the tanks are about 5 m (16 ft) wide As well. Aside from that. They walk for done at -20% (standard modifier for working with alien nearly 50 m (164 ft. seaweed-like stalks that measure about 50 m (164 ft) in these walkways are composed of a coral-like substance.) before this ramp turns in a gentle technology).50 m spectrum. The entire ceiling (which is about 50 m [164 ft] and water levels in the tanks.) by 75 m (246 ft. the colors of this some really large creatures briefly break the surface. diameter and grow up from the sea floor. If any of the PCs that have been infused with notice that the tanks have increased in size.]). These gigantic stalks are glowing a faint blue device. and into the Beneath each walkway is what appears to be a weir-like ceiling above. Instead.562 ft] in of hydrothermal vents that stretch the entire length of the diameter).) wide swath of sea floor with numerous clusters visual enhancement devices (2. If successful they will be able to strange energy field outside the structure.) in length. These weir-like devices only occur structure this will become more and more obvious). The first 8 rows inert gnatha DNA touch any of these consoles they will light of tanks are 75 m (246 ft. the PCs will be able to determine semi-circle back upon itself just before it opens up into a that these consoles are used to manually affect water flow huge room. round. This is from left to right and not from front to back. These vents are submerged in sea the center. . Occasionally interface .562 ft. it will be continuously energized. triangular or square but they all seem to serve the After the PCs cross the halfway point of this room they will same purpose. This steam floor is actually nothing more than walkways between these actuates these fans for some unknown reason. The HAGS will be unharmed during this determine exactly what is in them. If the PCs floor-level tanks. but whatever is process and will be able to be put back together easily and contained within seems to be alive. overhead) is covered with yellow-glowing bacterial colonies Directly in the middle of the chamber (this is where the PCs giving the chamber an otherworldly feel. Perhaps a indeed the case and is the source of power that keeps the single creature type is housed in each row.) with the last 3 up (bio-luminescently) and look very much like a computer rows being 100 m (328 ft. continuous swaying motion of the four. the console (49 ft.) by 100 m (328 ft. The water is literally floor. fleshy. The by gigantic fan-like structures in the ceiling. Rough lighting seem to be able to reproduce any color in the estimates will put these creatures at between 15 m . This shield is capable of absorbing difficult to be certain. If successful. The steam coming off the boiling pool is caught m (164 ft) by 50 m (164 ft) and is filled with sea water.Delta Subsection 4c: Going Down: Since the mercenaries are not far behind. . The room is so exit the hallway) there are no tanks. organic points. evenly spaced along this central pool are four huge. Presumably the bigger blue-glowing stalks . reused for its intended purpose. immense inertia shield that surrounds the structure without actually entering the water and checking.000 m [6. Any PCs with an environmental skill may roll to color that is very similar (if not identical) to the color of the determine its function. 100% of the inertia damage directed at it up to 2. they could fashion some receptacles from some of the surface in these tanks .). there is a 100 huge that it is impossible to see the other side unassisted by m (328 ft. Each rough square that makes up the floor is about 50 boiling hot. The PCs have entered this room more or less in pool (2. if a PC makes a successful up the device seems to be designed so that smaller Intuition roll -30% they will be able to notice an almost creatures in the pools to the left can swim through the imperceptible.) deep. Without entering the tanks it is difficult to drinking water.500 Each tank also has an irregularly shaped.

they can be many of these tanks housing the breeding stock are empty . Whatever the creatures are in if) these attacks take place is entirely up to the GM and these tanks (and there must be many thousands of them). they will find that there seems to be a drainage point to It is important to note that any PCs or NPCs (if the PCs allow the water and waste products to be carried away brought any of them along) that have not been infused with naturally. these breeding stock creatures. Everything seems to be completely automated tanks before the eyes of the PCs! How and when (and even. However. the nearest one will swim up also be able to locate what appear to be incubation and entwine itself around the hand and lower arm of the PC chambers .tank and whether it is farther left or right of center. least be on even footing with them. One of the first things that will be noticed about these operations however. These creatures are living organisms. Another very important aspect of this bio-tech access is to enable the PCs to survive If the PCs enter any of these tanks or even just reach into indefinitely on the planet depending upon the GMs vision of them they will be able to interact with the creatures the adventure and how expansive he wishes to make it.where eggs and/or in question. So the PC(s) will not have a -20% modifier when tank directly below the labs. The creatures in the tanks. contained therein in the fashion that the creatures were designed to interact. but on the the system is in the beginning stages of breaking down as opposite side of the room from where they entered is a there are no new juvenile creatures being added at the hallway identical to the one that they used to get down to front of the conveyor belt. if a PC dips his hand into a tank that houses water along this wall that feeds all of the tanks. here once they pass the weir-like device. Positioned about in the center of the chamber. the PCs should at the case with the PCs. They will Inertial cavitation creatures. the creature environmental skill check will reveal that these creatures will cause no damage and the PCs may eventually figure out are likely breeding stock. from what the PCs can tell. system will cease to function as designed. The creature knows what to do and is largely embryos are engineered before being placed in the first idiot-proof. Though the mercenaries they are unable to interact with this technology. this might seem that house a whole host of creatures. a fresh influx of sea water automatically creature will react in certain ways (please see Zeta transports in food and carries away waste from the tanks of Subsection 1 for further details).on spectacularly eaten by one of the larger denizens of the a huge scale. for example. a successful environmental skill uncontaminated personnel.but then they might run into a group of been infused with inert gnatha DNA when they handled the mercenaries if they did so. bio-weapon canister on the island shortly after they first arrived. There are tanks here wishes to add some of his own). armor organic interface consoles as well as boxes made of coral or any other wearable bio-tech items (perhaps the GM and trays made of seaweed-like fibers. all of the creatures in this room will react to them This unrestrained access to alien bio-technology presents as if they were gnatha. found in the larger tanks. enter the tank with the desired creature in order to embark. genetically designed for certain functions and they perform those . will be tame and docile toward the PCs. if they ever go all the way to the right of this room Subsection 1a for further details). could present a really big problem to the PCs if their plans they seem to get their food directly from the environment include using any of this bio-technology and including any within the tank. it looks as though the creatures in the gnatha DNA may be attacked by creatures in these tanks if tanks can find their way back out into the open sea from they reach their hands in or otherwise enter any of them. the PCs would be subject to a - 20% modifier to use the alien technology (please see Zeta Similarly. Here the PCs will find banks of interacting with any of the gnatha bio-tech weapons. If the PCs ever venture all the way to the left of this level they will find that there seems to be an intake of fresh sea So. check -20% (for interacting with alien devices) will allow the PCs to deduce that after a decade or more of inattention. At first. A successful like an attack to the PCs. Since the PCs had descended as well . This hallway leads upward at a 5% slope. The PCs would have to actually presumably the occupants died off long ago and decayed. In another 5 years (+/-) this this level. no matter how fierce they may be. functions whenever the opportunity is presented for them to do so. Once inside the creature. This is the link that the corporate the PCs with an advantage over any mercenary forces sent scientists have overlooked and is the whole reason why after them by the corporation. becoming part of the food chain. the huge chamber. As well. is that In regards to the gnatha bio-tech 'vehicles'. They could arrive back at the All of the creatures in this immense room can be found in Reception room by going up the same ramp that they just the Gnatha Bio-tech section listed below. But once attached.laboratories if you will . This is not certainly will not be easy to overcome. As with everything else in this that by flexing certain muscles in their lower arm. Following this hallway leads the PCs back to the Reception Room (Delta Subsection 4b). In this way this This could result in an uncontaminated NPC being room seems to act as a biological conveyor belt of sorts .

Delta Subsection 4d: a chamber that is about 10 m (33 ft. odd. As the PCs climb higher and higher for the next passerby. the nodules are also on the walls and surface begins to filter down to their level. Along the way to this point they will have noticed that the closer to the top the more they The ramp proceeds ahead until it levels out at a landing can see that the chambers along the way have been giving the traveler a choice of going left. leaving it ready of the space beyond. A successful Evenly spaced around the outer wall the PCs will encounter environmental skill check will reveal that it is supposed to large balcony areas that are closed off by airlocks . or continue ground that they have previously covered.). It can be seen. this structure is completely irregular structure. The airlock membranes (as with everywhere After a few moments that inner door will automatically else that they exist in this structure) allow a fairly clear view close and the foyer will be quickly drained. Closely associated with these nodules are organic will be able to see the vast kelp forests that they were not interface consoles that are very similar to those found in able to see previously. they're just will find that the structure sways with the wave action to a similar. Traveling through this area will reveal numerous cave-like Further examination of the membrane doors and the small alcoves on either side of the hallway. If the four separate airlocks per balcony.usually be that way and that the foyer serves as an airlock. the primary Delta Subsection 4e: source of plant matter that they consumed. and the surface to allow them to be seen. This kelp is a staple of the diet of the gnatha. Perhaps outer wall of the structure and following it around in a these chambers will have been less desirable to reside in. they will find themselves chambers are bathed in random colored light which is not climbing about 25 m (82 ft. periodically encounter whenever they are walking along the like nodules protruding from the floor and in the case of the outer wall of the structure. As they get nearer and nearer the surface they meaning that no two rooms are the same. they structure marked by a small landing. At some point they may be able to Delta Subsection 4c. entering the room beyond. If the PCs chose to continue along their route back at the landing the upward-sloping hallway will still be green marked with orange-colored triangles pointing upward. they will eventually be able to see out of these airlock doors or any one of the multitude of 'windows' that they Most of these cavern suites have those same. These balconies allow outside door is opened and then closed. These that the sensation of swaying due to wave action will have hallways leading left and right will eventually lead to the been lessened a bit by filling the room with water. Success will mean that the PC(s) will understand coming from the bacterial colonies on the ceiling. Some of these alcoves foyers common to all of these chambers reveals that these have membrane-covered outer doors that open into small are small airlocks and these rooms appear to be capable of foyers with another membrane-covered door before being flooded if desired. spot some of the coral walls that have been built around the kelp out in the 'fields' if ever the GM wishes to allow The entire level is a maze of corridors and cavern suites as them to find some kelp 'fields' near enough the structure described above. The GM may allow for an environmental skill roll if upward. greater and greater degree. the GM may climbing upward along the course they were just traveling. that the room beyond is flooded with water. Going Up: Though all of the hallways are bathed in the orange glow of If the PCs choose to head up the ramp at the center of the the bacterial colonies overhead. The hallways here are bathed in a dim orange light he wishes. These kelp Government Housing: fields are actually agricultural plots. Success will reveal that a previously passed room was glowing a different color! If they turn either left or right they will find red glowing Perhaps the bacterial colonies are capable of changing the placards and the bacterial colonies are also glowing red. If the PC ever happen to go back over can go down a hallway to their left or right. from outside. right or continuing flooded. allow them to make a Intuition roll.) by 20 m (66 ft. At this landing they can be any color. circular fashion. color that they glow. Every 20 m (66 ft. bottom level. the foyer will fill for ingress or egress without having to descend to the with water and then the inner door will automatically open. The Delta Subsection 4f: remainder of the structure is made up of levels that are Skylights: essentially the same as the description below except for the Eventually the PCs will come to the uppermost level of the very top. Of course. coral. Evenly spaced along all of these hallways will be membrane- covered doors that lead to small foyers with a second membrane-covered doorway beyond that which leads into . Eventually they ceilings.) will be another hallway that goes back toward the center of the structure. as the natural light from the flooded suites.) to a different level of the restricted to the colors that the PCs have seen thus far. the interiors of all of these far wall of the Reception Room.

Or. They could then sell it have been abandoned on a water world with no resources to a reputable outfit and get 2 million credits for their except what they can find here. more? Will they be able to learn to use the Gnatha bio-technology enough to restart the bioengineering labs This is a duplicated. The PCs must pass through an airlock in order to gain leave? Will mining operations commence on the planet and entrance here. The floor of the and keep them running? If this bio-technology is just the chamber is covered in shallow sea plants and shallow sea initial stuff that they found.and everyone in the group)! And of course each PC would some documents in their possession to prove it. and will not be paid out by the corporation or by Farley. payday however. four external balconies.2 million credits (to be evenly divided between back to civilization with an interesting story to tell . Happily an ancient troubles (to be evenly divided amongst them). This is not something that would happen overnight however as there would be boards of inquiry and court Hopefully the PCs are able to route the mercenaries and actions. with 100.though it might be a bit of a tight squeeze in a HAGS. there are the forthcoming mining that would qualify for these payouts .000cr! There are 22 individual items (kinetic algae especially if their initial group of mercenaries doesn't come potentially counts as 3 items!) listed in Zeta Subsection 1 back. but only if could simply pay the annual fees to keep their claim active they can figure them out. Unfortunately they being given the claim if they want it. frontier worlds? Will the PCs ever meet Farley or Holmes again? If so. seaweed-like stalks that they found on the lower they have received only those funds that the GM may have level of this structure seem to have persisted through the given them from their 'employer' prior to leaving Port entire height of it as they can be seen here.thus meaning that any claim that the corporation has on the planet will similarly be Epilogue: nullified. glowing. membrane-covered scenarios that he can initiate from this adventure. thus allowing ample sunlight to penetrate and extinction? If they ever do manage to get off the planet. From the level below. they will be rewarded send seek and destroy units to look for them periodically. the GM has a vast array of prodigiously pocked with 'skylight-like'. Indeed. that their chances of finding their way off As well. In essence. Are the PCs destined to live out thereby retaining their claim and protecting the planet from the rest of their lives on this soggy planet or does fate have any future exploitation. Re-negotiated Pay Schedule: It would seem that the pay schedule originally given to the The PCs may be surprised to find that the four blue. how will that meeting go? These holes are randomly placed and many of them are large enough to allow a human to pass through if they had Epsilon Section 1: to . trick or somehow steal it away from them.000cr for their blood samples as their blood is currently host to Gnatha DNA. Gnatha DNA in their bodies? Can it be isolated? Can a Gnatha be cloned from DNA found embedded in their This chamber is positioned a scant 3 m (10 ft) beneath the technology? Can the species be brought back from waves. Of course this will be left up to the GM to answer. There are a multitude of small holes what will they do with the information they have on the all around the outer wall of this chamber which seems corporation? Has the corporation found out that they have designed to keep the room flooded and could also be a this information and will the chase continue on any of the source of water replenishment for the entire structure. .The last level is simply a huge domed chamber which is In the meantime however. This chamber is completely open and is filled with PCs set about trying to commandeer a ship so they can water. Eventually the PCs should be able to find their way additional 2. nurture the ecosystem. It would seem however. Will the windows. it is a waiting to be discovered? What will they do with the garden. At least until someone comes along another course for them to follow? and manages to cheat. and of course. this cash would not have to be divided between everyone else. then Epsilon Section: Farley's claim will be ruled invalid . what else could be out there creatures frolic freely about the area. there are four such how well will the PCs and miners get along? How long will airlock entrances to this chamber situated adjacent to the the PCs have to survive on their own. a month. supporting the Loren. Any other monies that they were promised have not domed ceiling. shallow sea ecosystem. This is the only level that does not have any bio-luminescent This does not necessarily mean that the PCs are out their lighting. If they ever manage to make it back to civilization and if they manage to use their evidence to expose the corporation and their murderous ways. etc.potentially adding an parties. But ultimately the surviving PCs would end up escape into the 'wilds' of Balneum Blue. qualify for 100. they civilization has left them ample tools to survive. PCs back in Beta Subsection 2d has been voided. a year. for every piece of alien tech that they bring back this planet are good since the corporation will no doubt and turn over to the government. six months.

Subsection 1 and suffer no PC deaths during this part of the encasing the phalanges. fleshy protrusion (grip) extends down into the hand and responds by actuating their designed attack when squeezed. a complete listing of adventure Experience Awards: NPCs. but unique in some way. to include the shoulder. 15 points should be awarded for groups that are able to resonance. A semi-solid. For example. adventure. miscellaneous them). encounter tables and a complete listing of creatures This adventure can effectively be broken into two parts as specific to Balneum Blue. if the PCs play their cards right they could easily Zeta Section come out of this adventure fairly well off depending upon Adventure Support Materials: the number of party members (and let us not forget to Below will be found several sections of support material for include any surviving NPCs that the PCs dragged along with this adventure. Maximum EXP award: Similarly. So if they Second Part: were to be transported away from their water environment Escaping the mercenary force and exploring the gnatha city. These EXP awards are only recommendations and the GM should The biotechnology being presented below should be viewed feel free to adjust them as necessary in order to properly by the GM as a small fraction of what can be found in the reward his players for good roleplaying. wrist and the forearm. Gnatha bio-technology. Either process takes only as long as it would take to draw a conventional weapon from a conventional holster. he sees fit. it seems conceivable that each Average EXP award: city/state could have its own biotechnological style. ball up his fist and squeeze. The off- Subsection 1 and suffer 25% or less casualties during this hand remains free and they function in the same fashion as part of the adventure. each city zone could almost be considered a 'country' in human terms. armor and other wearable than 25% casualties during this part of the adventure. gnatha cities scattered around the globe. With that in mind casualties during this part of the adventure. he simply has to hold his arm out in front of this part of the adventure. Minimum EXP award: Zeta Subsection 1: 01 points should be awarded for groups that suffer more Gnatha Bio-tech (weapons. himself. The GM should feel free to add to the below items as Balneum Blue. items): The gnatha bio-tech weapons are living creatures. The GM should feel free to expand far as experience is concerned. Therefore. below shows the EXP given to each party member. . etc. the creature will retract and curl up in 05 points should be awarded for groups that are only able a streamlined lump of flesh upon the forearm of the to find and figure out 50% or less of the items listed in Zeta dominant appendage. equipment (some new and some from sources other than Alpha Dawn and Zebulon's Guide to Frontier Space). perhaps 03 points should be awarded for groups that suffer 25% or very similar to all the other cities. this civilization was very skilled in bioengineering techniques First Part: and will have had biotechnology involved in their everyday Conducting sampling operations during the first 100 days on lives. everyday items. all of the 'pistols' use tentacles find and figure out all of the bio-tech listed in Zeta to wrap themselves around the lower arm of the wielder. especially in the area of simple. Maximum EXP award: In the case of the below described weapons (cavitation. The resulting muscular movement will cause the creature to reflexively expand itself and move back into firing position. The outline of EXP awards upon any of these sections as he sees fit. less casualties during this part of the adventure. If the wielder wishes to 'draw' his Subsection 1 and suffer more than 25% casualties during weapon. they would have to be transported in water that is at least 99% chemically identical to their homeworld or they would die. Minimum EXP award: If the grip is released. spine and static).Indeed. a Epsilon Section 1a: description of the Gnatha. Average EXP award: 10 points should be awarded for groups that are able to All of the 'rifles' use tentacles to wrap themselves around find and figure out at least 75% of the items listed in Zeta the entire hand and arm. the 'pistols' above. there would be a great distance between most of 05 points should be awarded for groups that suffer no PC the gnatha cities around Balneum Blue.

no auto-fire capabilities). it is only capable of expelling a single grain of All gnatha bio-tech is specifically coded to recognize and sand at a time (ie. Resonance weapons (amphibious weapons): Art by Khairul Hisham Skill to use: Projectile/gyrojet/sprayer. These 'weapons' were created by splicing the DNA of the sand spitter with that of a small squid-like creature. it is assumed that all weapons are dilate and allow 20 (+/-) grains of sand to pass into the capable of depths of at least 4. Such bio-tech will only work for a being that has raised (button-like) nerve bundle. However. This number is dramatically reduced if the dispersal setting is left activated however.000 m (13. It can leave the wat er for a number of hours. Inertial cavitation weapons (though the creature is a small handful (1. the effect works underwater only): 1. So simply being in water with access to a sandy bottom allows it to feed. The resulting weaponized creature is capable of creating an inertial cavitation bubble around a grain of sand whenever it is prompted to do so.000 grains) can allow the operator to fire amphibious.123 ft). However if a respond to gnatha DNA with regards to their special small amount of pressure is exerted upon an obviously functions. the 'weapon' to single-grain status. Applying essentially identical in appearance. Art by Khairul Hisham . Ranged Weapons: Since the ammunition requirement is a simple grain of sand. expulsion cavity thereby allowing 20 (+/-) grains of sand to be expelled simultaneously. times wider than normal. the creature's expulsion gnatha DNA (inert or otherwise) contained within their cavity will be locked in an open position that is about three body. This ability. it will eventually die if it is not moistened and allowed to feed. This creature survives by filtering microorganisms from the sand that it sucks into its feeding orifice.000 times between reloading. just on a larger or pressure to the nerve bundle again will relax it and return smaller scale respectively. combined with its affinity for filtering sand in order to eat allows it to essentially expel bullets of water with precision. Generally. the esophageal duct leading from the feeding orifice to the expulsion cavity will Unless otherwise stated. In addition. This greatly increases the Rifles and pistols for each category of ranged weapons are damage caused but also greatly reduces the range.

It then compacts the sand and deposits enable it to cling to its operator. It will therefore be left up to the GM to judge if this situation should ever come to pass during the course of this adventure. compacted silica 'spine'. The crab's DNA was spliced into the DNA of a small squid-like creature resulting in a weaponized creature with the ability to eject focused electrical energy via the oral orifice and with tentacles allowing it to cling to its operator. This creature may use its attack once per turn and needs no form of ammunition in order to fire as its discharge is a natural ability. The DNA of the two creatures is finned cuttlefish was mixed with the DNA of an urchin-like spliced together resulting in a creature with the ability to creature that survives by sucking in sand and filtering off emit focused sound waves and that has tentacles that any organic debris. It can leave the water for a number of Spine weapons (amphibious weapons): hours and still perform its designed function. all ranges are halved. hours and still perform its designed function. The sonic properties of these weapons may only be used This creature has an 'ammo' orifice which must be filled once per turn. from the water. If used out of water. Skill to use: Projectile/gyrojet/sprayer. Though. The resulting continuously over an extended period of time the creature creature is a squid-like thing with a powerful oral would eventually need to rest but such a circumstance is expectoration reflex. It can leave the water for a number of Though these spines are similar to needler ammunition. if used underwater. This is how the creature feeds. However. This creature survives by filtering microscopic organisms from the water. This creature survives by filtering microscopic organisms from the water. Static weapons (amphibious weapons): Skill to use: Beam. would immediately be dissolved in solution. Carried with this puff of air or water is a adventure. . a puff of either air or game. However. If used out of water. It will therefore be left up to the GM to judge if this water is violently ejected using a hydraulic. it will completely reload its This creature survives by filtering microscopic organisms 'ammunition' payload in 4 hours (5 spines per hour). If used out of water. However. Though. Once it has been fed. if used the pellets back on the sea floor as waste. It is a natural ability of the base creature and with sand in order for it to be able to compact and create does not therefore ever need to be recharged/reloaded. jet-propulsion- situation should ever come to pass during the course of this like action. Resonance rifles and pistols both use the same base The spine rifle and pistol both use the same living creature creatures for their weapon platform. if used continuously over an extended period of time the creature would eventually need to rest but such a circumstance is not likely to occur in a standard combat situation within this game. the flying fish and a as a base for their weapon platform. all ranges are halved. The static rifle and pistol both use the same base creature as their weapon platform. it will eventually die if it is not moistened and allowed to feed. The DNA of the many- small squid-like creature. all ranges are doubled. it will eventually die if it is not moistened and allowed to feed. the 'needle' ammunition. But in place of the tongue (as in the not likely to occur in a standard combat situation within this case of the many-finned cuttlefish). This weapon should never be employed underwater unless Art by Khairul Hisham in conjunction with a static inhibitor/discharger. coating would affect the living weapon and.Skill to use: Beam. the static crab. it they cannot effectively be coated with poisons as such a will eventually die if it is not moistened and allowed to feed. It can leave the water for a number of hours and still perform its designed function.

5 m (25 ft. meters within 3 turns of release (5m on turn 1 and 10 however everything within 10 m (33 ft) of the bolt they additional meters on turns 2 and 3) and will take an generate (from its starting point at the muzzle of the additional 7 turns to dissipate. it will immediately expel a forceful jet of water in the direction in which it was pointing at the time it was squeezed. Any targets within the field of affect must roll a RS check or lose the following turn re-orienting themselves. The main target of the attack meanwhile. ink quickly expands to cover an area of approximately 25 They are direct-fire weapons that target one specific thing. Art by Khairul Hisham When squeezed by the operating being. squid-like creature before it must rest and naturally recharge. moistened and allowed to feed. it will immediately expel a stream of oily. The ink diffuser is a small. It has been altered to be docile and to react to applied pressure from a hand-like appendage.) in the opposite direction. It survives finned cuttlefish. cleaned before functioning properly. but for as many turns as it wants. This creature is capable of releasing such forceful bursts of water once per turn. Once released. It can leave the water for a number of hours. So simply being in water allows it to feed. Defensive Weapons (smaller devices that wrap themselves In game terms this weapon would put up a visual barrier around the barrels of the above-detailed ranged that cannot be seen through without some form of sonar. then no bracing is necessary as the swimming capabilities of the armor will keep the operator properly oriented. It will replenish created through the manipulation of the DNA of the many. So simply react to applied pressure from a hand-like appendage. amphibious. It weapons): could be used to force an opponent to lose a turn in order to get out of the cloud or it could be used to foul the optical Displacement Weapon (though the creature is devices of a craft. Obviously the operator should be braced before firing otherwise the force of the discharge will reduce the forward range of the blast by half and the operator will be repelled 7. The effect is to cause a swirling jetty of water in a cone-shaped area extending away from the creature a maximum of 15 m (49 ft.). the effect works underwater only): Skill to use: Projectile/gyrojet/sprayer. If the operator is wearing the carapace 'power' armor below. its ink supply by one burst for each passing hour. if he did not properly brace himself before firing. However. the effect works underwater only): Skill to use: Projectile/gyrojet/sprayer. When squeezed by the operating being. This creature is capable of releasing two such clouds of ink The displacement weapon is a small. This small creature uses several small tentacles to anchor itself to the barrel of a weapon. visual equipment half damage. it will eventually die if it is not moistened and allowed to feed. is could be fouled and would then need to be manually subject to full damage. black ink that seems to increase in A note concerning static weapons: volume as soon as it mixes with water. It has been altered to be docile and to by filtering microorganisms out of the water. This being in water allows it to feed. it will eventually die if it is not to the barrel of a weapon. This affect works against the operator as well. However. It can leave the water for a small creature uses several small tentacles to anchor itself number of hours. Ink Diffuser (though the creature is amphibious. squid-like creature created through the manipulation of the DNA of the whalesquid. It survives by filtering microorganisms out of the water. If any craft happen to occupy weapon all the way along its path to the target) is subject to the initial 5m area at the time of release. etc. this These weapons are very dangerous when used in water. .

holding it fast. the cuttlefish will follow it at a rate of 40 m (131 waiting hand of the PC. the spiny cuttlefish will strike the corpse example of a more current creature type which had been and then return to the operator. chopping After it has struck its target. These engineered spiny cuttlefish. until it is successful. slashing attacks.) at the time the spiny cuttlefish is the tentacles will release and drop the creature into the released. When the 'shell' is grasped. Another common practice was to distribute only extracting this oily gel from the fish. The spiny cuttlefish will then race blade damage. This bond makes the spiny spiny cuttlefish. the cuttlefish's engineering will simply never happen and it will gnatha also developed a 'shell' carrier designed to cradle 4 go about its life normally). occurred within the anyone (except for the imprinted operator) could end up brains of the creatures. The gnatha bred the creatures in large natural tanks. For that quite different from the original stock. Hydrozoan weapons are creatures that have been created using the spliced DNA of small stinging hydrozoan and an earwig. As long as the target is spiny cuttlefish. The ink grown. They were able to use their ink diffusers and a modified kelp A favorite tactic of the gnatha was to always keep all of bladder to weaponize this oily pigmented gel. toward the target – using its own chance to hit as the percentage (65%). Through a tedious and One aspect of the creature's behavior that was not lengthy process of selective breeding. their spiny cuttlefish released and an ink capsule loaded. or 'shells' (gnatha slang One common practice of the gnatha was to designate one for the creatures). it will keep trying or powerful attacks with melee weapons. The also capable of delivering a load of poison. when a target within 50 m (164 ft) is marked with this thigh or smaller and it is quite capable of holding many pigment. are bred to recognize a specific color that being in their group to be the 'shell carrier' so that there does not occur naturally anywhere on the planet except would never be more than 4 spiny cuttlefish loose at any within the bio-luminescent glands of the lantern fish. upon the first creature to physically handle it for 1 hour (if no such creature is present then that portion of the spiny In addition to the spiny cuttlefish and the ink capsule. but before it has The self-propelled shell – aka. they were able to successfully bred out of the spiny cuttlefish was their engineer a creature that is similar to. until the 'mark' wears off or until the . In the case water simply produces too much drag to allow for any quick that the spiny cuttlefish misses its target. penchant for going into a frenzy when in a group. the gnatha could drop a spiny cuttlefish and the items. than 4 of these creatures in close proximity of each other as The bulk of the changes however. Each spiny cuttlefish is then placed little creature would immediately race to the target and on the mat and a pair of small tentacles wraps around the crash into it causing 1d10 damage. In addition to the infuser can be loaded with one capsule at a time. bioengineered and weaponized. each one is capsule can be fired a maximum of 50 m (164 ft). it will return to its operator or thrown attacks are generally ineffective underwater. Long slashing. within 50 m (164 ft. ft. The (which usually takes a turn. This would allow them to get their 'shells' into the fray The spiny cuttlefish has also been engineered to imprint much faster. the spiny cuttlefish – is an managed to strike. By one time.Thrown/Dropped Weapons: target manages to move at least 51 m (167 ft) away from Self-propelled Shells (aquatic only): the spiny cuttlefish. until the 'mark' has worn Melee Weapons: off (10 turns) or until the target has been struck. Outwardly it still reason it is never considered a good idea to release more looks very similar except for some coloration differences. Most often this will take place in the All hydrozoan blades are intended to be stabbing weapons same turn in which the diminutive creature was released. If the target fails following turn. they could keep it indefinitely if they encapsulated it. fleshy mat with cuttlefish want to stay close to the being upon which it has numerous small tentacles that wraps itself around one of been imprinted. The blades are 'marked' with the ink capsule (that takes one turn and uses extremely durable and strong chitin. being attacked. In the case that the target dies after the Skill to use: None.) per turn until the target has moved at least 51 m (167 ft. the spiny cuttlefish will return to its imprinted Skill to use: Melee operator at a rate of 40 m (131 ft. Because they are the skill of the PC to determine a hit or miss). or portion thereof). the forearms or thighs of the being carrying the 'shells' (it will wrap around anything that is about the size of a human Now. not just 'shells'). spiny cuttlefish has been released. the PC can drop a spiny cuttlefish and forget a STA check then the poison adds 2d10 damage to the base about the little creature. The damage delivered by the blades themselves. At that Hydrozoan Blades (amphibious): point. but in many ways. they tend to be asymmetrical.) away from the spiny cuttlefish.) per turn. The resulting creatures could be grown to differing In game terms this means that a target must first be lengths in order to develop longer 'blades'. the gnatha found that one per being with only 4 party members having a spiny it persisted for several moments in suspension and that cuttlefish in their possession. or used with short. This carrier is a living.

equipment in order to better protect it. Value 10 times before they run out of venom and must wait 1 sized) hour per load to regenerate it. They survive by These plates are living creatures and will wrap themselves filtering microscopic organisms from the water. wielder must use two hands to 'suit' to be worn or to be placed on small articles of effectively use. this weapon's barbs are designed as small cutting edges so that they create a larger wound channel. the barbs on the head of impractical to attempt to use these plates to armor larger the weapon can be retracted to allow the weapon to be items like vehicles. armor. is accomplished by simply depressing a raised nerve bundle located on the outer edge of the angle that comprises the These armor plates can be used in conjunction with kinetic butt of the weapon. In addition to holding skewered prey. make a note of which one was breached and replace that Gnatha armor plates – aka.2 in) 2 kg (5 lbs) 50 Medium 1 cm (0. However. However. conforming leave the water for a number of hours and still perform perfectly and holding fast. etc. human. creature resulting in small. If a plate is breached. Hydrozoan Dagger Hydrozoan Sword Hydrozoan Lance Art by Khairul Hisham In the case of the hydrozoan lance. It would be .5 cm (0. have been engineered single plate to 'repair' his suit after the conflict (assuming he from the DNA of the flatfluke crab and a small squid-like survives). algae (see below).4 in) 4 kg (10 lbs) 75 Heavy 1. They can around whatever they are placed against. These armor plates are living creatures. flexible and very light-weight chitinous plates that have tentacles growing from them. see kinetic algae pulled out of the victim whenever the wielder wishes. they will eventually die if they The protection value of this armor relates to damage (from are not moistened and allowed to feed. in effect creating a suit that resembles platemail they are not moistened and allowed to feed.6 in) 6 kg (15 lbs) 100 These are living creatures and they survive by filtering microscopic organisms from the water. This below. inertia and laser energy) that will be completely absorbed up to its protection value before allowing damage to pass Armor plates (amphibious): through to the wearer.5 cm (0. For larger items. they will eventually die if joints. Plate Thickness Weight (full Protection These creatures are capable of delivering a load of poison Type suit. the PC can Skill to use: None. scales. Weapon Tables: These plates are intended to be used in order to create a * 2-H = 2 handed weapon. They can leave the water for a number of hours and still perform their designed function. Light 0. thereby inflicting These chitinous plates come in three different thicknesses: heavier damage than its lesser counterparts. They can be overlapped to create their designed function.

Once the feather-like detection structures perceive the incoming pressure wave of a sonic attack. within 1. It can leave the water for a by weaponized sound waves. Upon contact with the sound wave. 1 RS Check 5/--/10/--/15 Ink Diffuser 1 --. --. 4 Inertia 10/20/30/40/60 shots Static Pistol 2 3d10 --. 1 --. 1 Gauss 10 m Thrown/Dropped Weapons: Wgt (kg) Damage Ammo SEU Rate Defense Range (PB/S/M/L/E) Self-propelled Shell 0. starfish-like creature. 4 Inertia 5/10/20/30/40 shots Spine Rifle 2 2d10 20 --. --. --. effect works underwater only): the globe will shatter. 1 Sonic 20/40/60/80/100 Resonance Rifle 4 8d10 --. the creature will instantly secrete a mucus-like chemical that reacts with water in a the span of a split-second. --. --. --. --. Once it has used its defense 5 times. an irregular glob of mucus will have formed in a rough globe encompassing an area about 2 meters in diameter with the . --. pressure-sensitive and react when they detect a pressure change consistent with a pressure wave consisting of a This is a living creature. --. 3 Inertia 10/20/30/40/60 shots Resonance Pistol 2 4d10 --.Ranged Weapons: Wgt (kg) Damage Ammo SEU Rate Defense Range (PB/S/M/L/E) Inertial Cavitation Pistol 2 1D10 1k --. 1 Gauss 10/20/30/40/50 Defensive Weapons: Wgt (kg) Damage Ammo SEU Rate Defense Range (PB/S/M/L/E) Displacement Weapon 1 --. --. --. In the time it takes for the weaponized sound to reach the creature. 2d10 50 --.01 --. 1 --. --. 1 Inertia 5/10/15/25/50 Aka: Spiny Cuttlefish --. The the DNA of the snot fish and a small. arms which allow it to cling tenaciously to any surfaces that it is placed on. --. 1 Inertia Poison +2D10 Mucin Disperser (though the creature is amphibious. 1 Sonar 5/--/15/--/25 Marker Capsule 0. --. --. 1 Sonic 30/60/90/120/150 Spine Pistol 1 1d10 20 --. --. 10/20/30/40/50 Mucin Disperser 1 --. 1 Inertia *2-H. globe will have intercepted and completely absorbed the It has suction cup-like structures along the undersides of its incoming sonic attack. within 1 m Static Inhibitor 1 --.5 2d10 --. leaving thousands of small shards of The mucin dispenser is starfish-shaped and is created from brown. These structures are reserve. 3 Inertia 20/40/60/80/100 shots Dispersal setting -. 4d10 50 --. the creature at the center. --- Melee Weapons: Wgt (kg) Damage Ammo SEU Rate Defense Special Hydrozoan Knife 1 1d10 --. 3 Inertia 5/10/20/30/40 shots Inertial Cavitation Rifle 4 2D10 1k --. --. 3 Inertia 30/60/90/120/150 shots Dispersal setting -.5 m Static Discharger 1 5d10 --. --. Poison +2D10 Hydrozoan Sword 1. glass-like material left to drift to the sea floor. --. --. It survives by filtering microscopic specific series of compressions and rarefactions produced organisms from the water. Infinite --. 1 Inertia Poison +2D10 Hydrozoan Lance 2 3d10 --. 1 Gauss 10/15/20/25/30 Static Rifle 4 5d10 --.5 1d10 --. it will need situated along the full length of each arm and intersecting to rest for 1 hour per globe in order to replenish its mucus in the center of the creature's body. The creature measures about 20 cm (8 in) in The creature can only use its sonic defense once every diameter and has an array of feather-like structures other turn. 1 --. --. --. number of hours however. it will eventually die if it is not moistened and allowed to feed.

Power Armor (amphibious):

Skill to use: Power armor or RS. Art by Khairul Hisham
Gnatha 'power armor' – aka; carapace, utilizes grappling
lobster DNA to create a smaller version of the creature that However, it will eventually die if it is not moistened and
is docile and capable of surviving on its own, even if it needs allowed to feed.
intelligent intervention in order to breed. The DNA
manipulation takes advantage of the armored shell of the In order to 'wear' it, the pilot simply backs into the gaping,
grappling lobster (but on a grander scale), affording the toothless mouth of the creature and it does the rest
wearer 250 points of armor. This armor protects the wearer reflexively.
from inertial and laser beam damage equally well (though it
was never intended to protect against beam sources of The mouth of the creature is primarily comprised of the
damage, happenstance has made it so). Any damage 'chest' portion depicted in the image below. Those chest
directed at an armored being will be reduced by 75% (25% plates have a seam running vertically in the center that can
goes to the pilot and 75% goes to the armor). Once the open like two doors. The head portion of the image is
creature's armor has been breached it can withstand actually the upper jaw. When the mouth is open that upper
another 50 points of damage before it dies; 50% goes to the jaw tilts backward, exposing the hollow 'helmet'. The lower
pilot and 50% goes to the creature until the creature dies, jaw is comprised of the armor plate that resembles a shield.
then the pilot is on his own. When the mouth is open, the lower jaw extends downward.

This creature can cruise through the water at 20 kph (12 Once the orifice is open, the pilot simply backs into the
mph) and is capable of bursts of speed of 30 kph (19 mph) - creature’s mouth. Once the creature closes its mouth, the
backward only - that will last for 1 turn and can be enacted pilot can then put two of its appendages into the 'arms' of
every other turn over the course of 10 turns before the the beast. Its musculature is attached to its shell leaving
creature must rest for 10 turns. hollow areas that can be occupied by the pilot (or his
appendages). This muscle arraignment provides the pilot
This is a living creature. It survives by filtering microscopic with a soft cushion between them and the creature's hard
organisms from the water. It can leave the water for a armor.
number of hours and still perform its designed function.

The lower extremities of the pilot are directed down a action prompts the creature to reflexively release its grip
second esophageal tract and into an empty, bladder-like and regurgitate the pilot. This process takes 1 turn.
compartment leaving the pilot to essentially stand inside
the creature's mouth during normal operations. This Any of the gnatha weapons listed in this section are able to
compartment is about 2 m (6.5 ft.) tall though smaller or be used in conjunction with this armor (though frontier
larger carapace's can be utilized to increase or decrease the weapons are not as the PC inside the armor would not be
size of the pilot's compartment. Once inside, the creature able to adequately manipulate the firing mechanism). This
closes its mouth, effectively sealing the pilot in. This whole is accomplished simply as a function of the weapon's ability
process takes only 2 turns to complete. to use tentacles to wrap themselves around the appendage
of the operator and in the carapace's ability to fold back a
Once inside, the pilot's head will be covered by the 'helmet'. membrane located on either arm which allows the weapon
Inside the helmet will be an array of organic receptors that to partially enter the pilot's compartment in order to be
allow the pilot to hear and see what the creature hears and actuated directly by the pilot's appendages. The carapace
sees. Hearing is much the same as a human's abilities. But can then seal the membrane around the entry point to keep
vision is accomplished by way of a sonar-like sensing array it pressure safe. The carapace is capable of wielding one
that allows for a 360 degree field of view out to a range of weapon in this fashion on each arm.
75 m (246 ft). In human terms, this would make the
'helmet' seem like a transparent bubble so anywhere the The hands of the carapace can also be manipulated in order
pilot's head pivots, their surroundings can be viewed (the to pick up objects, though interaction with the fingers will
'helmet' is stationary and cannot swivel, it is a bit larger be difficult for any except a dralasite or vrusk leaving other
than a basketball however, leaving ample room for a human races that are not similarly configured with a -10% to all
to have full range of motion while encased within). This is actions with the hands (dralasites and vrusk have no
accomplished through a blending of sound and electrical modifier for interacting with the hands).
impulses given off by most living things and provides an
image to the pilot that would look something like ultraviolet Either the AGS or the HAGS systems can and must be worn
vision with bright colors, primarily comprised of blues, while operating this 'power armor' as the pilot
yellows and reds of varying degrees. This allows the pilot to compartment fills with water every time the creature uses
'see' in total darkness and even allows the pilot to 'sense' its water jets to move about. The water intake channels for
creatures hiding behind objects if the object is 1.5 times the the jets are located on both chest panels.
size (or smaller) of the creature using it for cover. Objects
being used for cover that are larger than 1.5 times the size While wearing this 'armor' the physical limitations placed
of the creature are able to mask the electrical impulses and upon the PC(s) as detailed in Alpha Subsection 1d are not
sounds enough so that the carapace's preceptors cannot applicable.
pick them out. This is not the ability to see 'through'
objects, rather it is the ability to sense energy distortions This creature can withstand depths of up to 4,000 m
radiating away from a target that create a sort of aura that (13,123 ft). The pilot is also able to withstand such depths
extends away from the target for a short distance. This as long as they are protected inside the beast. If they leave
ability extends to the full range of the carapace's 'vision' (75 the protection of the creature however, they are
m [246 ft.]). immediately subject to whatever limits their body/gear are
susceptible to.
Though this visual acuity is fairly impressive underwater, it
is not so impressive on dry land. If the carapace is 'worn' on Static Inhibitor/Discharger (amphibious):
dry land, its visual range is only 30 m (98 ft) as water serves The static inhibitor/discharger is a creature that has been
to transmit the creature's sound and electrical emanations engineered from the parent DNA of a static crab and
much better than air. another, small crab-like creature. It is much smaller than
the static crab however, being only about 25 cm (10 in) in
Piloting the 'armor' is fairly straight forward. The pilot diameter from leg tip to opposite leg tip. It looks like a small
simply leans forward and the creature will swim forward at crab that continually crackles with electrical energy
20 m per turn (66 ft). Leaning to the left makes the creature between a pair of chitinous nodes located at both the
turn left – the harder the pilot leans, the tighter the turn. anterior and posterior aspects of the creature.
Leaning right turns right. Leaning back stops forward
progress and leaning back hard makes the creature swim When placed against a structure that the creature can wrap
backward at 30 m per turn (98 ft). And of course, stretching its legs around, it will reflexively do so (forearm, backpack
up or squatting down makes the creature go up or down strap, whatever). From then on, anything within 1.5 meters
respectively. of that creature will benefit from its ability to nullify any
electrical field or attack that causes 60 points of damage or
To exit the 'armor', the pilot simply retracts both of his less (a source of electrical damage that causes more than
appendages simultaneously from the creature's arms. This that will kill the small creature and do full damage to the

As well, if the creature is pressed upon with a fair amount Kinetic Algae effectiveness table:
of force, it will become agitated and will burst with
electrical energy, causing 5d10 damage to anything within Size Thickness Regeneration Protection
10 meters (except the wearer). The creature may cause Comparison Time Value
such a burst once every five turns and needs no reloading Human 1.3 cm 1 hour/1d10 150
or external energy sources as this is a natural ability. sized (0.5 in)
Explorer 2.5 cm (1 in) 1 hour/2d10 300
This is a living creature. It survives by filtering microscopic sized
organisms from the water. It can leave the water for a Building 5 cm (2 in) 1 hour/3d10 600
number of hours and still perform its designed function. sized
However, it will eventually die if it is not moistened and
allowed to feed.
This creature has been bio-engineered so that it will not
If the burst ability is used out of water, the range is halved. populate any surface that has been infused with gnatha
DNA. In this way, the creature can be controlled so that it
Kinetic Algae (amphibious): does not spread unchecked. And, as an aside, if the PCs
Kinetic algae is a creature that has been created through discover this fact, they will be able to simply look for a
the manipulation of a fast-growing algae and a large clam-
previously placed colony of kinetic algae, find one of the
like bivalve. The resulting creature groups together in
borders of its growth and chip off a sample in order to have
communities of millions, forming algae-like mats that a viable (not inert) sample of gnatha DNA. That sample
produce hair-like filaments. These filaments are comprised
could then be turned over for a cash reward as per Epsilon
of keratin and certain polyphenolic proteins. The creatures
Section 1 and would be considered different from the blood
are able to secrete this substance between themselves and
samples with the inert DNA because those blood samples
the surface of any rough object that they are placed upon. could provide clues for scientific research on a whole
Within moments the filaments harden, creating an intricate
different level.
patchwork of fibrous tendrils that are adhered to the
surface permanently. This is a living creature. It survives by filtering microscopic
organisms from the water. It can leave the water for a
These hair-like filaments can be collected and woven into number of hours and still perform its designed function.
very strong, silk-like cloth and does not degrade in water However, it will eventually die if it is not moistened and
like other textiles. If ever the PCs happen to search through allowed to feed.
any of the 'apartments' in any of the living areas they are
very likely to find cloth made of these fibers. Clever PCs will For the purpose of determining the pay schedule from
realize that they can fashion hammocks out of this cloth Epsilon Section 1, this item will count as three separate
and elevate themselves off the wet floors in order to rest in alien artifacts if a sample of the cloth and a sample of viable
comfortable and dry conditions. This will enable them to gnatha DNA is turned in as well as a sample of the kinetic
avoid immersion injuries as detailed in Delta Subsection 4a. algae.
Due to the underlying filaments, this creature grants a
limited immunity to kinetic forces. This is accomplished by
distributing the energy over a large area of the impacted
surface and by working as an adhesive net to keep the
underlying material mostly intact, even if it cracks.

Another interesting aspect of this creature is that it is
actually many millions of creatures living as a large
communal organism. Therefore, if a part of it receives
enough damage to destroy the area of impact, the creature
can naturally regenerate those areas in a fairly short period
of time. As long as at least 1 cm of this creature remains
intact on a surface, it will eventually regrow and recover the
structure or item.

). but dry in the armor above except that visual range is much greater at 500 sense that the void is not filled with water. using the operator's PGS skill. Attack 55 though the creature can be allowed to defend itself with a Damage 3d10 Claws or 2d10 Bite 55% chance of successfully striking its target(s).). this fashion. the occupant(s) simply grasp the base of the sensory barbels located on either side of the Description: creature's mouth. this allows the observer to hear and see what the creature When a space inside one of these creatures is described as perceives in a similar fashion as outlined for the carapace 'dry' this means. moist in an organic way. or they can be Stamina 85 used as defensive weapons. may be used while wearing an AGS or a HAGS. As with the 'helmet' of the carapace bio-armor. Each 'cockpit' is capable of containing two human-sized occupants.640 ft. Rather Art by Khairul Hisham the operator(s) lie on their backs where they have ready . If used as a Special Attack None weapon. these pincers cause 2d10 damage each.Zeta Subsection 1a: Each of the creatures 'eyes' act as windows for the Unless otherwise noted. This makes the creature reflexively open The bi-winged scooter is a relatively small bio-engineered the orifice to allow entry. all of the 'vehicles in this section occupants. The creature respirates in right to be shunted into either the left or right 'cockpit'. barbels as leverage to enter the mouth feet first where they The creature accomplishes this by sucking in water and are then 'swallowed' by the creature. The operator then uses the craft that moves about through the use of jet propulsion. Special Defense None Native World Balneum Blue To enter this vehicle. Once in the forcing it out of specialized sphincters located in the esophageal tract. the occupant simply rolls to the left or the posterior section of its 'wings'. There are no chairs inside these cockpits. Located on either side of the creature are powerful claws Bi-winged Scooter (aquatic only) positioned away from the creature's body on flexible stalks. m (1. They can be used to manipulate objects with the IM/RS +5/50 precision of a human thumb and forefinger. Type Large Planktivore These claws are capable of extending away from the Number Varies creature's body in any direction to a maximum range of 15 Move Medium m (49 ft.

Similarly. survive outside of its environment for more than a few moments. Simply touching those 'buttons' makes the creature Type Large Planktivore react accordingly. except that the 'buttons' on the 'screen' correspond directly to synaptic pathways in the creature's Harpoon Fighter (aquatic only) brain. divert a portion of it into the cockpits if they are 'dry'. or cockpits. range will be just a few degrees warmer than the surrounding water temperature outside the creature. thus Special Defense None infusing the pockets with a constant supply of air for the Native World Balneum Blue occupants to breath. In the process of dry. two being bio-engineered is a subsurface network of bio-luminescent veins. can be filled with water or purged and Stamina 85 left dry. allowing for fresh oxygen- laden sea water to constantly be replenished for the Damage 3d10 purpose of respiration of the occupant(s). it is easier to work all of its controls with two compartment(s). This configuration also allows the occupant(s) easy viewing This creature survives by filtering microscopic organisms of the inner surface of the creature's eye so that visual from the water. glowing via the organic interfaces if so desired by the occupant(s).access to an organic computer on the ceiling of the cockpit. It only veins are close enough to the surface tissue all along these seats two occupants. though it can successfully be piloted internal voids to allow a soft green glow to permeate the with just one. This is a strictly aquatic creature and cannot reference can be made concerning their surroundings. causing constant 13 degrees C (55 degrees F) if the cockpits are left extensive damage from the deep wound. The intended purpose is The temperature inside the creature will remain at a for the pilot to ram this craft in a large target. Art by Khairul Hisham . Located on the front of the creature is a long. saw-toothed proboscis which functions as a ram. Current STA check for creature is able to process oxygen in its bloodstream and half damage from poison. As well. These craft and is designed to be fast and maneuverable. the Special Attack +2d10 poison. if the cockpits are filled with water then the Attack 65 water will constantly circulate. The creature can be directed to stop the operators. Number Varies Move Fast This 'vehicle' has been engineered so that the internal IM/RS +6/60 pockets. If they are flooded with water then the temperature extricating the proboscis from the victim however. The organic computer 'screen' operates like touch-screen technology. Description: Located in any passenger compartments inside this creature The harpoon fighter is a small.

Similarly. this allows the observer to hear and see what the creature Located in any passenger compartments inside this creature perceives in a similar fashion as outlined for the carapace is a subsurface network of bio-luminescent veins. It is constant 13 degrees C (55 degrees F) if the cockpits are left breathtakingly beautiful just the same. this allows the observer to hear and see what the creature perceives in a similar fashion as outlined for the carapace Special Defense Immune to sonic attacks armor above except that visual range is much greater at 650 Native World Balneum Blue m (2. As with the 'helmet' of the carapace bio-armor. Directly in front Stamina 300 of the seated occupant and just below the eyes of the Attack See below creature will be found the organic computer(s) that allow Damage See below interaction with the 'vehicle'. approach the creature from the posterior aspect and touch a membrane that covers an orifice.). It survives by filtering microscopic and a poison is released which causes further damage to organisms from the quarter Each of the creatures 'eyes' act as windows for the damage if a successful RS check is occupants. Simply anything within 25 m (82 ft) . the entire passenger void compartment(s). This is a strictly aquatic creature the target in a fashion similar to a jellyfish nematocysts. In this size category. . allowing for fresh oxygen. If they are flooded with water then the temperature lot of getting used to. can be filled with water or purged and into an organic tract that leads to another membrane a left dry. Type Giant Planktivore head first and can hop into either the left or right cheek (or Number Varies cockpit) of the creature. To enter this 'vehicle'. passengers must seek and destroy or search missions. occupants. passengers will be treated to a number of purpose of respiration of the occupant(s). divert a portion of it into the cockpits if they are 'dry'. As well.281 ft ft).the harpoon fighter's saw-teeth are retracted into the snout This is a living creature. This action will cause This 'vehicle' has been engineered so that the internal the creature to retract that membrane and allow passage pockets.and half damage to anything from 25 m (82 ft) to 50 m (164 ft) . Some passengers may find it range will be just a few degrees warmer than the disorienting enough to cause 'motion sickness'.133 ft. the operator(s) simply slide in. in every direction out to 1. if the cockpits are filled with water then the short distance away. even if it does take a dry. To enter this void.281 ft)! It can be a bit disorienting what with all the auras and rich colors as well The temperature inside the creature will remain at a as the sensation of flying without a vehicle. surrounding water temperature outside the beast. thus infusing the pockets with a constant supply of air for the The creature's sensory organs act as windows for the occupants to breath. These armor above except that visual range is much greater at veins are close enough to the surface tissue all along these 1.000 m (3. It is as if they glowing via the organic interfaces if so desired by the are traveling in a transparent bubble and can see everything occupant(s). . this creature can also detect specific Description: scents at a concentration that is as little as 10 ppm (parts The deep sea dirigible can come in various sizes. Deep Sea Dirigible (aquatic only) Once the mouth is open. this water will constantly circulate. or cockpits. the creature This sensitive olfactory acuity allows this creature to sense is capable of carrying up to 25 beings in a large hollow void and track specific scents. emit a devastating sonic blast once per except that the 'buttons' on the 'screen' correspond directly turn that will cause full damage to to synaptic pathways in the creature's brain. When stroked in a similar fashion. The creature can be directed to stop the becomes a visual sensation for the occupants. As with the 'helmet' of the carapace bio-armor. making it an excellent choice for within its body. In addition to the creature's auditory and visual capabilities.half touching those 'buttons' makes the creature react damage if a successful RS check is made accordingly. membrane will also retract and allow access to the internal laden sea water to constantly be replenished for the void. The 'screens' of these organic Special Attack 8d10 Keening Song-This creature can computers operate much like touch-screen technology. the porthole-like transparent membranes that allow them to creature is able to process oxygen in its bloodstream and view the outside world when lighting permits. made. Once inside.000 m (3. the operator(s) simply touch the underside of the beast while which will cause it to open its mouth (located on the underside behind the group of legs). and cannot survive outside of its environment for more than a few moments. Unlike the other bio-vehicles internal voids to allow a soft green glow to permeate the previously described however. the largest per million) and out to an astonishing range of 10 km (6 mi)! of which is outlined here. The occupant then simply sits upon Move Slow the cockpit floor with their lower extremities pointing IM/RS +3/35 forward just to either side of the proboscis.

These veins are close enough to the surface tissue all along these This 'vehicle' has been engineered so that the internal internal voids to allow a soft green glow to permeate the pocket. except that the 'buttons' on the gentle as far as perceived motion to the occupants. 'screen' correspond directly to synaptic pathways in the creature's brain. the 'screens' of these organic computers operate much like movement is natural. Art by Khairul Hisham . Simply touching those 'buttons' makes the Located in any passenger compartments inside this creature creature react accordingly. but is most often a soft green glow. thus infusing it is flooded with water then the temperature range will be the pocket with a constant supply of air for the occupants to just a few degrees warmer than the surrounding water breath. is a subsurface network of bio-luminescent veins. The is also how the creature respires and as such. This and cannot survive outside of its environment for more bio-luminescence can be any color that the creature wishes than a few moments. This be comfortable for a standing human to manipulate. temperature outside the beast. If divert a portion of it into the void if it is 'dry'. the occupant(s) will find that It moves by drawing water into its jet propulsion system there are a couple organic computers that allow interaction through ducts in its head and then. This creature is capable of external bio-luminescence and This is a living creature. forcefully flushing the with the 'vehicle'. (or that the operator chooses through the organic interface).Once inside the creature. if the void is filled with water glowing via the organic interfaces if so desired by the then the water will constantly circulate. It survives by filtering microscopic can create enough light for a human to see objects within organisms from the water. oxygen-laden sea water to constantly be replenished for the purpose of respiration of the occupant(s). can be filled with water or compartment(s). Similarly. the The temperature inside the creature will remain at a creature is able to process oxygen in its bloodstream and constant 13 degrees C (55 degrees F) if the void is left dry. non-tiring to the creature and very touch-screen technology. As well. or passenger void. The creature can be directed to stop the purged and left dry. allowing for fresh occupant(s). These interfaces are at a level that would water out similar ducts located in its posterior section. This is a strictly aquatic creature 30 m (98 ft) of the porthole that he is peering out of.

624 ft)! It can be a bit disorienting what with all the auras and rich colors as well as the sensation of flying The armored crawler is a giant creature that walks about on without a vehicle. the occupant(s) will find that veins are close enough to the surface tissue all along these there are a couple organic computers that allow interaction internal voids to allow a soft green glow to permeate the with the 'vehicle'. These interfaces are at a level that would compartment(s). The creature can be directed to stop the be comfortable for a standing human to has to occupants. can be filled with water or To enter this bio-vehicle. The creature is able to lower a purpose of respiration of the occupant(s). thus creating an airlock for underwater operations. an inertial cavitation cannon or a static cannon. Some itself through the water for short distances at a time using passengers may find it disorienting enough to cause 'motion jet propulsion. it can propel same. the tongue-like flap which covers its esophageal tract and creature is able to process oxygen in its bloodstream and instead. only for rapidly retreating or advancing and rarely used for actual travel. it is flooded with water then the temperature range will be . Located in any passenger compartments inside this creature is a subsurface network of bio-luminescent veins. sphincter and allowing access into the passenger void. As with the 'helmet' of the carapace bio-armor. If the occupants would rather the Damage 4d10 Bite creature do all the fighting.and is bubble and can see everything in every direction out to 800 capable of carrying up to 10 passengers. even if it does take a lot of getting used to. ladder- Type Giant Planktivore like structure can be found that leads upward along an Number Varies organic tunnel-like void. The smallest version is still quite large . At that point. As well. m (2. This is a very dangerous weapon in water. Though it is a Special Defense Armored shell can absorb 250 points of direct-fire weapon that targets one specific thing. Similarly. it can carry up to 20 entire passenger void becomes a visual sensation for the passengers.624 ft ft).) of the beast's mouth and it will open then the water will constantly circulate.Armored Crawler (amphibious) Situated near the front of the creature. electrical energy in excess of 40 points. an irregular. This electrical defense is extended to any The creature's sensory organs act as windows for the passengers inside the armored crawler. the is outlined here. its starting point at the muzzle of the weapon all the way Immune to electrical attacks that cause along its path to the target) is subject to half damage. For further information. Similar to the deep sea dirigible vehicle. reveals a hall-like tube that leads a short distance to divert a portion of it into the void if it is 'dry'. the largest of which m (2. The 40 points of damage or less. Will take full main target of the attack meanwhile. allowing for fresh its jaws and allow entry from any being that has been oxygen-laden sea water to constantly be replenished for the infused with gnatha DNA. If creature react accordingly. GM's IM/RS +4/35 choice). touch-screen technology. is subject to full damage from any damage inflicted from damage. occupants. The glowing via the organic interfaces if so desired by the 'screens' of these organic computers operate much like occupant(s). This 'vehicle' has been engineered so that the internal pocket. thus infusing a closed sphincter. This method of movement is generally used sickness'. damage (from inertial and laser beam everything within 25 m (82 ft. Simply touching those 'buttons' makes the constant 13 degrees C (55 degrees F) if the void is left dry. or passenger void. It is breathtakingly beautiful just the the sea floor rather than swimming. Following this ladder-like structure Move Slow will lead to a small compartment that houses the cannon (either an inertial cavitation cannon or a static cannon. There is an organic interface here which will allow a Stamina 400 being to manually fire the weapon using his skill rather than Attack 65 the skill of the creature. It is as if they are traveling in a transparent be in order to facilitate the cannon that it employs . These Once inside the creature. if the void is filled with water to within 5 m (16 ft. except that the 'buttons' on the 'screen' correspond directly to synaptic pathways in the The temperature inside the creature will remain at a creature's brain. Though. In this size category. passengers need simply approach purged and left dry. Native World Balneum Blue this allows the observer to hear and see what the creature perceives in a similar fashion as outlined for the carapace Description: armor above except that visual range is much greater at 800 This creature can come in various sizes. it will have a 65% chance to Special Attack This creature can be grown with either strike targets with its cannon. the creature can close its the pocket with a constant supply of air for the occupants to mouth and drain any water in the cavity before relaxing the breath.) of the bolt it generates (from damage before the creature is harmed). please A note concerning the static cannon: consult the vehicle weapon table below.

000 (11.123 ft) 20 5.046 lbs) Dirigible Harpoon 50 (31 mph) 40 (25 mph) 3.685 ft) 25 10. It survives by filtering microscopic organisms from the water.500 (11.483 ft) 4 350 (772 lbs) Scooter Deep Sea 25 (16 mph) 20 (12 mph) 6. it will eventually die if it is not moistened and allowed to feed.483 ft) 2 200 (440 lbs) Fighter . Vehicle Top Speed Cruise Speed Max Depth (m) Passengers Cargo Limit (kg) Table: Type (kph) Armored 20 (12 mph) 15 (9 mph) 4. It can leave the water for a number of hours and still perform its designed function.023 lbs) Crawler Bi-winged 40 (25 mph) 30 (19 mph) 3.000 (22. This is a living creature.000 (19.000 (13. Art by Khairul Hisham just a few degrees warmer than the surrounding water temperature outside the beast. However.500 (11.

and the amount of 2. flashlight. They must be hooked up to Much of the exterior of the AGS is covered by a series of a separate power source worn as a beltpack or backpack.527 ft) on the AGS has taken 35 points of damage. It microfilters. Cost: 1. and or long e-clips. The display shows e-clips or even a folded beltpack. which has a range of one . basic functions. Vrusk.000 cr. all made of tough. the HAGS is made of a explosives. power beltpacks or power the wearer inhales air. citations have been fabricated just for this adventure and Weight: 5 kg. power left in the suit’s energy cell. The AGS also has a small digital display Items like an emergency rebreather mask. When allows the diver to achieve a depth of 1. A Yazirian The HAGS has external mounts where things like AGS covers the glide-wing membranes without hampering flashlights/floodlights or scanners can be mounted. Items that have no that it can withstand 50 points of damage instead of just 35. extraneous devices can not be powered by the the same power source powering the suit. long or short e-clips. Yazirians. The suit can be safely used at a maximum depth Zeta Subsection 1b: of 110 m (361 ft) on earth-like planets (100 m or 328 ft on Miscellaneous Equipment: Balneum Blue).075 m (3. Similar to the AGS. to be recharged. Under normal conditions. spare which can easily be seen by the wearer. Yazirian divers. It is made of a comfortable in water that is between 1 degrees C (33. However. The waste gases produced are backpacks. but a screen may be used with it. cannot be found anywhere else. it will be ruined and an earth-like planet (1. or 328 ft on Balneum Blue). It cannot be worn with any hard polymer that is reinforced with federanium and that other suit of armor. The suit also has a built- in low-frequency radio system. Cost: 800cr. The whole system is regulated by a computer chip and The suit is covered with hard 'cargo-style pockets' designed powered by a small energy cell good for 5hrs before it needs to hold extra gear in strategic locations for easy access. These their use in swimming. and it may degrees F) and 100 degrees C (212 degrees F).) Bi-winged Scooter (Bite) 2d10 Inertia Melee Deep Sea Dirigible 8d10 Sonic 50 m (164 ft. characters must motion and is identical to the AGS except it has an internal employ a breathing apparatus known as an artificial gill suit air conditioning unit which allows the wearer to remain (AGS). Artificial Gill Suit (Hard): Artificial Gill Suit (issue #110 Dragon Magazine): The hard artificial gill suit (HAGS) allows a full range of To survive underwater for long periods.) area Harpoon Fighter 4d10+2d10 poison inertia Melee kilometer. These can use power from its rechargeable. Weight: 5kg. It weighs 15 kg and cost: the diver’s depth. consumes 4 SEU per hour of operation and can use standard Normal goggles may be worn by Humans. time in the water.493 ft on Balneum Blue).065 m or 3. pumping the gas (which allows for 5 hrs of operation before it needs to be mixture through small tubes to the area of the body where recharged).8 material that is similar to that used in skeinsuits. fragmentation grenades. their basic physical shape The AGS for Dralasites will stretch to accommodate their shape-changing abilities. the HAGS will absorb one-fourth of all damage caused by sources of inertia damage but it can The AGS for Humans. useless as armor. and melee weapons. the AGS allows a diver to descend The AGS will absorb one-fourth of all damage caused by to a depth of 110 m (361 ft) on an earth-like planet (100 m projectile and gyrojet weapons.500 cr. which covers the wearer’s entire body. Gear which has been previously published has been cited so that readers may go back to those sources and find more The military version of the AGS is called the Military Issue information concerning those items as only pertinent Artificial Gill Suit (MIAGS) and is the same as the AGS except information has been reproduced here. internal power source microfilters draw oxygen from the water. It uses 4 SEU per hour of operation to power its released directly from the suit. a beltpack or a backpack.Vehicle Weapon Table Damage Defense Range (PB/S/M/L/E) Armored Crawler (Bite) 4d10 Inertia Melee Armored Crawler (Dispersed Inertial Cavitation 8d10 Inertia 20/30/40/50/70 Cannon) Armored Crawler (Inertial Cavitation 4d10 Inertia 60/90/120/150/180 Cannon) Armored Crawler (Static Cannon) 8d10 Gauss 20/40/60/80/100 Bi-winged Scooter (Claws) 2d10 (each) Inertia 15 m (49 ft. This AC unit be left transparent or colored as the manufacturer desires. and Vrusks conforms to withstand 75 points of damage instead of just 35. translucent plastic.

They can illuminate an area emergency. then sealed again against the naked eye and have no special properties toward elements. The normal Vision visual detectors. The Manta has no hardpoints for A Class C chem light is a bit larger at about 61 cm (2 ft) in mounting weapons and cannot be modified except with length and 5 cm (2 in) in diameter. listening in. (approximately 700 ft.5 in) in diameter. inexpensive submersible out to their maximum range. Weight: 0. the plastic tube is simply aquatic worlds. flood lamps.) for 24 hrs. yellow and red. Weight: 20kg. It can ascend at a rate of 210 m the time of activation. Then the device is briefly shaken. They can illuminate an helmet which has a range of 1. including better GPS.090 m on Balneum Blue need to be shaken as the ampule is completely shattered at (approximately 3. They can illuminate an area of about 5 The Manta is equipped standard with basic GPS and m (16 ft.5 cm (0. but must be small.Artificial Gill Suit (Military Issue Hard): 5cr. it must they are rescued or run out of provisions. Mantas can be ordered with area of about 10 m (33 ft.100 m which would be 1. They are worn like a backpack and are used by sailors light that is visible to the naked eye and UV.58 & 91 Zebulon‘s Guide to Frontier Space): Chemical Light Stick (aka. The drive requires the use of a Type 3 parabattery depressed. green. This releases a small firing pin inside that to meet its power needs. Two passengers can ride comfortably within the Manta. departments of major corporations with ocean-going assets.) in diameter for 24hrs. To activate the Class D & E hydrodynamic drive enable it to achieve relatively high chem lights. character must keep movement down to a minimum to stabilize the air hole’s position above the water.) per on dry land or underwater at any depth. civilian sonar and forward-aiming Cost: 2cr each.54 SFMan08): enough light for these sensitive pieces of equipment to 'see' The Manta mini-sub is a portable. Life Bubble (p. or 12 m per turn. sources of inertia damage and it can withstand 100 points of damage before its protective capacity is exhausted. Cost: 1cr each. where they replace terrestrial cars as the bent in order to snap a small glass ampule inside which major mode of civic transportation.5 m (5 ft) in contains military grade radio equipment built into the length and 10 cm (4 in) in diameter. which can 10 sticks. It has a maximum depth capacity shatters the glass ampule. A life bubble will keep most bioforms alive until technological detectors. It is often used by generate light in any color that the buyer wishes but they research organizations. Class D & E chem lights do not of 1. causing a dull The Manta's extremely efficient design and magneto- light to be emitted without heat. They can be made to emit turn. occupy a storage volume of up to one cubic meter and is accessible from the interior of the mini-sub. Weight: A Class A chem light can emit enough light for any of the 20kg.5km and utilizes a built-in area of about 40 m (131 ft) for 24 hrs. The military issue hard artificial gill suit (MIHAGS) is nearly identical to the HAGS detailed above except: A Class D chem light is large at about 1 m (3 ft) in length and 8 cm (3 in) in diameter. They can illuminate an great difficulty for this purpose. All other classes of chem lights emit Manta Mini-Sub (p.) in diameter for 24 hrs.576 ft. A A Class A chem stick is small. Cost: 3. They can be configured to vehicle available on the open market. Cost: 25cr. IR and Night or downed pilots on a watery world or sea. to function in space for double the listed price. Cost: 175cr. They can illuminate an area of about The MIHAGS will absorb one-half of all damage caused by 20 m (66 ft) for 24 hrs. chem stick or chem light): The life bubble is of the same material and basic design as Disposable chemical light sticks come in a variety of sizes the infla-tent but completely envelops the wearer in one and are labeled size Class A-E. Cost: encryption unit in order to keep outside forces from 50cr. about 32 cm (12 in) and 3 cm (1 in) in diameter. a spring-loaded button situated on one end is speeds. or 21 m per turn.000cr. but also sees use by the security are most common in white. Weight: 1kg for 5 sticks. sonar . Whichever option is chosen. It can These devices are made standard to function as described descent at a rate of 120 m (approximately 400 ft. Or they can be produced so that oxygen supply inside one of these bubbles is two hours only technological detectors can detect them at the same maximum but a small air hole can be opened for use with cost. but the enveloped be specified at the time of purchase. communications gear. only about 16 cm (6 in) long third passenger can be stuffed into the interior in case of an and 1. A Class B chem light is mid-sized. releases a secondary chemical that reacts with the primary chemical. It has life support capacity for 96 hours before needing to refresh. It also A Class E chem light is a bit larger at about 1. aforementioned technological devices to 'see' out to half of their standard range. Or they can be made so that they can be seen by the an attached snorkel. Weight: 1kg. Cost: upgraded electronics systems. It and other vehicles like it are common sights on To activate a Class A-C chem light. Two passengers can be of about 3 m (10 ft.) per minute. They can be made minute.5kg. Weight: 2kg. Weight: 1kg for accompanied by up to 50 kg of extra cargo.).

will only work for. A shot can be aimed at mile or 1. submersed. Underwater Radio Weapon Cost (cr) Wgt (kg) Damage Ammo Rate Defense Range Antenna: Scattergun 200 3 2d10 5 shots 2 Inertia 5/15/40/75/150 This is nothing more (PA) than a telescoping radio antenna that is usually mounted on the top of a submersible vehicle. A character can submersible. Weight: 0. Ammo costs 10cr for 20 loose rnds. the membranes wear as if used for one minute This is a single-person form of conveyance. four survival rations (eight days Pump Action Scattergun (p.25kg. These masks are routinely kept in one of the pockets of the cruise speed of 5 kph (3 mph). but instead 1kg. It has a range of 1 km (about one fifth of a load up to half his Initiative Modifier worth of rounds into a mile or 1. Cruise Speed: 20 kph (12 mph). as hunting firearms. and Cost: 10. If the shot is aimed at one character it causes 2d10 The civilian very low frequency (VLF) underwater radio is a points of damage. Weight: 0.and communications packages at the GM's discretion. one compass. the shooter gains a +10 bonus on the hit Underwater Radio (Recreational VLF): chance. buoyant Weight 5 kg. If it is aimed at more than one character. (surface or underwater) at a top speed of 10 kph (6 mph). the weapon must be reloaded HAGS or can be fitted into the console of any civilian manually instead of changing magazines. It has a range of 1. This model does not automatically load a round beeper that emits a signal for 20 km for 48 hours.094 yrds) between two underwater sources or scattergun in one round. durable. attacking with a scattergun is very similar to or can be fitted into the console of any military using a burst attack with an auto-weapon. Weight: 0. one first-aid pack. and provides sufficient breathable air to the sources as long as the submerged radio source is able to get wearer for about 120 turns (that’s about 12 minutes). Weight: 1 kg. requires that the user ‘pump’ the weapon (slide the fore- grip back and then forward again) to load another round Underwater Radio (Civilian ELF): into the chamber. Cost: 100 cr. they are usually one person (or a person wearing a HAGS or even power hermetically sealed in a plastic shrink-wrap until needed. and an emergency scattergun. The membranes do not have a long shelf life.5 kg. HAGS it causes 2d10 points of damage plus 1d10 for each or can be fitted into the console of any civilian submersible. Because of the number of projectiles fired. It . These scatterguns are typically that same distance between an underwater source and an used as personal defense weapons by frontier settlers. Cost: 500 cr. These points are divided as evenly as It has a range of only 20 m (66 ft) underwater and cannot possible among all the targets.16 SFMan04): of food). internally. but instead hold their rounds is a small radio unit that can fit into the helmet of an AGS. Because of this. only when Speed: 35 kph (22 mph). adhering to the wearer’s extended and will allow longer communication ranges flesh easily. backpack that contains the following: one all-weather blanket. It takes two 20 SEU power clips (one for each motor) to power it or can be plugged into a power Standard Sea Survival Pack (issue #149 Dragon Magazine): backpack or beltpack and consumes 2 SEUs per hour. For this reason.21 SFMan03): are usually about 10 m (33 ft) in length once completely This mask seals around the face. Cost: 50cr. If kept in storage Personal Watersled: too long. Underwater Radio (Military ELF): The military extreme low frequency (ELF) underwater radio Because scatterguns fire a cluster of small pieces of shot or is a small radio unit that can fit into the helmet of a MIHAGS flechettes. Pump action scatterguns do not use a The civilian extreme low frequency (ELF) underwater radio conventional magazine. Rebreather masks must be purchased for. the species for which it is designed. one pair of sea goggles. additional target. grasps the handles and is propelled forward by emergency. Top cannot be worn when in normal atmospheres. Cost: 150cr. one The most common civilian model is the pump action (PA) flashlight. source surfaces .500 which case it will act as a standard chronocom radio. 10 salt pills. or at just one character. The standard sea survival pack is a small. Each ‘shot’ from submersible.5 kg. hit all the characters aimed at. 10 liters of water.640 yrds) between two underwater sources or up to five adjacent characters in an area up to 5 meters that same distance between an underwater source and an wide. Cost: 1. It draws oxygen through its specialized between underwater radio sources and above water radio membranes. The rider simply lies on top AGS or HAGS so that they will be available in a diving of the board. and above water source. It can transport per week of storage.000 cr. They Rebreather Mask (p. twin power fans. small radio unit that can fit into the helmet of an AGS. Only one die roll is needed to above water source. Weight: into the chamber after a round has been fired. Any leftover points of be picked up above water unless the underwater radio damage are lost.5 km (about one third of a a scattergun contains 10 projectiles. armor adapted for use underwater) through the water The mask is discarded when its membranes are spent. Costs: 500 cr.

The one detailed in this adventure is 2. the UPF amplification equipment. with float to the surface (or just below the surface). it will become ft. Their civilization consisted of that their torsos were about human-sized but that their thousands of underwater cities scattered all around the lower extremities were between 2 to 3 m (7 to 10 ft. if not Weight: 250kg. m (3.000 m (6.the antenna to within at least 20 m (66 ft) of the surface. Weight: 50 kg. underwater cities will have housed many thousands.] +/-). This enables the From archeological evidence determined in large part submerged craft to use its normally short ranged because of the 'dry' spaces found within their cities. Each of these upper torso. at the time of purchase) which. It is tethered to the parent now has nothing but archeological and DNA evidence to go submersible craft by a pre-set length of cable (determined by when attempting to understand these beings.) in diameter but they can be any rough shape or size. but device is functionally very similar to the underwater radio strongly preferred an aquatic lifestyle. after having been eradicated by a biological The radio buoy is a buoyant sphere containing antenna and weapon introduced into their planet's ecosystem. Underwater Radio Buoy: Unfortunately. planetary terms) undergone a geologic change which has made dry land available or more available than it had been Zeta Subsection 1c: in the planet's past.281 ft.562 Judging from an analysis of viable DNA. All known that these creatures were highly developed are grown from a coral-like structure using bioengineering cephalopods. Their internal 'bone' structure consisted of a techniques and appear vaguely tower-like as they all reach minimum of cartilaginous structures that exist only in their from the sea floor to near the surface. it has underwater radio as a standard above water radio. amphibious people that once Other physical evidence found within their cities suggests lived on Balneum Blue. when released. This been postulated that these creatures were amphibious. Gnatha: The gnatha were an ancient.) in planet. Most of these cities can be found at depths of 1. Cost: 250 cr for the buoy community to wonder if the planet has recently (in and 10 cr per meter (3 ft) for the cable. Some scientists antenna listed above but it allows the submerged craft to believe that this species was on the cusp of an adaptive remain at greater depths while still enabling long distance awakening which has led some members of the scientific communications. Art by Khairul Hisham . Cost: 450cr.000 length (for a total length of about 4 m [13 ft.) though some can be found at greater or lesser depths. hundreds of thousands of individual gnatha.

Essentially.This would mean that locomotion on dry land for these Zeta Subsection 1d: creatures would have been accomplished hydrostatically NPCs: and would have been comparable to that of a dralasite. As well. perhaps they have been cloned from the viable DNA (if it was ever found) or perhaps a small number of them are found locked away in a 'doomsday' bunker somewhere on Balneum Blue. it is thought that this PER/LDR 50/70 species could withstand depths of between 1. circumference. below. then the rest of Swim 10m (1km/hr) the body would have been able to easily pass through as Special Abilities None well. Captain of the Wanderer different story as this creature will have been much faster Race Human male and much more graceful. Underwater movement however. eager with a smile and quick to lend a hand whenever it’s needed. it is also thought that this species would have been able to get M 25%* into extremely small areas in comparison to its overall body Walk 10m length.000 m (13. Pilot 2. Similarly.123 ft. The head of one of these creatures would have been Skills about the size of a basketball or about 76 cm (30 in) in Technician PSA. the creature will have been *+10% per skill level for RW & M able to get its entire body into that space. as long as the space was big enough Run 30m around to allow its head to pass through. this information has been made available so that the GM can complete them for his universe if he decides to use them as a race for whatever reason.281 PS +3 ft. would have been a Captain 'Smilin' Jack Farley. DEX/RS 50/50 INT/LOG 65/65 Though it is unknown for certain.) and 4. They are being left undeveloped on purpose in order to give the GM latitude to develop them as he wishes in order to better fit into his universe. He seems almost grandfatherly in his kindness almost like you could confide anything in him and always have him there to watch your back. Technician 6. He is often seen with some sort of cigar or cigarette dangling from his lips. PGS 2 three times the size of its head. if the GM wishes to use them as a race the information provided above should be adequate for the GM to easily fashion a racial template for them. . This information has been provided so that the GM can provide more background information to his players if they are clever enough to investigate the species during their time on the planet (and lucky enough to succeed in their skill rolls!). He's all about the money at the end of the job and doesn't care at all what happens to anyone in between him and those credits. Whatever the reason. Computer 2.) unprotected. as long as the space was roughly Environmental (chemistry) 2. Demeanor: Jack Farley is a happy-go-lucky fellow.000 m (3. using a combination of its lower STR/STA 45/50 tentacles and water jet propulsion to move about. IM +5 RW 25%* Due to the composition of their internal skeletal structure. As with Wendal Holmes. Jack Farley is a ruthless sociopath who can lie convincingly and would sooner cut your throat than treat you fairly.

Wendal Holmes. etc. A. He is out for himself and to that end he will act ego-bruising accidents where he wasn't paying attention to however he has to in order to earn his paycheck. He isn't his surroundings and ended up falling down an otherwise above killing innocent women and children in order to earn obvious embankment. 1st officer of the Wanderer Name Jonathan Hale Race Human male Race Human male STR/STA 55/55 STR/STA 50/50 DEX/RS 50/50 DEX/RS 55/55 INT/LOG 60/65 INT/LOG 60/65 PER/LDR 45/45 PER/LDR 45/45 PS +3 PS +3 IM +5 IM +6 RW 25%* RW 28% M 28%* M 28% Walk 10m Walk 10m Run 30m Run 30m Swim 10m (1km/hr) Swim 10m (1km/hr) Special Abilities None Special Abilities None Skills Skills Technician PSA. PGS 2 Biosocial PSA. He is so fascinated by geologic formations that he approachable guy though and is friendly enough. If it hadn't been for them he'd have been eaten! Generally though the guy is nice enough and only seems rude but is really just passionate about geology. Technician 6. Davis Art by J. He seems like an worlds. This has led him into several coldhearted. . There was even a time when he his credits. J. had to be wrestled away from large. *+10% per skill level for RW & M Computer 2 Art by A. irate lizard by his crew mates. All of this often spends his time looking down rather than paying is an act however as in reality he is self-serving and attention to his surroundings. pilot 4. Nothing keeps him Wendal Holmes is somewhat strict when it comes to away from the rocks when he's out and about and nothing adhering to the rules of the ship and is quick to correct makes him happier than checking out the dirt on alien anyone that isn't doing things properly. Davis Demeanor: Demeanor: Johnathan is an absolute rock hound. Computer 2. Environmental (geology) 4. Medical 2.

It's almost like a personal challenge to surprise others. lie detection 15%. . on others even though they are well aware that he is prone to do something whenever he gets a chance. Computer 2. Puroo loves playing practical jokes and will often do so through technology. Technician 2.Name Puroo Name Banrog Race Dralasite female Race Dralasite male STR/STA 60/60 STR/STA 55/55 DEX/RS 50/50 DEX/RS 45/45 INT/LOG 55/55 INT/LOG 55/55 PER/LDR 45/45 PER/LDR 50/50 PS +3 PS +3 IM +5 IM +5 RW 25% RW 23% M 30% M 28% Walk 5m Walk 5m Run 20m Run 20m Swim 10m (1km/hr) Swim 10m (1km/hr) Special Abilities Elasticity. She will then set the alarm for several hours later in the Demeanor: hopes of catching her target during a particularly Banrog is a known prankster. Skills Skills Technician PSA. He delights in pulling pranks embarrassing moment. He is a friendly sort. Davis Art by Thomas Verreault Demeanor: Puroo loves tinkering with technology and is particularly delighted to take something completely apart and then put it all back together again whether it needed repairing or not. Special Abilities Elasticity. Engineering 4 Technician PSA. Technician 2. A. Engineering 2 Art by J. One of her favorite jokes is to abscond with someone's chronograph for a few moments and quickly reset the alarm chime to make loud sounds of flatulence whenever it goes off. very outgoing and approachable. lie detection 7%. Computer 4. As with others of her species.

which is really odd for his race. but is often satisfied of his race do. . Rather though she also has a slightly impish side common to all than learn the ways of physical combat as most individuals dralasites. gliding. but in the end he excellent medic. lie detection 9%. battle Skills rage 5%. Biosocial PSA. He color jokes. She loves a good prank. Davis Frobban has been around for a long time. Medical 4 Skills Biosocial PSA. He talks tough. She is very kind. For that reason he is often looked down upon by to enact her own.Name Frobban Name Yat Prinou Race Dralasite female Race Yazirian male STR/STA 55/55 STR/STA 45/45 DEX/RS 45/45 DEX/RS 55/55 INT/LOG 55/55 INT/LOG 65/65 PER/LDR 50/50 PER/LDR 45/45 PS +3 PS +3 IM +5 IM +5 RW 23% RW 28% M 28% M 28% Walk 5m Walk 10m Run 30m Run 30m Swim 10m (1km/hr) Swim 10m (1km/hr) Special Abilities Elasticity. Special Abilities Night vision. other yazirians and is considered a bit of an outcast. Demeanor: Demeanor: Frobban is known for her empathy which makes her an Yat is a big softy really. But the real reason is that he simply likes to interact with lesser creatures. A. almost grandmotherly wouldn't hurt a fly . She is always quick to laugh and tell off. Environmental (zoology) 4. likes to joke that he became a zoologist so that he'd better know which animals were good to eat. Medical 2. Over the years she has posed for many pictures and could not decide on which would be the best for her profile. Environmental (meteorology) 4. Yat has thrown himself into his mental simply to watch someone else's prank play out than she is pursuits. Computer 2 Art by J.

she often tends to buck with his very opinionated personality. . Skills Skills Biosocial PSA. gliding.and is quick to let others in his field But she is a very good botanist. Martial Computer 2 Arts 2 Art by J. being only 15 years of Hachi is a boisterous yazirian. He is often viewed as a bullying loudmouth that is entirely too cocky. Often overshadowing others age.Name Yautsee Zu Name Hachi Latcha Race Yazirian female Race Yazirian male STR/STA 50/50 STR/STA 40/40 DEX/RS 55/55 DEX/RS 50/50 INT/LOG 60/60 INT/LOG 65/65 PER/LDR 40/40 PER/LDR 45/45 PS +3 PS +2 IM +5 IM +5 RW 28% RW 25% M 28% M 25% Walk 10m Walk 10m Run 30m Run 30m Swim 10m (1km/hr) Swim 10m (1km/hr) Special Abilities Night vision. Davis Demeanor: Yautsee is an easy-going yazirian who is considered a prodigy within the circles of her scientific discipline. Hachi is never wrong authority and talk back and can be argumentative at times. Biosocial PSA. She is still a bit juvenile. A. battle rage 10%. A. Davis Art by J. She is Demeanor: very young for her accomplishments. Environmental (Botany) 4. Environmental (physics) 4. gliding. battle Special Abilities Night vision. Medical 2. as he sees it . know that. rage 15%. .at least. Melee 2.

making her somewhat awkward in any social in a fairly rude and callus manner under most situation. Demeanor: Demeanor: 'Guilty' (from the Qil'Te in her name) absolutely hates her Clikzitz'Vraz'Lat's name is often shortened simply to 'Clicks' nickname bestowed upon her by most humans that she by most other races. She knows the meaning of the word and instead to turn her energy inward to her scientific pursuits. Environmental (astronomy) 4. loathes the chuckles that it elicits amongst those hairless In fact. Astrogation 2. Biosocial PSA. Environmental (chemistry) 4 Computer 6 Art by Thomas Verreault NO Image available of Qil’Te as she hates to have her picture taken.Name Clikzitz'Vraz'Lat Name No'zan'Qil'Te Race Vrusk female Race Vrusk female STR/STA 45/45 STR/STA 45/50 DEX/RS 45/45 DEX/RS 45/50 INT/LOG 65/65 INT/LOG 65/65 PER/LDR 45/45 PER/LDR 50/45 PS +3 PS +3 IM +5 IM +5 RW 23% RW 23% M 23% M 23% Walk 15m Walk 15m Run 35m Run 35m Swim 10m (1km/hr) Swim 10m (1km/hr) Special Abilities Ambidexterity. circumstances. Psychosocial 4. choosing encounters. her love of science precludes even standard social primates. Comprehension 15%. She doesn't seem to mind. . Skills Skills Biosocial PSA. This friction has caused her to deal with humans interactions. Special Abilities Ambidexterity. Comprehension 17%.

A. robotics or technician skill detailed above. Beam 2. PGS 3. Their general attitude is. 'Just following orders'. demolitions. often having been orphaned at a young age calculating and thoughtful vrusk. Military PSA. perhaps not outright evil.Name Kax'Vax'Zi Mercenaries: Race Vrusk male Name Corporate Commandos STR/STA 40/50 Race Equal mix DEX/RS 45/55 STR/STA 65/65 INT/LOG 70/70 DEX/RS 60/60 PER/LDR 55/45 INT/LOG 50/50 PS +2 PER/LDR 40/50 IM +6 PS +4 RW 23% IM +6 M 23% RW 30%* Walk 15m M 33%* Run 35m Walk Varies by race Swim 10m (1km/hr) Run Varies by race Special Abilities Ambidexterity. They are simply told to accomplish some mission and they are expected to do just that exactly as outlined in their . as he is often called by members of different species. Special Abilities Varies by race. computers.Davis Demeanor: Demeanor: Vax. Most come particular interest in oceanography. though analytically. then their PGS skill will be 2 and their beam skill will be 1 *+10% per skill level for RW & M Art by J. these people do whatever they are told to do as long as there's a paycheck in it for them. For the most part. thrown 2 and Medic Psychosocial 2. unswerving nature. Swim 10m (1km/hr) Comprehension 22%. always thinking and made wards of the state. Melee 2. These corporate commandos are specifically chosen by the has always had an affinity for science and has taken a corporation for their cold. These mercenaries are never privy to the actual corporate plans for whatever job they are tasked to do. He is a generally from hard lives. Environmental (oceanography) 4. Skills Skills Biosocial PSA. Computer 2 3 (OR Demolitions 3 OR Computers 3 OR Robotics 3 OR Technician 3) Note Art by Albin Johnson If the mercenary has a medic.

1 Life bubble. visible to the naked eye as well as all vision tech).green.carried by the Art by J. they will likely leave them (and their 2 long e-clips each) in the airlock room.briefings. Davis Note: The GM should keep those personal watersleds in mind as once the mercenaries access the structure. A. where their expertise is expressly required and are not 10 TD-19 w/20 variable timers . 1 Shoulder-mounted flood light (to be powered from the beltpack). a technician and 6 standard soldiers.carried by the technition. 10 Chem sticks (class A . uses 1 SEU for 20 hours of operation (uses the SEU equivalent of a standard 20 SEU e-clip).carried by the demolitionist. Each squad consists of a squad leader.carried by the generally part of a standard squad build. a medic. visible to the naked eye as well as all vision tech).green. Robotics squad leader. A. 1 MIHAGS. 1 Vibroknife w/1 long e-clip (and an additional long e-clip as backup). 5 Chem sticks (class B . 5 days shelf-stable rations). 1 Weapon power light. retirement nest egg to insure their discretion and 1 standard sea survival pack (with an additional compliance. Davis technician. 1 Tech-kit . a 1 hand-held sonar scanner . Those in good standing with the corporation are often allowed to retire with a hefty and an additional 2 long e-clips as backup). 1 Inertia Screen w/1 power backpack. Often they willfully choose to keep themselves in the dark 1 personal watersled (with two long e-clips each as ignorance is their best defense. and Computer-skilled mercenaries are only used in cases 1 Medkit (waterproof) . That means that there will be a large number of e-clips just lying around if the PCs ever find that they need replacement e-clips to power the vital functions of their suits! . 1 Power beltpack to power the HAGS and/or periphery equipment. 1 emergency rebreather mask. uses 1 SEU/10 minutes of operation. kg demolitionist. 1 hand-held sonar scanner . If one of these mercenaries ever has a crisis of Zeta Subsection 1e: conscience they end up disappearing and none of the Equipment issued to each of these mercenaries: others have any illusions about what happened to them. 1 Gyrojet rifle w/100 rnds each (10 jetclips). Art by J.carried by the medic.

000 m): encounters be rolled for every 4 hours. it is recommended that Bathypelagic Zone (1. 66-72 Shovel-mouthed Pinneped 73-77 Sky Shrimp Land (or in the sky overhead): 78-83 Spiny Cuttlefish Roll d100 Creature 84-89 Stinging Hydrozoan 1 Aerial Hydrozoan 90-95 Stunning Ray 2-30 Earwig 96-100 Toxic Wisp 31-45 Flying Fish 46-50 Sky Grazer Mesopelagic Zone (200 m . bacteria and the like. 51-60 Many-finned Cuttlefish 61-70 Spiny Cuttlefish Zeta Subsection 1g: 71-80 Squidshrimp Encounter Tables: 81-90 Translucent Lacerta 91-100 Whalesquid Epipelagic Zone (200 m or less): Roll d100 Creature Abyssalpelagic Zone (4. On any d100 roll Roll d100 Creature that is equal to or less than 25%.4. but particularly so if those 41-50 Ravenous Prawn depths are greater than 30 meters.6.000 m): 1-5 Aerial Hydrozoan Roll d100 Creature 6-11 Armored Ray 1-10 Asymmetric Whale 12-16 Asymmetric Whale 11-26 Many-finned Cuttlefish 17-22 Floating Weed 27-42 Flatfluke Crab 23-29 Grappling Lobster 43-56 Spiny Cuttlefish 30-34 Gossamer Serpent 57-72 Squidshrimp 35-40 Luminous Eel 73-86 Static Crab 41-45 Murmuring Siren 87-100 Translucent Lucerta 46-50 Ravenous Prawn 51-55 Sea Flea Hadalpelagic Zone (6. Equipment malfunctions can be 31-40 Many-finned Cuttlefish deadly serious at any depth.000 m . At times the GM could break things up a bit by exchanging a creature 11-20 Asymmetric Whale encounter for a technical malfunction of some piece of 21-30 Lantern Fish equipment if he wishes.1.000 m or more): 56-60 Sea Wasp There are no encounters at this depth since all creatures in 61-65 Shovel Billed Ray this zone are things like tube worms.000 m .Zeta Subsection 1f: Flora and Fauna Specific to Balneum Blue: Though it is entirely up to the GM.000 m): 51 Stinging Hydrozoan Roll d100 Creature 52 Stinging Lotus 1-10 Armored Ray 53-100 Zephyr Ray 11-20 Asymmetric Whale 21-30 Luminous Eel Underwater (or dry) Caverns/Ruins: 31-40 Many-finned Cuttlefish Roll d100 Creature 41-50 Murmuring Siren 01-25 Clawed Worm 51-60 Ravenous Prawn 26-50 Grapplling Lobster 61-70 Shovel-mouthed Pinneped 51-74 Sea Flea 71-80 Spiny Cuttlefish 75-100 Tree Stripper 81-90 Stunning Ray 91-100 Whalesquid . the GM should roll for an 1-10 Armored Ray encounter on one of the appropriate tables below.

Special Attack Electrical discharge will stun victims These discharges are enough to disable watercraft if they for 1d100 turns unless a STA check is are not insulated and as such. for consumption. Damage 15d10 Electrical Discharge. though a bit salty. into the water below and Move Slow electrocutes anything within 500 m (1. world is covered in water – so that their tentacles may dangle down. them to travel against the wind if they desire to do so. They do this whenever Type Giant Carnivore threatened (which is an extremely rare occurrence!) or Number 1 whenever they wish to feed.562 ft)! kilometers) of the ocean's surface. Special Defense Immune to electrical energy Native World Balneum Blue Floating Weed Type Plant Number 10d100+ Move Drift on the current IM/RS None Stamina 1 Attack None Damage None Special Attack None Special Defense None Native World Balneum Blue Picture by Gabriel McEver @McEver Studios http://mcever. This weed could easily Its bell acts as a gas bladder where atmospheric hydrogen clog the engines of water-going vehicles if they attempt to can be collected and stored.640 ft) across at the bell and vast areas (hundreds or even thousands of square with tentacles that can reach a length of 2. to remain positioned over the sea – which isn't a food and shelter. Many creatures make serenely above the surface of the world. Larger predators are also attracted to it terribly difficult prospect since most of the surface of their because of the dense population of prey items in the area.640 ft).000 m (6. this creature can release a huge amount of Aerial Hydrozoan electrical energy as a Art by Khairul Hisham DESCRIPTION: The floating weed is a free-floating seaweed DESCRIPTION: The aerial hydrozoan is an immense creature that grows to lengths of 100 m (328 ft) and can encompass measuring about 500 m (1. Creatures: Periodically.500 lifts the creatures out of the water and to the base of the Attack 50 bell. where the mouth is located. tastes a bit They have enough control over their hovering to enable like kale. Floating weed is edible and. The creature IM/RS +3/30 then grasps anything of any size (whales and the like) and Stamina 3. can also electrocute those in made the vessel. It is their habit their home in this dense tangle of weed as it provids both however. into the water for the purpose of feeding.Zeta Subsection 1h: very slowly. albeit . The electrical energy courses down their dangling tentacles. thus allowing them to float navigate through the dense growth.zenfolio.

can accidentally collide with surface or submersible very quickly. It DESCRIPTION: The asymmetric whale can reach a length of some 25 m (82 ft) in length – but 50 m (164 ft) from the tip Art by Rob Powell @ http://rpowell77. the grappling lobster plants and animals). They are generally dark gray in color with the occasional bit of random. but with mandibles adapted for catching and holding prey.deviantart. They are microphagous in nature (eating only microscopic Once a victim has been so restrained. white DESCRIPTION: This creature can achieve a length of about 2 mottling. Special Defense Shell armor can take 50 points of damage (from inertial and laser beam sources) before the creature can be harmed. Once in the creature's grasp. m (7 ft) and looks similar to a large lobster without claws. They are often seen at or near the surface and as stabs these appendages into the victim. creature. A successful STR check will break the hold. The grappling lobster is edible and quite tasty by human standards. It then dines leisurely on the paralyzed craft. filtering out the nutrients suspended in the and capable of delivering a powerful dose of neurotoxin.deviantart. often subduing it such. . Asymmetric Whale Grappling Lobster Type Giant Carnivore Type Medium Carnivore Number 1 Number 1d10 Move Medium Move Medium IM/RS +4/40 IM/RS +5/50 Stamina 500 Stamina 55 Attack 30 Attack 65 Damage 8d10 Collision Damage 2d10 Bite Special Attack None Special Attack If a bite attack is successful. lazily drifting about the seas with their uses two modified legs near its oral cavity that are hollow mouths open. the victim Special Defense None takes 2d10 dam Native World Balneum Blue age automatically thereafter (as it is torn into pieces and consumed). the victim must make a second STR roll or be paralyzed for 1d10 of the dorsal fin to the tip of the anal fin. Native World Balneum Blue Art by Thomas Duffy @ http://thomastapir.

. Alone these creatures are not much of a threat.deviantart. The trouble is.Gossamer Serpent Lantern Fish Type Small Carnivore Type Small Carnivore Number 2d10 Number 2d10 Move Fast Move Fast IM/RS +6/60 IM/RS +7/70 Stamina 20 Stamina 15 Attack 60 Attack 65 Damage 1d10 Bite or 4d10 electrical discharge. causing visibility to be slightly obscured in the immediate DESCRIPTION: This creature is delicate and graceful in appearance and indeed it almost appears dainty. It has an aggressive temperament and often attacks creatures much larger than it. Damage 1d10 Special Attack Electrical discharge manifests as a Special Attack None bolt of electricity that is generated Special Defense When excited. they often form schools and attack their prey in a When hunting. the gossamer serpent will usually employ its electrical charge in order to subdue its prey before DESCRIPTION: This creature grows to a length of about 1 m swooping in to snatch the fish. curved its electrical discharge to defend itself if need be. thick beds of seaweed.deviantart. Native World Balneum Blue Art by sioSin @ http://siosin. It is also very willing to use (3 ft) and has a wicked-looking mouth full of long. Art by Rob Powell @ http://rpowell77. tentacle-like appendages around its Special Defense Immune to electrical energy head. This substance is bio- Native World Balneum Blue luminescent and hangs in the water like oil. Its frilly fins serve as camouflage while it swims about its preferred habitat. teeth. This effect provides the lantern fish with a modifier of -10% to be hit with melee or ranged attacks whenever it employs this defense. This oily gel persists for 10 turns after being deployed. flashing in to take a bite and then zipping away. the lantern fish exudes directly from the mouth of the a gel-like substance from four creature.

Native World Balneum Blue Art by Michael Beaudry @ http://michaelbeaudry. Once a will cause 1 point of damage victim is ensnared. the prawn creature chooses to release it. the ravenous The tip of the tongue has thousands prawn will have breached the target's of tiny hook-like structures that cause skin and entered the soft tissues of it to stick to the target until the the victim. beasts from coming into contact with the skin. It can grow to about 5 Inertia screens and full environmental armor will keep the m (16 ft) in diameter. ft). . until quickly retract into the beaked mouth removed the victim will be at -10% to where the victim will immediately be all actions due to intense pain as the DESCRIPTION: The ravenous prawn is a very small creature. directly to the victim. However. Until removed. The range is 15 m (49 victim's muscle tissue. It also has two modified tentacles with bio-luminescent tips. As well. journey through the host. DESCRIPTION: This creature vaguely resembles a cuttlefish only about 2 cm (0.75 in) in length but it is adapted to except that it has many independently-rotating fins which burrowing into flesh where it lives the majority of its life enable the creature move very fast in any direction it wishes feeding upon the tissues of its host. Ravenous prawns are edible and quite tasty by human standards but you need quite a few of them to make a decent meal. Special Defense None Special Defense Armored shell can withstand 50 Native World Balneum Blue points of damage before the creature will be harmed. This process takes but one turn creature burrows around in the to accomplish.Many-finned Cuttlefish Ravenous Prawn Type Large Carnivore Type Tiny Carnivore (parasite) Number 1d5 Number 5D10 Move Fast Move Fast IM/RS +6/60 IM/RS +7/65 Stamina 100 Stamina 3 Attack 65 Attack 50 Damage 4d10 Beak Damage 1 point Special Attack Elastic tongue-This creature can Special Attack If even 1 point of damage is caused 'shoot' its tongue out like a Art By Zeldrak @ http://zeldrak.deviantart.deviantart. any exposed skin will provide an easy access point for the The many-finned cuttlefish is edible and tastes a bit like ravenous prawn to enter the body and begin its painful calamari. to go and with great agility. the tongue will automatically each turn.

com/ Art by Grumpleputty @ http://grumbleputty. This material hardens a short time after it has been exposed to sea water. and then skip away. etc. These insects act in a similar fashion to bees. only bite once. their coloration blending in with the sediment at shallower depths. Sea Flea Sea Wasp Type Medium Carnivore Type Tiny Herbivore Number 3d10 Number 10d10 Move Fast Move Very Fast IM/RS +6/60 IM/RS +7/70 Stamina 25 Stamina 1 Attack 75 Attack 40 Damage 1d10 Bite Damage 1 point Sting Special Attack None Special Attack Poison/+1d10 (poison damage Special Defense None negated if STA check is made) Native World Balneum Blue Special Defense None Native World Balneum Blue Art by Rob Powell @ http://rpowell77. a into action. Once it hardens it resembles brown coral with a slick or glassy look. . often a couple dozen at a time as they tend to mouth full of wicked-looking teeth can clearly be DESCRIPTION: The sea flea is an insect-like crustacean. They often lie upon the sea floor. They secrete a very strong resinous material when they construct their nests.deviantart. Larger creatures can usually survive the These teeth however have adapted to chew the tough kelp onslaught. They will usually purposes.5 m (5 ft) and tend to be tan in color. the sea flea will leap measuring a meager 6cm (2 in) in length. they rely upon their poisonous sting for that. swarming whenever their nest is disturbed. but smaller victims can easily be overwhelmed that these creatures eat and are not used for defensive and killed if there are enough sea fleas. They can grow to a length of about 1. If viewed closely. group together.deviantart. When DESCRIPTION: The sea wasp is a tiny aquatic insect bottom-feeding creatures happen by.

com/ DESCRIPTION: These creatures are relatively small. attacking from ambush most of the time. For that reason it can be very dangerous to light environments. damage (from inertial and laser beam Special Defense Armored shell can withstand 25 sources) before the creature will be points of damage before the creature harmed. It has a thick exoskeleton that protects it from many These creatures have four eyes and can see a wide range of dangers but in addition it possess a strong defensive colors at extraordinary range under water (up to 50 m [164 mechanism to ward off any stubborn aggressors. discharge which it is able to perceive as it bounces off of or is absorbed by solid objects. Its vision manifests in a sonar-like view but with living Their shells are designed to absorb impact and as such. subsists on oceanic vegetation. the creature's shell absorbs the Special Defense Immune to electrical energy and shell damage and its sharp ridges and armor can withstand 75 points of spines inflict damage on the target. no more than 0. they creatures being easily 'seen' by perceiving their faint will be undamaged by kinetic forces unless the damage is electrical discharges.deviantart.deviantart. primarily seaweed-like plants. Often these creatures can be found in groups. Spiny Cuttlefish Static Crab Type Small Carnivore Type Large Herbivore Number 2d10 Number 2d20 Move Very Fast Move Fast IM/RS +8/80 IM/RS +5/50 Stamina 10 Stamina 75 Attack 65 Attack 40 Damage 1d10 Impact Damage 1d10 Bite Special Attack This creature hunts by targeting its Special Attack Static arcs directly forward and behind prey and then moving toward it at cause 4d10 to anything within 25 m extremely high Art by Rob Powell @ http://rpowell77. Their preferred prey are DESCRIPTION: The static crab is a docile species that small fish. . They usually target their prey visually and stalk it. Upon impact. species has the ability to see in electronic impulses. the sounds they create by jetting about seems to resembled a horseshoe crab. only about 12 cm (5 inches) in diameter. Native World Balneum Blue Native World Balneum Blue Art by Rob Powell @ http://rpowell77. static discharge. Even when light is not present. When in a group of 5 or This creature can attain a diameter of about 5 m (16 ft) and more.5 m (2 ft) in length. It has 14 compound eyes send them into a frenzy such that they will attack anything capable of gathering enough light to see in extremely low- nearby. (82 ft). a powerful ft]). can be harmed. this approach a group of feeding spiny cuttlefish. The crab itself puts of a faint electrical enough to exceed the strength of the shell in one blow. allowing it to thrive even in complete darkness. Static crabs are edible and quite tasty by human standards.

Cannot be used on the turn immediately following one in which Burst of speed was used. Even if found dead. These structures burrow into the The whalesquid is a fairly docile creature and feeds on tiny flesh of the victim. way. measuring up to 50 meters in length (the bell measuring DESCRIPTION: The whalesquid grows to a length of about 5 only 10 m [33 ft] while the tentacles make of the rest of the m (33 ft) and instead of possessing a tail fluke like other length). this one has tentacles like a squid. known whale species. preferring to will be released and the stinging hydrozoan will go about its flee from a threat whenever possible.cghub. delivering their Type Giant Carnivore poison to whatever contacted the creature. These tentacles. it will cause damage to other creatures only by the victim and consumed. As a filter and pancreas) which will systematically be sucked out of feeder. IM/RS +5/50 Special Attack When grappling. m (82 ft) within 3 turns of release (5m Special Defense None [33 ft] on turn 1 and 10 additional m [33 Native World Balneum Blue ft] on turns 2 and 3) and will take an additional 17 turns to dissipate. brings the victim up to the worm-like structures situated at the base of the mantle. washed up upon a beach. Special Attack Ink cloud-This creature can release a The sting will deliver a neurotoxin cloud of thick ink into the water which which causes complete paralysis will cover an area of approximately 25 unless a STA check is made. propel the creature through the water tentacle and stinging it. causing it to be paralyzed. Art by Jason Heeley @ http://jasonheeley. Native World Balneum Blue. . seeking out certain organs (liver. It then at great Art by Jonathan Gonzalez @ http://brotherostavia. combined with a forceful hydraulic release The stinging hydrozoan feeds by grappling a victim with a similar to a water jet. Once that is complete. Special Defense Burst of speed-Increase movement to very fast for 1 turn. Number 1d2 Move Medium Whalesquid IM/RS +4/40 Type Large Carnivore Stamina 135 Number 1 Attack 65 Move Fast Damage 6d10 Feeding Probosci.deviantart. visual equipment could be fouled and would then need to be manually cleaned before functioning properly. brain waterborne crustaceans common to its DESCRIPTION: The stinging hydrozoan is a large creature. this creature will Stamina 150 automatically sting its victim with Attack 50 the stinger associated with the Damage 3d10 tentacle that is grappling the victim. the stinging Stinging Hydrozoan cells of this creature can fire reflexively. the victim accident (usually by bumping into the victim). If any craft happen to occupy the initial 5m (33 ft) area at the time of release.

Occasionally DESCRIPTION: The luminous eel is a snake-like creature with they will close their mouths. They feed by flying low over the waves. filtering out the water and bio-luminescent frills and a bio-luminescent lateral line. though they can be using their rear claws to dangle upside down in a similar extremely dangerous if threatened. usually 2 to Number 10d10+ 3 in a clutch. It is now the dominant terrestrial lifeform on the planet.deviantart. may issue an electrical discharge that causes 2D10 damage to anything within 10 osart.deviantart. It swallowing their catch of small fish and swimming has two front legs that it uses to help propel it through the crustaceans. painted with their excrement. the target must also roll STA or be stunned for 1d100 turns. Native World Balneum Blue Art by Raul Ramos @ http://daitengu. They are not a particularly dangerous creature as they much prefer to flee from a threat rather than attack. The danger with this creature lies in its ability to fly and its sheer numbers which result in a danger to aerial craft. dipping their lower jaws into the water and skimming DESCRIPTION: The zephyr ray was once quite at home beneath the waves. They have pale blue skin with even lighter blue stripes and can reach a length of about 1 m (3 ft) with a wingspan of about 2 m (7 ft). Move Fast IM/RS +6/60 Luminous Eel Stamina 15 Type Medium Carnivore Attack 50 Number 1D10 Damage 1d5 Bite Move Medium Special Attack None IM/RS +6/60 Special Defense None Stamina 50 Native World Balneum Blue Attack 75 Damage 2D10 Bite Special Attack In lieu of melee attack. They will usually warn fashion to a bat. At night they roost along cliff faces and in trees upon the atoll-like islands scattered around the planet. they can deliver a feeble bite. There are literally billions of the beasts crowding the Art by Edtya @ http://apsaravis. The high population density of the creature makes the potential for aerial collisions fairly high.deviantart. They give birth to live skies. but if forced into a confrontation. The monumentally huge number of these any threat with an electrical burst followed by a painful bite creatures around the planet means that every bit of soil is if the burst fails to deter them. They roost by Luminous eels hunt small fish. In addition to the damage listed. Such a collision can cause considerable damage to such a craft which could easily result in a crash. Special Defense Immune to electrical attacks. .blogspot. But over time it adapted to an aerial life And http://www. They can attain a length of about 3 meters. Zephyr Ray They are edible by human standards and taste something Type Small Carnivore like fishy chicken. water at greater speeds.

but where the mantle of a squid would be. When threatened will Special Attack None release a 5 meter diameter poison Special Defense Armored Carapace. http://ormirian. instead it senses movement and scents with its barbels located around its mouth. Toxic Wisp Squidshrimp Type Small Herbivore Type Giant Carnivore Number 2D10 Number 1 Move Fast Move Fast IM/RS +7/65 IM/RS +5/50 Stamina 15 Stamina 275 Attack 35 Attack 60 Damage 1D5 Claw Damage 10d10 Claws Special Attack Poison cloud. It also has no eyes. while swallowing or breathing this Native World Balneum Blue poison will cause 5D10 DESCRIPTION: The squidshrimp resembles a cross between a giant squid and a giant shrimp. blade- like claws. Special Defense None Native World Balneum Blue Art by Catharina Wendland @ http://ormirian.deviantart. It has tentacles at its posterior end. The toxic wisp feeds on floating Art by Catharina Wendland @ seaweed which is also the source of their poisonous DESCRIPTION: The toxic wisp is a small creature. Contacting this poison on points of damage before the creature is bare skin will cause 1D10 damage harmed. When seizing prey. . the squidshrimp will usually use its tentacles to grasp the victim. This creature is attracted to light sources and will immediately investigate any such sources it perceives.deviantart. can absorb 100 cloud. is something resembling the head of a shrimp but with a toothy maw and six appendages that end in wicked. preventing it from fleeing and then will repeatedly impale the hapless target with its wicked claws until all resistance ceases. All damage is negated if a successful STA check is made. similar in structure to an otter with no rear legs.

dipping their lower jaws into the water and scooping up whatever happens to get DESCRIPTION: The tree stripper is an odd-looking caught.deviantart. They are a fairly docile creature. When feeding. a precursor perhaps to adapting to a permanent terrestrial over the course of a short distance. They can grow to be about 2 meters in length with a 4 meter 'wing span'. Instead. they leap from the waves and glide Art by Rob Powell @ http://rpowell77. they are used as climbing Move Medium 'hooks' when the creature climbs. crustacean with a semi-red underbelly and a bright blue back.deviantart. climbs trees to eat the leaves or search for eggs to Tree-stripper scavenge. STA check or Attack 55 suffer an additional 2D10 Damage 1d5 damage. The tree stripper must return to the water periodically to moisten its gills. IM/RS +5/55 Stamina 55 Attack 60 Claw Shovelbilled Ray Damage 1d5 Stinger Type Medium Carnivore Special Attack Poison-If the stinger does at least Number 1d10 1 point of damage beyond Move Medium whatever defensive capabilities IM/RS +6/55 the target has. It remains fairly soft and easily punctured. choosing to flee more often than not. It has a scorpion-like tail which is outfitted with a stinger. then the target Stamina 35 will be poisoned. Special Attack None Special Defense None Special Defense None Native World Balneum Blue Native World Balneum Blue Art by Thomas Duffy @ http://thomastapir. it is hard enough to support the creature when it moves about on dry land or when it . Though its shell is fairly soft. this crab-like creature's shell never completely hardens. The claws are useless for defending itself or for Type Medium Ominvore attacking however as they are too flimsy and no real Number 1d10 pressure can be DESCRIPTION: The shovelbilled ray looks almost bird-like except that they have no feathers or legs. Though it is a crustacean.

When the stunning ray attacks it can either deliver a minor bite. If provoked. chance of impacting the shell instead Special Defense Immune to electrical energy of the creature. They can grow to a diameter of about 3 meters with a 'wingspan' of about 5 meters. Native World Balneum Blue Native World Balneum Blue Art by Thomas Duffy @ http://thomastapir. In addition to Special Defense Armored shell can absorb 200 points of damage. Stunning Ray Armored Ray Type Medium Carnivore Type Medium Carnivore Number 1d10 Number 1d10 Move Medium Move Medium IM/RS +5/50 IM/RS +5/50 Stamina 125 Stamina 100 Attack 65 Attack 60 Damage 1d10 Bite or 4d10 Electrical Damage 2d10 Bite discharge Special Attack None Special Attack Electrical discharge. When it uses its electrical attack. . the victim for 1d100 turns unless a Each successful attack has a 65% STA check is made.deviantart. meters with a 'wingspan' of 6 meters. they will rush to attack DESCRIPTION: The stunning ray can reach a diameter of 3 the trespasser. or it can choose to deliver an electrical DESCRIPTION: The armored ray looks vaguely turtle-like but without The creatures are relatively docile as long as they are not approached too closely.deviantart. It is a mottled black and white color and spends most of its time at or near the surface where it hunts smaller fish. it must still contact its target in order to activate the reflexive action required to initiate the discharge. Art by Thomas Duffy @ http://thomastapir. this discharge can also stun damage before the creature is harmed.

This makes even single murmuring sirens Damage 2d10 Rumble relatively safe as most creatures flee as soon as they hear Special Attack Rumble. usually only one at a time. But as a group they can build upon the reverberating fish with its mouth agape. . A deep. Shovel-mouthed Pinniped Special Defense Immune to sonic attacks Type Small Carnivore Native World Balneum Blue Number 2D10 Move Fast IM/RS +6/60 Stamina 20 Attack 60 Damage 1d5 Special Attack None Special Defense None Native World Balneum Blue Art by Thomas Duffy @ http://thomastapir. Not only can they distinguish subtle variations in sounds – they Art by Thomas Duffy @ DESCRIPTION: The murmuring siren can be heard well before it is ever seen for its continuous murmuring can be heard for kilometers in every direction. constant murmuring of the approaching attack that covers an area of effect to creature. In addition. One reason that they group together in such large 'herds' is DESCRIPTION: The shovel-mouthed pinniped is a small. They give birth to live young. for protection. this damage is continuous until the creatures stop). This creature can grow to a length of 3 meters and is usually a drab brown or gray color. The creature has no traditional auditory sensory can exactly mimic them. The creature attains a length of murmurs of other murmuring sirens until an acoustic only about 1 meter. but once matched. They are relatively defenseless when found seal-like creature that dives through large schools of small alone. They Stamina 75 are well-feared by even the largest and most belligerent of Attack 75 aquatic creatures. within 100 meters of the creature. This is simulated in the game environment by increasing the number of dice rolled for damage to 10% of the total number of murmuring sirens in the immediate area. They therefore. The voice of one then becomes the voice of many and the sonic attack is greatly amplified. It is not particularly dangerous and resonance is achieved (it takes 2 turns to tune the sounds – often chooses to flee rather than fight. The murmuring siren has a specialized nasal configuration that vastly amplifies the sounds that the animal creates. resonant sonic the harmless.deviantart. Example: If there are 100 murmuring sirens in the Murmuring Siren immediate are then the attack will be equal to 10d10 in an Type Medium Herbivore area 100 meters in diameter! Number 10d10 Move Medium Most other creatures that share the habitat of the IM/RS +5/55 murmuring siren have learned to steer clear of them.deviantart. but they are extremely sensitive to tactile sensations. 'feel' sounds and can distinguish between precise modulations and pitches. the creature's skull is configured to further enhance sound. See below for further information.

but still alive gravity when out of water. land as they can in water. Their catching prey. Clawed Worm Six-tailed Fish Type Medium Carnivore Type Giant Carnivore Number 1d10 Number 1d5 Move Medium Move Medium IM/RS +6/60 IM/RS +6/60 Stamina 100 Stamina 115 Attack 75 Attack 60 Damage 3d10 Claw Damage 4d10 Bite Special Attack None Special Attack None Special Defense Immune to sonic attacks Special Defense None Native World Balneum Blue Native World Balneum Blue Art by Thomas Duffy @ http://thomastapir. They tails and a face full of barbels for sifting through debris in can grow to a length of about 3 m (10 ft) and possess 2 search of food. only on a larger scale). It has 6 predator that enjoys killing just for the sake of killing.deviantart. hook-like protrusions quick gulping reflex (DEX check to avoid or target is sucked (like the skin of a shark. They can breathe as readily on after having been swallowed. It has a habit of sucking in victims with a underbellies are covered with tiny. snorts and snarls. They seem to have a language as well. This enables into the mouth and immediately bitten then swallowed).com/ DESCRIPTION: The amphibious clawed worm is a vicious DESCRIPTION: The six-tailed fish is an odd creature. blade-like claws on the ends of their forelimbs. If it is a language it is certainly primal in nature and very coarse. seemingly defying This often leads to victims being wounded. . them to cling easily to rough surfaces.deviantart. Their coloration ranges from dark browns to grays and even black. they adapted to life in undersea cavern systems where finding dry spaces were somewhat common and they adapted to fill the niche. They are brutal and hideous in appearance and absolutely without remorse. They often employ a basic level of intelligence above that of a simple animal. though it consists of various growls. though still less than what it would take to create a civilization – but only just. Though there is not much land to find on their Art by Adam Burnier @ http://aburnier. It is equally happy scavenging as it is long.

iridescent scales of the creature become readily apparent. Similarly. constant. it does not Move Fast have ears. Art by Pearlpheonix @ DESCRIPTION: This creature grows to a length of about half a meter and primarily hunts small fish at great depths. If both senses were disabled. It does not see with eyes. senses in an aquatic environment. Similarly.The clawed worm can sense through scent and tactile sensations. This information is processed and integrated into Stamina 20 their visualization of sound. The glistening of the scales from the internal luminescence can be seen flashing in the darkness even before the creature's silhouette can be discerned. this creature can detect the scent +2d10. though they are unaffected by sonic weapons. It can 'see' aromas in the air and follow them to Translucent Lacerta their source.094 yrds) effect. the brightly colored. Number 2d10 something similar to sonar or radar. A STA check negates this of a particular fish that is uninjured from 1 km (1. It can cause all of its internal organs to glow through bio- luminescence and is a way for it to attract its prey. discordant noises could potentially disrupt their ability to visualize sound. blinding them while within the influence of the overpowering scents. these beasts would be rendered completely blind and incapable of assimilating sensory stimuli. Out of water this creature's senses are roughly the same as those of a human. the Special Defense None clawed worm can sense the blood from 10 km (6 mi) and Native World Balneum Blue track it directly back to its source. distant. rather it has pit receptors scattered around its head that enable it to Type Small Carnivore visualize scents. It can build a picture in its mind this way. . Rather. it senses sounds by feeling vibrations in IM/RS +6/60 the air. a weapon devised to produce overpowering scents could effectively scramble their form of visualization. When its organs are lit. Because of their heavy reliance upon scent. This effectively gives this Attack 65 creature 360 degree 'vision' that is far superior to human Damage 1d10 Bite. though strong scents that might go unnoticed by a human will easily be detectible by this creature. Special Attack Poisonous-a successful bite attack delivers a load of poison causing In a watery environment. If the fish in question is wounded and bleeding.

carbon dioxide and pure water. measuring 2 km (1. half a meter. It has developed the ability to leap from the But cruising about as it does with its mouth gaping while it water and glide through the air. DESCRIPTION: The sky shrimp grows to a length of about The sky grazer lives exclusively on atmospheric hydrogen. moving the various parts of their bodies through a hydrostatic process.25 mi) in length and 1 km (1.deviantart. giving birth and dying. The mouth of a sky grazer consists of three jaws that protrude outward from the head like a giant proboscis. some is used to fill their gas bladders to facilitate 'flight' while any extra hydrogen collected is consumed. It can stay aloft for several collects its gaseous meal. They have two wing-like gas bladders situated on their backs (where wings might otherwise be) and six flipper-like appendages that dangle uselessly at their sides as they have no locomotive function. The atmospheric hydrogen that they exclusively feed upon is separated in their bodies. . Moving about their environment is purely a random thing as their bodies are buoyant in the atmosphere due to their gas bladders and as such they go wherever the winds blow them. When fully opened the mouth encompasses a huge area and serves to draw in the atmospheric gases upon which the creature feeds. Waste that is excreted is usually in the form of oxygen. the upper reaches of the sky. crashing into an aerial craft or creature in dense fog or dying and falling out of the sky onto some hapless victim below. Any other atmospheric gases they gather are either respirated or excreted as waste. a be passing overhead and the rain in question is not being generated by weather. living. Sky Shrimp Sky Grazer Type Small Carnivore Type Giant Univore Number 10d10 Number 1 Move Fast Move Slow IM/RS +6/60 IM/RS +3/30 Stamina 10 Stamina 5. Rather they are physiologically similar to a jellyfish.000 Attack 50 Attack None Damage 1d5 Damage None Special Attack None Special Attack None Special Defense None Special Defense Immune to electrical energy Native World Balneum Blue Native World Balneum Blue DESCRIPTION: This creature is absolutely immense. It spends its entire life cycle in predator. it can also accidentally consume minutes at a time before plunging back into the sea to take large quantities of insects and other aerial creatures. Sometimes when it rains on the planet.094 yrds) in width. It is a docile creature with no form of attack. They have no internal skeletal structure. looking up will reveal that a cloud grazer happens to Art by Anne Draaisma @ http://xaqt. If it were to ever pose a danger to anything it would be purely by accident. It is common to see large numbers of sky shrimp leaping from the waves when being chased by some aquatic The sky grazer never lands.

The Wanderer: Creatures. I was able to secure some more material and art and put issues 20-25 together. So with some planning. The plan was to end the Star Frontiersman with a bang. artists. and a little begging.??? As the editor for the Star Frontiersman for the past 6 issues. William Douglass-Editor for the Star Frontiersman.. The Frontier Explorer started up and has made it through their first two years and is going strong. Now everything has taken another turn and one for the better. a little arm twisting. when I wrote these final words. OK. Little did I know that I was to encounter several roadblocks to my goal? I had also decided that I would publish all of the remaining material in the Star Frontiersman queue that I could. and other fellow Frontiersman. On to A Changing Frontier……. Creature: Various Artists Art.Eta Section: Credits: Art. My goal when I was asked to take over as the head editor was to get the magazine back on track with a more regular release time. All of this was and is subject to change as life happens. I have had a blast working with all of the writers. the end of the Star Frontiersman. Cover & Gnatha: Khairul Hisham Art. So I hope you have enjoyed this blockbuster adventure and will continue to support your Star Frontiers Community on the web sites and in the Frontier Explorer. Wander Ship Design. Equipment. it was just that. I found great covers and great artists to fill in some gaps. Bio-tech. . Keep reading to the next page and see the new and improved plan as it begins to unfold. as I was not receiving any more material at the time. Writer/Story: Ben Gorman Editing: Layout: William Douglass Play Testing: Larry Moore & Crew Proofreading: Lauren Wise Final Words from the Editor…. so there will be no permanent end to our love for all things Star Frontiers.

We're still figuring out how to juggle both of Along with the new website. the future. As The Star Frontiersman will remain completely Star Frontiers you’ve probably guessed by now there are changes afoot focused. all you have to do is hit the big gold we have all the same great content but with a shiny new "Submit New Content" button in the left sidebar on the look and now separate from the DwD Studios site. With mailing list. We’re not the only ones with great ideas and we want to hear yours. If you want to submit content to the magazine. William Douglass will remain in his position as the lead editor for Whether you've traveled the spaceways of the Frontier for the magazine. please do so again as that old mailing list was lost in a What does this mean for the Star Frontiersman? The short database crash on the old web site. to Tom Stephens. The only change is that any submissions will go ways it’s a throwback to the old site. I'd like to see the others go up as answer is that we're not completely sure yet. a broader coverage so no matter what you submit we’ll find a place for it to be published. Also. We'll use that list to send out occasional this change. A CHANGING FRONTIER I’ll admit this is an article I never dreamed that I would be And submissions don’t have to be Star Frontiers specific. issues and other news related to Star Frontiers in general. In many website. And we're still accepting submissions. especially after starting the Frontier Explorer. writing. The Frontier Explorer was always planned to have with the Star Frontiersman. that editing and producing a fan magazine of this size is a lot of work. . And if you had signed up for the newsletter in the past. If you're interested in helping out with this project let us know at editors@starfrontersman. The truth is good regardless of the size of screen you’re using. The Star Frontiersman definitely won't be going away. It’s still at the same web address (http://starfrontiersman. Issues 1-6 and 14 are completely online. the co-founder announcements. It’s also been into a shared queue. The first change is a new. We do have a number of remastered Dragon years or are just arriving for the first time. The fan magazines can’t survive without input from the and To submit content. we hope you'll articles that have yet to be published and there are still a keep coming back for new adventures with both the Star number of the original modules that haven't been given the Frontiersman and the Frontier Explorer. redesigned web and let me know. which has run the If you want to be kept abreast of new issues or other magazine since late 2009. If you're interested in also announcing that ownership and management of the helping out and getting involved. We hope to get to all those items in seeing you in the space lanes. originally created the Star Frontiersman back in early 2007 and the founder of DwD Studios. please do so. Hopefully I can live up to the legacy Bill has left behind. to appear either in the Frontier designed with mobile browsers in mind and should look Explorer or the Star Frontiersman as we see fit. wiki version of the Star Frontiersman articles which lives on the Star Frontiers Network wiki.Tom Stephens magazine and remastered rules available and on-line. the two Star Frontiers fan magazines come (probably less than six times a year) announcements of new under one roof and will be run by Frontier Explorer Media. I started this project years ago but it kind of fell by the wayside over the years. And Managing Editor we’ll continue to publish new issues as content is submitted. A final project is to complete the online. consider signing up for our newsletter and senior editor of the Frontier Explorer magazine. feel free to drop me a line magazine has been transferred from Bill Logan. We look forward to remastered treatment. the bigger news is that we are them and do them both justice. who at editors@starfrontiersman. we are completely committed to keep the .

blue glow can be seen emanating from the structure. The glow looks strikingly similar to an energy field of some kind." . Amazingly enough they look like doors or windows! With a furrowed brow of consternation.000 m. You cannot see the edges of it in any direction as the water serves to cloak it from prying eyes. BALNEUM BLUE By Ben Gorman The sonar unit chirps three times. Captain Farley says. He reaches up and taps the small instrument and then cants his head to the side curiously. Everyone on the bridge is treated to what appears to be a huge coral column. "I thought there wasn't supposed to be anybody here. "Do you see that? What is that?" then he turns to Holmes and says. It's More than a thousand meters!" A quick glance at the sonar shows the depth at about 900 m." Yautsee leans in close and whispers to you.. The range to the target is about 1.. "Station-keeping Holmes . "Find a flat spot and set 'er down Holmes. and kill the lights for a's off the screen. Then he turns to those on the bridge and says. drawing the attention of Captain Farley. Holmes positions two more of the ship's floodlights forward then moves the Wanderer to within 40 m for a closer look. "Suit up people! Lets go see what that thing is. with another 100 m to the sea floor. "What's this? Looks to be huge .." First Officer Holmes switches the flood lights off and immediately a soft." Says Captain Farley. irregular openings that appear to be covered in a clear film or membrane. What you can see are several. First Officer Holmes glances at Captain Farley who nods slightly.