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Unit 7: Letters

(Note: T should askSs fo memorisethe UsefulLanguagesecfionsas theyare presentedin each sub-unit.T checksin the
next /esson.f is a/so advisedto ask Ss to underlinethe usefullanguagein each model and try to replaceit with other
similar expressions.)

UsefulLanguagefor LettersAsking for Advice

Formal Informal
Opening I am writingto ask if you could help me with / | would I'm writingto ask for your advice/ Can you
Remarks appreciate it ifyoucouldgivemesomeadviceabout/ | am giveme youradvice/ I'vegot a problemand
writingto askfor your advice/ | wouldbe gratefulif you I needyouradvice,etc
could offeryour advice/ Couldyou possiblyofferyour
advice/| wonderif youcouldhelpme witha problem,etc

Closing I wouldappreciateit if you couldgiveme youradviceas WhatdoyouthinkI shoulddo?/ Please letme

Remarks soonas possible/ | lookfonryard to receivingyouradvice knowwhatyouthinkI shoulddo / Pleasetell
/ lt wouldbe of greathelpif you couldadviseme, etc me whatto do. etc

Usefull-anguagefor LettersGivingAdvice
Formal Informal
Opening Thankyoufor yourletterrequesting/ | am writingin reply ljustgotyourletterandI thinkI canhelpyou
Remarks to yourlefteraskingforadviceabout/ | hopethefollowing / | was sorryto hear about your problem.
advicewill be of somehelpto you,etc Here'swhatlthink you shoulddo, etc

lstronglyrecommend that/lwouldsuggestthat/ | believe Whydon'tyou / Youshould/ Yououghtto /

Suggestions the bestcourseof actionis / | wouldadviseyou to / You Itwouldbe a goodideato / Whatyoushould
should/ Yououghtto / lf I wereyou I would,etc do is / Howabout/ | thinkyou should/ The
bestadviceI can giveyou is, etc

Closing I trustyouwillacceptthisadvice/ | hopethiswillbe of help Hope this has helped/ Let me know what
Remarks / I wouldverymuchliketo knowif thiswas helpful,etc happens,etc

UsefulLanguagefor Lettersof Complaint

Mird Strong

I am writingto complainabouVregarding/on accountof/ lwasappalled atl lwanttoexpress mystrong

Opening becauseoflon the subjectof / | am writingto draw your dissatisfactionwith / I feel I must protest/
Remarks attentionto / | am writingto you in connectionwith,etc complainabout,etc

I hope/assume you will replace/ | trustthe situationwill I insist you replacethe item at once / |
Closing improve/ | hopethematterwillbe resolved/ | hopewecan demanda fullrefund/ | hopethatI willnotbe
Remarks sortthis matterout amicably,etc forcedto takefurtheraction.etc

Successfu/ Writing Proficiency . Unit 7: Letters

UsefulLanguagefor Lettersof Application(for a job)

Opening I am writing with regard to your advertisement/ I am writingto apply for the post/job/positionol ... /which
Remarks I saw advertised in, etc

Relerenceto For the lasVpastyear I have been working as ... Since/For... I I have had experienceof / Two years ago
experience I was employedas / lworked as ... before... , etc

Closing I wouldappreciatea replyat your earliestconvenience

/ Pleasecontactme regardingany queriesyou
Remarks may have/ I enclosemy CVand I wouldbe gladto attendan interviewat anytime convenientto you /
I lookforwardto hearingfromyou in due course,etc

UsefulLanguagefor Lettersof Application(for a course)

Opening I wouldliketo applyfor admissionto the ... beginning/ | wouldliketo be consideredfor, etc

Referenceto I holda certificate/degree

in/ I amdueto takeexaminationsin 1| havetaken/passed
the ...examination
qualifications / | holdthefollowingqualifications thefollowingcourses/degree
/ | havecompleted course/ Mydegree
is in English,etc

Closing I wouldappreciatea replyat yourearliestconvenience fromyou

/ | lookforwardto meeting/hearing
Remarks / Pleasecontactme regardinganyqueriesyou may have/ | enclosefurtherdetailsof my education
and qualifications
to dateI I hopethatyou willconsiderme for entry,etc

UsefulLanguagefor LettersRequestingInformation
Formal Informal
Opening I am writingto inquireabouVinconnectionwith,etc I wantyou to tell me / Canyou let me
Remarks know,etc

To introduce Couldyou possiblysend/ | wouldbe gratefulif you could Canyou send/tellme / | wantto know,etc
first request / Wouldit be possiblefor you to tell/tosendme / | would
appreciatesomeinformation about,etc

To introduce Pleasecouldyou alsosend me / AnothermatterI need Can you also find out / | also want to know,
further information
on is / | wouldalsolikesomeinformation
on, etc
requests etc

Closing I look lorwardto receiving/ I would appreciateit if you Pleaselet me know/ Sendme the details/Tell
Remarks couldinformme as soonas possible,etc me soon. etc

UsefulLanguagefor LettersGiving Information

Formal lnformal
Opening I am writingin replyto your letteraskingfor inJormation This is what I found out I Rememberthe
Remarks about/ | am writingto informyou about/ in replyto your informationyou wanted?/ You wanted me
query,etc to tell you a few things about, etc

Closing I hope that I have been of some assistanceto you / Please I hope this will help you / Let me know if
Remarks inform me il I can be of any further assistance/ | hope I you need any more help, etc
haveansweredall your questions/ Pleasedo not hesitate
to contact me if you require any further information,etc

Successfu/ Writing Proficiency . Unit 7: Letters

UsefulLanguagefor Lettersof Apology

Formal lnformal
Opening I am writing to apologisefor / | must apologisefor / I hopeyouwillunderstand whenI saythat/ What
Remarks Pleaseaccept my sincerestapologiesfor / How can can I say,exceptI'm sorrythat/ l'm sorrylor / |
I apologiseenoughfor / | must apologiseprofusely oweyouan apology/ I'mso sorryif I upsetyou
for. etc in anyway/ | can'tdescribehowsorry| am and

Closing Onceagain,my sincerestapologiesfor/ | hopeyou I hopeyou believemewhenI sayhowsorry| am

Remarks willacceptmy apologies
/ | hopemy apologies will / I can't tell you how sorry | am / | beg you to
belareaccepted,etc forgiveme for / Thereis no excusefor ...and I

UsefulLanguagefor Lettersof Invitation

Formal Informal
Opening We wouldbe honouredif you / | cordiallyinviteyou to / I'm urrtingto inviteyou to / I'd loveit if you
Remarks Yourpresencewouldbe appreciatedat / Youare invited couldcometo / We'reorganising a ... and
to attend.etc wouldloveit if you couldcome,etc

Closing We wouldbe gratefulif you could/ Pleaseindicate I hopeyou'llbe ableto makeit / Hopeyou
Remarks whetheryou will be ableto attend,etc can come / Lookingforwardto seeingyou
then/ Pleaselet me knowas soonas possi-

UsefulLanguagefor LettersAcceptingan Invitation

Formal Informal
Opening I am writingto thank you for the kind invitation/ Thank you Thanks for the invitationto ... . ... sounds
Remarks for the kind invitationwhich I would be honoui'edto lovely/ I'd love to come to ... , etc
accept, etc

Closing I lookforwardto seeingyou/ Weawaittheeventwithgreat Seeyouthen/We'rereallylookingforwardto

Remarks anticipation,
etc it. etc

UsefulLanguagefor LettersRefusingan Invitation

Formal Informal
Opening We thankyoufor you recentinvitation to ... but/ | regret Thanksfor the invitation,but / Thanksfor
Remarks to informyou that we will be unableto acceptyour kind invitingme to ... , but l'm afraid I can't
to ... , etc come.etc

Closing I am sorryto misstheopportunityof / Thankyouagainfor I hope we can get together some other time
Remarks the invitation/ | hopewe will havethe opportunity
to / I'm reallysorry we'll have to miss it, etc

Therearevarioustypesof letters,suchas:
a) lettersof request;b) lettersgivinginformation;c) lettersof advice;d) letters
makingsuggestions/recommendations; e) lettersof complaint;f) lettersof apology;
g) lettersof application;h) lettersto the editor/authorities(expressing an opinion
and/or providing solutions/suggestions);i) transactionalletters,etc.
A successful lettershouldconsistof;
a) an appropriategreeting:
e.g. Dear Ms Cnwley, DearMr and l/rs Jones, Denr SfulUadam,Dear lony;
b) an introductory paragraph whichclearly yourreason
states forwriting;
c) a mainbodyinwhichyoudevelop thesubject, anddealwith
theadditional oftheletterif necessary,
d) a conclusion thesubject;and
e) an appropriate
+ full name,Besi.
lflshes + frlritname
Stylein Letters -<-7-
Thestyleoftheletter dependingonwhoit isaddressed to . Forinstance,
youdo notknowrequires
a letterto someone a formalstyle,a letterto someone
youknowbutarenotintimate withrequires
a semi-formalstyle,whilea letterto
a friendrequiresan informalstyle.
Formalletterscontain: lnformalletterscontain:
o formalgreetingsand endings; o informalgreetings ,-'
andendings; '
o formal language i.e. complex o informallanguage andstylei.e.idioms
s e n t e n c e s( H a v i n gs p o k e nt o t h e (/t wasa blessrngin disguisethatl -7*
managerin person, I still feel my didn'tapplyfor thejob as that
requestshavenot been satisfied.) , companyis now in deep financial I Lookatthedifferentlayouts.
non-colloquial English(Please keep trouble.),phrasalverbs(l'lllookyou
me informed regardingany further up nerttimeI'mrnBrusse/s.), colloquial Whichare usedto write a
developments. NOT:tr:laeeakeep;ie- English andomission of pronouns formal, semi-formal or
anar aA aha, ' + r uha|a haanani aa \
(Hopeto seeyousoon/);
o abbreviated informalletter?Whichone
fr e q u e nu t s e o f t h e p a s s i v e( At w o - forms.
week package holiday to the Semi-formalletterscontain: wouldyou use to write a
picturesquevillageof St Martin'sis o formalgreetings(DearMr and Mrs letter to a) someone you
beingofteredby our agencyfor only Smrth); knowbutarenotonintimate
t3,600.),and advancedvocabulary(/ r informalendings(BestWishes/Yours
feel it is appropriateto explainto you + full name); termswith?b) a relative?
s o m e o f t h e o r a c t i c e sw h i c h a r e r a respectlul tone,dependingon the a companymanagerwhose
e n f o r c e d t h r o u g h o u ta l l o f o u r relationship you havewiththe
nameyouknod don'tknow?
recipientof the letter.Also,pronouns
no abbreviateo forms. shouldnotbe omittedand idioms d) theauthorities?
shouldbe carefullv used.

I D e o rM r lora,
,i @ rt i1a:

@ DearMr and MrsConnellg,
T! C/a4lna
,E t1 Alata
DearMorgot' BestWishes, !t AdomCtoYton
Love, j Albertoponti
j @:
aD: -.
Dear SirlMadam, Deor5trs'
ypurs . YoursfaithJull9,
faithfu{lu. ,
, ?,;A;;, ! 0.A4t"- ehU/tco i
reten perkins
; lessicoCot[Lns

Unil7 tellers

2 Readtheseextractsandsaywhichis a) informal,b) semi'formal and

c) formal.Then,underlinethecharacteristics indicate the style lorogrulh
in eachextract.Whatis thepurpose
of writingtheseletters?Whoare
thelettersaddressed lnlloducll
A Regarding Paragraph 1
thefuture opportunitiesinyourfieldofwork,I would rec-
ommend thatyouconsider tryingto finda positionof greater You
seniority. reason(s)for writing
havealready proved yourselfto bea highlycompetent andeffectivemember Bodt
of yourcompany, andI believe thatyounowpossess sufficient
experience to the
tackle challenge of responsibility.
0n thematter ol furthertraining,I wouldsuggest thatyoumighttry to of the subject
upgrade lTskills to enableyou to take of
advantage thefullrangeof mod- Concluslon
erntechnology There
available. are some very and
well-run usefulcourses oper-
atinglocally, of which you shouldfind to
appropriate your
needs. FinalParagraph

tivingin I'dsaydoyour-
willle|9nlghthatmuch' (Full)name
B hare
ffyoureaily "n,ii,;iiins
serraravour andreave. ibouteithei.-rr c'me
v.u !1glLrll.roon' * Theexactnumber
*itiio,itlny you
proOtem, knowyoucanstay anddivisionofpara-
l,msure y'u canfinO. graphswill dependon the specific
intirvoufindv6ursetf aplace tolive' lite , instructions task.
whydon,t youpuil;; srtonwithbuildins .
bac u'ei
erevo il'oi'rl"1!ioi';l
li i:: i*.':1;y
otner I"'[i
stutt lSlii'Jlii
ri'vour "-=.a=..,.::;=:=::r.='El.*
irrove 4 A newcommunity centrefor disabled
peopleis to bebuiltin yourtown.The
c 0f course, it willbea bigchangegoingto liveina different partofthe localauthoritieshaveinvitedthepub-
country, awayfromyourfamilyandallyouroldfriends, butit neednotbeas lic to give their viewson the a)
difficultasyouseemto think.whynotapplyfora roomin a university hallof location,b) openinghours,c) valueto
residence? Everything is provided,andbecause youlivewitha lotirf other the community and d) facilities
students, it is easyto makenewfriends.
Asfarasthecourse goes,I amsureyouwillmanage services that shouldbe provided.
is at a higher level,butI amcertain you'llenjoythechallenge. Infact,I think Writea letterto thelocalauthorities
youwillenjoytheopportunity to studyyoursubject in depth,so I reallythink statingyourviews onthesepoints.
youshould giveit a try.
5 Youwantto opena smallbusiness but
do not havesufficient Write
andsaywhattypeof letter
3 Readthefollowingwritingtaskinstructions
to the New Community Enterprise
youwouldbeexpected to writein eachcase. why you
Programnte givingreasons
I Youaremovingto Chinafor a yearandhavearranged withanagencyto think theyshouldprovideyou with
exchange with a Chinese
houses familywho are movingto yorrr
country financialassistance. You should
for the sameperiodof time.Writea letterto the Wongfamilyto wel- include of thetypeof business
comethemto your home.Includeinformationaboutthe houseand it will be,whereit will belocated
neighbourhoodwhichtheymightfindusefulandmakea fewsuggestions explain whvvou thinkit will be suc-
thatmightmaketheirstaymorepleasant andinteresting. cessful.
2 Youhavereada magazine whichyoubelicve
article andoffen-
isinaccurate 6 You reccntltspentthe weekend at
sivetowards of
people yourprofession.
Writea letterto the express-
editor vourcnrploter's cottagc. Writea tter le
ingyouropinion ways
onthesubject, to makeamends. to him/her. outlining whltvttttcnjoycd
popgroup. Youareaboutto visitygur n r o s ta b o u tv o u rv i s i ta r l d i n v i t i n g
3 Youarea membcr of a famous
inform- him/her to r isityouatv()uroutt housc
homctownaspartof a tour.Writea letterto anoldschoolfriend
i n t h cn e a fru t u r c .
in-qhimiherof thecventanddescribingthewaysin whichyourlife has
changedsinceyouwereat school.

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