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Stanley Downhole Tubing Filters

by Stanley Filter Company

Stanley Steel Tubing Filters are available with

our new high and low temperature Eccentric-
Vein elements. These elements have more
open area and have lower pressure drops while
providing sand and gas control. High Efficiency Element

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The Stanley Tubing Filter Information
Stanley Downhole Tubing Filters





2-3/8 OR 2-7/8
FLT2000M12 250 12 3.125 2-3/8 OR 2-7/8
by Stanley Filter Company
FLT2000M18 375 18 3.125 2-3/8 OR 2-7/8
FLT2000M24 500 24 3.125 2-3/8 OR 2-7/8
FHT2000M6 125 6 3.125 2-3/8 OR 2-7/8
FHT2000M12 250 12 3.125 2-3/8 OR 2-7/8
FHT2000M18 375 18 3.125 2-3/8 OR 2-7/8
FHT2000M24 500 24 3.125 2-3/8 OR 2-7/8

Filter Construction & Media Information

FLT2000M6 Steel Fiberglass 0 to 200 55 Lbs

FLT2000M12 Steel Fiberglass 0 to 200 100 Lbs

FLT2000M18 Steel Fiberglass 0 to 200 145 Lbs
The Stanley Filter
FLT2000M24 SteelCompany Eccentric-Vein
Fiberglass filters are designed
0 to 200 190 Lbsto
give maximum downhole sand and gas control. The unique vein gives
FHT2000M6 Steel
this tool excellent Fiberglass
gas separation 200while
qualities to 300 55 of
filtering sands Lbs100
Mesh and larger.
FHT2000M12 The 3.75
Steel X 19 tool has
Fiberglass a porosity
200 to 300 of 37.93%100 Lbs
Tubing FHT2000M18 Steel Fiberglass 200 to 300 145 Lbs
Filter FHT2000M24 Steel Fiberglass 200 to 300 190 Lbs

Low gravity oils require higher well For more information about the
Stanley Filter Tubing Filter, contact
bore temperature as heavy oil has a
tendency to hold the sand against the Stanley Filter Company
filter media causing premature fail- 8189 E. 44th ST
ure. Tulsa, OK 74145
Reference Gravity/Temperature
chart for best results. See us on the web:

Gravity of Oil
180 F. 68 C.
Temp @ Pump Intake

160 F. 57 C.

Insert Pump Application 140 F. 46 C.

Filters attach to the bottom of the

120 F. 35 C.
seating nipple.
100 F. 24 C.
When using top-lock pumps install a 18 17 16 15 14 13 Learning from the past
joint of tubing between the filter andLearning from the past...Preparing for Preparing
the futurefor the future
Gravity of Oil
the seating nipple.
Stanley Filter 2000 Series Filter
Filtration For Abrasives And Gas Seating Nipple

When having problems with abrasives and

gas, we suggest our customers use the Stanley
Filter 2000 Series Tubing Filter. For Greater
amounts of BPD check out the Stanley Filter Fiberglas Filter
Media (inside)
SMFG Redressable Filters.
Stackable 2000
Use either of these filters with one or two Series Filter(s)
joints in combination with a steel tubing/mud
anchor below with a bull plug on the end. Stackable Joint

Then install a gas anchor through the middle

of the filters you are using, through the mud
anchor and approximately 6 off the bottom of
the mud anchor. The perforations should be at
the bottom of the gas anchor or open ended.
The tubing used for the mud anchor should
not be slotted or perforated and should be bull
plugged at the bottom.

We would also like to see you set all of this

approximately 30 above your top set of perfo-
rations, if it will allow you to make the daily
production you are now making.
Gas Anchor

Steel Tubing/
Mud Anchor

For more information about the

Stanley Filter Tubing Filter, contact Bull Plug
Stanley Filter Company Collar
8189 E. 44th ST
Tulsa, OK 74145

See us on the web:

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