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Human Resource Managment V5

Assignment A
Part A

1 . A good human resource manager is no longer just a hirer and firer of

men. In the light of the statement, explain the role and function of an effective
Human Resource Manager?

2 . What is the difference between Recruitment and Selection? Give methods

of recruitment in Tourism Industry.

3 . Human Resource Planning is the process of determining the number and

kind of human required in an organization for a specific time period in future.

4 . What do you mean by recruitment? What are the traditional methods and
new methods and techniques of recruitment?

5 . What are the general training methods which can be used with the
different categories of personnel?

6 . Describe the recent trends of recruitment with respect to campus

recruitment and its process.

7 . What do you understand by HRD? What is its importance in service sector

and tourism sector?

8 . What is the need of HRM in the Tourism Industry?

Assignment B


Case Detail:

Apollo Hospital has been growing in size as it offers quality, prompt-caring

services to the patients; Dr. Chandrashekar the administrator is a person with good
medical knowledge but lacks knowledge and skills involved in human resource
management. The hospital has large quantities of medicine, equipment, spare-parts
of important machines installed in the hospital. As usual, the hospital has
employed a store keeper with no previous experience of Hospital stores. Mr
Ramakant the store keeper was working earlier in an engineering firm and had
sufficient knowledge of such stores. Ramakant reports to the purchase executive
whose job is to order requisite materials for the requirements of the entire
Hospital, Dr. Chandrashekar has been receiving various complaints from the staff
and doctors of non-availability of medicines, drugs, spares of equipment and other
consumables required in the Hospital having 500 beds. Since the hospital so far did
not employ a qualified Personnel Manager, the administrators are not aware of the
job analysis procedures, nor do they have job description and job specification of
any of the jobs being performed.

1. Write down theob description and Job specification of a storekeepers job.

2. Which are the staff members from whom you would collect useful information and
requirements of the job?

3. What should be the behaviour of the administrator of a Hospital? Describe his

Job Analysis.

Assignment C


Question No. 1

The basic managerial skill(s) is (are)

To supervise
To motivate
To stimulate
All of these

Question No. 2

The human resource Manangement helps toi improve the


Question No. 3

Recruitment and selection must be effective to ensure it:

Offsets high labour turnover

Delivers the highest calibre of individuals at optimum most
To have a surplus in case of sickness and absence
Encourages new blood into the organization

Question No. 4

The actual achievements compared with the objectives of the job is

Job Performance
Job evaluation
Job description
None of these

Question No. 5

The solution too many so-called people problems is often associated with
improving the effectiveness of the recruitment process by:

Having a robust HR department to carry out the process

Outsourcing the HR department
Careful selection of the right people for the job
Devolving to line managers

Question No. 6

The following is (are) concerned with developing a pool of candidates in line with
the human resources plan

All of these

Question No. 7

Performance development plan is set for the employee by his immediate boss.

Department Head
Immediate boss
None of these

Question No. 8

Performance appraisals are designed to motivate workers by providing them with

feedback, recognition, and what?

Better work facilities

Equal opportunities
Greater work autonomy

Question No. 9

HR Planning involves four distinct phases ONE of these stages is

business scanning
Forecasting human resource records
Organisation development

Question No. 10

Human Resource Information system

Integrates core process into streamline systems

Collaborates core process into streamline systems
Plans core process into streamline systems
All of these

Question No. 11

Competencies are the

All of these

Question No. 12

What do you understand S in the defining SMART Goals


Question No. 13

Strategic Human Resource management is

None of these

Question No. 14

e-HRM stands for

None of these

Question No. 15

Training increases the employees

market value
earning power
job security
All of these

Question No. 16

Job evaluation is based on the:

Complexity of the job to perform

Conceptual skill required by the job
Relative job worth for an organization
Physical skills required by the job

Question No. 17

One of the most popular methods of increasing employee responsibility and control
is _______.

"Military model" of management
Work teams
Manpower planning

Question No. 18

Full form of HRD is

Human Resource Development

Human Resource Department
Human Resource Division
None of these

Question No. 19

The voluntary and involuntary permanent withdrawal from an organisation is called


None of these

Question No. 20

_____________ is a performance measure of both efficiency and effectiveness.

Organisational behaviour
Organisational citizenship
Employee productivity
None of these

Question No. 21

What are the main aims of Employee Assistance Programmes?

To alter the organizational culture.

To address team and individual performance and well-being in the workplace.
To focus the attention of employees to the power structures of an organization.

To establish effective methods of care and support for everyone in an organization.

Question No. 22

Which of the following is a need that motivates human behaviour as per the
achievement motivation theory?

All of these

Question No. 23

Which performance appraisal methods consumes a lot of time?

Essay method
Rating Scales
Critical incident
Tests And Observation

Question No. 24

The focuses of psychological appraisals are on _____.

Future potential
Actual performance
Past performance
None of these

Question No. 25

__________ refers to the learning opportunities designed to help employees grow.

All of these

Question No. 26

How does training and development offer competitive advantage to an organisation?

Removing performance decencies

Individuals have the aptitude and motivation to learn
Deficiency is caused by a lack of ability
None of these

Question No. 27

Which of the following is a benefit of employee training?

Improves morale
Helps people identify with organisational goals
Provides a good climate for learning, growth and co - ordination
None of these

Question No. 28

Which of the following is a method used in group or organisational training needs

Consideration of current and projected changes
Rating scales

Question No. 29

_________ seeks to examine the goals of the organisation and the trends that are
likely to affect these goals.

Organisational Support
Organisational analysis
Person analysis
Key skill abilities analysis

Question No. 30

Which of these is an off - the - job training method?

Job rotation
Orientation training

Question No. 31

Which of these is the benefit of needs assessment?

Assessment makes training department more accountable

Higher training costs
Loss of business
Increased overtime working

Question No. 32

Which of these is a hindrance to effective training?

Career planning workshop

Aggregate spending on training is inadequate
Career counselling

Question No. 33

The ____________ refers incentives to variable pay.

National Tribunal
International Labour office
Labour Court
None of the above

Question No. 34
Which of the below given options is a pre - requisite for an effective incentive

Increased need for planning

Co-operation of workers
Managements commitment to the cost and time necessary to administer incentive
All of the these

Question No. 35

Which of the forecasting technique is the fastest?

Work study technique

Flow models
Ratio trend analysis
HR demand Forecast

Question No. 36

What techniques are used while analysing the internal supply?

Inflows and outflows

Turnover rate
Conditions of work and absenteeism
All of the these

Question No. 37

Which of the following is a barrier while doing human resource planning?

HR information often is incompatible with the information used in strategy

Implementing human resource information system
Managing inventories
Supply forecast

Question No. 38

What are the pre- requisites for successful human resource planning?

Backing of top management

Personal records must be complete
Techniques of planning should be the best
All of these

Question No. 39

When appraisals are made by superiors, peers, subordinates and clients then it is
called ____.

360 degree feedback

180 degree feedback
Self - appraisal
All of these

Question No. 40

Which of these is one of the seven criteria for assessing performance?

Community service
Interpersonal contact
Need for supervision
All of these

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