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PERSONAL EVANGELISM – Free Small Business Cards for You

Ask for your free supply of these double-sided business cards. We will mail them to you free of charge.

Carry them with you to leave behind with your tips – or just as a note to invite a person to get in touch
with you. So many people are surprised when a Christian says: “I will pray for you.” You may well be the
only person in their life who is praying for them. Give them the opportunity to email you with their request
for prayer.

We all wish we did more in personal witnessing for Christ. Many of us are not very brave. This business
card is great for more timid Christians. Just silently leave one behind – maybe with a surprise tip.

The heaven4sure website is a Gospel-based website – not related to a church or denomination. Stories and
posts on the site are built around beautiful Gospel verses such as John 3:16, Romans 5:6-8, Isaiah 53:5-6,
1Peter 2:24, 3:18 and 1Timothy 1:15.

The site never makes requests for funds and there is nothing on the site that remotely hints at donations.

Send me an email requesting your supply of business cards. Peter Ramsay. Put ‘business cards’ in the
Subject Line.

Examples of email responses to these cards and tips:
Tip to a Gas Station Cashier: “Prayer: I’m afraid I have nothing for you to pray for. I’m an atheist, but I just wanted
to thank you for holding up the best parts of the church; thank you for being a good person. Have an excellent day”

Tip to Restaurant Server: “I am Jenny, 17 yrs old. I am a Pinay from Philippines. And I am the girl who serve your
food in the Harvey's yesterday. Thank you for the tip and continue to inspire people and continue to serve God. God