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PDMS 12.

1 Piping Cats & Specs

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Piping Catalogues & Specifications

This training course is aimed at Piping Designers/Engineers with AVEVA Plant Piping Design
experience and aims to introduce the concepts of building catalogue components and piping
specifications using the PDMS Paragon graphical user interface.


To be able to build/maintain AVEVA Plant Catalogue databases by creating piping components and


At the end of this training course the User will be able to:

Understand Paragon and its benefits.

Use the Catalogue Explorer to access the Catalogue, Properties, Design and Draft Databases.

Create component Categories and Components.

Create component Point Sets and Geometry Sets.

Create Part Families and GPARTs.

Set GPART reference attributes to 3D Model, 3D Templates, Draft Symbol Sets, etc.

Set Symbol Key (SKEY) settings for use in IsoDraft.

Create a Nozzle Specification.

Create and maintain Piping Specifications.

Create Branch, Reducer, Nominal Bore and Specification Tables.

Create Connection Compatibility Tables.

Create Properties Data.


Participants should have a good working knowledge of AVEVA Plant Design, specifically Piping, and
have completed both the AVEVA PDMS Foundations and Piping Design courses.

Course Structure

Training will consist of oral and visual presentations, demonstrations and set exercises. Each
workstation will have a training project, populated with model objects. This will be used by the
trainees to practice their methods, and complete the set exercises.

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