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BBA 5 sem




It gives me immense pleasure having done a project on an interesting and knowledge

topic An Analysis of Recruitment & Selection Process at Uflex. This project has not
only widened my horizon as academics are concerned but also helped me to enlarge my
knowledge bank.

There are many people associated with this project without which this project would not
have been possible.

It is pleasure to express my profound gratitude and esteemed regards to my faculty guide

Ms.Tanushri who has provided her ever willing help, valuable information and scholarly
guidance to complete this project.

It give me immense pleasure to thank authors of various books who indirectly helped me
in gaining further knowledge in the field of Finance.


As in case of any other functional area like marketing, production or finance, the work

personnel department has also to be planned. Planning in the personnel area is mainly

concerned with crystallizing from where the right type of people can be secured for future

anticipated vacancies.

Manpower planning is the process by which management determines how the

organization should move from its current manpower position to its desired manpower

position. Through planning, management strives to have the right number and the right

kinds of people, at the right places, at the right time, doing things, which result in the

growth and success of both- the organization and the individual. The manpower planning

is one of the basic steps in the recruitment and selection procedure.

Recruitment and Selection is the process wherein the organization finds the best

candidate among the vast array of candidates. The function that locates the sources where

from the required human resources can be available and to attract them towards the

organization is known as recruitment.

Selection can be defined as the process wherein the organization has to select a small

lot of people who are useful to the organization in terms of their capabilities and their

qualifications. The main aim of organization at this stage is to have a well-equipped

manpower efficient enough to handle all the tasks gracefully.

This project entitled "Recruitment and Selection in Uflex aims at studying the

recruitment and selection procedure undertaken at this ever growing organization. The

project gives a brief idea as to how the whole process works. Every organization has

different policies, at times unique and it is very rare that the policy of one organization

matches to the policies of another organization.

It is true that the success of any organization depends upon the old dictum: right

person for the right job. At the same time it is all the more important to have right and

tested combination of recruitment and selection policies to attract, select and appoint a

desired lot and replenish it from time to time.


Executive Summary

Introduction to the topic

Introduction to the organization

Importance of the study

Scope of study

Research Methodology

Data Analysis & Interpretation


Recommendation & Suggestion





Recruitment and selection are the most important functions in an organization because
with the help of these functions the management selects the best available candidate from
a batch of them. The organizations, in this growing competitive world, need to have the
best of the manpower so as to have an edge over its competitive.

According to Flippo, "Recruitment is the process of searching for prospective employees

and stimulating and encouraging them to apply for jobs in an organization."

In the words of Yoder, Recruitment is a process to discover the sources of manpower to

meet the requirements of the staffing schedule and to employ effective measured for
attracting that manpower in adequate numbers to facilitate effective selection of an
efficient working force."

The recruitment needs can be classified into-


Planned need arise from changes in the organization and retirement policy. These occur
due the expected changes in the organization so the management can make a proper
policy for it.

Anticipated need refer to the movements in personnel which an organization can predict
by studying the trends in the internal and external environments.

Resignations, deaths, accidents and illness result in to the unexpected needs.


Recruitment is a process or a series of activities rather than a single event.
It is a linking activity as it brings together the employers and employees.
It is positive process because in this activity the employers want to have the
maximum number of job seekers so as to have a wider scope for choice
ultimately leading in spotting right persons for job.
It is an important function as it makes it possible to acquire the number and
type of persons required for the effective functioning of the organization.
It is an on going function in all the organizations, but the volume and
nature of recruitment varies with the size, nature and environment of the
It is a complex process because a number of factors affect it --the nature
of the job offered, image of the organization, organizational policies,
working conditions etc.


The various sources of recruitment are -

Internal Sources: Include-

Present Employees who can be transferred or given promotions.
The retired and retrenched employees who want to return to the company.
Dependents and relatives of the deceased and disabled employees.

External Sources: Consist of-

Press advertisements.
Campus Interviews.
Placement Agencies.
Recruitment at factory gate.

Employment Exchanges.

During my short stint at Uflex, it was observed that the recruitment need of Uflex is
diversified. It needs persons who have knowledge of use, processing of natural
ingredients of number of varied products, technical know-how of latest industrial
technical knowledge, and computer applications to pharmaceutical industry to manual
workers. The importance of the process could be understood that the present work
force of Uflex is 2,500 employees. Hence, the recruitment and selection procedure
should match the complexities of the need and at the same should commensurate with
the complex need of the organization.


Selection is the process of choosing the best candidate out of the all the applicants. In this
process, relevant information about the applicants is collected through a
series of steps so as to evaluate their suitability for the job to be filled.

It is the process of matching the qualifications with those required for the job so that the
candidate can be entrusted with the task that matches with his credibility.
It is a process of weeding out unsuitable candidates and finally identifying the most
suitable candidates.

This process divides the candidates into two categories-the suitable ones and the
unsuitable ones. The suitable people prove to be the asset for the organization. Selection
is a negative process because in this process the management tries to minimize the
number of people at each step so that the final decision can be in the light of all the
factors and at the end of it best candidate is selected. Selected candidate the has to pass
through the following stages-

Preliminary Interview.

Application Form.
Selection Test.
Selection Interview.
Physical Examination.
Reference Check.
Final Approval.

Preliminary Interview is the initial screening done to weed out the undesirable
candidates. This is mainly a sorting process in which the prospective candidates are given
the necessary information about the nature of the job and the organization. Necessary
information about the candidate is also taken. If the candidate is found suitable then he is
selected for further screening else he is dropped. This stage saves the time and effort of
both the company and the candidate. It avoids unnecessary waiting for the candidate and
waste of money for further processing of an unsuitable candidate.

Application Form is a traditional and widely used device for collecting information from
candidates. This form asks the candidates to fill up the necessary information regarding
their basic information like name, address, references, date of birth, marital status,
educational qualifications, experience, salary structure in previous organization and other
such information. This form is of great help because the scrutiny of this form helps to
weed out candidate who are lacking in education, experience or any other criterion
provided by the organization. It also helps in formulation of questions, which will be
asked in the interview. These forms can also be stored for future references thus
maintaining a databank of the applicants.
Selection Tests are being increasingly used in employee selection. Tests are sample of
some aspect of an individual's attitudes, behavior and performance. It also provides a
systematic basis for comparing two or more persons. The tests help to reduce bias in
selection by serving as a supplementary screening device. These are also helpful in better
matching of candidate and the job. These reveal the qualifications, which remain covered
in application form and interview.

Selection Interview involves the interaction of the employer and the employee. Selection
involves a personal, observational and face-to-face appraisal of candidates for
employment. It is an essential element of the selection procedure. The information
obtained through application form and test can be crosschecked in the interview.

The applicants who have crossed the above stages have to go through Physical
Examination either by the company's physician or the medical officer approved for the
purpose. The main aim is to ensure that the candidate is physically fit to perform the job.
Those who are found physically unfit are rejected.

The next stage marks of checking the references. The applicant is asked to mention in his
application form the names and addresses of two or three person who know him well.
The organization contacts them by mail or telephone. They are requested to provide their
frank opinion about the candidate without incurring any

liability. The opinion of the references can be useful in judging the future behavior and
performance of a candidate.

The executives of the concerned departments then finally approve the candidates short-
listed by the human resource department. Employment is offered in the form of an
appointment letter mentioning the post, the rank, the salary grade, the date by which the
candidate should join and other terms and conditions in brief. Appointment is generally
made on a probation of one or two years. After satisfactory performance during this
period the candidate is finally confirmed in the job on permanent basis or regularized.

Selection is an important function as no organization can achieve its goals without

selecting right persons for the required job. Faulty selection leads to wastage of time and
money and spoils the environment of an organization. Scientific selection and placement
of personnel can go a long way in building up a stable workforce. It helps to reduce

absenteeism and labour turnover. Proper selection is helpful in increasing the efficiency
and productivity of the enterprise.




UFLEX is a Multi Million Group headquartered at Noida, on the periphery of New
Delhi, India and having manufacturing facilities in India and Dubai. UAE, offices in
Europe and North America and market presence in 80 countries around the world. Uflex
facility enjoys ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications and has FDA and BGA approvals.
For their products, Uflex is part of the D&B Global Database and winner of various
prestigious national and international awards like the top exporter of BOPET and BOPP
films, and the worldstar award for packaging excellence. FPA, AIMCAL and the DuPont
awards in 2004-05 are the latest in this series. Uflex Group came into existence in 1983
and has grown into one of the biggest multi integrated packaging groups in the world.
The Group is a multi faceted organization which has backward integrated its operations
from manufacturing of polyester chips, films(BOPET, BOPP and CPP- both in plain and
metalized form), coated film, laminates, pouches, holographic films, gravure cylinders,
Inks and adhesives to all types of packaging and printing machines, offering total flexible
packaging solutions to the entire world.

Uflex has always been dedicated to the industry giving technical know-how and being the
trend-setter in the flexible packaging industry. Uflex has always been on the edge of
innovation and endeavours to be the first to come up with innovative products that cater
to the changing demands of the packaging industry. Experience and expertise in all
spheres of packaging gives Uflex the insights of the latest developments and innovations
that are takin place around the world and helps to be in the sync with our customer
requirements and quality concerns.

As part of the Uflex group. We have over over twenty years of experience in polymer
technology, a record of success and innovation and are a publicly traded company in the
DSE 1989, manufacturing and supplying products and delivering services that are world
class, world wide. The financial data of the company shows that the operating profit for
the company increased by 29.33% from the financial year 2006-07 to 2007-08 bringing it
to Rs. 129.24 Cr. The earning per share is Rs. 9.53 for the year and Dividend per share is
Rs. 4. Debt to Equity ratio for the year being 2.13 and the current ratio 1.95.

At Uflex we believe that, to eventually emerge as a World leader in providing total
Flexible Packaging solutions, we need a customer focused approach.

The way to being a world class player is paved with state-of-art facilities blended with
world class practices. And it shall be our endeavour to be placed amongst the top ten
international players by the year 2005.

We believe in using our creativity and aesthetic potential in providing flexible packaging
solutions which make packaging easier, faster, more efficient and user friendly. In this
way we too have share in contributing to the conservation of resources by enhancing the
shelf life of the perishable products.



As one of the leading engineering companies in India, FEL manufactures a wide range of
packaging and converting machines. It also undertakes tailor made fabrication jobs for
various industries with a primary focus on the oil, gas and construction industry.
The latest addition is the division that manufactures electronic sensor controlled
automobile dippers to be used in vehicles.


With a US$ 6.5 million manufacturing facility at noida, near Delhi, producing Inks and
adhesives and a 72000 TPA polyester chips manufacturing plant at Malanpur, near Delhi.


A 100% export oriented state-of-art freeze dried mushroom manufacturing plant is set in
the city of Dehradun in the foothills of the Himalayas


This company is divided into the Film Division and Converting Division. The film
division is one of the largest manufacturer and supplier of Biaxially Oriented
Polyethylene Teraphthalate films, Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene films and metalized
films in the world.


Maggie Clinic Plus Taj Mahal Uncle Chips Henko
Top Ramen All Clear Lipton Sleepwell
Munch Close up Pillsburry Alpenlibe Gillette
Nature Fresh Coffitos Sundrop Bonkers
Tata Chakra Eveyday Lifebuoy Lehar Ceat
Santoor Lays Apollo Margo sagar
Lux Horlicks Red Label Pan Parag Chik
Pantene Head &shoulders Vanish Bagpiper


Uflex manufactures in-house :
Polyester chips
CPP films
Packaging machines
Converting Equipments
Flexible Laminates
Woven poly propylene


Unit Head
Head Head Additional General Manager-
Corporate HR & IR

Deputy Manager-HR

Senior Assistant HR Supervisor-

Ex Officer Administration





Determine the present and future Requirement of organization in conjunction with

the personal planning and job analysis

Increase the pool of job candidate with minimum cost.

Evaluate the effectiveness of various recruiting techniques and sources for all type
of job applicant.

Increases organizational and individual effectiveness in short and long term.

Start identify and preparing potential job applicant who will be appropriate

Meet the organization legal and social obligations regarding the composition of it

Help reduces the probability that job applicant once recruited and selected will
leave the organization only a short period of time.

Help the increase success rate of the selection process by reducing the number of,
obviously under qualified or over qualified job analysis.


To recruit and retain the human resource of required quantity and quality.

To foresee the impact of technology on work, existing employee and further human
resource requirement.

To minimize imbalances caused due to non-availability of human resources of right

kind, right number in right time and right place.

To identify and satisfy individual and group needs.

To provide of facilities and condition of work and creation of favorable for

maintaining stability of employment.

To create facilities and opportunities for individual or group development.

To consider and contribute to minimization of socio economic evil and to improve

the welfare of society.

Recruitment of right personnel posing requisition skills, knowledge and





Decision regarding what, where, how, when, how much, by what means concerning an

inquiry in a research design. It is the arrangement of conditions for collection for

collection of data in a manner that aims to combine relevance to the research purpose

with economy in procedure. The plan is the overall scheme or program of research. In

other words, scheme or strategy implies how the research on objectives will be reached

and how the problems in the research can be tackled. Research related to human behavior

is a systematic design, collection, and analysis, reporting of data and finding relevant

situations to the problems faced by the company.

In short the study endeavors to describe Recruitment and Selection situation prevailing

at Uflex, Sector-62, Noida with the help of the opinions cherished by the respondents.

RESEARCH METHODOLOGY The questionnaires were prepared for the employees

to know their opinion about the recruitment and selection process of the company and the
field form were collected and analyzed.

Sources of data:
Primary Data- are those which are collected for the first time for a certain investigation.

These are original and essential raw data. No doubt this is very time consuming but

nevertheless, the results are accurate and reliable. In the study, the primary data is

collected through schedules. Schedules may be defined as a Performa that contains a set

of questions, which are asked and filled by the interviewers in face to face situation.

Secondary Data: are those information or facts already collected. Such data are collected

with the objective of understanding the past status of any variable. Study have been

undertaken by collecting the published data about profile of the company, its recruitment

and Selection process.

Data Collection:

When planning was completed, the survey moved into the field and undertook the

fieldwork that is distribution and collection of facts. The total numbers of questionnaires

distributed were 35 out of which only 30 were considered for analysis, few were not

considered due to incomplete data entry and few questionnaires were not filled.

Sample Design:

Type of universe: the universe has a finite number of respondents i.e.35 who are

involved in the recruitment and U.P. Selection process and works only for their Uflex.

Sampling unit: the sampling unit is the individual worker of Uflex.

Size of the sample: the sample consisted of 30 employees.

Sampling Procedure: Non probability sampling is used in the procedure of the research.

In which the probability of unit selection is unknown at any stage of the selection process

and the selection of unit is based on the judgment of the researcher was selected.

The method used was purposive sampling. These term means selection by design by

choice and not by chance. The sample was chosen which was thought to be typical of the

universe with regard to the characteristic under investigation.

Such type of sampling was possible because of my guide who already had the necessary

required knowledge about the staff that made it easier to recognize typical items in the


Analysis & Interpretation of Data

It is the last stage of survey. Through good presentation, significant facts and
comparisons are highlighted. The presentation of facts done by preparing charts like
bar charts, pie charts etc.

The following interpretation has been done on the basis of the questionnaires filled
up the recruiters of Uflex. The main aim behind this interpretation is to show how
effectively recruitment is done by the recruiters of Uflex and their opinions
regarding the recruitment process

1) Since how many years been working with this


2) Does the organization clearly define the position
objectives, requirements and candidate
specification in the recruitment process?

3) how will the organization affirmative action needs
classified and supported in the selection process?

4) is the organization doing time lines recruitment

and selection process

5) does HR provides an adequate poor of quality

6) affectiveness of the interviewing process/

selection instruments, such as testing

7) Does the Hr team act as a consultant to chance
the quality of the applicant pre-running process

8) does Hr train hiring employee to make the best hiring decision ?

9) Rate how well Hr find good candidate from run
traditional sources when necessary

10) how would you rate the HR department

performance in recruitment & selection


Uflex. plays a very important and integral part in India companies because in India. 70-

80% is contract positions and all the major companies are totally dependent on

recruitment firms to provide suitable candidates for the jobs vacant. Uflex. aims to

provide quality and cost efficient man-power in a timely manner.

It (Uflex) can improve time-to-hire- By outsourcing your recruitment process

to Recruiting Junction (Uflex) companies can get access to a high quality of

candidate pool. Employing a large number of resources, training them and

managing them can consume a lot of their time. Uflex can get companies high

quality employees without any hassle of searching, finding, short-listing,

negotiating, etc.

It (Uflex) gives managers the time to focus on other core HR activities- by

outsourcing day-to-day recruitment activities managers can take out more

time for strategic planning, daily operations, employee retention, training, and

long-term people development initiatives.

Outsource the recruitment process through RPO department of Uflex and yet retain

complete control- Uflex. Recruiting Junction can make it easier for firms to

transfer non-core recruitment processes outside the enterprise while retaining

full control of information and workflows in a seamless, tightly integrated


Increase recruitment cycle productivity By outsourcing the recruitment process

at low cost, companies get higher revenue and more time to do business

development. Uflex. has refined processes that help you get staff quickly for

your day-to-day and scaling needs .


Common mistakes made by recruiters:

Recruiters do not spend enough time talking to the candidates. They must probe a
candidate on the following points:
The experienced employee working in first five years is 25%
More than five to ten years 50% are people have experience to the
65% people adequate to the affirmative action classified and
supported in the selction process
The timelines of the organization I recruitement and selction process
50% people say yes
70% affectiveness of the interviewing processis adequate rest 5% is
excellent and 30 % is poor towards employee point of view
When necessary to find a good candidate for traditional sources the hr
have 15% excellent employee 65% adequate employee
The hr find to train hiring employee to make a best hiring decision is
60% adequate would rate the hr department performance in
recruitement and selectiom


Tips to be a successful recruiter:-

Spend time to understand the requirement

Pick up right keywords from the requirement for search

Judge candidate's commitment level learn how to qualify a candidate

Learn how to qualify a candidate

Be fast-do not spend unnecessary time on a requirement

Learn to Multitask

Have clear understanding of the documentation and contracts

Develop good listening skills, negotiating skills and analytical skills

Be patient

As the interview with the candidates applying for the jobs is conducted on the
telephone only so communication skills play a very major role because the
recruiter is communicating with a person who is from another country. Therefore,
there should be no communication gaps.