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Project Name:
Start Date: End Date:

Direct Labour Costs

Salaried (T4) employee's time
spent working on project Unit of Rate - $ per Sub-Total ($/unit x #
supported by IRAP Time unit # of units of units)

Total $ - A

Overhead (Not supported) Client ITA

Costs are based on Supported Recommended Recommended Internal
Salary Costs (A) Enter agreed upon % below
% %
Total $ - B

Contractor Labour Fee's (Supported)

Unit of Rate - $ per Sub-Total ($/unit X #
Time unit # of units of units)

Total $ - C


Rate Units List

1 June 14, 2005

fixed price, hour, day, week, month, year

2 June 14, 2005



Other Project Costs (not supported)

Salary (not supported but working on the project)
Salary Overhead (not supported but working on the project)
Contractor (not supported but working on the project)
Direct Materials & Supplies

Total $ -

TOTAL PROJECT COST (of the company) $

3 June 14, 2005

A20: Overhead Costs

For NRC-IRAP purposes, overhead costs are costs that can be directly associated with a client's specific project activities and must be allocated on a
reasonable basis. Overhead costs are to be included in the calculation of the total NRC-IRAP Project Cost. Examples of overhead costs considered
by the Program may include but are not limited to: supervisory costs, accounting expenses, office personnel, purchasing, computer support, leasing
of materials, location, and maintenance and materials handling.

When submitting your proposal to NRC-IRAP, you must provide an estimate of your overhead costs for the project. The maximum overhead that
NRC-IRAP will allow to the project is no more than 65% of your supported employees' salary costs. Appropriateness of overhead estimates will
be determined through the business assessment phase of NRC-IRAP's process. Although the overhead costs are not supported, they do make up
part of how NRC-IRAP calculates your Project Costs.

Direct Labour Costs include only employee's who are supported and have payroll deductions (ie CPP, Tax, UI) withheld from the Firm go in this

A26: Contractor Quote Requirements

Contractor quotes/invoices must segregate costs. Labour fees are the only element supported by NRC-IRAP.

Quotes/proposals/agreements must be signed by both the Contractor & the Firm.

Individuals providing services to the Firm, who do not have payroll deductions withheld by the Firm, go in this Section.

E21: Overhead Percentage

The percentage for the Overhead costs needs to be mutually agreed upon between the Client and the ITA

4 June 14, 2005