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Anti Bleeding Gel

Trisakti University in Indonesia

Gel is made up of plant-derived analogue of something called as the extracellular matrix
(ECM)a mesh of protein and sugar that sits around cells and tells them what to do and how to
behave. The ECM varies from organ to organ. The gel is broken down into small pieces, a kind
of Lego blocks, and when it's placed on a wound, it rebuilds itself into the pattern of the existing
ECM. If you apply the gel on skin, it will have the properties of skin. If you put it next to the
liver, it will take on the properties of the liver.
Vetigel works by using a plant-based hemophilic polymer made from polysaccharides that
grabs into the blood and form a mesh that seals over the wound, without any need to apply
pressure. VetiGel is different in that it is formed from plant cell wall polymers that, according to
the company, form a mesh when exposed to blood or tissue. The mesh quickly collects fibrin, a
protein that is the key to blood clotting. Since it is a plant-based polymer, the mesh can be left in
the wound to be absorbed by the body as it heals.
Thus, this gel is expected to be able to help community in the future by stoping bleeding
and preventing from massive loss of blood which may cause death, a fatal
condition. It also aims to reduce the mortality of population.

(slogan belom carla bingung hehehe)

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