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Application in Government
Inventory Policy Analysis Management/Policy-Making
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Land-use Parcel inventory of Analysis of percentage Evaluation of land- use plan bas
Planning zoning areas, flood of land used in each category, density on demographic
plains, industrial parks, levels by neighborhoods, proximity to characteristics of nearby
land uses, trees, green locally unwanted land uses population
space, etc.

Housing Inventory of housing Analysis of public Location of related public

stock, age, condition, support for housing by facilities;
status (public, private, geographic area, drive planning for capital investment
rental, etc.), durability time from low income housing based on population
and demographics areas to needed service facilities, etc. Growth projections.

Transport Identification of Analysis of accident pattern by type Selection of ideal high-density

and sanitation truck routes, of site devt areas based on criteria
Services capacities, and staffing such as established transport
Routing by area; and landfill & capacity
recycling sites
Infra- Inventory of roads, Analysis of Analysis to schedule
structure sidewalks, bridges, infrastructure maintenance and
utilities (location, conditions by expansion
names, conditions, demographic variables
foundations, and such as income and
most recent population change

Tax Maps Identification of Analysis of tax revenues by land use Projecting tax
ownership data by within various revenue changes
land plot distances from the city center attributable to land
use changes.

Human Inventory of Analysis of match Facility sitting, public

services neighborhoods with between service transportation routing,
multiple social risk facilities and human program planning
indicators; location service needs and and place based
of existing facilities capacities of nearby social intervention.
and services residents
designated to
address these risks

Inventory Policy Analysis Management/Policy-

Applications Applications Making Applications
Environ- Inventory of Analysis of speed rates and Modeling potential
mental environmental cumulative environmental harm
Monitoring hazards in relation to pollution levels; to specific local areas; analysis o
vital resources such as analysis of potential place specific multi- layered
groundwater; years of life lost in a pollution
layering of non point particular area due to environmental abatement plans
pollution sources hazards

Economic Location of major Analysis of resource Informing businesses

Development businesses and their demand by potential of availability of local
primary resource local supplier suppliers

Parks and holdings/ playscapes, Analysis of Modeling population

Recreation trails by type,etc. neighborhood to parks and recreation growth projections
Inventory of opportunities , age- and potential future
park related proximity to recreational needs/
relevant play scapes Play scape uses

Inventory Policy Analysis Management Making

Applications Applications Applications
Health Location of persons Spatial, time series Identification of
with particular health analysis of the spread of disease; possible sources of
problems effects of disease
conditions on disease

Law Inventory of location Analysis of police Reallocation of police

Enforcement of police stations, visibility and presence; officers in resources and facilities to
crimes, arrests, relation to density of criminal areas where they are most
convicted perpetrators activity; victim profiles in relation to likely to be most efficient and
and victims; plotting residential populations, police effective; creation of random
police beats and patrol experience and beat duties routing maps to decrease
car routing; alarm and predictability of police beats
security system