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File Manager Pro App


Thanks for downloading File Manager Pro!

This brief tutorial will give you an overview on how to:

Import files

Sort files

Edit files

View files

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Import via Email

iPad iPhone

Tap on the Email attachment

Then press Open in File Manager Pro
Your file will be saved to the Local Files
Import via Dropbox

iPad iPhone

Connect to your Dropbox account

Put in your user name and password
Press edit and select the files and folder you want to copy to local files
Then press the copy move button at the bottom toolbar and select destination folder
Press copy here
Import via Web Browser

iPad iPhone

Tap on the browser section to the left

Enter the desired URL
Navigate to the document
Press the copy move button at the bottom
Select your destination folder and press copy here
Import via iTunes

iPad iPhone

Connect your device to your computer

Open iTunes and select your device
Click on the Apps Tab
Scroll down and you will find the shared folder at the bottom
Tap on file manager and move your files by drag and drop into the shared folder
Import from Image Gallery

iPad iPhone

Tap on image gallery to the left

Press the edit button at the top right
Select the desired images
Press copy move button and select your destination folder
Sorting Files

iPad iPhone

Your files can be sorted in many different ways

Simply press on the sort button at the bottom right
In the pop over you will see the different sorting options
Editing Files

iPad iPhone

Press on the edit button on the top right

A second navigation bar will appear at the bottom
Select the files you want to edit
Now you have several options to edit the files such as renaming, moving them into folders, etc.
Press on edit again and the bottom toolbar will disappear
Viewing Files

iPad iPhone

When pressing on the files you will be able to view them

By pressing the arrow to the right you are able to perform more actions
When viewing images you can scroll through your images within a given folder by swiping

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