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Required exercises for For hands-on exercises please Print a paper copy of your
exercise and submit it. For packet tracer labs please print a copy of the assessment items tab and
submit it.

You may work in teams of two or three, but each person is to submit his/her own work. Labs should
be turned in by next class so that you can keep pace with the class progress and so that scores can
be assigned and feedback provided. Some labs may require additional time, so there is time built
into the lab schedule to accommodate this. Labs will be accepted up to the final exam without any
penalty, but I require time to properly grade the labs. Labs are graded as either Pass which
indicates that a majority of the concept has been accomplished or redo which indicates you have
the option to re-submit the work for credit.

Note: Only a portion of the labs are assigned if you have the time and ability you are encouraged to
complete all the exercises.

Exercises Required (all labs are referenced in Routers and Routing

Basics v3.1.1 unless otherwise noted).
(instructions given in class) Visio Lab diagram lab and submit paper copy.

Chapter 1
1.2.5 Exercise: Connecting Console Interfaces

1.2.6 Exercise: Connecting Router LAN Interfaces

1.2.7 Exercise: Connecting Router WAN Interfaces

Lab 1.5.2: Basic Router Configuration (exploration 4.0 .pdf)

Chapter 2

Packet Tracer Activity 2.7.3: Solving the Missing Route

6.1.6 Exercise: Configuring Static Routes

6.1.6 Exercise: Configuring Static Routes

Chapter 3
4.1.4 Exercise: CDP

Chapter 4
Lab 4.6.1: Routing Table Interpretation Lab (exploration 4.0 .pdf)
Chapter 5
Lab 5.6.1: Basic RIP Configuration (exploration 4.0 .pdf)

Chapter 6
6.4.4: Basic Route Summarization (exploration 4.0 .pdf)

Chapter 7
7.2.2 Exercise: Configuring RIP

Chapter 8
Lab 8.4.2: Show IP Route Challenge Lab (exploration 4.0 .pdf)

Chapter 9
Lab 9.6.1: Basic EIGRP Configuration Lab only through task 11 (exploration 4.0 .pdf)

Chapter 10
5.2.6a Exercise: Password Recovery Procedures

Chapter 11
Lab 11.6.1: Basic OSPF Configuration Lab (exploration 4.0 .pdf)

Optional labs time permitting

3.2.9 Exercise: Backing Up Configuration Files

4.2.2 Exercise: Establishing and Verifying a Telnet Connection

4.2.3 Exercise: Suspending and Disconnecting Telnet Sessions

5.1.3 Exercise: Using the boot system Command

5.1.5 Exercise: Troubleshooting Configuration Register Boot Problems

5.2.5 Exercise: Managing IOS Images with TFTP

Figure 1 Packet tracer 2.7.3, NAME HERE, DATE HERE