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Group 1 Attitude

Enopia, Ladura, Ramonal, Cabanlit, Eldian

A. Step 1 - Define the Problem In this step, the researcher states the topic as a question and identify
the main concepts or keywords of the question. The topic made must be within the selected
assignment, of personalities, of manageable amount of information and yet still be original.
B. Step 2 Review the Literature In this step, researchers look up possible information that is related
to the topic being researched. This is to fill in the gaps about our knowledge in a particular field or
C. Step 3 - Formulate Hypothesis - In this step, researchers develop an educated guess or problem
statement based on your research question. This provide explanation and justification to the research
D. Step 4 - Select a Research Design. In this step, the researchers will have a theoretical framework
(methods or techniques) that will help them decide what to research and how to design the research
E. Step 5 - Carry Out the Research - In this step, researcher ensures that their research design and
methods are followed accurately to avoid poor data collection and assures that they conducted the
procedure ethically.
F. Step 6 - Interpret your Results - In this step, the data collected is analyzed through a certain method
and interpreted through a supported evidence from the sources gathered.
G. Step 7 - Report the Research Findings - In this step, the researcher will share the results and
conclusion of their findings.
Attitude and Behavior
1. Define the problem:
How does attitude influence behavior?
2. Review of literature:
Boundless. (n.d). Individual Attitude and Behavior. Retrieved from
Myers, D.G. (2005). Social Psychology 8th Ed. New York, NY: McGraw- Hill Companies, Inc.
Taylor, S., Peplau, L.A., & Sears, D. (1997). Social Psychology. Upper Saddle River, New Jersey: Prentice-
Hall, Inc.
3. Formula Hypothesis:
Ho: Attitude has no influence towards behavior.
Hi: Attitude has both negative and positive influence towards behavior.
4. Select a Research Design:
Gathering data through secondary sources such as books, journals and websites and the use of
descriptive statistics in interpreting the data collected.
5. Carry out the Research
Researchers will carefully gather the information from books, journals and websites and ensure
to cite the authors of the materials in APA Format.
6. Interpret your results
Researchers will analyze and interpret the data collected and support it with the facts gathered
from books, website and journals.
7. Report the Research Findings:
Researchers can only conclude whether attitude has influence towards behavior or not through
the interpretation of the results.