Letter of Intent

From: Jennifer McAndrew, Committee Chair – 200th Anniversary Committee

Warrenton United Methodist Church
341 Church Street
Warrenton, VA 20186

Dear Warrenton Town Council Members:

A. In celebration of 200 years in Warrenton, the members of Warrenton United Methodist
Church want to give back in a lasting way to sustain and enrich our community. After
several discussions with key members of the town government and local entertainment
organizations, the desire for an amphitheater was brought to light in each conversation.
An amphitheater will allow opportunity for entertainment, education and enrichment .
The location of this endeavor would be at the discretion of the Town. The final
architectural design and construction of the amphitheater would also be approved by
the Town Council.
B. An amphitheater will attract neighbors from surrounding areas to visit, enjoy our
hospitality, be entertained, and find reason to return. This could be an introduction to
all that our community offers to a visitor, a perspective resident, or investor. Meetings
were held between members of the Town Council, the WUMC Committee, Allegro,
Piedmont Symphony Orchestra, and the Parks and Recreation Director. The minimum
size of the stage was recommended to be 26 x 28 feet, made of natural looking
materials. The current recommendation for location, provided to our committee, is the
wooded area in the center of Eva Walker Park.
C. It was suggested that the construction of the amphitheater be a multi-phased approach
beginning with the construction of the stage and later the possible addition of wings,
lighting, sound systems, and crowd cover canvas awnings depending largely on funds
raised by key donors and organizations close to this project.
A. Initial inquiries regarding the cost of an amphitheater from other local areas have
provided a projected expense of approximately $250,000 for the construction of a stage
and some supporting wings or storage areas.
B. WUMC has submitted to the PATH Foundation, as of Friday, November 3, 2017, a Letter
of Inquiry to request a grant in the amount of $100,000 to help offset the cost of this
C. The congregation will be joining the capital campaign efforts starting Sunday, April 8,
2018. It is currently estimated that the congregation alone will be able to raise $50,000
in 2017 and another $50,000 . Additionally, we will be reaching out to key donors and
major contributors and partners to assist in the efforts to raise the funds needed.
A. The anniversary of the WUMC is October 2018. Realizing we may have administrative
hurdles to get through, we would like to begin construction October 2018 if possible.
B. The Piedmont Symphony Orchestra and Allegro, have requested a stage no smaller than
26 x 28, which we are told would fit at Eva Walker Park.
C. A community support survey would be gathered to glean acceptance from surrounding
neighborhoods and businesses.
A. Piedmont Symphony Orchestra
B. Allegro
C. Bluemont Concert Series
D. International Music Day
E. Movies in the Park
F. Theater Camp
G. May Day
H. The Book Festival
I. Local organizations / groups could also rent out the space
A. Letters of Support
a. Piedmont Symphony Orchestra
b. Allegro
B. Examples of amphitheaters that are similar in either size, construction, or model that
were considered by the committee.

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