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DEV 500


Create Configurable Material Master

Create Model
* Create Characteristics
* Create Logic Variant Tables
* Create Logic Dependencies
* Create Configuration Profile

Create SmartCode Dependency Parsing Logic

Create Super BOM

* Create Class Nodes
* Map Classifications
* Create Quantity Variant Tables
* Create Quantity Dependencies

Create Super Routing

* Create Task Variant Tables
* Create Task Dependencies

Unit Testing

Create Model Move Plan and Move model from DEV 500 to DEV 200

DEV 200

Validate Move, Test Model, and Adjust Model Move Plan as needed

Move model from DEV 500 to QAS 150

QAS 150

Validate Move and Test Model

* Create Pricing Variant Tables
* Create Pricing Dependencies

* Create Costing Variant Tables
* Create Costing Dependencies

Integration Testing of Entire Model

Move model from DEV 500 to PRD 100

PRD 100

Validate Move and Validate Model

Send Pricing information to Pricing Team for input into SAP
Send Costing information to Costing Team for input into SAP

Final Validation

Enable Configurator for Production use

Creation of Material Variants if needed