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Learning activity 2

Evidence: Giving advice

These people are facing changes in their life. Read their situations below:

I am Gary. I work for an ONG called White Hands.

I support projects in rural areas from my office. I
really enjoy my job. Now my organization is
implementing a new system called "home-office".
Twice a week I will have to stay home and work
from my computer, or telecommute. My boss says
it will be a good change as we will be able to work
from home. I find it rather awkward. I live alone
and have nobody to talk with. Besides, all my
friends are at the office. I will really miss the social
interaction on those days. What if I can't find a file
and I need assistance from a co-worker? What if I
Fuente: SENA
need to talk to my boss but he is not online?

I dont really feel comfortable with this new idea of telecommuting. I wish I
could come to the office every day I have done for the past 5 years.
My name is Amanda. I am a hairdresser. I work in
a beauty shop in the north of the city. I am a single
mother and have two beautiful sons. Mike is nine
and Steve is two. While I work, my mother takes
care of my sons. She has always supported me.
But now my mom is really sick. The doctor
recommended her moving to a quieter place. So,
she is moving in with my brother who lives in a
small town. If my mother moves, I will probably
have to quit my job as I dont have anybody to
take care of my kids. I wouldnt leave them with a
stranger, especially the little one. Fuente: SENA

I have some savings and I have considered Fuente: SENA

opening my own beauty shop in my neighborhood
so I can be near my kids. But what if the business does not turn out well? I
could lose all my savings. I dont really know what to do. I am afraid of the
Select one of the cases and write a 150-word letter to Gary or Amanda. In your
letter offer support and advice for the person you choose to try to solve the
specific problem this person is facing.

Aspects to consider:

Include ideas and vocabulary related to flexibility and adaptability learned in

the study material. In the letter, underline the ideas included. Include at least
3 ideas.

Use the idioms learned in the study material. Use at least 3 idioms.

Use connectors and punctuation.

Here is an example of an informal letter. Look at the parts your letter must have:

November 12, 2014 Date

Dear Gary, Greeting

My name is Juan. I am a member of the SENA community. I

read your story and I want to give you some advice about
Body your situation.

In my personal opinion I think I would suggest you Also

you can try to Expressions you can
use to give advice.

Conclusion As a conclusion I believe you can If you go the extra mile

you will be able to

Sincerely, Closing

Juan Solano Your signature

This sample will help you write your letter. It also has useful expressions you
can use when writing your letter. Good luck!

When you finish your work, send the file to your instructor through the platform
as follows:

1. Click on the title of this evidence.

2. Click on Examinar mi equipo and look for the file in your computer. Make
sure the file is attached.
3. Leave a comment for the instructor (optional).
4. Click Enviar.

Note: This evidence is an individual activity. Remember to check the learning

guide in order to know if you have done all the assigned activities, know how to
develop them and deliver them correctly.

Criterios de evaluacin
Expresa ideas sobre flexibilidad y adaptabilidad en diferentes contextos
de la vida, usando el vocabulario requerido.

Usa expresiones idiomticas teniendo en cuenta el vocabulario y

contexto requerido.

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