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Applied research

1. SOORAJ J R 2011-09-125

2. Research is defined as a systematic and objective attempt to study a problem for the purpose of
deriving general principles. The word research is derived from the old French word cerchier meaning
to seek or search. A researcher seeks exhaustively for three reasons: for more explanations, for
verifiable truth, and to make discoveries.

3. Applied research Basic or Pure research According to goal, Research is classified in to two:

4. The level and type of involvement of faculty researchers can differ based on the scope of work.
Research which studies the relationship and applicability of theories or principles to the solution of a
problem Examines a specific set of circumstances, and its ultimate goal is relating the results to a
particular situation. ie, applied research uses the data directly for real world application. Applied
research is defined as a research which is used to answer a specific question, determine why something
failed or succeeded, solve a specific, pragmatic problem related to product development, or to gain
better understanding.

5. The goal of an applied scientist is to improve the human condition. Eg: Applied researcher
investigates ways to: improve agricultural crop production treat or cure a specific disease improve
the energy efficiency of homes, offices, or modes of transportation This kind of research usually
performed by consultants or HR professionals. Typically motivated by the need to solve a specific
problem in a particular organization . It is designed to solve practical problems of the modern world,
rather than to acquire knowledge.

6. There is a vast scope for applied research in the field of technology, management, commerce ,
economics & Examples of applied research topics includes persuasion, eye witness memory, clinical
treatments of physiological disorders, behavioral interventions for children with autism, decision making
etc.other social sciences.

7. Forensic accounting Risk management Financial criminology Financial integrity Tax audit
Corporate governance Financial reporting Financial fraud investigation competency Whistle
blowing Fraud prevention CPD training programs for enforcement officers Fraud surveillance

8. An organization contemplating a paperless office and a networking system for the companys
computers may conduct research to learn the amount of time its employees spend at personal
computers in an average week Based on discoveries from an NSF-funded research effort, an OU faculty
researcher identifies an application of the research results that can help increase agricultural crop
production yields. A university research team has identified a new technique for storing and using
liquefied natural gas (LNG) for use in a variety of fleet vehicles.

9. A group of faculty researchers have developed a set of new data-mining and text-mining algorithms
that enable rapid entity detection for large sources of streaming unstructured text.

Applied research

10. Basic done for the development of theories or principles Domain- driven intended to lead
theoretical dvpt focus on making things better and creating a more human society The main
motivation is to expand man's Applied testing of theories and principle Demand-driven intended to
lead to solution of specific problems Designed to solve practical problems of the modern world Can
take the research basic research further based on the results, where applicable

11. Basic Done for the intellectual pleasure of learning Mainly concerned with generalizations and
with the formulation of a theory No commercial value attached to the discoveries that result from
basic research. Applied Done to test theories in the field to achieve better validity. Aims at finding a
solution for an immediate problem facing a society There is commercial value Eg: research to improve
agricultural crop production

12. Basic Analytic Involves a search for enduring or general truths Applied Synthetic Involves a
search for pragmatics solutions to particular problems

Applied research