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I knew QITEP in Science through letter and I find a lot of chance. At first, I was interested with
QITEP in Science because of its training course which is different with another. And I nearly
applied as the Participant. But in that time, I realized that I am still lack of knowledge, so I
decided to increase my achievement etc

This training course who held by QITEP. It is so important for my school program about School
of Adiwiyata. My school has just received an award as the School of Adiwiyata at city level.
And then fight for school of Adiwiyata at provincial level. This training course is important part
for improving the quality of science teaching and learning in schools with respect to
environment, ecosystem conservation and their support of Climate Change Education,
Sustainable Development, and the preservation of our earth. That is why I am motivated to apply
to register the training course. I want to get involved directly for my job. In other hand, it is
challenge for me to go out from my comfort zone and being the new better me.

I would very much like to spend two week at the QITEP in Science. This would give me a
chance to deepen my science knowledge in the inspiring, creative, and cosmopolite environment
of one of the largest SEAMEO. Furthermore I could improve my English. Moreover, I am
confident that my experience in QITEP would be extremely exciting, fun, and valuable for both
my job and overall general development.

Faithfully yours,