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August 29 2017

Bogota, DC – Colombia

To whom it may concern:

It’s my honor to provide this letter recommendation for Roderick, he was English teacher
on a company where I worked, unfortunately new horizons led Roderick to leave the City
and start his new personal and business projects.

As a software developer I had the pleasure to attend at Roderick’s classes, which help me
to improve my verbal and written communication with the clients, becoming in key co-

Roderick is charismatic and creative, showing excellent classroom management skills and
finding ludic ways for understanding. He is also a perfect personal English teacher because
quickly detects points of improvement making a personal study plan allowing to grow
faster in language proficiency.

Roderick has my highest recommendation as an English teacher, and I look forward to
learning more about the accomplishments that lie in his future. Please don’t hesitate to
contact me for any further information. Thank you for your time.


Alejandro Marin C.
Senior Software Developer
+57 3165300053