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Our Most Excellent Mountain Adventure Worksheet

1) Using elevation map provided in your Project Instructions, calculate the total
elevation gain from Circlet Lake to Albert Edward (show your work in the space

Elevation gain: Elevation of peak - elevation of starting point (Circlet Lake)

2) Fill in the following information for your clients based on Day 1 of your hike
(show your work): Number of Kilometers hiked: 11km
Moving time:

Calculate the Speed (km/hour). Speed = Distance (km) /Time (hour)

Calculate the Pace (mins/km). Pace = Time (mins) / distance (km)

3) What were the heart rates of your clients when they were exerting themselves?

Client 1: ____ beats in 15 seconds x 4 = ____ beats per minute

Client 2: ____ beats in 10 seconds x ___ = _____ beats per minute

4) The average person's max heart rate is 220 minus their age.
If Client 1 is 50 years old, what percent of their max heart rate would this effort be?
X = actual heart rate (beats per minute) Y=max heart rate (beats per minute)
To calculate percent, use the formula X/Y. This will give you a decimal form. Multiply
your answer by 100 to convert to percent.

If Client 2 is 25?

What if Client 1 and 2 were your age?

5) Your water bladder has the following dimensions: 10 cm long, 25 cm high, 2 cm
wide. What is its volume?
Volume cm3 = length (cm) x width (cm) x height (cm).

Calculate how many litres of water it will carry?

Convert this to litres by dividing your answer by 1000.

If your bottle carries 2.3 litres of water and is 25 centimeters high and 12
centimeters wide, what is its length? length (cm) = volume (cm3)

width x height

You have a third bottle that is 0.1 meters wide, 0.3 meters high, and 20 cm long.
Calculate the volume in litres.

6) Circlet Lake has a diameter of 90 m. Calculate the circumference.

Circumference = 3.14 x diameter

Kwai lake has a radius of 25 meters. What is its diameter? Diameter = 2 x radius

How many meters would you have to hike to complete the perimeter of Kwai Lake: