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1 616-PT-0151/2 Cable damaged, need to replace. 616 OPEN

2 614-PT-2120 Damaged instrument hood 614 OPEN
0-85BARS as per nameplate, 0-
3 615-PT-2308 615 SWRO OPEN
75BARS actual

Simulation done using 0-20m level

4 615-LT-2205/1 615 SWRO
range, actual tank heith only more
than 8 meters. blind plugs to be OPEN
installed on unused cable entry to
5 615-LT-2205/2 prevent water ingress. 615 SWRO

6 615-XV-2210 AFR Gauge broken glass. 615 SWRO OPEN

Trapolyte instrument tag rivetted to
7 615-AT-2214 615 SWRO OPEN
the enclosure not properly fixed.
Need to revise SOV panel
8 615-XV-2233 615 SWRO OPEN
9 615-TT-2203 Display Orientation to be corrected 615 SWRO OPEN

Showing 42.3% even when both

10 615-LT-2223 615 SWRO OPEN
sides are vented, need to rectify

Common CIP Cartridge filter PDT

11 615-PDT-2232 installation to be corrected, 615 SWRO OPEN
maintenance access very limited.

need to verify installtion

12 requirement, meter installed with 615 SWRO OPEN
2403/ 2503
flow coming from top to bottom.

13 615-XV-2508 need to revise IA supply line, 615 SWRO OPEN

obstruction to 615V-264395 and
14 615-FV-2501 solenoid valve panel 615-XV-2508 615 SWRO OPEN
Earthing cable not enough length,
15 617-FT-0104 temperature sensor cable excessive 617 OPEN
Cable damaged, need to replace
16 617-PY-0121 617 OPEN
conduit with longer one.
17 615-LT-2225/A Flushing rings leakage 615 SWRO OPEN
18 615-LT-2225/B Flushing rings leakage 615 SWRO OPEN
Accessibility probleam, need to
19 615-PG-2329 615 SWRO OPEN
relocate instrument
Accessibility problem, need to
20 615-PG-2329 615 SWRO OPEN
relocate instrument
Actual range is 0.85bar, as per logic
21 615-PDT-2232 is 1.0bar, need to relocate for 615 SWRO OPEN
22 615-XV-2233 Need to revise panel installation 615 SWRO OPEN
more than minutes response time,
need to verify settings. Activated
23 622-FD-5101/1 622 OPEN
wan torch was placed very near to
the optics
615-PT-2311/ Need to relocate instrument for
24 615 SWRO OPEN
2411/ 2511 maintenance accessibility
Need to relocate instrument for
25 615-PDT-2243 615 SWRO OPEN
maintenance accessibility
Air isolation valve no rubber grip
26 615-FV-2401 installed, mechanical problem, 615 SWRO OPEN
loose bolts on actuaro to valve body
mechanical problem, loose bolts on
27 615-XV-2496 615 SWRO OPEN
actuaro to valve body
Valve Supply Inlet B deformed SS
28 615-PV-2206 615 SWRO OPEN