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Week 29


Date 7th August 2018

Class Time/Duration Subject

1 AL FARABI 1205-1305( 60 minutes) ENGLISH
Theme Unit Module
World of Knowledge Lunch Time Speaking

Curriculum Standard
Main skill 2.1 Communicate simple information intelligibly

Complementary Skill 1.2 Understand meaning in a variety of familiar contexts

Learning Standard
Main skill 2.1.1 Give very basic personal information using fixed phrases

1.2.1 Understand with support the main idea of very simple phrases and
Complementary Skill

Learning Objectives Success Criteria

Pupils will be able to :

Main skill: talk about the food they have and their preferences
using the guided phrases fluently.

Complementary Skill: listen and understand to their friends

opinions in the context of food they see.

Cross-curricular Elements ; Language

Teaching and Learning Activities

Sing a song
1.Tr. refreshes a song learnt in listening class previously by displaying the video.
Pre_lesson 2.Pp. stay in their group of 5 and enjoy the song.
3.Tr. revises the topic vocabulary and start introducing some new items and the sentence
Activity 1 ( Mystery Box)
1. Pp. stay in 2 big groups. Tr. on the music with the a toy being passed over the pp.
Once the music stops, that particular pp will go and choose an object from a mystery
2. Tr. select an advanced pp. to assist asking the pp what does he/she has in the box.
Lesson That pp will say aloud the answer.
Development 3. Pp continue the game and tr. guides pp to answer correctly.
Activity 2 ( Interviewer Interviewee )
1. Pp. work in pairs. Every pair will be distributed with a simple form to ask about their
friends favourite food.
2. Pp. will move around and find their friends to ask about their favourite food.Pp will
tick the preference and tell the class about it.
Guess the Word (Riddles)
1.Pp. play a simple game. Pp. use the toy guns and shoot any of the picture cards.
(Tr. puts the picture cards face down on the board).
2.Tr. will read out the riddles related to the pictures.
Post Lesson
3. Pp say aloud the objects and if it is correct,he/she may get that real food.
(as reward)
4.Tr.continues with all the other picture cards until there is none left.
5.Pp.enjoy finishing the food.