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Solving Systems of Equations Review
Exercise 1: Match the solution to each graph below. There are extra ordered pairs that you won’t need.
Cross the off.

Exercise 2: Writing balance problems
(1) Solve these single variable balance problems. Write the equation that represents the situation please.

(2) And again!
Exercise 3: Substitution balance problems
(1) Write TWO equations that represent the situation.

(2) Work out with common sense the solution.

(3) Work out with MATH the solution.

(4) Do it again! Write two equations, do the MATH to solve the problem.

(5) And AGAIN
Exercise 4: Elimination balance problems.
(1) Write TWO equations to represent the situation.

(2) What makes this scale problem different from the last

(3) Solve any way you can. With common sense or

(4) Solve with MATH. Why does this way make sense in this situation?

(5) AND AGAIN. Do it from the beginning to the end on your own.


 Substitution can be used when:

 Elimination can be used when:
Exercise 5: Sort these systems! Which should be solved with substitution? Which should be solved with
elimination? Then SOLVE them 😊
Exercise 6: Solve each system with the method of your choice. Then match the equation to it’s x solution
and match it to its y solution.
Exercise 7: Consider the following cookie packages:

(1) What variables would you need to find to figure out how the calorie counts were arrived at?

(2) Write an equation that represents the calories in the first package.

(3) Write an equation that represents the calories in the second package.

(4) Use those two equations to figure out the calories in the third package.